Geography Mind Twisters


These aren't as easy as they seem!


Many of these questions were posed by a wonderful friend, Charlton Ogburn, author of The Marauders, The Mysterious William Shakespeare, and The Winter Beach.


Click on the answer you feel is correct. Good luck!
  1. If you haven't read The Marauders, by Charleton Ogburn, it is one of the most moving war books ever written. It is about the attempts of the Japanese to cut supply lines through Burma during World War II. In Charleton's honor, here comes the first question:

    What is the current name of the country of Burma?

    a) Myanmar
    b) Cameroon
    c) Siam
    d) Maldives



  2. If you went due east from Richmond, Virginia, which European capital would you hit?

    a) Stockholm
    b) London
    c) Paris
    d) Rome
    e) Lisbon



  3. Which city is furthest West?

    a) Reno, Nevada

    . . . OR . . .

    b) Los Angeles, California


  4. Which city is furthest East?

    a) Spokane, Washington

    . . . OR . . .

    b) San Diego, California


  5. Which city is furthest North?

    a) Erie, Pennsylvania

    . . . OR . . .

    b) Cape Cod, Massachusetts


  6. Which city is furthest South?

    a) Boston, Massachusetts

    . . . OR . . .

    b) Pelee, Canada (near Ontario)


  7. To get to the Panama Canal, you would fly due south from which city?

    a) Charlestown, South Carolina
    b) New Orleans, Louisiana
    c) Houston, Texas
    d) Denver, Colorado


  8. To get from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean through the Panama Canal, which direction should you travel?

    a) East to West

    . . . OR . . .

    b) West to East


  9. Which is closer by sea route to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

    a) New Orleans, Louisiana

    . . . OR . . .

    b) Boston, Massachusetts


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