YP News - July 1999


Well, this newsletter has been a long time coming! The last edition was published in December of 1996, soon after the last reunion - so this one is a tad behind schedule. And, since many of you had gotten used to sending me info yearly, some of the ‘news’ in this edition is a year or two old by now. Sorry about that. I guess what this is leading up to is - if there is anyone out there who would like to take a turn with the newsletter, please feel free to do so!! If no one is interested, I’ll be glad to keep going, but won’t/can’t guarantee how often you’ll see updates.

If you haven’t contributed information to a previous newsletter and would like to be included in a future one, please let me know. This was started as a way for former OF employees to keep in touch, but folks from all locations are welcome.

So, here we go again - our next reunion is quickly approaching - we hope that many of you will join us. We’ll be at OFI and environs the weekend of July 23-25, 1999. No official agenda this year - we’ll just let things happen this time. Chuck has reserved a bus for us on Friday night to go to West, and we’ll try to do a powwow on Saturday evening as usual. Katherine has again designed a wonderful shirt, but we haven’t done any pre-orders, so if you want one you can just wander in to the Yellowstone T-Shirt shop in West and have it printed while you are there.

If you haven’t been keeping up with John Uhler’s website about YP, you are missing out - it is incredible, with lots of current information - and his former employees page just keeps growing……..

Please note the request from John Landrigan about music - if any of you have Yellowstone music to share he would sure like to hear from you. And I just got word of a Yellowstone commemorative coin to be issued in the next few days - if you are interested in the coin you can get more info in Philip Doty’s newsletter entry.

We lost a couple more of the "good guys" since the last newsletter - R. J. Mason and Clark Johnston both passed away in the last two years. We’ll miss them both.

Happy reading…………….



Adams, Bob

OFI: ’46, ’47, ‘59-‘83

205 Trails End

Hamilton, MT 59840-9627

I intend to be in Yellowstone for the reunion. Spent 2 ½ months with son Jim this past winter on Maui. In Arizona for one week for granddaughter’s graduation from Northern Arizona University. See you in Yellowstone in 1999.

Adams, John

‘65-’66 Roosevelt Lodge, kitchen and dining room


Allen, Ken

Box 875

Lyman, Wy 82937


We have 7 children. The oldest was married in 1995 in the Bountiful L.D.S. Temple and our second daughter is getting married Sept. 10, 1998 in the Salt Lake L.D.S. Temple. We have another attending CSI in Twin Falls, Idaho as a sophomore in college. That still leaves us with 4 at home. Our son is a junior in high school, a daughter is a freshman, a daughter is in 8th grade and our youngest son is in 3rd. grade. As you can see, that leaves us very little time for ourselves. But

we love it and it keeps us young.

It would be fun to attend the reunion next year. I guess it all depends on the status of events at that time. Ken is still working for Church & Dwight as an Industrial Mechanic. He has his Masters in Business Management which he received in 1989. I remain to hold down the fort at home, rearing the

children and substitute teaching for the local schools. All in all, we are doing very well and have a great family that we enjoy and love very much.

We send our best to all those friends from years past at Yellowstone and hope to see all of you again in the future. May God bless all. Love, Ken and Ricki Allen

Anderson, Clancy - see Pool, Clancy (Anderson)

Baker, Cathy - see Dorn, Cathy (Baker)

Baker, Gail (Lindahl)


3718 Rodes Court

Annandale, VA 22003

I’m at the same address and doing great. I’m in training for the Marine Corps Marathon to celebrate my 50th birthday in October.

My family keeps me busy. Charlie is at the Pentagon and runs. The kids are growing - Sarah, 16 years, Betsy, 15 years, and Benjamin, 8 years. I am teaching Benjamin at home.

I have been organizing slides and photos of Yellowstone years……….what great times and memories!

Hope to see everyone in 1999.

Banks, Rite Renaud

’72 Grant Village, kitchen helper, laundry attendant

’76 OFL waitress, OFI T&I clerk, Mammoth reservation clerk, substitute tour guide


My most recent news is a recent appendectomy. Being the 4th of 6 genetically linked family members, I awoke from surgery to call and complain to my father about flawed genes. Back to work after a week of sleep and back to the gym 9 days later. Fifteen days post op had a wedding at our home with a total of 30 people with a diner to follow. Might considering catering as a second career.

George and George made it back to Yellowstone last summer for 5 days before we rendezvoused(sp??) in Idaho Falls. They said the wildlife viewing was far less dramatic than the year of our last reunion. For 2 months I told George we'd meet in Boise. They are both in the same state so I was not off by too much. I was flying into Salt Lake for $200.00 and then driving to Glacier and had to pick a place to meet. The evening before I flew out George was extremely critical of my choice of where to meet. He was really

depressed about how much driving he would be doing. He talked about visiting Crater of the Moon on the way to Boise and suddenly I realized my error. Glacier was fantastic. Our first evening George bought binoculars and spotted 4 grizzlies on the hillsides. I became a neurotic hiker when I realized how dense the grizzly population was. I sang, whistled, and eventually settled on tapping rocks together. During one hike, George and separated by a few hundred feet. In a hairpin turn I walk into a bear which entered the trail

from a herd path. When the bear climbed a tree, I realized it was a black bear, not a grizzly, but it was too late- the adrenaline was really pumped up. In what seemed like eternity, perhaps in reality 4 minutes later, the bear sauntered away. Opportunity for close viewing of a grizzly came the next day in a rather idea way on another hike. Others ahead of us spotted the bear who truely was consumed by his passion for wild


The summer of 1998 we will fly into Seattle and spend a week in Olympic Nat'l Park and a week in Ranier. George will try to climb Rainier. Incidentally he climbed Kilimanjaro Feb.'98. Hoping to see all summer of '99.

Barfknecht, Mary


Address: 28 West 90 St., NY, NY 10024

Old Faithful Inn (maid) in 1969

I am still living in New York City (on Central Park in Manhattan); in 1994 I closed my legal transcription business after 13 very intense years and spent several months relaxing in the Pacific Northwest visiting friends and then in South America, where I hiked in Patagonia and the lake region of Chile and Argentina, visited Iguassu Falls and spent a wonderful 10 days in Buenos Aires. On my return to the US, I spent almost all of 1995 on Martha's Vineyard volunteering at the youth hostel where, among other things, I

organized nature walks, environmental programs, and gave travel workshops; it was a huge change from Manhattan life and very refreshing. In 1996, back in NYC, I worked as a paralegal doing M&A research at a large corporate law firm in Manhattan for almost two years. Last summer I quit my corporate job and achieved early semi-retirement; I spend a wonderful month in Oregon hiking and camping in the Cascades and along the Pacific Coast. I have been working free-lance part-time as an editor/proofreader since

the New Year, and am currently planning a hiking trip in Scotland and the outer islands.

Among my most memorable achievements recently was walking the Santiago de Compostela medieval pilgrimage route across northern Spain for a distance of 500 miles.

I am leaving for a six-week trip to China next week where I will be traveling in the southwest provinces among the tribal minorities.

If any former YPers live in NYC or are passing through, I would love to hear from them.

Beaumont, Ron


511 Williamsburgh Rd.

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

Various travel and hospitality management positions and lastly President Preferred Hotels & Resorts for 12 years until 1993. Since then I administer Advisory boards for Rail Europe, Swiss Tourist Office and others in the travel industry.

Started as front office manager 61 at OFI and left at end of 67 as General Traffic Manager for the Yellowstone Park Company located at Mammoth. Enjoyed every minute.

Bell, Anne Ryan

’71 OFI audit clerk


Haven't been to the Park in a while, but the New Year's/Milennium's Eve sounds intriguing. Can't say what next summer will bring. We are planning a mega-driving trip to the East coast this summer, leaving June 6 and returning the end of the month. We usually go the other way (west), so this will be quite an adventure. We have a learning-to-drive teen whom we hope can get some driving experience on the open road - I'm not sure I'd consider this "relief" for the other two drivers, however. Our other two boys will be in

4th and 6th grades next year. Jim and I are both ready to look into new job/career possibilities, but I don't think that includes relocation at this point, despite the horrendous traffic in Denver due to growth (don't move here - you wouldn't like it).

Bertagnolli, Marilyn - see Thissen, Marilyn Bertagnolli

Bishop, Bill

25 Creekway Drive

Crossville, TN 38555


Blickwede, Karen - see Knowlton, Karen

Brewster, Gloria - see Lowe, Gloria Brewster

Brickey, Al

’64 Mammoth Hot Springs

‘65-’67 Canyon Village

11205 Stonebrook Drive

Sanford, FL 32773-4942

Retired from the US Navy July 31, 1993 as a CDR after 20 years as a S-3A "Viking" NFO. Now commercial pilot.

Brown, Lorraine - see Impey, Lorraine Brown

Bussey, Henry

Canyon Village '66

Not much news from San Antonio except that my wife, Debby, and youngest daughter, Marie, and I are planning a short trip to Jackson Hole and YP in late June, 1998. Marie will graduate from high school in May and I've been asked to give a talk in Billings to the state pharmacy group so that provided the incentive to "create" some time for a short visit to YP. Trying to make reservations for lodgings has not been easy on such short notice. I'm not looking forward to seeing how much the park has changed since it has been more than a decade since I've been there...but I'm sure it will still seem magical.

Cawrse, Joe

356 Schlecht Road

Toledo, OR 97391

Sure enjoyed the last time I was over to the Park, and had a lot of fun. Not anyone I really knew, but was fun anyway.

I am still driving bus for the Lincoln County Transit. Makes 22 or 23 years for the transit, and 11 ½ for school buses, so altogether about 32 or 33 years driving buses.

The next time I get over there maybe there will be a few more places I can get to.

Caywood-Baerg, Mikelann

36 Convict Grade Road

Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-0084

All goes well in Livingston, MT. Rich, Cassidy and I live in our newly remodeled farmhouse at the confluence of the Shields and Yellowstone Rivers. I delivered my 600th baby in the area this year. I continue to garden, hike and quilt (my new endeavor). Come see us anytime. There is always a plate at the table and a place to crash.

Chambard, Al

’69 Mammoth bellman, ‘70-’77 OFI belllman

email address: kurz_chambard@msn.com

This past year I took a long journey without leaving Redmond, Washington. It wasn't always fun, but it was enlightening. Thanks to those of you who connected with me directly or in your thoughts. It wasn't a time when I was in initiating much communication.

It is currently a very happy time for me and also for Annie and Emmy (now 4 years old). I am looking forward to the reunion this summer. Afterword I'm planning some semi-serious climbing in the Tetons, providing I can get this old body in shape.


Chambard, Jeanne - see Leske, Jeanne Chambard

Chancellor, Vaughn Hancock


OFI 69

1414 Fawn Creek

San Antonio, Texas 78248

Chauner-Niendorf, Cyndi

’67 OFL front desk, ‘68-’70 OFI dining room

53 Oxford Court

Petaluma, CA 94952-7508


Hello to all my YP friends from ’67, ’68, ’69 and ’70. I turned 50 and am entering my 20th year at Ursuline High School in Santa Rosa, CA. My daughter, Molly, is in her first year of high school at my school.

Ciskowski, Kathi

I am still living on Orcas Island. My husband Joe runs a very busy cabinet shop (the San Juans are growing too fast) and I help with his bookkeeping as well as work part time for the Special Ed. dept. at the

public school.

Our oldest son Peter (22) will be graduating from Fairhaven College (a part of W.W.U.) this spring. He is currently participating in an internship for KOMO T.V. (Channel 4) in Seattle to round out his self

designed major of Media Studies and Audio/Visual Production. We had the unique experience of watching him on their Town Meeting show last week that focused on the new .08 drinking limit. His role was to

drink beer through the show so that they could use him for demonstation purposes in front of thousands of N.W. viewers. Hmmmm.

This may be of interest to Lake Lodge employees from 1997 where Peter went as a houseman/porter that summer. He wasn't able to enjoy the park quite as much as I did since he always ended up with extra

shifts because there were never enough employees. They also closed the roads down every night at 9 because of construction going on so late night cruising to West was not part of his routine. Which (now

that I'm a parent) I was just as glad to hear.

Our younger son Woody (10) is a fifth grader who enjoys games, soccer, and drama.

I am in the local choral society, enjoy traveling and had a great experience last year creating an "art car"...a 1978 Mercury Cougar which I completely covered in recycled, tumbled (not sharp) pieces of

glass made from bottles. Shines in the sun, turns many a head, brings out many a smile. Great fun to take places.

Clymens, Ronna (Ellingson)


OF Cafeteria, 1962

Worked at the Park in 1962 at the Old Faithful Cafeteria. Which, as we all know, is no longer standing. What a shame, and what a lot of wonderful memories. Chef Curly - great old guy. He taught me how to drive. If anyone gets hold of a copy of Disney's "Yellowstone Cubs", the kitchen scenes were shot in the Cafeteria, and at the end, when they chase the cubs out of the kitchen, there's Curly, trying to get out of camera range.

Anyway, then I also worked in 1965, also the Cafeteria, til Labor Day, then at the SnowLodge (Camper's Cabins, as it was called then) coffee shop til Park closing. In those days, early November. I really wish, sometimes, that I had gone back again. Oh, well, life's not over yet, and stranger things have happened.

Originally from southern California, moved on to Colorado, then Wyoming, was married for 23 years, divorced, two grown children, and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Moved back to California in 1988, but, if this makes the newsletter, by the time it comes out, I will be in Washington, DC, or nearby vicinity. My son-in-law is going to go to Georgetown University Law School, so we are moving there. I live with them, and I wouldn't miss the opportunity to go with them to the east coast for anything. I have never been there, so am looking forward to seeing some of the sights.

Was so tickled when I found the "Total Yellowstone Page". Every time I visit the page, I look in a new category. It's been lots of fun to read the Former Employee Page, and this newsletter. Looking forward to attending the 1999 Reunion. Trying to talk a couple of other formers into attending.

Cobb, Karen Kramer


I am a former Travel/Info agent at the Inn 76 and 77, then West Yell 78, Lake 79 and Group Tours at Mammoth 80 and 81. My husband is NPS ( and former YPSS) and we live at Cape Hatteras Nat'l Seashore.


Cochran, Robert S.


My wife, Barbara, and I hosted a family get together at the OF Lodge cabins last June to celebrate our 40th anniversary and the same time span since the last of our four years of working in that area in the middle 50's. There were 35 of us from as far east as the Chicago area and as far west as California and Oregon. Needless to say a good time was had by all and a few of the younger folks vowed to be "savages" some day. It was fun for us to share all the old haunts and lament the passing of some things we held

dear, such as the Cafeteria at OF, the Tourist Cabins at OF, the black bear "jams" on the loop road, the

hitch hiking employees, (looking for rides as a young couple and their catch of fish at West Thumb on the way home for dinner at OF.

Bob and Barb Cochran

Laramie, Wyoming

Cooper, Lis


2616 NE 30th Ave

Portland, 97212

(503) 281-9841

My current employer is Intel Corp (since Aug 97). It's pretty hectic out there in high tech world. I'm a training specialist in one of the manufacturing plants. There are many Dilbert moments in the cube world I inhabit. that, too makes me long for the open air and outdoors of Yellowstone (or even city park closeby)!

So, to keep a perspective on things, I still travel as much as my vacation time and credit union loan officers will let me. Doug and I took a month long-trip to Africa this December and January -- Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. One of our primary purposes was to visit a friend in the Peace Corps in Uganda. In addition to seeing her (only months before Bill and Hillary visited her site as well), we traveled to Zanzibar

(absolutely exotic and wonderful!), game parks in Tanzania, Ngorogoro Crater, Serengeti Plains,

Isak Dineson/Karen Blixen's home in Nairobi, Murchison Falls Natl Park along the Nile in Uganda... I loved the whole experience. It was enlightening, thought-provoking and lots more to be in an environment so far removed from our materialistic, driven US. I sometimes wish I were back in that pace... (Then I remember what a treat running water is!)

In addition to continuing to be a travel-junkie, I'm still a running crazed individual as well. I ran Big Sur Marathon a couple of weeks ago and will be one of the hordes of runners at the 1st Annual Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego in June. (Hey there Cliff!!) As long as my knees, ankles and hips continue allowing me to race, I'll be tying those laces and hitting the streets.

As usual, savages have a bunk site here in Portland with Doug and me!!

Davis, Don D.


Davis, Steve



Not much to say... all is well... we travel our share so have much appreciation for Greater Yellowstone Area. I have been blessed to spend time in Yellowstone each year since 63. It stays the same and is ever changing. New Construction in and outside the park has made the most change such is life. I prefer the 1963 look. Give a call if anyone near Naples,--

673 95th Ave. N.,Naples,Fl.34108--Ph.941-5962283--Fax 941-5062284----Steve Davis- the 60's

Dombrowski, Alan and Pat (McDonaugh)

Alan (BirdDog): ‘71-’73, ’75 OFI bellman

Pat: ‘72-’73, ’75 OFI waitress, front desk


1620 Peach Court East

Seattle WA 98112


Still in Seattle, daughter going off to college in fall, son in high school. Parents self-employed or is it self-unemployed? Any old savages coming to Seattle give us a call.


Dorn, Cathy (Baker)


7025 Rosewood Drive

Boise, Idaho 83709

I’ve been selling appliances to builders/contractors for custom high end homes for over a year now. Katie is now a freshman up at the U. of Idaho and is 19 - older than I was when I worked at Yellowstone the first time. Kristy is 16 and just made varsity cheerleader for next year. She will be a junior - God, I’m old!!

Can’t wait until next summer!

Doty, Philip C.


I was head storekeeper at OFI the summer of 1962 (the year of the strike). Also spent the summers of

'60-'61 at Mammouth as head storekpper.

For general information - At Mammouth, the Park Service now has the archives for the Park, and it contains much information on the YPC. Of special interest might be Box 118 which has information on the 1962 strike. Sure wish I were much closer to YP than here in Fairfield, CA. I would be there in a flash to check out what is in that box. Because of what went on that summer, no employee directory for those at Old Faithful Inn was never done.

Regarding the Yellowstone commemorative coin: The coin will "drop" (be released) on July 16th. The coins are being produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

The selling price of the proof version is $37.00, with the pre-issue price of $32.00. The uncirculated version will be $32.00, with the pre-issue price being $30.00. The two coin set (both proof and uncirculated) will cost $64.95, and the pre-issue price being $59.95.

To help with the lingo of the Mint, a proof coin is the highest grade or quality coin made. The background (or field) which is smooth has a mirror finish. The engraved parts of a coin will have a frosted look,

which is achieved by sandblasting the tie. An uncirculated coin is very shiny, but is a step below the proof. The dies for the proof coins are specially polished to produce the mirror finish and frosted engraving.

Each coin is sealed in a capsule and then shipped in a presentation case.

A portion of the proceeds from each coin is authorized to be donated to Yellowstone National Park and the National Park Foundation to help support and maintain our national park system. On a proof coin that

amount is usually $10, but may vary.

You will be able to order the coins by calling 1-800-USA-MINT or 1-800-872-6468.

Eckert, Lisa

Box 651,

Hazen, ND 38545

Y.P. Co.'75-'77 (waitress OFI and tour guide).

As of 1998:Enjoying life and work in Interior Alaska; Chief Ranger for Interpretation at Denali. Got a chance to catch up with Chuck Lewis in Dec. '97 along the Gulf of Mexico -- he cooks up a mighty meal of shrimp. Bet I ate 3 pounds. . . something I definitely don't get in Denali. Saw my sister, Lori Smidebush (OFI hostess '96 -- formerly Eckert) in March -- she and family move to Vero Beach, FL from Prosser, WA in June. Visited nephew Pat's 5th grade class to talk about mountain

climbing -- I was enroute to Mt. Rainier. Thinking of the "high one" for 99. My summers in Yellowstone

definitely directed me toward the life I'm involved with now -- it's been great!

As of 1999: According to Chuck, soon to be Superintendent at one of the Lewis & Clark "things."

Ellingson, Ronna - see Clymens, Ronna (Ellingson)

Ellsworth, Clarice, see Korrison, Clarice (Ellsworth)

Fortran, Nancy (Hilker)

‘69-’76 OFI staffeteria, waitress, bar


Friedrich, Brenda Groll

’71 OFI front desk cashier

Home email is: bfriedrich@juno.com

Work: Brenda.Friedrich@bailey.com

It's been a hectic year. We had a great trip to New York City in March. My daughter's high school choir sang at Carnegie Hall!

Hello to anyone who remembers me! Hope you all are doing well.

Gain, Rosanne


6660 Delmonico Dr., Ste D-236

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Moved to Colorado Springs last fall when her husband, Bob Stovall, took a job with the ProRodeo Hall of Fame as their Development and Marketing Director. Rosanne is the owner of a public relations company which offers publicity and promotional services and special events coordination. The firm represents a diverse private sector client base, has consulted for nonprofit organizations and handled publicity for special events such as the Rodeo de Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Artist Award and the Santa Fe Art Show.

Gebert, Gary (‘Goose’)


ggebert@lewistown.k12.mt.us or

ggebert2@yahoo.com or gsgebert@usa.net

Bellman OFI 69-80

Am living in Lewistown, MT the past 11 years Coaching Football (Head coach) and Wrestling (Assn't coach) and teaching Biology at Fergus County High School. Lewistown is a great place to live ( golf, fishing, boating, skiing, drinking beer, etc..). Got remarried 2 years ago - going to try to get it right this time around. One son (14) living with his mom in Helena and 2 step kids at home. If in the area get in touch or email.

Gillespie, Pam - see Sommers, Pam (Gillespie)

Gonazles, Anastacio B.


2012 Quadros Lane

San Jose, CA. 95131

e-mail home abgstash@aol.co

e-mail work Anastacio_Gonzales@amat.com

Groll, Brenda, see Friedrich, Brenda Groll

Hancock, Vaughn - see Chancellor, Vaughn Hancock

Havrilla, Sandy (Sidla)

9020 West 31st Street

St. Louis Park, MN 55426-2968

Recently moved to the child-adolescent unit at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital. It was time to take on another challenge. The staff there is wonderful and very supportive and she was able to increase her hours to pay for Marie’s tuition, as she moves on to junior high next year.

Arlan is still enjoying his job at Minnesota Lung Center. He has taken on some new responsibilities as the group has expanded, so he has been very busy with that.

Andy spent two weeks in Guatemala last summer with the family of one of the boys we hosted for USA Cup four years ago. He also went on a canoe trip through school and did a lot of volunteer work through On Corps and Westwood Nature Center. We was accepted into the National Honor Society and we are very proud of him.

Marie will start junior high this year. Much to her joy and her mother’s chagrin, she is now taller than her mother and is still growing. It’s a strange feeling to look up to your 12 year old daughter. Marie stays active in Girl Scouts and tried her hand (or is it foot?) at soccer again last year.

Hilker, Nancy - see Fortran, Nancy Hilker

Holly, Susan

New area code: 972-385-3404


Huffman, Cliff

’63, ’64, ’67 Canyon; ’68, ’71, ’72 OFI waiter, bellman


This spring I celebrated both 25 years of marriage and 25 years at Merrill Lynch...does time fly! We are going back to Boston the first week of June to view our older son's graduation from MIT. Peter, our younger son, just completed his freshman year at Willamette U. in Salem, OR. I still run each day...a bit slower than a few years ago. We had dinner this spring with Cindy Lombard and her special friend...an enjoyable evening.

Hurtt, Roberta (Scully)

3620 Wadsworth Drive

Boise, Idaho 83704-4371

OFI Front Desk, 69-70

Married this year - September for 25 years, husband Bill.

Two sons - Christopher and Timothy, now out of the ‘nest.’

Have attended one reunion and enjoyed seeing friends.

Live in Boise, Idaho.

Would like to hear from OFI Front Desk workers from 1969-1970 summers.

Looking forward to next reunion.

Impey, Lorraine Brown



We're planning on the reunion next summer. Sorry to have missed the last one. Michelle will be 21 this summer, she has spent her junior year abroad in Paris. Alison is at Bates College in Maine. We're adjusting to a smaller family. Charlene graduates from 8th grade in June, Jeffrey is in third grade. We need to come West again as he doesn't remember any of our previous trips.

Johnston, Mi

14150 SW 84th Street, Apt. I110

Miami, FL 33183-4429

After a difficult couple of years, Clark had another stroke and passed away on July 24. Clark and Mi had been married for 63 years. A cherished memory for them was the surprise 40th anniversary party the bellmen had for them on the balcony of OFI.

Mi wrote this for the newsletter in May: Hi to all the OF gang! We are really envying all of you, your youth. We have such wonderful memories to talk about. Our thoughts will be with you. Drop us a postcard when you are traveling and we will take an armchair trip with you.

We gave our grandson a membership in the Sierra Club hoping he will get started with that. He’s always been great on the outdoors.

Travel while you can! Time runs out. Don’t let it go too soon. Love to you all.

Jones, Curtis

‘60-’66 OFI lobby porter/bellman/baggage porter


(Savage 1960-1964)

4710 Valleybrook

San Antonio TX 78238

Knowlton, Karen (Blickwede) (Bethlehem, PA) - DMO (dish machine operator) '68, maid/busgirl/waitress '69, waitress '70 - all at Lake Hotel;

current address: 21793 W. Brentwood, Lake Villa, IL 60046

Graduated Connecticut College before my 3rd summer at YP. Married Kim Knowlton, then a submarine sailor, whom I met senior year at college. He grad.Purdue after getting out of the Navy in '74 with engineering degree. We have lived in NH, SC, Indiana, & so. Cal.before moving here in '79. No kids, have had 4 cats (2 at a time). I just started a new "midlife" career as an independent travel agent. Am in

touch with quite a few LH savages from '68-73, whom I regard among my closest friends. Still the best time of my life was working there, I think! Am organizing a reunion for summer 2003 at Lake Hotel - anyone from '67-73/4 who's interested, please contact me!


Korrison, Clarice (Ellsworth)



Clarice and Jim are now resident managers of a luxury condominium, ski-in-ski-out complex at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Kramer, Karen - see Cobb, Karen Kramer

Lashway, Pat

‘73-’75, ’82, OFI

700 Sleater Kinney RD SE, Suite B-106

Lacey, WA 98513

Since last August life has been a series of upbeat challenges including a new house, new job and lots of downhill skiing adventures. I am now responsible for all the licensing and quality assurance monitoring for all long-term care facilities in the state. I love my work. My daughter Lindsey, now 11, took up downhill skiing with me this winter which was great fun. Can’t wait for next winter!

Leske, Jeanne Chambard

‘65-’66, OFL waitress


2001 Newport

Casper, WY. 82609-3803

(307) 237-1156 (not for Internet)

We are now "empty nesters", as Cavin is (during the school year) away to college in Laramie at U.W. He's majoring in Engineering with a computer option, and doing quite well.

Levy, Margaret Pitts

OFI '71 & '72


Sorry we didn't make it to the last reunion. We had all the reservations and were even in the neighborhood, but hey, plans change. We had dreamed of seeing you all and that magical place called Yellowstone, but we had to turn south instead and go to San Antonio instead. We did get to spend the weekend before the reunion with Anne Ryan Bell and her family in Steamboat Springs. We were planning to go through there

anyway on our way from a week at Estes Park when we found out that they "just happened" to have a

condo there for that very weekend when we were going through. That's a big "just happened" when you just drove from Alabama. This summer Jim hopes to take me to Banff; I've never been before. I'd love some info. on where to stay, eat, what to see from all you well traveled types who live a lot closer to the place.

Our family news is that we lost my Dad in August. We buried him the day Di died. We're thankful that we had him for 85 years though. Our son, Mac, is 16 and our daughter, Deana, is 14. We always celebrated her birthday at the reunion because it's July 30 and that's usually the weekend of the YP reunions.

Lewis, Chuck


‘66-’67 Canyon Village iceman and bellman; ‘68-’70, ‘73-’76 OFI bellman

315 Columbus

Louisville, MS 39339

I enjoyed hearing from everyone over the holidays. Thanks for all the updates, newsletters, etc.

Barring any major catastrophes, I plan to make it to Yellowstone for two reunions this summer. I hope to be in the Park from July 15th through July 25th. I shouldn’t be too hard to find…

The past few reunions several of us who worked at both Canyon (yes, I was a teenage ice man) and Old Faithful have tried to incorporate a Canyon reunion with the Old Faithful gathering. This has never really worked out because, understandably, the people who worked at Canyon-only would rather go to Canyon and do "Canyon things"……Since it’s been suggested that we have a separate Canyon weekend, and since our experiences are that the further you push into August the more conflicts you encounter (school dates, primarily), several people have suggested that we have the Canyon reunion the weekend of July 16, 17 and 18……so…..I’ll be there….as will Al Brickey, Super Star and many others. We’ll take a few hikes, make the rounds, and relate some factual lies. Then I’ll amble toward Old Faithful and repeat the process the weekend of July 23, 24 and 25th……pace will be very important!!

No matter what your Yellowstone era was, if you have any interest in these location reunions and/or the people who forge their way to them, pick your hootenanny and come on - one thing I can say about this crowd - if you don’t know folks when you get there, you will before you leave…….

Lindahl, Gail - see Baker, Gail (Lindahl)

Lombard, Chris - see Wood, Chris (Lombard)

Lowe, Gloria Brewster

Lowe, John

Gloria - OFI - 68, ’69

John - OFI - ’66, ’67, ‘69

2175 E. Balboa Drive

Tempe, AZ 85282

MacArthur, Kathy, see Shoemaker, Katherine MacArthur

MacIntosh, Chris

‘75-’77 OFI waitress


Currently unemployed and looking for a job. As I may have mentioned, Computer Literacy Bookshops was sold last summer. I did a couple of projects for the new owners, like moving & combining the offices, but there evidently wasn't a permanent fit for me so I was laid off.

A good thing, as I am now much happier and having a ball learning how to be a job seeker, taking classes, joining networking groups, and leading more wildflower walks and hikes as a docent for our local park district. However, I am looking for a smallish company who wants a manager for its assorted admin functions, who can also help install a corporate structure so that the company can grow comfortably.

Just threw a 50th birthday party for myself. We took campsites in a state park in the Napa Valley for the weekend and hiked, wine tasted, and had nearly 40 people for a party on Sat. night! It was really fun.

Martineau, Pierre

OFI, ‘59-‘70

Post Office Box 485

West Yellowstone, MT 589758

We made it thru another winter - that’s always nice. Rich and Larry came out to snowmobile and we had a good time - Rich almost froze in a sitting position.

Our daughter Susan presented us with our 3rd grandchild - a boy. Jane can’t put him down.

We are just breaking ground on an 18 unit apartment building here in West. Fun, but a lot of hard work ahead. See you next year.

Mautino, Bob

OFI, ‘55-‘60

Homer the Roamer is corresponding with a John Landrigan who is doing some research on the Christian Ministry in the National Parks. Homer asked me for some help, and I sent him some things I remember from the late 50’s, including the Messiah concerts and the Canyon Hotel. One memory was of Homer dressing up in an indian costume and singing the Indian Love Call in the lobby of the Inn with a lovely soprano named Ann Blomquist. Homer took off his glasses and couldn’t see a thing - but he sure could sing.

Here’s something else. In recent years I have managed to eavesdrop on the ladies giving the Maid’s Tour of the Inn. One piece of bad information they have been giving out is that the birdcage at the top of the Inn (inside) and the Crow’s Nest (outside) were closed to visitors because of damage caused by the 1959 earthquake.

McArthur, Jim

OFI, Lake; ‘67-‘69


I couldn't make the last reunion, but hope to see you in 1999. No real new news from here, but I would like a copy of the next newsletter. My son Ryan, the young boy who was with me when we accidentiallly walked in on the 1990 reunion in West Yellowstone, is Sopomore at Northeastern. Time does fly when you're having fun.

McDonaugh, Pat - see Dombrowski, Alan and Pat (McDonaugh)

McIntire, C. David

‘51-’54, ‘57 OFL band, yardman, porter; ’56 Lake Lodge yardman


McNamara, Joseph (Joe) T.


Roosevelt Lodge 1979

Housekeeping and A Christian Ministry

Great summer. One day I'll be back. Since the summer of 1979 I've done a lot of things. And I have a lot of

memories of that summer. The memory that is most vivid is getting to see one of the forest fires of

that summer from a safe distance but close enough to respect the power and beauty of nature.

The smoke of that fire gave us some very breathtaking sunsets.

Currently I work for a software company whose product line is designed for non-profit organizations. About 6,600 organizations worldwide are clients of Blackbaud. Visit us at http://www.Blackbaud.Com

Mullins, Moon

‘66-’67, OFI dining room; ’68,’71 OFI Bear Pit; ’72 OFI belllman

2120 University Circle

Memphis, TN 38112

Will be on a flight to the Park for our reunion and plan to fly to Billings in order to spend time at Red Lodge. Have enjoyed seeing you all, taking the hikes, drinking the beer, revisiting past moments and drinking some more beer. For me it is like a homecoming and a chance to share our secrets without having to confess. Maybe we’ll share some millenium thoughts and prognostications (or maybe we won’t) in the Bear Pit. See ya next summer.

Newbold, see Triece, Mariann (Mert) Newbold

Nixon, Wally

’66 Lake Hotel houseboy; ‘67-’69 OFI bellman


Since we last saw any of the YP crowd (unbelievably, it was in 1993), much has happened. Dana started the Nixon Flower Farm and Gardens in '94 and has had much success with this creative new venture. We turned our numerous gardens on the place in Jacksonville into a business. The business is a retail flower delivery service. Using the constantly changing array of wild and domestic flowers, vines, grasses,

etc., Dana and her helpers pick and deliver bunches of flowers to subscribers once or twice a week from

about Feb. until frost (usually November). Calling herself the "milkman of flowers", Dana came up with the idea of recycling gallon milk jugs; they cut the top off, leaving the handle, and put the flowers in water with some preservative. These are delivered to people's homes, or businesses, in Little Rock primarily. She also has a space at the new River Market farmers' market in downtown L.R., although that seasons really begins around the first of May. The business has been spotlighted in several local newspapers

and Southern Living came last summer and took photos, promising to get back later this year and finish up with a story on the business. I'll let you know if that comes to pass.

I am spending my time at work on the restructuring of the electric utility industry. I still work for Entergy, a multi-state electric utility holding company with retail operations in AR, LA, MS, and part of TX. We also now own London Electricity, and have international holdings in Australia, Argentina, and several other countries. Just a year ago, I was lucky enough to go to St. Petersburg, Russia, for a week. Entergy is in a

"partnership" arrangement with the electric utility there, Lenenergo, helping them move toward rivitization. The project is sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). It was a fascinating experience, although I didn't have much time for sightseeing. We spent one day seeing both the Tsar's Summer Palace (Tsarskoe Selo) and the Winter Palace (the Hermitage Museum). That was an amazing adventure, since one has 900 rooms and the other 1500. I am hopeful of getting to make

a return visit, perhaps sometime this summer. If I had my druthers, I would hope to go for the

reinterment of the bones of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, which is set for July 17.

Having not traveled overseas but once in my life (to Europe for 3 weeks when I got out of law school in 1971), 1997 was quite a change. Dana and I went to London for a week in February. We went with another couple -- good friends of ours -- and stayed in the City the whole time. Amazingly, one of our favorite things was going to the wonderful restaurants there -- contrary to popular belief, it's not all shepherd's pie and jellied eel.

Then I went to St. Petersburg in March, and finally, in early December Dana and I were fortunate enough to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, of all places. I had an opportunity to do some consulting on utility issues with a friend who has been there for a year. That was quite an exotic locale to spend a week. It's a city of 15 million people on the island of Java (the size of California, with 100 million people on it). We enjoyed

the people, the food, the shopping (Dana did most of that while I was working, and had great success

finding batiks, silver, pearls, and masks from the various islands, such as Sumatra). Although it was unfortunate for the Indonesians, the currency crisis in Asia presented incredible opportunities for Americans, since our money was worth more every day we were there. We actually saw its value increase by half during one week, and that was before the really big plunge in the rupiah took place in January of this year.

Enough of these details about our travels -- this is sounding like a pompous Christmas letter.

Abigail is doing exceptionally well. She'll be eight this week (sharing her birthday with me on May 2). She's in the second grade, where they learn things much earlier that we did. Like most kids these day, she also is very good on the computer (I think one of her first phrases was "boot up"). I know she'll have a great time at Yellowstone next year, since she has few memories of it when she was 3.

Finally, a bit about our leisure time here in Arkansas. All three of us have taken up kayaking in the mountain streams of the Ozarks and Ouachitas. Dana started last summer and is way ahead of me and Abigail. She can "roll"; I haven't learned that yet, but I'm getting more comfortable every time I go out on one of the rivers. We have also started playing golf; I'm just learning the basics and enjoy it a lot.


Olds, Shauna and Michael

520 South 670 East

Orem, Utah 84097

(801) 225-5351

Another newsletter, another location for the Olds family. This year we are in Orem, Utah, which is about one hour south of Salt Lake City. Brigham Young University is located about 15 minutes away in Provo.

Due to an unusually bad winter that really took its toll on the car industry and the fact that Michael had done the job he was hired to do, which was to organize the dealership and bring them into the black, he was expendable. He was asked to look for another job which he did. He is now working as the Parts and Service Director at the Honda store here in Orem. Again, he is being asked to work miracles which means long hours and stress. Luckily, the miracles are beginning to happen, so maybe the hours will also start to shorten.

Our son Ryan just turned 18 and just graduated from high school. He plans to attend Utah Valley State College her in Orem next fall and come the first of 1999 he will serve a mission for our church. Ashley is now 16 and between dating and driving is causing the gray hair to show more. She made the basketball team in Utah bt because Montana plays basketball in the fall she had to sit the bench last year or take the chance of not playing as a senior. Jordan has gotten back into figure skating and loves it. She just turned 14 and is still growing.

Shauna is the same as always. Trying to keep the family together and help them adjust to the Utah scene. It’s a great place to raise a family but very conservative. Recent reports put Orem as the 2nd most expensive place in the nation behind San Francisco to buy a house per income per family. Of course we still have not sold our home in Missoula so if anyone knows of someone who wants to move there let us know.

Looking forward to next year’s reunion. My kids want to know if any other teens are planning to attend before we make reservations for them to come with us.

Pitts, Margaret - see Levy, Margaret Pitts

Pool, Clancy (Anderson)


My name is Clancy Pool. In 1967 my name was Clarice Anderson and I spent the summer working in the kitchen at OFL. I'm now a farmer and part-time librarian in a small town in Washington state. My daughter just started her first year as a savage (1997). She's a cashier at Grant Village. How many people spend their children off to join the IPIOF club?


Pope, Scott



Renaud, Rite - see Banks, Rite Renaud

Riley, Cal


219 West 1st Avenue

Denver, CO 80223

My update includes the info regarding the death of R. J. Mason in January. R. J. and I met in 1963 when we worked at OFI. R. J. was the Controller and I was the Front Office Manager.

Other people that were there in 1963, not inclusive as I do not remember everyone (sorry folks): Art Bazada, General Manager; Chuck Porter, Asst. Manager; Bea Dalpa, Housekeeper; Paul Meyers, Matre d’Hote; Mary Fenner, Coffee Shop Manager; Bob Snipes, Gift Shop Manager; Bob Adams, Bear Pit Manager; Homer Rudolf, Bear Pit; Ray Johnson, Supt. of Service; Homer Edmund, Bellman; a bellman we called ‘Road Runner’; George Slaughter, Transportation Manager; Jack Burns, Chef; Millie Burns, Dining Room Hostess; Irene Adams, Beauty Shop; and ‘Soapy’?, Laundry Manager.

On the Front Desk were: Joanne Zimmerer, Ron Saari, Cleve Brown, Jane Hammond, Betsy Kleinginna, Olive Parker, Mary Lou Perry, Joanne Risdon, and Tom Wade.

Pre-Season: Ida and Ray Owens, Ruth Mc(?), Millie and Olly Olson.

Hannock was the Chief Ranger at OF in 1963.

This past year I traveled to Russia for 3 weeks and was on an 8 day cruise along the east coast of South America from Buenos Aires to Rio. I will be going to Amsterdam this August for a week.

Hope to see you next year.

Ross, Barbara


I was a tourguide for 3 summers (stationed at Snow Lodge, OF) from 1976 through 1978.

I now live in Westport, CT, am married (for 14 years--same person), have two children--Daniel- 11 years old and Lara--6 1/2 years old. I work in mergers and acquisitions at Xerox in Stamford, CT. I still fondly remember my summers in Yellowstone, and only last year was asked by my son's class to come in and talk about the bears of Yellowstone. Lee made sure that the guys in Bear Management sent me a whole bunch of materials to hand out to the kids. I will try and take my family to YNP next summer, and would we

love to hear from all my pals whom I worked with. My friend, Cassandra Trifelos (now Boyer) who worked with me as a tourguide during my last summer there in 78 (I convinced her to come with me--she tourguided as well), is now married, has two girls (6 and 9) and lives with her husband in Danville, CA, outside of San Francisco. She works for Coulter Electronics in sales (which was recently acquired by another company, though I don't remember which). Cassandra and I are still best friends....

I'm now married to Joe Innamorati, who is a corporate attorney in Manhattan (we met while we were both students at the University of Michigan in '79). We both share a love of hiking, and while living on the East Coast took several hiking trips up to the White Mtns in New Hampshire. We also took our son Daniel(before our daughter, now 6 1/2 was born), to the Canadian Rockies (Calgary,Banff, Lake Louise, Columbia Ice Fields and Vancouver), two years in a row, when he was 1 and 2. I remember hiking up the the glaciers that surround Lake Louise, with him on my back. It was just beautiful... Daniel, now 11, is a competitive figure skater, and has been pursuing that with a passion. He qualified for the State Games of America in St. Louis, so we're all going to St. Louis in August. My daughter Lara loves gymnastics, ballet and art. She likes the Spice Girls (sadly) and Barbie. I am very busy with my job--always "doing deals" which takes me all over, although I have spent quite a bit of time focused on Silicon Valley. My

hobbies include piano, and I've been taking lessons for 4 years now, tho' I studied when I was younger (love to play jazz, classical and Gershwin), as well as photography. I have been busy perfecting my new found art of taking B/W photos of family and friends, enlarging them, and then painting the

photographs with special photography paint. The results, I must say, are stunning!

Rudolf, Homer

‘56-’59, ‘63-’74, OFI busboy, waiter, bellman, barwaiter, bartender


Visited the Ukraine & Stuttgart in May and June with a tour group consisting of people whose German ancestors lived near Odessa in the19th century, visiting the villages where our ancestors lived. Had a cushy Sierra Club Service trip in July, doing Forest Service work at the base of Mt. Hood from July 18-25.

Now on sabbatical, working on "Evolution of St. Cecilia as the Patron Saint of Music in the 14th-16th Centuries" and "German-Russian Music of McIntosh County, North Dakota."

Will get his ‘mountain fix’ for the year at the reunion!

Rumley, Steve


I worked in YP from '73 till '87 at various locations for YP Co. and TW Services.

My Yellowstone career began in '73 when I was fortunate to land a job as a bus driver at Lake. (I came to the Park on one day's notice from Sacramento.) After six years of driving in the Park, I got this great

opportunity in '79 to work as a graphics person in Gardiner when General Host pulled out. I held on to that job for 8 years, doing menu and brochure art and sign painting. It pleases me that some of my work still appears on concession printing --the bear on the company logo, for example. (It must be almost 18 years old, now.)

I got married in 1976 at Lake Yellowstone, near Storm Point, to Wanda Enochs who was the front office mgr. at the Hotel then. We are still married and have two sons, Andy 15 and Paddy, 7. In '87, we left Yellowstone, missing the fires of '88, when I enrolled at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to get an engineering degree. We returned to the West in 1991 and live in Helena, MT where I am a bridge designer for MDOT and don't take enough time to get down to the Park anywhere near enough.

Russell, Susan



We moved to Chattaroy, WA (north of Spokane) a year ago, which is really home for both of us. Carl is Deputy Regional Administrator for State of WA DSHS (welfare administrator) - same job as in Yakima - and despite my best intentions of doing something new and different, I fell into the same job I had in Yakima as RSVP Director (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program). Same old nonprofit stuff...fundraising, grant writing, groveling for support - but it's still fun and challenging, and a great way to plunge

into community life and find my way around. I work at the YMCA, which is a really upbeat & healthy organization, located in the middle of beautiful Riverfront Park by the waterfall, so I feel lucky to have landed there. Best part of the move is being near family - two sisters & their offspring, four generations,

& aunts/uncles/cousins. It gets more important as you grow older! and I really needed to tune into my mother more (sister cares for her), plus a niece & nephew with some problems & their mom now has cancer. So I feel needed! We bought a beautiful home in the woods, with 5 acres for our Great Pyrenees dogs to romp - and to keep them company we now have 2 llamas and two generations of barn kitties. The

llamas are so sweet! Best stress reduction in the world, I highly recommend them. We also enjoy being

closer to our family cabin at Priest Lake, Idaho, which is heaven as far as I'm concerned.

Seriously considering bringing in the millennium at Y.P. What are the plans?

Ryan, Anne - see Bell, Anne Ryan

Scully, Roberta, see Hurtt, Roberta (Scully)

Shaner, Don


Box 2800, Lot 149, Pioneer Ct.

Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

My son Thomas is working in the Employee Dining Room at OFI for the 3rd season. I still help AMFAC to secure employees - I have 11 working out in the Park, mostly students from the high school I’m at.

I was supposed to work in the Lake area this summer but I was having heart problems. Maybe next year.

Guess what - that luggage cart (named after me - the Shane cart) I pushed from 1956-62 at OFI is still being used as backup. It’s on the front porch.

Keep the homefires (second home - Yellowstone) going……..

Shapley, Ellen

’70, OFI

5008 Jericho Road

Columbia, MD 21044-5409




Moved to Maryland. We’ll try to make it next year. We had a great time in ’96. Just can’t believe how fast time goes by!!

Shea, Tim


Lake Hotel, 1970-71

Yellowstone Park Company placed me at Lake Hotel as a cook in the dining room. I really loved the lake and spent many hours fishing, daydreaming, and partying on the beach!

I graduated from Univ. in DeLand in 1973. I remained in DeLand following graduation with a History Degree. Was planning on Law School in St. Pete, but that never materialized. I got my teaching degree and taught social studies at DeLand Junior High for 10 years and then got my masters from Stetson in 1983. I currently am Assistant Principal for Curriculum at Deland High and oversee the entire academic program including a very successful International Baccalaureate Program.

We had a great reunion at Lake last summer. Had probably 25 savages attend with spouses. One of them got married in the hotel lobby on a sunny Saturday afternoon, which was truly spectacular. What a place to get married!!! Another couple celebrated their 25th anniversary down in the Tetons at the Chapel of the Transfiguration.

I have two step daughters...one graduated from William and Mary Law School this past May and is now clerking for an appellate justice in D.C. , the other is married with two children. I have two sons...a

junior at FSU and a 3rd grader who keeps us young. My wife teaches 3rd grade.

When I retire (in 10 years or so), I've often thought about working at Y.P. again. There were "older" people there when I worked there and are still there. Why not??? It was probably the "best of times...."

Shissler, Bob

‘69-’70, OFI Dining Room

‘71-’74, OFI Bellman

Post Office Box 3274

Lihue, HI 96766

Living in Hawaii since ’78, married with 3 daughters. Working for Sheraton Hotels in Hawaii. Started a small business last year, Old Faithful Panniers, manufacturing canvas products for outfitters, to finance and necessitate trips to the mountain west as often as possible each year. Will be organizing a pack trip into the Wind River Wilderness post re-union for hiking and fly fishing. Uses horses to get in and out; if interested write: Post Office Box 3274, Lihue, HI 96766.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

Shissler, Bill

OFI, Mammoth; ‘67-’69,‘72-‘73

1695 Holly Avenue

Clovis, CA 93611

(209) 322-9450

Went fishing last summer in Wind River with family and brother Bob and his family - took horses in for one week, then one week in Yellowstone and Tetons. Looking forward to ’99 and seeing many of you then.

Shoemaker, Katherine MacArthur



Sidla, Sandy - see Havrilla, Sandy (Sidla)

Solberg, Rick and Piper


Rick worked up in the park in '86 for RJ, when he and I met. We were engaged in '88 and Rick spent that summer out in the park as Controller at Roosevelt Lodge, then we were married in '89 in the Mammoth Chapel, and are now residing in St. Cloud Minnesota. We have a nine-year old son, Justin

As for myself, my father was Dir. of Marketing and Sales for YP Co. from '71-'74. I graduated from Gardiner High School in '74 and went to work for YP in the Reservations Dept. for several years, going on full time in Dec. of '79. Then in '84 or '85 I transfered to Food and Beverage and was the Secretary to the F & B Directors until latter '88 or early '89 just before we got married.

And more recently, I had brain surgery in '97 for epilepsy. Doctors are now starting a gradual drug withdrawl. That's it in a shortened version!

Sommers, Pam (Gillespie)

OFI, Mammoth; ‘66-’71,‘76-’77,’79

Post Office Box 22

Emigrant, MT 59027

Hi fellow Parkers! My back pain is still holding me back from all the fun things I used to do. I may sign up for a 6th back surgery because surgery has improved since my old body went thru the other surgeries. At least the Yellowstone River isn’t flooding this summer, but the mosquitoes are grizzly size. We almost froze to death in June, and summer finally arrived in July and the garden is taking off. See you all next summer!

Stachon, Raymond

‘66-’69, ’71, OFI dining room, Bear Pit


Thissen, Marilyn Bertagnolli

’69, OFI


2701 'F' St.

Greeley , Colo 80631

These last couple of months have been a blurr. Over spring break I went as a sponsor with the Greeley Central music dept. to Europe The Chech Republic, Salzberg and Paris, for nine days with 168 kids. Then I was co-chair for after prom, and just got home from a two day river trip for school district 6 as the Native American "expert." Molly, my 16 year old, now has her license, has been running track, carries a 3.5,

and at 5' 7 1/2" enjoys putting her chin on mom's head to put me in my place.

Hilary, 20, has just finished her sophmore year at CSU in the Natural Resources Mgt. dept. I'm moving her home tomorrow. She'll be home a few weeks, in which time we hope to get as many backpacking trips, car camping trips and a trip to Calif. to see my folks in, before she spends a month in Pingree Park, up the Poudre Canyon, taking a Resources mgt. class at CSU's facility there. Tim's contracting firm is going great guns, he's busy all the time but does manage to get some time to play some golf, and throw an occasional fly into our pond across the street from the office.

We bought a townhouse in Steamboat Springs and have really enjoyed going up there.

My skiing has even improved, or maybe it's the new shaped skiis that Tim got me for Valentines Day!

I still have my dressage horses, bought a new thorobred mare last year, and hope to have time to show again soon.

Hilary was really bummed to find out when the next reunion was as she'll probably be in New Zealand but Molly was really excited. She wants to pickup some info on working in Yellowstone the summer after she graduates. She and I did get a backpacking trip in - snow up to our waists when we fell through the snow. Also saw some fresh cougar prints on our way out - there are a lot of cats around Colorado lately - one from the distance wouldn’t be too bad, but up close?

I'm glad summer is almost here as now I'm actually going to have some time to pursue some of MY interests. If nothing else I'll set up my tipi in the back yard and sleep out!

Thompson, Sally (Anderson)

‘69-’72, OFI dining room


Triece, Patty

'85 Canyon Lodge, worked in cafeteria, also worked at Old Faithful Lodge at front desk for part of that same summer.


Triece, Mariann (Mert) Newbold

'52 & '53 Lake Lodge, waitress and sang at nightly talent shows.



Tyler, Blaine

OFI, ‘68-’69,’74-‘75

405 NE 66th Avenue

Portland, OR 972113

(503) 254-8222

Sorry this is 10 days behind the requested time. My good wife blacked out and removed a power pole at 40 mph with the family car just about the time I received the request for updates.

Missed the last get-together in ’96 due to overlap with church camp but the Tyler clan aims to roll in for the ’99 bash. My beloved wife, being of hardy pioneer Oregon stock, survived the crash in fairly fine form and is now dealing with the usual neck spasms and painful ribs. I guess when the Good Lord decides you need a new car, there’s no arguing.

Otherwise, life progresses in fits and starts. Three teenagers; 18, 16, 14, all interesting and fun; the youngest hits high school in September and the oldest is just graduating with honors as valedictorian. My middle daughter is in a health occupations curriculum and will be a senior next year.

I’m finishing off my 20th year as a Portland Police Officer with no (new) bullet holes or knife wounds; still doing street patrol at (gasp) 50 and loving it.

It’s been 30 years next month since I showed up on the Old Faithful Inn doorstep. I’ve often remarked that year and YP were a turning point; I’ve never been sorry, never will be.

Best to all…..think about you all a lot.

Fair thee well from Adam-12.

Walden, Don


I am interested in contacting employees of Mammoth Hot Springs from the summer of 1962. If we can contact enough of them we plan to have a reunion.

Don Walden

305 Hospital Drive

Columbus Ms 39701

Wauer, Arlin


Whittlesey, Lee


Archivist, National Park Service

P.O. Box 168

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 82190


I am Archivist and a historian at Yellowstone National Park for the NPS. I have a recent book published: A YELLOWSTONE ALBUM: A PHOTOGRAPHIC CELEBRATION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL PARK (1997--the official 125th anniversary book for Yellowstone), and history articles on Yellowstone in the Spring 1996 issue of MONTANA MAGAZINE OF WESTERN HISTORY and the Fall, 1997 issue of ANNALS OF WYOMING.

Winberg, Ted N.

‘51-’54 OFL porter, musician in Lee Kildow band


Wood, Chris (Lombard)

‘71-’74 OFI dining room waitress, Lake Lodge commentator


Zimmerer, Evelyn

811 S Willson Avenue

Bozeman, MT 59715-5242