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Here is a list of the outside speakers participating in the Powell Seminar Series. Besides presenting interesting research, they are valuable sources of information about graduate school and/or the chemical industry. All are willing to spend time with students after their presentation. For presenters from graduate programs, please click here for a list of potential questions to ask them.

Unless noted below, these presentations will be in the Gottwald Centrum for the Science Auditorium, GCS A001, beginning at 1:30 pm.

Please note that there are other speakers also giving excellent talks in chemistry and biochemistry; please click here to see the schedule and location of these talks.

Powell Seminar Series – Fall 2015
Date Presenter Host
Aug 28 Orientation/introduction to seminar
Sept 4 Dr. Henry F. Schaefer III, University of Georgia
Title: Density Cumulant Functional Theory: Methods, Benchmarks, and New Directions.
Sept 11 Dr. Rhiju Das, Stanford University
Title: Towards RNA structure/function from scratch.
Deadline for choosing paper/mentor and submitting presentation dates!
Sept 18 Dr. Yogesh Surendranath, MIT
Designer Interfaces of Energy Storage (see papers #1 #2)
Sept 25 HHMI Science Symposium. Poster Session 1:15-2:45.
Dr Lawrence David, Duke University Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (4:45-5:45 pm)
Title: Perturbing the Human Microbiome
Oct 2 Dr. Frank Gupton, VCU ChemEng & Chem
Title: Streamlining Pharmaceutical Processes: The Medicines For All Initiative
Oct 9 student presentations
Oct 16 student presentations
Oct 23 Dr. David Wilkinson, VCU
Title: Clinical Applications of Next Generation Sequencing for the Management of Cancer.
Oct 30 Inauguration of Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher (no seminar)
Nov 6 SERMACS 2015 (no seminar)
Nov 13 Kara Finzel*, UC San Diego
Title: Using Modern Tools to Probe the Structure-Function Relationship of Fatty Acid Synthases
Nov 20 student presentations
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 4 student presentation

Powell Seminar Series – Spring 2016
Date Presenter Host
Jan 15 John Mancini*
Title: TBA
Jan 22 student presentations
Jan 29 Dr. Keith H. Pannell, UT El Paso
Title: TBA
Feb 5 student presentations
Feb 12 student presentations
Feb 19 Powell Lecturer: Dr. Dennis Liotta, Emory University
Title: TBA
Feb 26 student presentations
Mar 4 student presentations
Mar 11 Spring Break
Mar 18 RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) Workshop
Mar 25 Reserved
Apr 1 Anton Toutov, CalTech
Title: TBA
Apr 8 William Myers Research Symposium Gupton
Apr 15 UR Research Symposium
Apr 22 Chemistry Department Awards Ceremony and Reception

*UR chemistry alumn