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Begonia X argenteo-guttata - Angel Wing Begonia, Trout-Leaf Begonia

Family: Begoniaceae

Of hybrid origin, B. albo-picta X B. olbia, both species native to Brazil.

Free-hand sections of fresh stems and petioles of this commonly cultivated hybrid plant yield abundant druse crystals in ground parenchyma cells.

Begonias offer good examples of cymose inflorescences. The first (terminal) flower of the cyme illustrated to the left is just about to open. It will be staminate ("male") and so will all subsequent flowers until flowering has progressed to the very last level of the cyme, at which point all the flowers will be pistillate ("female"). The prpgress of flowering through the cyme levels is well co-ordinated; old flowers abscise before flowers of the next level begin to open, hnce, only one cyme level will bear open flowers at any given time.






Pistillate flower stage. Each joint or fork in the flower-bearing stems previously bore staminate flowers, now abscissed. Ovaries in Begonia are 3-carpellate, inferior, and prominently winged.