by Sally Anderson Thompson Dec, 1996

Greetings, and welcome to YP News, a newsletter created for former YP employees. This newsletter was started primarily for folks who worked in the Old Faithful area in the late 60s/early 70s, but has expanded over the years to include former employees from other locations and years. This is our first issue on the Net; the newsletter has been published sporadically, but at least annually, over the last ten years - with the Internet connection (thank you, John!) it may be updated more frequently. Reunion news from all locations is welcome; the Old Faithful contingent gathers in the Park every three years - we were last there in July of '96. Also included in the newsletter are updates on people's lives, memories of working in the Park, and messages for other Savages. If you are interested in contributing information to the newsletter, please contact me at the address shown below. Please include your name (plus the name you used at YP if different from your present name), the city and state where you lived then, the location(s) where you worked, the year(s) you worked, job title(s), current address (if you want it out there in cyberland), your e-mail address, a brief summary of your life since YP, and any memories or messages you'd like to share. In the newsletter, contributor's names are listed in alphabetical order, and former names are included with cross references. Maiden names or nicknames are noted in parentheses. Also in parentheses right after each name is the city and state where the person lived while working in the Park.

Happy reading - we hope to hear from you!

Sally Anderson Thompson E-mail: thomp@whidbey.com
December, 1996: Merry Christmas! Thanks to all of you who responded to the latest News deadline - we missed getting updates from a lot of you "regulars" - you know who you are! But, now that we're on the Internet we can update more frequently - so send news or messages when you have them.

We had another grand reunion at OFI last summer - those in attendance for all or part of the festivities included Bob Adams, Rite Banks, Tom Carter, Joe Cawrse, Mikelanne Caywood-Baerg, Al Chambard, Scott Clewell, Lindsey & Shelley Collins, Gary Gebert, John Hanscum, Sandy Havrilla, Susan Holly, Cliff Huffman, Dave Huffman, Cal Iona, Clark & Mi Johnston, Patty Lashway, Jeanne Chambard Leske, Chuck Lewis, Chris MacIntosh, Pierre Martineau, Bob Mautino, Moon Mullins, Frank Nakamura, Shauna Olds, Pat Olson, Helga Ihsle Pac, Chuck Reaves, Calvin Riley, Homer Rudolf, Susan Russell, Pat Ryan, Ellen Shapley, Katherine MacArthur Shoemaker, Richard Short, Connie Smith, Raymond Stachon, Marilyn Thissen, Sally Anderson Thompson, Mark Tiede, Larry Turnbull, Paul VanTricht, Chris Lombard Wood, and Evelyn Zimmerer. For those of you who missed it - yes, we talked about you again.......that's what happens when you don't show up!!! And for those of you who weren't there but who got phone calls after our late nights in the Bear Pit - you deserved them!!! We had the usual fun - a dinner for early birds in West on Wednesday night (Moon was going to catch fish for us........but, hmmm, we had hamburgers), a mini-powwow on Thursday night out behind the new employee housing area, pizza and beer at the Gusher on Friday night, a group late-night visit with Old Faithful, daytime hikes and fishing on the weekend, a big powwow on Saturday night (no, not at Deer Tracks or Goose Lake - but in the "island" of the parking area behind the Upper Hams gas station - it may sound bizarre but it was a perfect spot!!!), and - a delightful Sunday night dinner in..........the OFI staffeteria!!!! The "powers that be" at OFI finally decided to give in and let us eat a meal together - and they figured out that we'd cause less disturbance in the "zoo" than in the dining room - so we had our own waiters (and got to order from the menu like real people) - and even bar service!!! Our late night hike to Observation Point didn't happen this year - I'm sure it wasn't because of our advancing ages but because we were so busy with other things......like visiting in the Bear Pit. We'll resume the hike next time, right?? Many thanks to Cal Iona for arranging fire permits, to Chuck for Yucca Flats, music, and everything else he does for us, to Moon for talking the OFI staff into allowing our Sunday night dinner, to Jeanne Leske for her wonderful bulletin board of current YP articles, to the Lindsay and Shelley for hosting the West Yellowstone dinner, to Kathy Mac for another terrific t-shirt design, to George Banks for taking our group photo......and to all the rest of you who helped in making this reunion such a success. The next reunion is set for July of 1999 - and we're also talking about gathering at the Snow Lodge to greet the year 2000 - so start planning now to attend one or both events! --------- Sally T.

Now, for news and updates:
Adams, John - '65-66, Roosevelt Lodge, kitchen and dining room
Current Address: 1689 18th St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97303
E-mail: jwadams@CyberHighway.net Brief description of life now: U of Oregon ('68) - US Army (Vietnam) 68-70: Married: wife Sandra, two adult children (Emily & Martin): one grandchild; worked for Oregon Employment Dept. for past 26 years, current job: Legislative Liaison and Policy Advisor.
"Have made it back to Yellowstone on several occasions for vacation during past 15 years or so. Have yet to make it to a reunion, but fully intend to when time allows. Just turned 50 (arrghh!!), but have been philosophical about it so far. Enjoy playing with my granddaughter and playing clawhammer-style 5-string banjo, writing, ballroom dancing & maintaining an active exercise program. One of many interesting memories: Driving to Gardiner, Mont. on Sat. nights to do our laundry and go to a local coffeehouse where there was folk music, much of which was provided by our own talented musicians (it was a real hoot).." Banks, Rite (Renaud) (Baltimore, Maryland) '72 Grant Village, kitchen helper, laundry attendant; '76 OFL waitress, OFI T&I clerk, Mammoth reservation clerk, substitute tour guide
Current address: 1240 Lake Falls Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21210
E-mail: rite.banks@worldnet.att.net Trying hard to balance work (dentist), family (1 son - 8 yrs., 1 husband [George], 5 cats) and good times. Enjoy traveling/hiking. Taking French lessons and reading a lot.
George's comments about the '96 reunion: "impressive bunch of party animals" and "very interesting group of people - not ordinary at all." I had a great time at the reunion. Concluded the trip with a repeat 19 mile hike in the Tetons and ran into a large group of Xgeneration hikers. These kids hustled, but I'm not sure they had fun. Also hiked to Bighorn Pass, N.W. Y.P. - beautiful! Great seeing Mikelanne. Beaumont, Ronald (Mammoth, Wy) '61-'67, Asst.Mgr., OFI; Sales Director - General Traffic Mgr.
Current address: 511 Williamsburg Rd., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-6720
E-mail: RRBOARDS@aol.com Administer advisory boards for travel industry suppliers (self employed).
Bell, Anne Ryan (Portland, Oregon) '71 OFI audit clerk (My theory was that back then if you didn't include the optional photo with your application - which I forgot to do - they assigned you initially to a location without much tourist contact in case you were really ugly.)
Current address: 3288 S. Fairplay St., Aurora, CO 80014
E-mail: AnneRBell@aol.com Current life: I work part time as Training and Communication Specialist for a CASA agency (stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate - volunteers who work with abused and neglected children in the court system.) The national CASA organization is headquartered in Seattle, so some of you in that area may be more aware of this type of work, although there are similar organizations in all 50 states. Our three boys (14, 9 and almost 8) are involved in several activities, which keeps both of us parents involved as helpers, leaders, and transporters. Although I didn't make it to the reunion this past summer, I did get to see two "old" Savages: Margaret (Pitts) Levy in Steamboat Springs (thanks to husband Jim for a good dinner out) and Kathy (McKay) Harrison, who was in Denver for her husband Steve's family reunion. I also keep in touch with Brenda (Groll) Frederich who lives in the Denver area and also only worked the one summer at Yellowstone. I just realized that all four of us got married, I think, within about a one year span - 20 years ago! Happy Anniversary - how time flies! Chambard, Al (Minnetonka, MN) '69 Mammoth houseman; "70-'77 OFI bellman
Current address: 17828 NE 105th Way, Redmond, WA 98052
15 years now in the Seattle area, working at Eddie Bauer (Finance). My wife, Annie, also works for Eddie Bauer (Marketing). Our daughter, Emily, now two, provides our daily workouts. As usual, the summer reunion was great. I will consider any and all of what I assume will be numerous options for a 1999 reunion(s), including ushering in the next millennium. In the here and now, Annie and I experienced our first overnight backpack with Emily out on the Washington coast. Annie carried Emily, a sleeping bag and odds and ends. Al carried everything else. We concluded that short backpacks are best at this point, or alternatively, a more remote destination accomplished by the expedition style of shuttling loads. Either way it's a workout! As the Seattle rains come, it sometimes seems our only form of exercise is chasing after Emily. The best to everyone in the new year! Chambard, Jeanne E. - see Leske, Jeanne E.

Chauner-Niendorf, Cyndi (Bozeman, MT) '67 OFL front desk, '68-'70, OFI dining room
E-mail: dniendorf@aol.com Hello to everyone who was at OFI in the last 60's. Not much has changed with my life. I'm still Academic Dean at Ursuline High School in Santa Rosa, CA and year 12 is beginning of the Japanese Exchange Program that I coordinate. I haven't been back to Yellowstone in years, but my family (the Chauners) gets together in Whitefish, MT, near Glacier. I treasure the memories and friends from my YP days. Cooper, Lis (Albuquerque, NM) Canyon Waitress 67, Canyon Front Desk Cashier 68; OFI Waitress 69
E-mail: elisabeth.cooper@state.or.us State of Oregon bureaucrat (Oregon Dept of Transportation, Community Liaison). In English that means I work with communities and businesses where we have construction projects taking place -- planning, mitigating and general hand holding about how life can exist amidst a road construction project. Each day brings its new challenges and there are few boring situations!
A highlight of the past year (1996) was qualifying for and running the 100th Boston Marathon in April. Although it was a slow marathon for me, it was a thrill to be a part of the "Woodstock of the Running World." By the time this is read, I will have run the Disney World marathon in Florida in January... After 38-degree rain for weeks on end in Portland, sunshine in Florida is truly a welcome event!!!
As is true of many YP alums, I am a travel junkie. For the past two years I've had a fun opportunity to see parts of rural Oregon that I hadn't spent much time in before -- through a bicycling event called Cycle Oregon. I'm one of the volunteers on the 7-day ride which goes to different parts of the state each year. It's been a blast to experience the scenery and ambience of the state (and not have a sore butt at the end of the day)!
I'm still with my significant partner, Doug Couch, who has accompanied me at two YP reunions -- '90 and '93. We didn't make '96 due to a conflicting 30-year high school reunion in Albuquerque. We'll be there for at least one of the '99 events. It sounds like a terrific way to bring in the new CENTURY!
Best wishes to all... Davis, Don "Tex" (Amarillo, Texas) '63, RL houseman, '64,'65,67 CV bellman, '68 CV waiter, '69 LH bellman, '70, '71 MMI bellman
E-mail: davisdd@amarhuba.amrl.tdprs.state.tx.us

Dombrowski, Alan (Birdog)(Frederick, Oklahoma) '71-'73, '75, OFI bellman; and Pat (McDonaugh)(Cleveland, Ohio) '72-'73, '75, OFI waitress, front desk
E-mail: mailFader8000@earthlink.net (son chose name)
Still married, 22 years. 1 boy and 1 girl - teenagers. Usual midlife Seattleites. Fenner, Mary M. (Newhall, CA) '63-'65, '73-'75, OFI, OFL, Food Service Supervisor
Current address: 25857 Singing Hills Dr., #135, Valencia, CA 91355
I am retired - 83 years old. I have recently moved from Van Nuys to Valencia, CA. My years at YP were the best - I made many friends.

Fortran, Nancy Hilker (Clearwater, Florida) '69-'76, OFI staffateria, waitress, bar
Current address: 13275 Ranger Road, Parker, Colorado 80134
E-Mail: nancyart50@aol.com I am married to Guy Fortran, also of Clearwater, Florida. We have lived in Denver, Colorado for 18 years. We do not have any children, but I teach elementary art to 700 students each week. I am the technology coach at my school and teach district level classes on various types of software. Guy works repairing computer driven equipment for a local company. I travel each summer to an new developing nation. I have visited Ecuador, Galgalpous, Honduras and had a Fulbright scholarship to Ghana West Africa. The Ghana trip was 5 weeks and we visited 3 areas - Accra, the capital, Cape Coast - slave castle and rainforest area and Kumasi - the art villages. We are now creating a k-12 interdisciplinary curriculum, Colorado African resources Guide, presenting our experience across the nation and we have several other things going. I am creating a hypermedia stack on Ghana for my personal project. This year I may stay home, because the Fulbright commitment does not end until June. Friedrich, Brenda (Groll)(Lima, Ohio) -71, OFI front desk cashier
E-mail: Brenda.Friedrich@Bailey.com Hello to anyone that remembers me! Happily married and living in Highland Ranch, Colorado. We have a daughter turning 16 this year and she is looking forward to driving the car by herself! Would have loved to have been at the reunion, but had other family obligations. We hope this winter is filled with lots of skiing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Groll, Brenda - see Friedrich, Brenda

Hilker, Nancy - see Fortran, Nancy Hilker

Huffman, Cliff (Del Mar, CA) '63, '64, '67, Canyon; '68, '71, '72 OFI; waiter, bellman
Current address: 13646 Durango Dr., Del Mar, CA 92014
E-mail: Frostydm@aol.com Married; 2 sons, 20 & 17. I work as a Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch in LaJolla, CA. Hobbies: running, sports, reading. Iona, Cal - '70, OFI Bear Pit, barboy; '71, OFL Geyser Lounge bartender; '72, Mammoth area, seasonal park ranger
In April of '96 I ended my Marine Corps career after 23 years of active duty service. Currently working at being a student of massage therapy. Whenever possible I seriously work at improving my skills in flyfishing. Johnston, Clark & Mi (Miami, Florida) '72-'75, OF sightseeing tour bus drivers
Current address: 14150 SW 84th Street, I-110, Miami, Florida 33183
We are both retired, but still like to travel. We spent two weeks in YNP last year, after seeing 10 National Parks before arriving there - 12,000 miles. We take a cruise every so often, and enjoy grandchildren the rest of the time. We enjoyed the reunion. Our wonderful memories of YNP are with us all of the time. We celebrated our 40th anniversary at OF while working there and our 61st last June. Good health, good luck to all of you! Jones, Curtis "Lightning" (drifted in from Oklahoma State University via Oklahoma City) 1960-1966; lobby porter/bellman/baggage porter at OFI
E-mail: cjones@ce.kelly.af.mil Recently retired from Air Force Reserves, now working civil service as engineer for Kelly AFB in San Antonio. Only time I get to the mountains is at spring break on the annual ski run to Taos. Otherwise, there is only Enchanted Rock at Fredricksburg, Texas, which is a hill in south Texas that is fun to hike because of the interesting rock formations there. Hope to make one of the “savage” reunions. Have a kid in high school that wants to go to college in a year or two, so money will be tight unless I win the lottery. Nothing really to add to the above, except that I am still looking to hear from Herman Edmunds, Frank Nakamura, and Bob Luttrell. Bob is from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, so he should be easy for me to locate. I have an old 1964 name listing of OFI employees if you need a copy, but most likely you already have it. Hope all of you have a great Christmas season and stay in good health. Looking forward to getting together again sometime and hiking (playing) in the park.. Leske, Jeanne E. (Chambard)(Minnetonka, MN) '65, '66, OFL waitress
E-mail: cavin@trib.com Semi-retired in Casper, Wy. Looking to get involved in volunteer positions (i.e. planning & zoning for Casper, also environmental interests).
I am recovering from bunion surgery (both feet). Hopefully, after the first of the year, I'll be good as new -- right now, I'm doing a lot of reading. Enjoyed the reunion, as usual. Hi to all! Lewis, Chuck "Logger" (Meridian, MS) '66-'67 Canyon Village iceman and bellman; '68'-'70, '73-'76
Current address: 315 S. Columbus Louisville, MS 39339
I've lived in Louisville, MS since 1976, practicing law and doing oil and gas title work around the South. Many thanks to all who made the reunion the success it was - whether it was dealing with "YP", the Rangers, the Gusher, etc. - things seemed to fall into place this time. For those who can't get enough reunion time, we plan to get together twice in 1999 - first during the summer, as per the three year interval - and then over New Years at Snow Lodge (or the new Snow Lodge I'm told) - that way we can bid the 20th century farewell and greet the new millennium with an Old Faithful twist. So take your pick or make them both. Linvog, Barbara (Richardson) (Seattle, WA) '68, Canyon Village waitress busperson
Current address: #1 Creek Crossing Ct. Missoula, MT 59802-3018
Semi-retired RN, recently moved to Montana. Member Missoula Symphony Chorus. Hobbies: sewing, guitar, Tai Chi, camping and fishing. It's wonderful living closer to our beloved Yellowstone. I would love to hear from my first love, Bob Bayless of Farmington, NM, worked in the cafeteria at Canyon Village. Lombard, Chris - see Wood, Chris

MacIntosh, Chris (Manhattan, New York) '75-'77 OFI waitress
E-mail: cmacintosh@peer-to-peer.com Current incarnation, short version: human, not very enlightened (else why would I live in a spaghetti bowl of freeways?). Or: middle aged spinster with cats. Longer version: part of management team of a group of computer bookstores in Silicon Valley. Also help run a small, new, computer publishing company. Active leader for Sierra Club and local Open Space District. Would usually rather be x-c skiing, peak climbing, looking at birds, mushrooms...
I enjoyed a week or so of vacation after this summer's reunion. Saw a black bear swimming the river at Lamar Canyon, and watched some video-filming idiot in a convertible sportscar edge ever closer to 2 bull buffs who were discussing territory in the middle of the NE entrance road and waiting to see who'd blink first.
In October I went on my usual trip to England to see my mother. Took a tour up into the roof and tower of Salisbury Cathedral, which was fascinating - the wooden internal scaffolding and roof arches go all the way back to the 12thC. And enjoyed wind and surf in Cornwall.
Earlier this year Rosanne Gain (Mammoth in the '60's and OF in 198?) and I watched the comet together in Santa Fe, when I was visiting a friend in Albuquerque. Rosanne's a way old friend - in fact she was an instigator of my going to work at OFI in the first place. Spent July 4th climbing in CO. Did 3 of the 14'ers in one day, followed by another one the next day. What a joke in comparison to CA, where only one or possibly two can be done as day hikes and death marches at that. Mason, R.J. (Denver, Co.) '63, OFI, Controller; '64-'95, Mammoth, mgmt. and administrative positions in General Accounting Offices
Current address: 101 Grant Street, Apt. 508, Denver, Co 80203-4053
Did not work in Park during 1996 season, stayed in Denver. Plan to be back in Park in GAO for 1997 summer season. McDonaugh, Pat - see Dombrowski, Pat

McIntire, C. David (Dallas, Texas, Corvallis, Oregon) '51-'54, '56 (late August/early September), '57; Old Faithful Lodge (band, yardman, and porter; all years but 1956), Lake Lodge (yardman in 1956)
Current address: 2025 N.W. Elder St. Corvallis, OR 97330
E-mail: mcintire@ava.bcc.orst.edu or saxojazz@aol.com I recently retired from my teaching position at Oregon State University, and am now an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Botany & Plant Pathology at that institution. My professional field for the past 40 years has been aquatic ecology with a strong interest in aquatic plants and algae. I am still professionally active and do consulting work with the National Park Service, particularly at Crater Lake and Mount Rainier National Parks.
One of my main interests since retirement has been black & white (and some color) photography. Consequently, I try to spend as much time as possible in our western national parks, and then while at home, I put in a lot of time in the darkroom. My wife's name is Carol; we have been married for 31 years and have two sons and two daughters. Our oldest boy (Mark) is a social worker, and our youngest (J.D.) has a degree in journalism, but has decided to go back to school so he can complete the requirements needed to become a high school teacher. Our oldest daughter (Teri) works for FedEx and is completing a degree in chemistry, whereas our youngest daughter (Kathy) is a surgical nurse.
Old memories from Yellowstone:
Because of the length of time I worked in the park, I could fill a book with these. I suppose most of the best memories were related to the activities of the band from SMU. Most of us stayed together for four years and knew each other well during the academic year in Dallas. Consequently, our friendships extended beyond Yellowstone. My best friend from this group was Ted Winberg, an individual that I still see and correspond with. We have had two reunions for the band members, one in Denver (1982) and another in Jackson (1992).
Hopefully, we can all get together again while we still have our health. I think other stories are best left for our next reunion. Nakamura, Frank, M.D. (Baltimore, Maryland; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Sacramento, California) '59-'67, OFI bellman, Canyon Village bellman
Current address: 1155 Koloa Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
I have been retired since 1990 when I closed my solo practice in obstetrics/gynecology in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since then I have been some golfing, fishing and traveling. The '96 reunion was great - seeing everyone again. Nixon, Wally (Jacksonville, Arkansas) '66, Lake Hotel house boy; '67-'69, OFI bellman
Current address: 1412 Graham Road, Jacksonville, AR 72076
E-mail: wnixon@entergy.com or peony@aol.com [Dana's]
Dana and I are raising our one-and-only 6-year old, Abigail -- a bright, blue-eyed first grader who reads everything in sight and loves math, science, and games on the computer. We were all very disappointed to miss our first triennial reunion this past summer and await hearing some accounts of the fun that was had (Where are you Chuck?).
Dana is the founder and we are the owners of the Nixon Flower Farm and Gardens at our place in Jacksonville. Right now we're in the second year of selling cut flowers, delivered to homes, restaurants, and businesses mostly in Little Rock. The idea is this: subscribe for deliveries one or two times a week for $10 or $12 and you get the best of whatever wildflowers and domestically grown cut flowers are available from March until frost, delivered in recycled milk containers straight to your door. Business has been very good for this second year, but we've had a freeze, so now Dana's waiting for the new flower and seed catalogs.
I'm still at Entergy, a large electric utility company with operations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. I work on policy issues for the company, which like everyone else in the industry is going through the throes of deregulation and restructuring. I do quite a bit of travel across the U.S., following what other states and companies are doing, and learning what state and federal regulators are up to. I'm also anticipating making a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia Dec. 12-17, to meet with the newly privatized electric utility there, Lenenergo, which has a partnership with Entergy. We're supposed to be helping them figure out how capitalism works! I expect to be very cold for a few days, but am really looking forward to the trip.
On election night, we were downtown in Little Rock for all the festivities as Bill Clinton was re-elected. The highlight for us was seen President Clinton and Hillary at a small (about 200 people) party for former staffers about an hour after he spoke in his victory appearance. I worked for him as an Deputy A.G. when he was Arkansas' Attorney General in 1976-78 and have been a supporter ever since. We enjoyed having a brief visit, getting a hug, and having him sign a picture of him holding up Abigail in 1990, when she was only 6 months old. Some of you have probably seen it. Renaud, Rite, see Banks, Rite (Renaud)

Richardson, Barbara, see Linvog, Barbara (Richardson)

Rudolf, Homer (Wishek, ND; Los Angeles, CA; Urbana, IL) '56-'59, & 10 yrs between '63 and '74; Old Faithful Inn -- busboy, waiter, bellman, barwaiter, bartender
E-mail: hrudolf@richmond.edu Professor of Music, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA (this is my 21st year here). Still enjoy hiking, camping and fishing - but can't backpack anymore, due to knee injury. Try to include a trip to Montana/Wyoming each summer.
Had a busy and enjoyable summer. Started by leading a Sierra Club Service trip on the Hart Mt. National Antelope Refuge in mid-May. Our group of 23 volunteers took down over 5 miles of barbed wire in 3 1/2 work days. This is an ongoing project at the refuge - initiated when grazing cattle were removed several years ago. Our drive-in base camp was an old CCC camp with a building that included a gas stove, gas fridge, and wood stove -- plus tables inside and outside for eating. Have been involved with this program since 1898, and really enjoy it. Will be leading the same trip again this next May.
Before and after that trip I was involved as music director with a community theatre production of "Once Upon a Mattress." Since the director decided to have the score programmed into a computer I didn't have to direct a pit orchestra for the performances. Instead, I spent hours working with the programmer, establishing tempos, and adding nuances (such as slowing down and speeding up), and then had to sit beside him during the performances to cue him for the start of each number. It certainly didn't save me any time -- Been There, Done That!
In early July I headed to North Dakota, where I did some additional research on the music of the German-Russian settlement where my parents were born and raised. Also attended my 40th high school reunion [can I really be that old?]. Then I headed out to Bozeman, to pick up Evelyn Zimmerer for the YP reunion. We drove to West Yellowstone on Wednesday to join Lindsey and Shelley Collins, who were hosting a dinner at Bob & Irene Adams old trailer house, which the Collins rented at the Wagon Wheel Campground. Must have been about 18 of us there for dinner [including Bob Adams], and a good time was had by all. Thursday everyone headed into OF, and things began in earnest. Had a cookout that night at an employee site near the "new" dorms, loafed around during the day on Friday, and then attended "Gusher Night" in West Yellowstone. Saturday cookout was convenient [at the end of the OF parking lot] as was Sunday dinner in the OFI ZOO! Lot's of time to relax and see old friends -- it really was a great time!
After I returned Evie safely to Bozeman, I headed to Pinedale, WY, to meet Bob Shissler (who I haven't seen in at least 15 years). He organized a horse pack trip into the Wind River Mts, that four of us went on. In fact he provided most of the equipment, and bought most of the food in Salt Lake (made it an easy trip for the rest of us). The two of us organized things on the 30th, and on the 31st we were joined by Brian Raines and Rick Huffman. The packer took us in on August 1st (an 8-hour trip) and picked us up again on Aug. 6th (6 hrs out). We had great weather, good fishing, excellent meals, glorious wild flowers, and a generally good time.
The fall semester has been busy, since I was involved with a musical at the University. We did "Into the Woods", which we cast the first weekend in September. I began music rehearsals immediately, and stage rehearsals started on Oct. 7. That meant 3-4 hr. rehearsals Monday thru Friday evenings, and Sunday afternoon. Then there were the additional rehearsals with the pit orchestra. The performances ran Nov. 21-24, and went very well -- but I must say I was ready for some R&R over Thanksgiving.
The Seattle contingent has already been warned that I will be attending a conference there from March 5-9, and will stay out there the following week, since that is spring break. I've never spent any time out there, so am looking forward to it. Hope you all had a good TURKEY DAY, and I wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/or whatever. Rudolf, Paulette (Fargo, ND) '70-'74; OFL maid & front desk; Mammoth front desk; OFI front desk, dining room, Bear Pit
Current address: 1918 W. Prospect Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80526
E-mail: prudolf@vines.colostate.edu

Ryan, Anne - see Bell, Anne Ryan

Stachon, Raymond (Mesa, Arizona) '66-'69, '71; OFI dining room, Bear Pit
E-mail: rstachon@dot.state.az.us I still work for Ariz. Dept. of Trans., almost 25 years now, I'm a Network Specialist, I do user support and LAN Administration for about 100 users, which means I'm busy, busy. Sometime its real crazy like I'm running a race and can't get a breath. I'll be able to retire in about 2 years. Probably look for a another job outside Phoenix. Still not married, and live in the same townhouse I've been in for about 20 years now, never thought I would stay there this long, but I guess its not too bad, or I would have moved.... Thompson, Sally (Anderson) (St. Petersburg, Florida) '69-'72, OFI dining room hostess
E-mail: thomp@whidbey.com Relocated to Puget Sound 18 years ago; am presently jobsharing a 5th grade teaching position; one husband, Fred; two children - Tyler, 16, and Randy, 14, who are avid YP fans (they say hello to all the other Savage kids out there) and active OMers - any other OM families out there? Had a truly scary moment when driving back to OFI from West during the last reunion with a van load of teenagers and hearing them discuss that at the next reunion how they would all be able to drive........ Winberg, Ted N. (Southern Methodist University, Dallas); '51-'54, OFL porter, Musician in Lee Kildow band
Current address: 3711 Astoria Dr., Arlington, TX 76013
E-mail: Hiteddy@aol.com CEO of Aries Productions, a film and video production company in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. A widower for the past 5 years after a 35 year marriage.
My years at Old Faithful are still among the most enjoyable of my life and the friends made during that time endure to this time. My room mate on River Row at the Lodge is still my closest friend in life. Wood, Chris (Lombard)(Edmonton, Alberta) - '71-'74, OFI dining room waitress, Lake Lodge commentator
E-mail: cwood@premier1.net Life description: Moved to Mukilteo, WA in June--I'm Sally's neighbor now!
My two boys are now 5 and11. My husband, Rollin, works in sales for a local television station, and I am free lance writing for an on-line career publication.
Hi roomy! It was sooo good to see you this summer. We had a special time, didn't we? I am going to make it out there this summer--promise. Hey Connie--I'm so glad you decided to come--I have an incriminating photo of you--do you want a copy? Just email me with your address (cwood@premier1.net). Hi Cliff--I often think of that beautiful afternoon that you, Kathy and I sat on the deck by Hebkin Lake--how could I forget that horn? Hi Chuck--I miss you--I'll call you soon. Zimmerer, Evelyn (Roundup, Bozeman, Montana) OFI dining room hostess (4 years); OF Hamilton's Lower Store (2 years); General Cashier's Office (1 year); OFI Indian Shop, manager and buyer, 15 years
30 years as House Mother for Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Montana State, Bozeman

1996 Group Photo by George Banks

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