Hamm Lab Quote Board


Summer 2007

Michelle- "It's like Christmas in the Hamm lab."

Carlos- "But with chemicals."


Sarah- "So in 4th grade I was dating this kid Bra....Jesus this gel is a mess."

Michelle- "I thought you were saying your boyfriend's name was Brajesus."


Michelle- "Hey guys."

Gerard- "Ah, you scared me!"

Michelle- "I am scary, Grrr, Grrr."


Michelle- "Crap, I forgot to check for radioactivity. Now I am going to get in trouble."

Sarah- "Whatever, you're tenured."


Michelle- "Oh, I got a new lisence plate. It is 'DNA RPR'."

Sarah- "People will think it is 'DNA Raper'." (it is supposed to be DNA Repair)


Sarah- Oh no, I dumped the waste beaker in the sink and it is reacting! Oh wait, the water is just hot.



Summer 2006

Jenn and Sarah- (in unison) "Well..." 
Jenn and Sarah- "Ya..."

Jenn and Sarah- "You go..."


Michelle- "I can wait, I'm patient"

Jenn- "Ya, right"


Carlos-A lot of creepy stuff happens in the hammster cage."


Michelle- " Sarah, Tim has O done, so we can focus on S&M."


Michelle- "So her kids are OUR age."

Carlos and Sarah- (after a pause) "Uh, I guess"



Summer 2005

Hamm- "You can come in if you want, but I will be here (on Memorial Day)." 
Timm- "Ya, but that's because you're crazy."


Hamm- "This song should be eaten with Nachos."
Jenn- "That makes no sense."

Hamm- "It's cheezy."


Hamm- "Everything I do for you, I do for me."


Hamm- "I've been cleaning up gel my whole life."

Timm- "Oh come on, your whole life."

Hamm- "Oh ya, it was the first thing I did out of the womb."


Hamm- "Quick- say something funny, we need more quotes for the quote board."



School Year 2004-2005

Hammy- "You know I'm pretty high."


Hammy- "You OK?"

Tony- "I'm a little pensive."

Hammy- "I'm a little gurgly."


Hammy: "Ya 'bone' doesn't work."

Tony: "Only filets need apply."


Hammy: "Tony, where were you born?"

Tony: "Just outside my mother's uterus."



Summer 2004

Hammy- "The aspirator is kickin' butt today."
Tony- "It's a kickin 'ass'-pirator."


Hammy- "Awesome, or as John Solano would say aũw-sum." (Long Island style)


Timmy- "Duct tape is like the force, it has a light and a dark side and it holds the universe together."


Timmy- "Tony will hit a home fun for you." 

Tony- "Ya... it will be a Hamm run."


Hammy- "I'm convinced we have the hottest lab in the whole building."

Tony- "Well obviously."


Hammy- "We are like a popular woman, we need notice."


Tony- "This ain't your momma's creme brule."


Tony- "It's a kosher lab this week, no Hamm around."


Kelly- (choking) "I'm not a very good wafter."


Hammy- "I'm better than the internet."


Tony- "I'm so glad I don't have a uterus."




School Year 2003-2004

Michelle- "Everyone likes me because I'm easy...(a sec later)...
                Grading wise I mean....(a sec later)...I mean I'm kidding...."


Shina- "So your Organic Class doesn't get to do the drugs?"


Michelle- "Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen... that's MY goal in life."


Michelle- "It's all about the Nitrogen, baby."


Shina- "Michelle is beating me!" (in reference to the quotes) 




Summer 2003

Michelle- "Ya, I left that P-O-Lay (piolet) program on the computer." 


Shina- "Woo Hoo!!!"  (one sec later)  "I can't believe I just said that; I'm turning into Michelle."


Michelle- "That's not a bong, this is a bong."


waitman222- "Your TLC is done" 

hammster72- "CRAP"     (it was done way, way before that)


Michelle- "I'm entertaining."


Wait- "Fluorine is my baby."


Shina- "I want a bigger one."

Amanda- "Doesn't everyone."


Michelle- "My brain is so fast, I just can't handle it."


Shina- "I want to go camping."

Michelle- "I want results."


Michelle- "I don't even know why I'm going to the NMR room."

Shina- "Because you like us."


Sumika- "Someone has been picking a MY CldG." (think baby bear)


Shina- "No, I'm just laughing AT you (to Michelle)"


Dr. Leo- "Suddenly, I can't discuss this with you any further."


shina3456: "um... this is Shina"

hammster72: "crap... I though you were Sumika... I suck"


Sumika- "That's really loud (referring to the fire alarm)"

Michelle- "Close the door."

Amanda- "Um...Doesn't that mean we should go outside or something."


Shina- "The hood ate my foam, I'm going to climb up there and get it."


Shina- I think my oligos... YES!!!... These are awesome!!!"




ACS- New Orleans Trip in March 2003

Courtney- "I think we're going to die, Michelle's house is burning down,
                Wait's going to get arrested, and we aren't even in Georgia yet." 


Wait- "I would fall on the floor, but I'm sitting down."


OK, it's not a quote... but check out Michelle's afternoon at the Horse Races-
Getting to know the owner of a winning horse (Iceanwater in this case) is a good idea (I'm the one in red).





Summer 2002

Michelle- "Ohhh....UNIVERSITY facilities..."


Jeff- "Holy pyridine, Batman."


Courtney- "We are your garden variety dorks."


Anonymous- Note to lab: Do NOT put chloroform in weigh boats."


Wait- "We ROCK!" (A classic Hammism)


Courtney- "Nothing ever breaks.... it just bounces." (except thermometers)


Courtney- "This is what happens when she is not here."


Michelle- "One time during my post-doc..." (think band camp)


Courtney- "We had a bubble bath casualty."


Michelle- "We are smarter than ice... (one min. later).... Michelle is NOT smarter than ice."


Courtney- "I have to go to the burn unit, I set my hand on...uh...ice."