Jesuit Volunteer Corps

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) is a service organization to help people in need. Similar to VISTA or the PEACE CORPS, the JVC is predominately made up of recent college grads. But the major difference is the JVC was founded by the Jesuits and now is privately run, although persons of any faith and gender are eligible to join. (About 80 percent of volunteers my year were Catholic, and about 70 percent were female.)

People join the JVC who want to live in community, share expressions of faith together, and work for social justice. I really loved my experience working in Portland Oregon, 1976-77. Our community ran a bank for indigents, supervised a homeless shelter, ran food banks, staffed health clinics, provided legal services, taught schools, got together a church folk group, and many other activities.

In addition to lots of good work, we also had our share of fun. It was a perfect way to see the great Northwest and meet a diverse group of dedicated people. While the JVC is now national in scope, the JVC Northwest is the most established. You might consider working on an Indian reservation in Washington state, or working on a radio station in Nome, Alaska. All of these have been JVC jobs....

If you are interested in more information about the JVC, please stop by my office.

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