“Teaching is serious business. We have wonderfully bright and talented students . . .
They have almost unlimited potential. For most, this is their one shot at college; they
deserve nothing less than an excellent education, an academic experience that challenges
them to excel from their first day to their last. Faculty members have a responsibility to the world to coax the very best from their students because they will certainly become the next generation of leaders. Where they go from here, what they accomplish, how they
impact the world, depends in large part on how much we are able to push and nurture
their development.”

Joe Hoyle (essay, 2005)


Tips and Thoughts on Improving Teaching

Joe HoyleWelcome to "Tips and Thoughts On Improving The Teaching Process In College - A Personal Diary" by Joe Hoyle, associate professor at the University of Richmond.

Herein, you will find over 30 essays on teaching in college and methods by which the educational process might be made more efficient and effective. Tips, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions are presented with the genuine hope that a few will prove to be beneficial to you and your classes. That is the only goal.

The author is delighted to share this work with anyone who is interested in college teaching. There is absolutely no cost or obligation; please feel free to pass the manuscript or the URL along to others. Any comments, improvements, or suggestions can be sent directly to Professor Hoyle at jhoyle@richmond.edu.

If you prefer not to download this work from the website, you can mail a check for $5.00 (made out to the University of Richmond) to Joe Hoyle, Robins School of Business, University of Richmond, VA 23173 and a hard copy will be mailed to you. The $5.00 is solely intended to cover the cost of printing and mailing.

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