Thursday Technology Tips

Windows 95 Tips

Windows 95 is a powerful, user-friendly operating system. Everyday tasks such as creating documents, deleting files, and running programs are easily accomplished using a graphical user interface (GUI). You often have options or multiple ways to accomplish the same task. We will go over a few tips to here help you use your system more effectively.

Windows 95 is a document centric operating system. Application programs are associated with documents based on the file extension, you do not have to open the application before you open the document.

To quickly create a new document on your desktop:

To work with your most recently created documents:

Note: Not all applications create entries in the Documents Menu.

To clear the document list:

Note: Not all applications create entries in the Documents Menu.

To open a file with a different application than it is associated with:

To use drag and drop instead of menus to manipulate your files:

To quickly send files to another destination:

To put a shortcut on the desktop:

You can use the shortcut as a fast way to open the item.

Printer shortcuts:

Create a shortcut to your floppy drive to quickly copy files to your A: drive:

To delete a shortcut:

Set up a Shortcut to Windows Explorer which will automatically open to your My Documents folder:

You can add items to the Start menu; try these methods:

Select a Program to Start when Windows Starts: Use this procedure to select programs that will be launched each time that you start Windows.

Basic information about Windows 95 functionality can be found in our Windows 95 Essentials reference. More Windows 95 Tips are available on the University Computing web site. See also Additional Windows 95 Tips and Tricks.

Last Updated: February 18, 1998