Chemistry 300
Measurement Statistics

2 lecture hours per week for 7 weeks (first half of the semester). 1 sem hr.

Dr. Raymond N. Dominey (
Office: W-202; Research Lab: W-209
Gottwald Science Center
289-8761 (Office); 287-6046 (Lab);289-8651 (NMR Lab)

Course Description

An Introduction to the Statistics of Measurements on Chemical Systems: Students in this course will study the characteristics of data that contain random error. Statistics used to describe and summarize trends in measured data will be introduced, as well as a number of statistical tools used to draw meaningful and objective conclusions based on the data.

This course has been designed to teach data analysis for students taking Chemistry 301; this course is a co-requisite, or pre-requisite, of Chemistry 301. However, the couse topics are completely general, and are useful to any scientist who deals with quantitative measurements.