YP Newsletter: 2000

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Well, I've been trying to get this out for some time - and here it is. Thanks to all of you who have responded. It really is quite an amazing group! I've had another busy year, but am now officially retired from the University. I will be staying in Richmond, and the Theatre Department at the University has asked me to be music director for the musical in the fall, since no one in the Music Department is interested in doing it. We'll be doing Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" - which is a great show. Have made no special plans to celebrate, but have plenty of things lined up that will keep me out of trouble.

Special thanks to:
1. Those who sent money to help support the expenses involved in producing this newsletter,
2. Those who forwarded information re the newsletter to others, so they could be included.
3. Ron Beaumont, who sent 4 pictures from 1961.
4. Joe Cawrse, who sent a Fishing Bridge 1965 Directory and a OFI 1964 Directory.
5. Frank Nakamura , who sent 6 pictures and & poety by JoAnn Ables
6. Sandy (McMurray) Novak, who sent 4 Canyon Lodge postcards, a Lake Lodge 1965 Directory and a Canyon Village 1967 Directory.
7. Margaret Pitts Levy for sending pictures of the 1999 reunion at Old Faithful.
8. Pam (Gillespie) Sommers, who sent OFI directories for 67, 68 & 69.
9. Kathleen Michael [formerly known as kathleen/california at old faithful 74-76], who has offered to compile an Old Faithful picture book for the years 74-77. She says: "I have tons of pictures of employees from 74-77 at Old Faithful. I would guess that a lot of other folks do also. What about combining our pictures for a sort of year book?... if people would forward to me copies of their people pictures (no Old Faithfuls please), I'd be happy to put together a book. It would be really helpful also, if participants could give me a name/location to identify the individual in the picture .for example - I was Kathleen/California at the Old Faithful gift shop. I would make one for each person that shows up on labor day weekend and would provide them at cost. Others would be able to order them directly from me. Copies of photos should be sent to me (no originals that you can't bear to part with)

Homer Rudolf e-mail: hrudolf@richmond.edu web page: www.music.richmond.edu/~hrudolf/

Of General Interest:
1. For those of you with Internet access there are two "Webcam" sites in Yellowstone, one at Mammoth and one of Old Faithful Geyser. The address is: http://www.nps.gov/yell/tours/livecams/index.htm

2. A historic, 1920s, silent motion picture of YP, done by Jack Ellis Haynes as a promotion for the Northern Pacific Railroad, is available on videotape [titled "Magic Yellowstone]. To order, call 1-800/426-8243, or write Magic Yellowstone, c/o Montana Public Television, PO Box 7015, Bozeman, MT 59771.

3. For those of you interested in U.S. Geological Survey topographical maps, you can now download them from the following site: www.topozone.com. You can search by latitude and longitude, or by place name, and the maps are adjustable to different scales. It took me no time at all to get a map of Old Faithful by using the name search.

4. The Total Yellowstone website maintained by John Unger is http://www.yellowstone-natl-park.com/ It contains all sorts of information, and currently includes the the Former Yellowstone Park Employees e-mail address list. My web page will either provide a link to that, or that information will be transferred to my web page.

5. My web page includes Sally Thompson's newsletters of 1996 and 1999, as well as this one. You can also see a good number of pictures there.

Up-coming Reunions:

2000, Labor Day Weekend: Driver-T&I-Bellman Reunion at OFI over Labor Day 2000: contact "Kelsen Olson" and "Steve Rumley" They still have a number of former employees for which they don't have current addresses. Do you have addresses for:
Allred, Dianne - Bauer, Annie - Boyd, Lorna Eckert, Lisa - Hillebrand, Mark Jansen, James - Leimbach, Marilyn - Metzger, Michael -Mizutani, Shinya - Phillips, Sam Rogers, Tanna Jo - Stevens. Mecklin - Takei, Nami - Yusanago, Tetsuo McLaughlin, Jamie - Bell, Angela - Buhr, Theresa - Freedman, Wayne - Howard, Linda Lehman, Debbie - Martinez, Patricia - Nutz, Dan - Ransom, John - Ross, Barbara Stevens, Ben - Warren, Stuarta - Zimmer, Charles - Sobolick,Jim - Battle, Mattour Bischoff, Rozanne - Burch, Susan - Gruninger, Jeff - Hron, Marty - Lehman, Dorothy A. McKinley, Deborah - Orr, James W. - Ried, David - Scheucher, Wolfgang - Stewart, Mary Williams, Rhonda - Gilbert, Jeff - Johnson, Al - ?, Loren [70s bus driver]

2002: Old Faithful - Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21 [Full moon is Wed., July 24]
Consensus at the 1999 reunion was to eliminate the event at the Gusher on Friday night. People are of the opinion that the venue just doesn't work very well. Current plans are to have the group pow-wow on Friday night, and to try to arrange for those of our group who are interested to be served from the OFI Dining Room menu in the Staffeteria [the "ZOO" for you old-timers!] on Saturday night - rather than on Sunday night. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome. - contact Homer Rudolf - hrudolf@richmond.edu

2003: Lake Area - contact Timothy Shea

Clymens, Ronna (Ellingson)
Eddie Martin
Pat Olson
Lynn Hadley Ribble
Joy Thomas


Adams, Bob OFI/OFL: bar, 46-47, 59-83
[Bob went on a 3-week safari in Kenya last October, and says he really enjoyed it. He spent the holidays with his son Jim and daughter-in-law Gwen. HR]

Adams, Jim & Gwen OFI

Anderson, Nancy - see Walker

Anderson, Sally - see Thompson

Ashburn, Shelley - see Collins

Ayler, Michael 65- Lake Hotel, bellman 66-69 - OFI bellman
Homer, What you are doing is fantastic! I remember my years in Yellowstone very fondly and cherish them as a blessing in my life. It was a time in my life when I really began to grow. I became so attached to the West and the mountains that I never left. I now live in Aurora, CO, which is a suburb of Denver. I also remember all the great men and women who shared their lives with me in "the world apart" as it was called. Memories, photos, and the music are a part of what I have carried with me all my life. The great people I met only matched the great country.
The memories and feelings that I cherished I wanted to relive as I grew older. Some 14 years ago I moved back to Wyoming to live in Jackson. For 10 years I enjoyed great adventures similar to those in Yellowstone Park. I was an active member of the community and active in Jackson Hole life. Then I divorced, pointed my life in a new direction, met a wonderful woman and soul mate, and realized that this new direction was a great turn of events for the rest of my life.
I moved to Aurora and helped my older boys get into college in Colorado. I have four wonderful sons, who I hope can one day have some of the experiences I had in my life. My oldest is Scott, who graduated from CSU and now is in first-year law school at Denver University. Matthew is a senior at CSU in Computer Information Systems with close to a 4.0. Michael is a senior in High School and headed for college next year. Hans will be an eighth grader and is very talented in many fields. A wonderful wife and four great sons make me feel truly blessed. I welcome all of you former employees and friends to contact me and let me know about your years since Yellowstone.
Baker, Gail (Lindahl)
Hi. I am late. I was going through a file today and found your letter. Please put me on snail-mail. I have photos from the 1999 reunion, but I'll send them later since I am so late. I found an album from a group that performed in the Old Faithful area in 1968, called the Trav'lers. I have other stuff that I hope to find. Should I send you this album, or wait until I find other stuff? I filed for divorce in November and Charles moved out in December. He said that he found an Apt. in D.C. Things are hectic and busy for me. Thanks for taking over this job. I am so very happy to keep in touch with special Old Faithful friends. Take Care. Gail

Baker, Kathy - see Dorn

Banks, Rite (Renaud)
I worked in Yellowstone in 1972 at West Thumb, which closed that season and was relocated to Grant Village. I worked at a snack bar, and then at the laundry mat. I returned to Yellowstone in 1976 and began as a waitress at Old Faithful Lodge. I once seated 16 people at 4 tables and they all requested separate checks. I mixed up the orders and the hostess and I had to call out food orders to the customers. Another day I held a tray of food above my head, and dropped the entire order. Clearly recognizing that I was ill-suited to this position, I volunteered to be a lowly kitchen helper. I cheered up the moral of the staff and was offered a supervisory position and realized that this fun summer after college graduation would get evolve into more than a 48 hour work week. Fortuitously I cut myself on a piece of glass, which resulted in a few sutures. The wound would not heal due to the constant moisture in the kitchen, so I was reassigned to the Travel Dept. at Mammoth as a reservation clerk. That job was incredibly boring and I got another job as a T&I clerk at OFI. Occasionally I served as a tour guide and I spent two weeks at the travel desk at Jackson Lake Lodge. During the end of summer, I also served as a fill in maid.

Bayless, Meg

Beaumont, Ron
I'm going to try to find some pics of old Faithful Inn events. Give me a few weeks. I was front office manager at OFI in 1961. I stayed on full time living at Mammoth and became sales manger for the YP Company, then reservation manager and General Traffic Manager 1964-1967. GTM position covered reservations and sales, motor coach company, etc. I was there during the period that we began to operate snow machines to OFI. It's great that you have the interest and time to take on something like this to communicate with those who worked at Old Faithful.

Bell, Anne (Ryan)
Worked at OFI 1971 as audit clerk. address and phone still the same...to answer questions:
Sorry I missed the last reunion - but I did get some great pictures, thanks to Margaret (Pitts) Levy and Kathy (McKay) Harrison! As for updates on my life, I wrote a couple of books this year - one a biography of my dad's life - just for family and friends, all of whom have enjoyed it tremendously, and another, a children's historical Civil War novel. Of course, now I need to find a publisher for the children's book. (If anyone has connections to the publishing world, please let me know.) I'm currently working with the English Department at a high school to help students improve their writing skills and make sure they pass "proficiency" requirements to graduate. I'm also teaching SAT prep classes part time. Along those lines... our oldest son Ryan will graduate from high school this year, so we'll be entering the new college era soon. Denver is getting very crowded, but we hope to escape to the mountains more this summer - at alternate times to the rest of the population!

Bertagnolli, Marilyn - see Thissen

Bishop, Bill 1963-71, 73: OFI: dishwasher, lobby porter, bellman, bell captain, night watchman

Blankenfeld, Dick

Blickwede, Karen - see Knowlton

Brewster, Gloria - see Lowe

Brickey, Albert B. Jr. 64: Mamoth Hot Springs; 65, 67: Canyon Village: Laundry, busboy, waiter, bellman, bartender, ass't bar manager, bar manager; 66, Canyon Village, Haines Photo Shop

Bussey, Henry I.
Homer: Glad that you are taking this on..and also glad to hear about the web page. I visited West Yellowstone this past winter as a speaker on the Montana Society of Health Systems Pharmacists annual meeting. It was great to be back in the area again even though I did not have enough time to tour the park. I did, however, take my own walking tour around "West" one evening and that brought back a lot of memories and "ghosts". Later, however, was beginning to wonder if Alzheimers was setting since there was no "Gusher" where I thought it should be, but I found it on another street and facing in a different direction than what I thought I remembered. I was relieved to learn from the management that the old one had burned years ago, was replaced by another business, and the Gusher was then rebuilt on another location.....all was right with the world again.
About the music...since I see that this is your profession I suspect that you want something more meaningful than this...but, in any case, my music memories include one of the bands ("Smokie and the Bears" I think) used to play an old song from the 50s or 60s called "Miller's Cave". I think it was originally recorded by Bobby Bear (sp?), but the reason I remember it is because it mentioned my small hometown of Waycross, Georgia and the band would play it "for the fabulous five from Waycross, Georgia". I can not remember how that got started, but the "five" were me, Andy Porter, Frank Shipes, John Knox, and Jet Rayner. I had gone out to work in YP right after I got out of school for the summer, wrote Andy & Frank back in Atlanta about the park, and they jumped in Andy's car, picked up John & Jet and just drove on out.

Cawrse, Joe
I enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other day. I had a couple of copies of the Old Faithful and Fishing Bridge Employee Directories made up, and am sending them to you. I made copies of the letter you sent and will send them out to other that I know about (not very many). Also, regarding pictures, I do have a picture of the main house of Old Faithful Inn, constructed in 1903-04. The way I happened to get this was that I was in Moscow, Idaho, in the winter of 1964 - working in the laundry - when a gal got to talking about some pictures that the University of Idaho was going to throw out. I asked her if I could see them, and she brought them to me. I could see what one of them was right away, and I asked if I could borrow it to get a copy, and she let me have it.

Caywood-Baerg, Mikelann (Whittlesey) 8 years - all over. Travel & Information

Chambard, Al & Annie Kurz '69: Houseman in Mammoth Hotel; 70-72: Bellman OFI; 73-74: Bell Captain OFI
We moved to a new house last October. It's only a few blocks from where we lived before, but it is a better long-term arrangement. We have an even better view of the Cascade Mountains and a real basement (not common in these parts). Annie, Emily and I enjoyed a trip to Disney World in February (great for a five year old and also Annie and me) and then Naples, Florida to visit Annie's parents in their winter retreat. Our big news is that we are expecting our second child at the end of July. We are all happy and excited about our anticipated addition to our family.

Chambard, Jeanne - see Leske

Chauner-Neindorf, Cyndi 67 - OF Lodge, desk clerk; 68-70 - OFI dining room waitress
My news is brief: last 20 years - Academic Dean at Ursuline High School, Santa Rosa, CA. Coordinated an exchange program to Japan for 13 years - took students to Japan for 3-week summer programs. I have 1 daughter, Molly 17. Married 22 years to husband, Dana. Haven't been back to YP in many years as my parents moved from Bozeman. Fond memories of those wonderful YP summers are forever etched in my heart! Thank you to all of you who keep in touch. Love, Cyndi.

Cochran, Robert S. & Barbara (Morgan) 54-55-56-57 Old Faithful Cafeteria, Old Faithful Tourist Cabins, Old Faithful Lodge Dishwasher, Cabin and Lodge Cabin porter, Cafeteria server and Lodge waitress

Collins, Lindsey & Shelley (Ashburn)
Shelley 68-70,72,74: Old Faithful Inn, Old Faithful Lodge - front desk OFI, front desk OFL, waitress OFL --- Lindsey 69-70,72,74: Old Faithful Inn, Bear Pit
Homer, we are hoping to come see you in June on our way to Maine, where we will spend 6 weeks in Acadia Nat'l Park.

Cooper, Lis Canyon Village: 67, Coffee Shop Waitress; 68, Front Office Cashier; OFI, 69, Waitress
Formerly from Albuquerque (residence during Park days). Portland resident since 1979. I've gotten used to rain and green and love the Northwest. Spent several years climbing NW peaks -- Hood, Adams, Shuksan, Baker, etc. -- but now find myself running instead... Boston, New York, Houston, Disneyworld, Big Sur, Napa, Las Vegas marathons (among others). Always interested in finding a marathon to run in a new state... Suggestions welcome! Like many former YPers, I'm a confirmed travel junkie! Last big trip was to East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) to visit a Peace Corps volunteer friend. Loved the experience!!! Even though I'm watching friends retire by the dozens, I'm still employed by the Oregon Dept. of Transportation in Portland, implementing quality / efficiency programs. I've had too many different employers to qualify for any EARLY retirement. Drat! That never seemed important when I was 30!! Still living with long time companion, Doug Couch. He's been to a couple of reunions with me and admires what we've been able to keep alive! Thanks to everyone for the efforts!

Darnell, Carl & Laura
Laura and I met you guys on the shore of Shoshone Lake last summer. We were campground host at Madison Campground. Laura and worked at Fishing Bridge cabins back in 1954 & 1955. We were college students and we eventually married at the end of the season in 1955. We asked to be put on this mailing list so we could enjoy the news from old savages from by gone times. Thanks for adding our name to your list. We are going back for another season at Yellowstone and Madison Campground. If any of you guys happen to be in Yellowstone this summer and pas by Madison Campground, stop by and give us a hi! We don't have a phone yet at the NV address. We will update the phone later.

Davis, Don D.

Dombrowski, Alan & Patricia (McDonaugh) 4 yrs at OFI, Bellman & Front Desk

Dorn, Kathy (Baker) '70 - OFI Indian Gift Shop; '72-73 - Park Tour Guide
Thank you for the info on Evie. I have so many great memories of her. Hope she stays well. I will send you some photos.

Doty, Philip 1960 - Head storekeeper Mammoth Hotel; 1961 - Head storekeeper Mammoth Hotel; 1962 - Head storekeeper Old Faithful Inn
Enjoyed our brief visit by phone this morning. I will get the information off with this e-mail to you. I will look forward to the newsletter and all the information in it. I will get busy and see what I can find from those summers in YP. I mentioned the directories from Mammouth for 1960-1961 and I can copy them and send them on to you. I may have some materials from the Savage Shows and the Christmas in August performances of "Messiah" I can also contact fellow employees to see what they might have and get copies sent on.

Ellsworth, Clarice - see Korrison

Fenner, Mary
I started to work in Yellowstone in 1963 at OFI. They had a Coffee Shop as well as the Dining Room, and I was hired as manager of the Coffee Shop, which was open from 7 a.m. 'till 10 p.m. I worked a split shift. At that time food concession was leased out to a private party, and all food was prepared from scratch. They had a head chef and many cooks. There was a bakery at OFI which made all the bread, cakes, pastries, etc. Then they had a butcher shop at the Lodge where whole sides of beef were delivered and cut up by butchers. I think Y.P.Co. Took over the food department in '65, and they introduced many frozen food items. Scrambled eggs were delivered in half-gallon cartons.
The August 25th Christmas celebrations we had in the 60s might be of interest. "Christmas comes twice a year, Once at home and once up here!" The Forest Service always got us a big pine tree - and we put it in the Lobby at OFI near the fireplace. The employees made popcorn and cranberry chains, and we covered walnuts with tin foil - those were the tree decorations - nothing "store bought ." The employees drew names and we exchanged gifts on Aug. 25th in the evening. We sang carols and had spiced cider to drink - of course the guests were welcome to join in.
I worked at Y.P about 10 years - I managed the dining room at OFI a couple of years, was food production supervisor at the Lodge. I managed the Cafeteria at one time. All-in-all it was one of the happiest times of my life. Mary M. Fenner, age 86

Fortran, Nancy (Hilker) 1969-1976: OFI Staffateria, Watiress, Bar
I am still in Colorado and loving it except I do miss the ocean. I have been married 23 years and we never had and kids, which is good some days with teaching middle school. I teach a rough middle school in Aurora, Colorado. It is quite a challenge. Previously I taught 17 years of elementary visual arts. My passion is travel and volunteering for a local environmental group. We take live birds of prey to various groups. We have been to Australia, and New Zealand, plus all over the United States. I went to Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Honduras and received a Fulbright scholarship to Ghana West Africa. Last year we finally made it to Alaska. Hoping for a major adventure this year. I will try to find some pictures over spring break.

Friedrich, Brenda (Groll) 1971: Old Faithful Inn, Frontier Desk Cashier
Thank you for taking over for Sally! This is a big job!

Gain, Rosanne '67 Mammoth; '81OFI Bear Pit with "Uncle Bob Adams"
Homer, The information on the newsletter was forwarded to me by Chris MacIntosh.

Gebert, Gary [Goose] Bellman OFI 1969- 1980
I am currently working and living in Lewistown, MT. I am the Head Football coach and the Biology teacher at Fergus county high school for the past 12 years. I am married with two step children that are going to both be in college next year. Life here is good, with lots to do, if in the area look me up.
Homer - I don't know if this is what you want but my father played in the band that played in the balconies of OFI. He said they played nightly. I wish I could ask my father more about the band, but he passed away about 14 years ago. He told me the band was called the Fred Gebert Orchestra. He played most evenings on the balconies and private dances in the dining room. The years he was their was from 1928 -1933. His band played in Chicago during the winters in speakeasies. Sorry Homer but that is all I can remember. If you find out more about him , please let me know.

Gillespie, Pam - see Sommers

Graham, Leland

Groll, Brenda - see Friedrich

Harrison, Kathy (McKay) 71-72, OFI Indian Gift Shop
Dear Homer - Margaret Pitts forwarded your email to me in regards to YP news and reunions. Please put me on to your email list so that I can stay current with everyone and all that is going on. It was wonderful to go to the reunion last summer, and to think I almost missed it!!! There were a lot of scheduling problems, but when Cliff Hufman and Margaret Pitts both went out of their way to call and tell me to come, I couldn't resist. Fortunately, going to Yellowstone is not too difficult, as it is less than a 5 hour drive. I left husband and kids at home to handle the other commitments and headed over to OFI. It was like a time warp and suddenly we were thrown right back into the 70's. Everyone looked wonderful and , I swear we picked up where we had left off. A moonlight walk of the geyser basin one night and a midnight hike up to Observation Point the next. We are all so fortunate to have friends like that, who are so comfortable to be around, even after a 10, 20, or 30 year absence! It was great to be back in the park and see the changes of the last few years. I am pretty fortunate to live in an area that people come to for their vacations. Hailey is about 11 miles south of beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho. We ski 4 or 5 times a week, and hike regularly through out the summer. Camping and water skiing is a regular weekend affair, although it is harder to go now that the girls are into summer jobs and scheduling problems. It's not too tough to have to stay home on the weekends and go enjoy the back yard with a small stream and mountains beyond. We really appreciate mother nature and all she has given us. If anyone comes up to Sun Valley give us a call....
Homer - Thanks for taking on this monumental task. It was great to see you this summer. I will try to get Steve (husband) to scan in some of my photos and email them to you... Kathy

Haywood, Shauna - see Olds

Hillard, JoAnn [Zimmerer]

Hilker, Nancy - see Fortran

Huffman, Cliff

Thank you for taking over the thankless but very important job. It was great to see you this summer. I will soon be starting my 28th year at Merrill Lynch and still get the bears and bulls confused. My recent most memorable experience was a 3 week trek to Nepal in the Himalayas in the fall of 1998. They were spectacular but missed the "Gusher" after a hard day of hiking. My younger son, Peter, has a great experience this past New Year's Eve when he was invited to the end of Millenium Ball at the White House. Our older son, Chris is working as a venture capitalist in Boston. Eileen is still working as school nurse hearing specialist. Thanks again Homer for doing us all a big favor...a wonderful year to my fellow savages. Cliff Huffman

Huffman, Dave

Hurtt, Roberta (Scully) 69-70: OFI, Front Desk
Update: I am married, have been for 26 years. I have a husband and two grown sons. I work in a local high school and enjoy my job. I still like to keep in touch with my former Savage friends. Email me and let me know what's new. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Nancy Hackbarth. In the summer of 1970 she worked at the OFI front desk and was from Ohio?

Iona, Calvin H.

Johnston, Miriam (Mi)
Dear Homer. We had Miss Yellowstone contests each year. Each area picked their own to compete and Miss YNP was picked from them. We also had "Frontier Days," which included a square dance in the lobby of Old Faithful Inn. On Christmas in August we had a decorated tree. Some exchanged gifts, and we had decorations in the Inn. The little tree growing out of a rock in the middle of the Firehole River was always decorated. The Rangers would take the decorations off, but someone would always put them back up.
My husband, Clark, was also a Bus Driver. The Bellmen had a surprise party us on our 40th wedding anniversary. It was held on the balcony of OFI. The Food and Beverage Manager made a huge sheet cake, decorated with mountains (snow on them), and valleys with grass growing. The decorations were borrowed from the Gift Shop, and washed and returned after the party (animals).
I still have one of Clark's uniform shirts and our badges which we wore to the 1990 and 1996 reunions. Also our ties that were part of our uniforms. Good luck with the "Newsletter" and many thanks to Sally. Clark passed away 7/24/98. It's very lonely without him, after 63 years together. I still hear from some YNP friends. I hope to get to the Park this year. Right now the Sierra Club (I'm a member) is trying to stop a commercial airport from being put in next to Biscayne and Everglades National Parks, which it would destroy.

Jones, L. Curtis 1960-1966: OFI, Lobby Porter, Bellman, Baggage Porter
It has been quite awhile since the last update, I missed the last reunion as well. My typing is slowing down a bit since I am fighting wearing my new glasses (never had any before); so I will keep this update fairly short to keep me from getting cross-eyed). My daughter, Melissa, who is completing her second year in college, has accepted a job this summer at Grant Village. So it looks like Mom and Pop will be up to the park this summer to check up on her. Hope she enjoys working in the park as much as I did. (I worry about this new younger generation, especially her). I m now retired from military duties except that I now am working straight Civil Service at Lackland AFB, the Gateway to the Air Force". Since I am within year of retirement, the Gateway is fitting as a point of departure from duties with the Department of Defense (military).
The YP newsletter is fun to read to help keep up with what is going on. I would like to find address and get in touch with Bob Lutrell (OFI bellman 1960-1965 range) and the other Bear-crew members of the time, such as Rollie Everett, Herman Edmunds, Roger (from Stanford), etc. (I know where Shane is wonder if he has an email address by now). Looking forward to seeing some you this summer & till next time stay in shape for the next hike.

Keeter, Jean (Shadoan)
Thank you for all of your hard work!

Knowlton, Karen (Blickwede) 1968-70: Lake Hotel, DMO (dish machine operator), maid, busgirl, waitress
Coordinator for 2003 Lake Hotel reunion (the group consists of people that worked at LH or Bridge Bay from 1967-74).
Homer, I'm glad someone is maintaining the newsletter! (Guess it has to be termed "YP Former Employees'" because most post-TW Services people have no idea they are really savages!!:) I do have some memories of a "savage" choir that sang parts of the Messiah for YP Christmas in 1968; I sang with them at the Lake and one other concert (maybe at OF?) Don't remember any details; there were maybe about 25-35 people in the chorus. If you want some more detailed information about the Miss Lake Hotel pageant of that year, contact Leland Graham He was the director of it, and may have been involved in the Miss Yellowstone pageant that year as well. I do remember it was quite a show! There was also one held in '69, but that may have been the last one.
We had our own musical show, as dining room staff gathered about twice nightly during dinner hours to sing to the dudes - Paul Reynolds played the organ, which was a permanent fixture in LH dining room at the time (this was '69 primarily, but also may have extended to '68.) We mostly sang moldy oldies - "Yellow Rose of Texas" & stuff like that. They pulled the plug on us when we got a little goofy one time and sang some of our YP songs (lyrics a bit off-color - "Lake Hotel,Go to Hell" is one, and should give you the idea.) Some dudes loved it, but of course some didn't! (Ah the dumb stuff one pulls in one's 20's!) By the way, most of our LH reunion gang still know the words to those songs.. Karen

Korrison, Clarice (Ellsworth) OFI: 68-69, Dining Room

Landrigan, John

Leske, Jeanne (Chambard) 1965 & 1966: O.F.L., Waitress ("Dude Heaver")
I am married to Alan (32 years), with one son, Cavin, who is 20 years old and a junior at the University of Wyoming majoring in electrical engineering with a computer option. I like to stay active, and have been teaching Alpine skiing at the small ski area near us since the winter of '98. I am also involved in volunteer work with the Sierra Club of Wyoming. Alan is retired and enjoys golf and delivering Meals on Wheels."

Levy, Maggie - see Pitts Levy

Lewis, Chuck ["The Logger"]
Greetings savages one and all. I really enjoyed seeing everyone in July at the reunion. Great place, great weather and great people sharing great memories... usually leads to great fun. This reunion was no exception. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. And,my thanks also to the Old Faithful Inn staff and the Park Service personnel for helping to make our return "home" an enjoyable one. Neil Payne, his wife Catherine and I went back to Snow Lodge for the New Years millennium celebration. It was an interesting trip , but we missed the company of all you Stoneheads. We'd like to go back for New Years of 2002, before the next summer reunion in 2002. More later. Chuck

Lindahl, Gail - see Baker

Lombard, Chris - see Wood

Lombard, Cindy
Just want to say hello to everyone and that I will definitely be at the next reunion. My kids are now 8 (Brianna) and 5 and 1/2 (Jamie) and are of course a lot of fun. One year ago I moved my law practice to my home and I love it.....I practice Family Law half of my time and during the other half I sit on two administrative tribunals. I am about to start building a house which will be both a great family home and provide for separate office space and its own entrance. If anyone ever wants to visit i would love to put you up......Kelowna (population approximately 125,000) is a great recreation area.....in the summer we are on a 90 mile long lake which is wonderful for all water sports and the temperatures are hot. As well we are a renowned wine growing region with great wine and beautiful wineries. In the winter our ski area is world class with lots of horizontal, minimal line ups and lots of nice accommodation and activities for both kids and adults. I look forward to seeing you all at the next reunion. Cindy Lombard

Lowe, John & Gloria (Brewster)
Dear Homer, My husband and I both worked in Yellowstone Park- in fact that's where we met. I think our names made it to you thru Marilyn Bertagnolli Thissen who was my roommate in 1969. She moved to Arizona with me after finished working in the park in 1969. I stayed & she went on to Colorado. We still keep in touch and I heard it was a great reunion. We will plan on making the next one. We have been back to Yellowstone twice. It certainly looks different now. I am Gloria Brewster Lowe. I worked in Yellowstone in 1968 and 1969 at OF Campers Cabins Cafeteria and in the kitchen at Old Faithful Inn. I grew up in California. I now work as an RN in the emergency section of a large trauma center.
My husband is John Lowe and he worked in Yellowstone in 1966, 67, and 69. He worked at Old Faithful Lodge and at the Inn in the kitchen He is now a detective with the Phoenix Police Department where he has worked for the past 22½ years. Only 2½ years until retirement. We have one grown son who lives in San Francisco. Never could convince him to go to Yellowstone to work. Working in the park was the greatest time of my life. Would love to come back and work there again after retirement. We do not have E-Mail but would like to receive newsletter by snail mail. Maybe soon I'll become modern and learn how to use a computer. I do have my son looking up your web site and printing me info. I would love to read about people we worked with and know what happened to them. Please include us in your address list and newsletter list.
Marilyn Thissen had said your were looking for the music people in Yellowstone. We know that George Jett and Dave Dir, who were in the 4-Of-Us still live in the Phoenix area. I would like to know if you have an address for Britt Lewis. He was from Vermont and spent many summers in Yellowstone. His dad was a seasonal ranger in the park for many years. We heard from him for a number of years and then lost track of him. He once come to Az when we saw him. We also saw him when he was living in West Yellowstone in 1974 when we came back to visit the park. It's nice to know that people still keep in touch after so many years.

MacArthur, Katherine (KathyMac) - see Shoemaker

MacIntosh, Chris 75,76,77: OFI, Waitress
Glad to get this, and especially as I did not know about Evelyn's illness. I shall send her a card. Thank you for taking this on. Now working for a start up, still in SF Bay Area, named University ProNet, an online recruiting service. Great people and lots of challenge. Most of my vacation goes into visiting England, where I hope to be able to throw a 90th birthday party for my mother this fall. Haven't made it to the park in 4 years, but still enjoy my license plate and have the OF webcam as my home page at work.

Martinu, Pierre & Jane

Mautino, Bob
I saved every savage directory from 1955 through 1960, but I can't find them at the moment. I am on a program of going through all of the accumulated clutter in my house, and when I can locate them I will let you know. I'll be in West in part of July and part of August this summer. Will I see you there? Bob

McArthur, Jim

McDonaugh, Patricia - see Dombrowski

McIntire, Dave
I would appreciate it if you could keep me on your mailing list. My time in the park goes way back, the summers of 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956 (one month), and 1957. I played in the band at Old Faithful in 1951-54, and am still in touch with a few of the those band members, namely Ted Winberg and Mason Briggs. Also, I get back to the Park from time to time for some photography, usually in September after the people thin out a bit. Thanks for keeping the Newsletter going.

McKay, Kathy - see Harrison

McLean, Harriet
hi homer. i have been busy lately, so, that is the reason i have been so slow in responding. i would like to receive the newsletter, i am handicapped, though and do have trouble with attachments. perhaps this can be a learned behavior, but so far i haven't learned it. sam and i are getting married sat. feb.26th. it is going to be a simple ceremony at evergreen presb. church, where i grew up. my family and his will be there. the longest part of the ceremony will be the music preceding it. bist du bei mir,a mighty fortress is our god, largo from serses, pachebel canon and for a postlude, jesu,joy of man's desiring. i forget what info you want. i worked at ofi 69,70,71,72,and 73. i have 3 children. michelle and leslie, who are both in college will be 21 this may. nat who is also in college will be 19 in june. i am still working at st. francis hospital in the chest pain e.r. taking care of heart attacks and stroke victims. harriet.

McMurray, Sandy - see Novak

Michael, Kathleen
Are you looking for brief stories on our lives since Yellowstone? After working at Yellowstone/Flagg Ranch from 74 - 77, I developed the itchy feet that many former y.p.ers seem to have and have never really held still since. I moved to Japan in 79, to San Francisco in 81, to Dallas in 84, to New York in 88, to Boston in 89, to New Jersey in 90, to Dallas in 92 and to Missouri in 96. I work in the securities business and also get to travel a lot for my job. i attribute my enjoyment of this to my YP time when I met lots of people from all over and visited many. I'm still very much into the outdoors - next week I will be mountain biking with my boyfriend in Joshua Tree National Park always miss that good old sulphur smell of old faithful. Best Yellowstone memories - making out with boyfriend on the benches near Old Faithful when the secret service was readying the area for Gerald Ford. Look forward to hearing from others who were there also.

Milam, Mark 1968--Old Faithful Camper Cabins, Nightclerk; 1969--Lake Hotel, Bellman
Homer...I received a copy of your e-mail from Don D. "Tex" Davis. Thank you for agreeing to take over the YP Former Employees Newsletter. Please include me on your mailing list. I graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1972 in Business Mktg. Since then I have worked in a bank, Caterpillar(heavy equip.) sales, medical oxygen, insurance, and insulation sales. Ten years ago I bought an outdoor billboard company and I also buy and sell timber. My wife, Judy, has asked me what I want to be when I grow up. My daughter, Sarah Beth, is in medical school in Little Rock. My son will graduate from high school in May, 2000 and will enter La. Tech in the fall.
We are very active in Broadmoor Baptist Church where I am a deacon and direct 8th Grade Sunday School. I was elected to the school board in 1990 and have been re-elected twice since. I was "electrocuted" in the 1978 movie The Evictors, starring Vic Morrow. I have returned to Yellowstone in 1979 and 1986, which is not nearly enough. I think back on those two summers very very often. The wonders seen and the people met were special and enduring. There really is something special about that place that will always bring a smile each and every time memories are recalled.

Morgan, Barbara - see Chochran

Mullins, Charles (Moon) OFI: 66, 67, 68, 71, 72
Dear friends (former and present) from Faithful: Of course the past reunion was excellent and well worth the two weeks we invested. The Park never looked more magnificent..or just maybe in a long time. Beartooth was incredible. The elk that Ray Stachon almost smacked departing Red Lodge felt blessed and perhaps "saved". It certainly is more "free" than Ray!! Cannot wait until the 6th reunion. I've been lucky enough to connect on them all. The people that worked in the Park and the ones that return every three years are some of the best in the galaxy. We shared such incredible experiences and somehow continue to revisit these as best we can given the aging process, dulled reactions, personality disturbances and abuses to our bodies from work, booze and religion. You are welcome to our home in Memphis and will receive the best accomodations/meals we can provide. "See you on the radio."

Nakamura, Frank [M.D.]
I was a lobby porter (Biffy King) at Canyon Village in 1959. Then from 1960-62 I was a bellhop at OFI, and worked with Ra Johnson, Rolly Averitt, Don Shaner, Herm Edmunds, etc. Then from 1964-67 I worked as a bellman at Canyon Village. After that my summers were no longer available to do as I pleased, since I started medical schoo at the Univ. of California. Then I did obstetrics & gynecolody training at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Lake Charles and Lafayette, Louisiana. I was in private practice for 15 years.
I happened to go to Yellowstone Park in 1987, and learned about the reunions, so I was able to those in1993 and 1996. Hopefully, we can all make it back in 2002. I am enclosing six photographs - nos. 4, 5 & 6 are of te Miss Yellowstone Contest held at the Olf Faithful Lodge, I think in 1962. That's Ann Finger of OFI winning the crown. I was going to send some of this material to John Landrigan, but I was not able to contact him, in case he was interested. Please forward anything that may be of interest. Yours Truly, Frank Nakamura, M.D.

Nixon, Wally 1966: Lake Hotel, Houseboy; 1966-69: OFI, Bellman
Here's a little entry about my great visit to the Park this past summer. Made it back to the triennial reunion for the first time since 1993. He was lucky enough to have friends who drove up from home in Jacksonville,Arkansas to pick him up at the Bozeman airport and then spend a week in the Park and environs. Jack Danielson and John McNee were the beneficiaries of Wally's services as host at reunion cookouts and other events, as well as tour guide for the two novice visitors to YP. Highlights of the trip included enjoyable evenings of Yuccas with the old gang, an interestingly long wait for Echinus Geyser in Norris Basin (beautifully laid out nowadays), and two days of kayaking on the Madison River just below the dam at Ennis Lake. The kayaks made the trip from and back to Arkansas with John, Jack, and Wally. The trip through the Lee Metcalf wilderness area below the dam was spectacular, the whitewater was very challenging, and the kayakers were delighted to find that the water was warm (about 65 degrees), since it came off the top of the lake; water entering the lake from Quake Lake was much colder. Many thanks to all who made our trip a great adventure during 1999! I only regret that Dana and Abigail couldn't join me this year.
Regarding memorabilia, I'll take a look. One thing I do have framed on my wall might one day be of interest to the historians: a tempera painted poster I made advertising the 1967 Miss Old Faithful Inn Pageant. It's an emulation of the then-in-vogue San Francisco psychedelic style rock posters, with balloony lettering and an exotic woman's face. Perhaps I could make a copy for you. I also think I have some old mailing lists and directories somewhere. I'm in Austin, Texas tonight, but will try to remember to look for stuff when I get home. Later,

Novak, Sandy (McMurray) 1965: Lake Lodge, cashier; 1967: Canyon Village, waitress
"On My Twentieth Summer"
 On my twentieth summer, I traveled on my own To find a world that God had made And man had left alone. ........................... I found a world of beauty ........................ I never would have known For on my twentieth summer I was here at Yellowstone.
First verse of a song sung to the dining room guests at Canyon Village in 1966-67. I am not sure if Jim Crister (a waiter) might have written it [he did, HR]. There was at least one more verse.

Olds, Michael & Shauna (Haywood)
Years I worked in Yellowstone 1969-1977; at OFI as cashier in the gift shop, waitress, and travel & information desk; all over the park as a tour guide; in MHSH as reservation clerk, activities clerk, group tour co-ordinator; at West Yellowstone Airport as travel & info. clerk; winter at OFI as snow coach driver, travel & info clerk; and winter at MHSH as group tour co-ordinator. Michael worked only at MHSH from 1971-1977 as waiter, short order cook, houseman, and bellman.

Olson, Kelsey

Payne, Niel
Thanks for all your hard work. Please keep sending mail and newsletters to Neil at this e-mail address.

Pitts Levy, Margaret (Maggie Levy) 71-72: OFI, Front Desk, Travel & Information
Homer, It was good to hear from you and to hear that you're sending out a newsletter. I don't have much time now so I want to at least send you these pics we took at the last reunion. For your records: Margaret Pitts (Levy)[Maggie] [NOTE: Margaret ending up sending me discs of the pics by snail mail - thanks Maggie! You can all see some of them on my web page. HR]

Pool, Clarice

Pope, Scott Jobs in YNP and locations - Hope this makes sense-
1983 - Old Faithful Snack shop - Cook and counter help; 1984 - Canyon - mgr. Canyon Snack shop; 1985 - same as 1984 - Canyon Snack shop Mgr.; 1986 - Grant Village - EDR Manager; 1987 - Started as EDR Trainer late April to early June for entire park, then became Pantry manager at Grant Village when it opened, closed at Lake as the closing crew cook in September (Sept 15 ) through October 15. 1987 - 1988 Winter - Mammoth Storkeeper, Winter season. 1988 Summer - Canyon Cafeteria Manager.
Current Employment - Machine Tool Instructor, CAD/CAM instructor, Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center, Claremont, NH. High School and Adult training. Also: Personal Business - AlTraSA Drafting and Engineering. Specializing in CNC "surfaces" Programming, DXF and IGES drawing translation, and drafting and design of difficult mechanical/machined projects. Sub Contract work. Also: Director of Operations: Claremont Cable Access Television.
Two kids, one wife, love it in NH, away from the crowds enough to be nearly like YNP when it comes to getting away from it all. Nothing like being near the Northeast Kingdom. Summer here is not as crowded as YNP, but I still miss YNP. My favorite thing in life is spending time with the family, and sharing the love of the outdoors with them, be it on the rocks climbing, on the boat fishing or touring on the CT. River, or on top of the many mountains here in NH. Granted, not as big as the Tetons, but easier accessed, and much closer to home. We have bears - lots of them, almost too many. No Griz, but the black bears are big enough for this boy now. Have three right behind my school that I see quite often. I have spent the last four years photographing them, getting to know them as much as I can / dare (and they want). I have been chased to my car three times at night in four years by one of them. Yellowstone Training at its best. Looking to find Vermont and New Hampshire Former employees from 1983 to 1988. Miss the people, wish to know how we have all turned out after our YNP experiences.

Price, Catharine

Raines, Brian 70: OFI busboy; 71-74: OFI bellmen; (Does running Tauck Tours through the Park count?? Thought I'd try...)
Howdy, and Greetings One and All! I have truly enjoyed reading the news letter archives and visiting the Yellowstone web site. It brings back a wealth of sweet memories and the further realization of just how precious and dear you all are. Thanks for the memories: Late night trips to West, moonlight hikes to OP, hip deep snow overnighters to Duck Lake, bellmen cart rides down to Hams, luggage chutes, hot pots, fishing trips started too late, pow-wows, Bear Pit to Zipper Creek I just can remember too many bad time in that hallowed place. Do you remember leaving the Park after your first year? Now that was a low time and somehow deep in your heart you vowed to return. You knew the truth...you were hooked. My father was a fishing guide on Yellowstone Lake back in the '30s...Do you ever wonder about your own kids? Will they ever experience a deep passion for a place like this? Hey, you know, I can understand how people get choked up and fired up about preservation! Well, on to the personal stuff... I'm still working on the first million (and enjoying every minute of it) with a multimedia Internet play called LiveWire. I do the marketing and the techies do the teching. I've tried weed killer on my kids but they keep growing. Our son Jesse is now thirteen and is not his father's son, I'm happy to report. He's into trumpet, school and sports. Being an adolescent is his best agenda right now. Katy is ten and growing into a beautiful young lady, says she wants to be an engineer! Math, reading and playing soccer are her thing. My wife Amy the crown of my existence, a Nurse Practitioner by profession, but the heart of the household in spirit. Her favorite preoccupation is going on medical mission trips. I don't believe she ever got over our Peace Corps days. I'm going to try and make it to the next reunion. (I am a little over due.) I can't let everyone else have all the fun! Save me a dance or send me an email! I would love to hear from you! All the best, Brian

Reaves, Chuck 73, 75-78: waiter OFI, Bar Boy OFI, Cocktail waiter OFI, Bar Manager Lake Hotel
Since the last reunion in '96 Caren and I had our third child, Michael Ryan Reaves, and if you remember...he is quiet, the all-boy variety...has not toned down with age. Daughters Allison 8, and Rachel 5, are as all-girl as Mike is all-boy. Love school, do piano, ballet, swimming, soccer and tae qwon doe, dolls, lots of art & art activities. Mike could be called the 3-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger. All the kids are now at the age where we can start doing some of the things we enjoyed doing BC [before children]...hiking, fishing, travel, water gun and food fights, etc. Caren gave up her supervisor's job at the hospital to have more time at home with the kids. Now works as a floor nurse in medical surgical. I started my own real estate company last year. All is going well though we are not in the boom cycle of the early 90s. I'm still enjoying hunting in the fall and get together with Savage Brian Green [Note: seems like an appropriate title to me, either way you look at it. Homer] as much as possible. Have taken to motorcycling as a mid-life crisis hobby. The bike is great fun, but its range is greatly curtailed by my familial leash. If you though you hated Run-a-muccas in Yellowstone in a car, try the 2-wheeled variety.

Renaud, Rite - see Banks

Riley, Cal 61-62:Canyon Village; 63: OFI; 66: Mammoth Tour Dept.; 70: OF Campers Cabins
Since I was at the 1996 Reunion, I have become a competitive swimmer and in June of 1999, I entered an International Swim Meet in Atlanta and came home with a gold, a silver and bronze medal. Not bad for an old guy, huh? Will be traveling to Paris in April for this same Meet. While "over there", will spend a week in Southern France, a few days in Amsterdam and London. In October, I will be leading a small group to Nepal. Also since 1996, I have traveled to Argentina, Uraguay, Brazil, Russia, Finland, Amsterdam, and the Caribbean.

Rotundo, Nick
Worked in lower Old Faithful service station 1956 to 1959, and was manager in 1959. My so-called life: Park closed early in '59 because of the earthquake. I returned to medical school and finished in '62. Specialty training in Ob-Gyn in Detroit to '66, then U.S.Army '66-68. Practiced in Los Angeles area (Palos Verdes Estates) until 1995, and retired in 1995 @ age 58. Now live in rural No. Calif., between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, on 5 acres which keeps me in shape. Married for 39 years, 4 children & 5 grandchildren. I am an amateur short story writer and have about 50 in my collection to date. Yellowstone contemporaries with whom I have had contact: Don Dubois,Tom Nesbitt, Tom Ivey, Jim Parrish, Henry Stuckey, Jamie Espy (deceased) Young ladies I knew there include: Nancy Walker, Beverly Shroeder, Katherine Ruby, & Zee Rae Yates. Warmest Yellowstone memories, Nick

Rudd, Linda - see Schultz

Rudolf, Paulette 70-74: Old Faithful & Mammoth, Maid, Front Desk, Waitress, Bar
I've been working at Colorado State University since 1990, and really enjoy the college atmosphere. I'm working in the Intensive English Program and enjoy interacting with our international students. I've been taking one class a semester and hope to get my Liberal Arts degree in six more years. It's called the snail program. Hi to everyone and hopefully I'll make it to one of the reunions soon.

Rumley, Steve 73-79: Bus Driver, All locations; 75-76: Canyon Snowcoach, (Snowlodge)
I am also putting out a newsletter soon with information contributed by former transportation types.
79-87: Graphic Artist, Gardiner - Mammoth; BSCE University of Tennessee, Knoxville - 199; Presently employed by the Montana Department of Transportation as a bridge designer. Married, with two sons, 16 and 8.

Ryan, Anne - see Bell

Ryan, Pat
Someone at my house had a NEAT ATTACK and threw away the response sheet you sent out about the newsletter. So will you e-mail me your snail-mail address so that I can send you some $ and get back on the newsletter list. I want it On PAPER so that I can grab it and take it to school or wherever. And I will send you some extra $ to cover expenses. Thanks for taking this on. Maybe after I retire, I will volunteer to help more!! Spring has arrived in the intermountain West! I'm on Spring Break in another week. Will split my time between chores, gardening, our cabin and (hopefully) a short camping trip. Happy Spring. Patti-Gator.

Sachatello, Bonnie - see Sawyer

Sawyer, Joe and Bonnie (Sachatello)

Schultz, Linda (Rudd)
Thank you for continuing the Yellowstone spirit. Note my new address. Sorry I missed the deadline, my brother died 2/15 unexpectedly. Where's Marily Yonkie, I wonder? Nancy Anderson Walker, Laura Fisher and I keep in communication. Shalom.

Scully, Roberta - see Hurtt

Schoemaker, Katherine (MacArthur) 71-73: OFI
Hi Sweet Homer, You are sooo good to do all this gathering of info.(Sally was so wonderful to get it started and keep it going too) so we can sit and grin at each others news, so long as it's good news. Thank You First. Evie has been in my thoughts and prayers the most these last few months and you have been sooo good to keep us up to date with all of that. She is part of the super glue that keeps us coming back and enjoying our past gatherings and thoughts of our future ones. It will be tough without the sound of her laughter, hopefully, it is etched in our minds to keep her there with us forever and ever.
My family has gone in sooo many ways sense the last gathering of our YP family. My daughter, Kathleen is in her first year of college at Emerson in Boston. Finishing her first semester with a 3.4 I thought that was pretty good. My middle son, Jonathan is in his freshman year in High School and seems to be doing OK, if one could get two or even one word out of him as conversation. A grunt is really good. He is in Boyscouts and plans to go to a camp out in New Mexico called Philmont to fill his Summer of 2000. My youngest son is living in Sarasota Florida to complete his fifth grade year in a great little private school that specializes in performing arts, not that he wants to be a star(He's my Star)but he had a rotten teacher in Lenox MA. so I had to make a change for him, plus he is living with his dad to give him a different perspective on life. My sweet husband Tom is finishing his freshman year in college and finished his first semester with a 3.8. I thought that was pretty good too. Plus keeping our boat a float by working hard in our massage business. I am recuperating from surgery that I had on my wrist on my wrist in December, so massage may not be the direction that I can go back to after all is the best that it can be. So I may go back to school and figure it out from there. Be Well All of You, Send Evie your prayers, I Love You, KathyMac, Formerly known as Katherine MacArthur.

Shadoan, Jean - see Keeter

Shaner, Don OFI, Lake Hotel: 53-65
[Don called me in Feb. and we had a good chat. He indicated that he still has copies of all of the Old Faithful employee directories that he produced - just needs time to dig around in the garage to find them - to which his wife responded "Right On!" - HR]

Shapley, Ellen 70: OFI, Gift Shop
Missed last year's reunion probably because I never let anyone know of my new address. Thanks, Homer. Seems we live pretty close to each other. I've never been to Richmond but need to get on the road and explore points south.

Shea, Timothy 70-71, Lake area
Thanks for your work on this. Our last reunion was 2 years ago this summer and we will be having the next in 2003.

Shissler, Bill OFI, Mammoth: 67-69, 72-73

Shissler, Bob OFI: '69,70,71,72,73,74; Busboy, Waiter, Bellman
My first reunion was wonderful and a real blessing to see as many familiar faces as were there and to meet some new folks too. Have lived in Hawaii since 1978, the first two thirds in Honolulu and since 1989 on Kauai. Working for the past 9 years for Sheraton Hotels in Hawaii. My wife Penny and I have two daughters, Summer, 17 and getting ready for college and Cheyenne, 8, ready for everything, at least to hear her version. Six years ago started making annual pilgrimage to the Wind River for a week or 8 days worth of camping, fishing, and hiking in the high country. We usually go in on horses so that base camp has a lot of creature comforts, camps usually about 10,000'. Folks from the Yellowstone years always welcome, Homer Rudolf, my brother Bill and our families, Brian Raines have all been up at least once. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next one and would like to offer thanks to all who sent thoughts and prayers for one of our own, Evie, when her light was less strong this past winter.

Smith, Connie (Thorpe)
Hi, I am just recovering from having the lower lobe of my right lung removed and am back to work. No cancer or anything, just a big hole caused by some infection I had when I was young. Am doing well, as they did the operation thoraciscopically (video assisted) so recovery time was minimal. I have just bought a condo in Santa Barbara and am moving on April 1. Have just been given the Pacific Northwest territory for my sales job, and am going to be up there the last two weeks of March. My brother Brian and his wife, Kari, will be working this summer as naturalists in YP, and they drove snow coaches this winter season. Sorry I didn't get this out sooner. I have been really dancing as fast as I could! Will have an e-mail address when I move, but for now would like the newsletter via snail mail. Thanks, Be happy - live, love, laugh. Connie
Sommers, Pam (Gillespie) 1966-71: OFI; 72-74: Savage Shop, West Yellowstone; 80-82: Mammoth, Reservations; 82: Full time Food & Beverage Secretary, Mammoth
My husband & I live in Paradise Valley, right outside of Yellowstone (25 miles out of Gardiner). I'm so glad that my Yellowstone experience may be realize that I wanted the quiet life with wildlife for my neighbors. The wolves have moved into our backyard (Emigrant Peak). I don't leave home much because after 5 unsuccessful surgeries I am in chronic pain. My mobility is very limited, and sitting is extremely painful. I get through each day because of my husband Steve and my 2 wonderful black Labs, Sapphire & Razor. My family & Montana surrounding me make my day. I can't work, so I'm very bored. Cooking is about my only interest. I love to eat and I an the BEST dessert creator around. Come see us anytime! I'm afraid we haven't joined the computer generation, so all we have is a phone and address.

Stachon, Raymond
I'm still working at Ariz. Dept. of Trans. but I can also retire if I want, just haven't made up my mind yet.... I have been thinking about applying for the Peace Corps, got the application and trying to fill it out...anyway also thinking about taking a trip out east to visit all my friends I know from Yellowstone and other family... maybe in May or June.. will try to come up to the D.C. area if I do, will look you up when I'm there..Also about the music in the Park, my cousin Jim Cristea was in the group the Villagers when he work at Canyon in 67or 68.

Thissen, Marilyn (Bertagnolli)
After leaving the park in July, Hilary, Molly and I camped our way over to Oregon then up to Mt Rainier and back down through Montana and Wyoming. That was definitely the high point of the year. In September my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed away two days shy of the millenium. Molly is finishing up her Sr. year, has a very bad case of senioritis and feels track is definitely her main focus. She'll head off to join her sister at CSU next year. Hilary graduates next December and is applying for internships for this summer. Sequoia is her number one choice. I"m looking forward to doing lots camping, backpacking canoeing and hiking. I'll probably volunteer for the DOW and RMNP and continue with my Native American presentations. Thanks so much Sally and Chuck_ Ray you were a charming dinner companion and thank-you for helping Hilary's first sojourn into the Bear Pit be a fun one.Ryan, good luck in Ireland-Mom and Dad you must be proud! This summer we'll be starting our cabin in Steamboat Springs so that will be something to look forward to and some place to get away to as we'll soon be empty nesters. Have a wonderful year.

Thompson, Sally (Anderson) OFI: 69-72, dining room
All is well in Washington. Trying to adjust to having almost-grown children; keeping busy with school. Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2002. Al, Homer and I are hoping to have a San Juan YP cruise sometime before then - Cliff?????

Thorpe, Connie - see Smith

Tiede, Mark

Turnbull, Lawrence W. 63-67: OFI, Bellman

Uhler, John
Total Yellowstone Page: John@Yellowstone-Natl-Park.com

Valenze, Ginny
A quick catch-up on Ginny Valenze: after 25 years of living away (10 in Denver working for the Governor's Press Office and Adolph Coors Company, and then 15 in New York City working for Sports Illustrated, American Express and MasterCard), in 1997 I returned to the Northern New York Adirondacks where I was raised to be with and care for my father, who was fighting the last stages of a 10 year battle with cancer. He was noble, courageous and a fighter right up til the end, when he died three days after Christmas in 1998. I still miss him terribly and am so happy to have been close by those last months. Shortly after he died, I spent nearly a month in the hospital with what's more commonly known as the 'Jim Henson disease' -- severe bacterial pneumonia complicated by influenza, anemia and dehydration. I obviously fared better than the Muppet Man, but just barely. Didn't realize how close I had come to following my father into the Great Beyond until I was better and realized I'd run myself (almost literally) right into the ground.
Maybe it's getting older and realizing how truly vulnerable we are and how fleeting life really is, but I've decided that the rest of the time I have here on the planet is not going to be spent doing stuff I don't want to or being with people I don't like. So I doubt that I'll return to the rat races I used to run in, but that all remains to be seen. While I was in Northern New York, I was fortunate to work as the Public Affairs Director for the New York Olympic Regional Development Authority, the agency charged with maintaining and promoting the 1932 and 1980 Olympic venues in Lake Placid, NY. That came to an end this past July, along with a four-year relationship with the man I'd been involved with, adding to the sea change in my life. I realized I needed some time to myself, so I took the rest of the summer off and spent most of it on my girlfriend's boat on Lake Champlain. Aside from the broken bones on the way to Wyoming, it was a healing time, filled with sunshine and good friends.
Just recently I made another move: put all my things in storage and am now housesitting in New Jersey for some dear friends who are in London for the next several months. And this part of "Joisy" is where Jackie Kennedy had her horse farm, so it's quite rural and beautiful, even though it's only about 45 minutes from New York (City). Changes, changes, changes. I always thought that when you grew up things stayed relatively stable and calm. Maybe I'm not grown up yet? Whatever. For the moment, I'm doing some contract work while I decide where I want to go for the next stop on the Magical Mystery Tour. I may very well return to Denver, which has continued to have a very strong hold on me and where I return several times a year. It's amazing to be at this point in my life and feel so unattached and free...very similar to how I felt when I first went to Yellowstone so many, many years ago. They say life is a circle game...it certainly feels a little like that now. So I'm waiting and listening and excited about what's coming next, even though I'm not sure exactly what it is.
Those summers at the Park were lifechanging and inspiring for me; I was awestruck then and continue to this day to be impressed with the raw power of nature. I've only been back to the Park once in the past 15 years, the year after the Fire. Its resilience and rebound after the devastation were mindboggling, if only for the fact that everything we used to tell visitors about the need for and results of occasional "firecleaning" turned out to be true. It gives new meaning to rebirth and survival, wonderful lessons for me at this point in my life. I hope everyone is happy, healthy and where they want to be. If you get to his part of the world, please give a call.

Walden, Don 62: Mammoth Cottages, Houseman
I would like to hear from any of my friends

 They say the women at YP are mighty, mighty fine. They look like Boris Karloff and kiss like Frankenstein Gee mom I wanta go, Gee mom I wanta go back where the roses grow, Gee mom I wanta go home.

They say the food at YP is mighty mighty fine ............ A biscuit fell off the table and killed a friend mine....... Gee mom I wanta go , Gee mom I wanta go back where the roses grow, Gee mom I want go home.

Walker, Nancy (Anderson)
Dear Homer, Thanks for starting up the newsletter - it is always great to hear about the savages. I'm, still working as a teacher's assistant at our local elementary school - especially enjoying the bi-lingual 1st graders. Now we need two languages to say "Tornado!" Best wishes, Nancy
Wauer, Arlin & Margaret FB (64) Head Dishmachine Operator & OFL (65) Fry Cook
In late July, as I recall, Earl Shafer, Vennie & Vernon White and myself had decided that we would hike to Pelican Cone some 15 miles inland from the east entrance highway. I don't remember who it was that took us out to the trail head at 5am and dropped us off, but do remember that we had to be back and go to work by 2:30pm. We were making good time until we got to within a mile or so of the cone when two grizzlies crossed our trail just a hundred yards ahead. The three others were determined to continue, but I was getting a pain in my side and asked to stay behind. An hour or so latter, they returned saying that they had completed the treck and were ready to continue back to FB. I asked if they had seen any more of the grizzlies, but they had not. I don't know if it was the thought of the grizzlies in the back of our minds or what, but we ran most of the way back to the highway some 12 or 13 miles. We caught a ride to the cafeteria and walked in the door about 2:40pm and was greeded by Head Chef Bill Bolden. All I can say we were chewed out and I think not so much because we were 10 minutes late, but because of what we had done with out letting anyone know where we had gone. Thanks, Arlin

Whittlesey, Lee [Archivist, National Park Service, Yellowstone Research Library and Archives]
Homer--I would love to get a copy of your newsletter.

Whittlesey, Mikelann - see Caywood-Baerg

Wilhite, Boliver (Bo) 71-73 OFI, Barboy, Barwaiter
Homer, Hope to get up your way one of these days. Looking forward to your newsletter. Take Care, Bo.

Winberg, Ted 51-53, 55: OF Lodge, musician/cabin boy, musician/porter
Would love to hear from anyone who worked in that area during that time. Ted Winberg - Southern Methodist Univ. 1955. Now living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Wood, Chris (Lombard)
Well, with your end of February deadline fast approaching, I have yet to compile a paragraph about my life these days. I will put something together this weekend and get it off to you. Please keep me on the mailing list. I look forward to getting the newsletters and I am pleased that you decided to take over putting it together and getting it out to everyone. How are you doing and how is Paulette? Chris (Lombard) Wood

Zimmerer, Evelyn
The last report on Evelyn from her daughter JoAnn indicates that she is doing well in the assisted living facility at Bozeman. She has a large support group there, a result of her many years as SAE housemother at Bozeman State University, as well as some YP friends. Evelyn is now 93 years young.

Zimmerer, JoAnn - see Hillard