YP Former Employees Newsletter 2009
Compiled by Homer Rudolf

Reunion 2010 has been set for:
June 25-27, 2010 – Friday to Sunday - For Official Events
As usual, many people will plan to arrive early, or stay late. That’s a good way to plan other events with friends.

Xanterra begins taking reservations for the 2010 summer season as of May 1, 2009 [less than 3 months from now!!]
Call: 1.866.GEYSERLAND (439-7375)\

or go to to their website: www.travelyellowstone.com/

Remember that they open rooms at all facilities on a rolling basis. I recommend calling, rather than using the internet – but you can easily check room rates on the internet, and decide what you want before you call. So, if you check and nothing is available, you simply need to keep checking back. The reservation clerks cannot tell you when additional rooms will be opened for reservations. The best thing to do is call on May 1, 2009, and make reservations. You can always cancel them later!

Reunion Schedule:

As a result of the Questionnaire regarding the frequency of our Reunions, the decision has been made to retain the 3-year cycle, rather than change to a 2-year cycle.

As usual, we plan to have an information table in the northeast corner of the lobby.

There was general approval of the proposed 2010 schedule, which we expect to be:

1) Nothing formal will be planned during the day. That will allow you to do things with small groups of friends, or join an easy, open-to-all, hike in the area. There will probably be hikes planned for Thursday through Sunday.

2) Friday and Sunday evenings will have a cocktail reception in the upper room at the Snow Lodge. There will be a cash bar and heavy hors d’oeuvres, intended to replace dinner. Both events will allow people to circulate freely among the others in attendance. A special program will probably be presented each evening.

3) Saturday evening will continue to be a pow-wow – we hope that we can again arrange for the “Employee Deer Tracks Site” on the Firehole River, south of the parking lot and the Lodge Cabins. This  will remain a BYO dinner and beverages event, with “Yucca Flats” available. Of course there will be a campfire that you can use for cooking.

No final decision has been yet made regarding financing of the cocktail receptions. One proposal is to set a fee of $25 per person that all would pay, with any excess funds donated to the Yellowstone Association. The other option is to continue as we have done recently – soliciting sponsors in advance, and soliciting additional donations from those in attendance. A combination of the two is also possible.


Recommended Reading & Purchases

Last year I recommended:

Goss, Robert V. Making Concessions in Yellowstone. 4th ed. Self-published, 2004
– it is a comprehensive listing of Concessionaires who operated in YP. While I was reading it, I thought, “This really needs a chronological listing!”

Well, this past summer I picked up:

Goss, Robert. Yellowstone: The Chronology of Wondeland. 4th ed. Self-published, 2004
– it’s a perfect companion to Making Concessions, consisting of chronologies on various topis [Hotels & Lodge Operations, Transportation, Camping Companies, Gateway Communities, etc.] including general information regarding  park events & development. In the process I learned that there was never a permanent camping company site on the east side of Fountain Flats – east of the road & in the trees, where I have found some old bottles. So the people camping there in the trees were on their own. However, there were several hotel facilities in the area [from 1880 - at least one with a store in 1885] before the Fountain Hotel [in operation from 1891-1916].”Lunch Stations” did exist in the park, and perhaps there was one at Fountain Flats.

Whittlesey, Lee H. Storytelling in Yellowstone: Horse and Buggy Tour Guides. Albequerque, NM: Univ. of New Mexico Press, 2007.
As usual, Whittlesey, does an excellent job of documenting “Interpreters” in the park [Native Americans, Trappers, early photographers, Langford & other early men in the park, Guidebooks, & official NPS Interpreters]. A good read!

Reinhart, Karen W. Yellowstone’s Rebirth by Fire: Rising from the Ashes of the 1988 Wildfires. Helena, MT: Far Country Press, 2008.
Wonderful first-hand accounts and photographs! A must buy!

Railroads & YP:

When Bob Mautino first came out to Yellowstone in 1955 from Los Angeles, he traveled on a “Special Union Pacific Employee Train” that picked up employees all the way to West Yellowstone [including all the wino cooks from LA – I always felt sorry for the busboys and housemen who had to live in the Cooks Dorm, above the Staffeteria. We then called the Staffeteria “The Zoo”]. The next year, I traveled from Bismarck, ND, to Gardiner, MT, on the “Savage Special” – which consisted of several special cars for YP employees on the Northern Pacific RR. As I recall, the “Savage Special” started in Chicago, but p. 17 of the first book cited below has a 1952 brochure regarding the route from St. Paul to Gardiner. I took the train out for the first four years I worked in YP [1956-1959]. By the time I first came out, there was no longer any regular service to Gardiner, but the “Savage Special” cars were connected to a special engine in Livingston, that took us down to Gardiner. What a great way to come out to the park for the first time – on cars full of other kids coming to work in the Park.

Two books to recommend:

Waite, Thornton. Yellowstone by Train: A History of Rail Travel to America’s First National Park. Missoula, MT: Pictorial Histories Pub. Co., 2006.

Runte, Alfred. Trains of Discovery: Western Railroads and the National Parks. 4th ed. Lanham, MD: Roberts Rinehart, 1998.

A Controversial Book:

Chase, Alston. Playing God in Yellowstone: The Destruction of America’s First National Park. Orlando, FL” Harcourt, Brace & Iovanovich, 1987.

Chase was involved in YP for 40 years, and his book is highly critical of the decisions and operations of the National Park Service in Yellowstone. The book is out of print, and was banned in NPS bookstores in YP. I picked up my copy at Scott Clewell’s Book Worm store in West Yellowstone. A very interesting read.

Next time you’re in the Jackson Area:

Consider spending an evening in Wilson, Wy, [just up the road from Jackson, on the way to Teton Pass] at the “Bar J Chuckwagon Supper and Western Show.” Open 7 evenings a week [Memorial Day thru Sep.], the Bar J Wranglers, serve dinner and entertain with cowboy music, humorous skits and a celebration of ranch life. I found out about them from Folklife Center News of the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. See their website at: www.barjchuckwagon.com/

Minnesota Moose:

Recent studies have shown dramatic decreases in the moose population in Minnesota. Research has shown that the moose are particularly sensitive to hotter summers which effect their immune system, their ability to build up the fat they need to get through the winter, and make them more vulnerable to infestations from parasites. This results in significantly lower birth rates, and higher mortality rates.

Canada’s Forests:
I’m sure that most of you are aware of the importance of our forests as a means of sequestering carbon. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that this process is changing in Canadian forests. Rising temperatures are drying out the forests, making them more susceptible to fires – which cause the release of huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. In addition, the “mountain pine beetle” has proliferated because of the warmer winters. The cold winters kept the beetle in check. More than 50,000 square miles of British Columbia’s pine forest have be stricken with the signs of the beetle – something many of us remember in Yellowstone, where the “Pine Bark Beetle” killed off major parts of the older forest. As I recall, the younger trees had enough sap to drown the beetles. As the trees are killed by the beetles, they begin to release their stored carbon. Some scientists are advocating the logging of the old forest stands – those that are most susceptible to insect infestations, and have nearly reached their carbon-storage capacity. [Note: the carbon is not released in the logging process.] The forested areas, they maintain, could be replanted with young trees that will absorb more carbon as they grow.

Nothing seems to be simple anymore. Here’s hoping that the recent rash of more than 250 tremors in YP during a recent three-day period don’t portend a major quake!


Links to Yellowstone and OFI treasures on the Library of Congress website (www.loc.gov) from Anne (Ryan) Bell

– WPA poster, 1938

– Fountain Hotel 1898

– Map of burned areas 1988

– Old Faithful Inn 1904

– Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) – not sure of date on photos, but survey completed after Centennial year. Includes nice B&W photos of the Lodge and Inn. (click on B&W photos)

– (yes, it’s the whole long url) Coaches arriving at Mammoth Hotsprings – early Edison film 1899 – not much action – perhaps it is the Bellmen unloading . I cant get the Real Player version to work. Try the other options – click on the link.


New Addresses Needed – Can anyone provide an updated address?

The following notices sent out by snail-mail were returned as undeliverable:

Frank & Ann Collins

Brian & Liz (Skinner) Green

Rolf Alan Melkus

Mark Reihle

In addition, the following email addresses are no longer working:

Michael Ayler

Russ Caffee

Tom Carter

Karen (Blickwede) Knowlton

Arlin Wauer


Savage News

[My apologies for the inevitable errors and typos. Homer]

Adams, Peggy
**Old Faithful Lodge waitress 1969

2008 is now reaching an End. It has been a long hard year full of much heart ache. As many of you know Dad passed away on March 8th at the age of 86 from pneumonia. Dad had never liked funerals and we honored his wishes for "none of that junk". On May 17th we sprinkled his ashes at Rainbow Point on Hebgan Lake symbolically reuniting him with his beloved Irene. It was a beautiful spring day and the Lake had just begun to thaw. Jim, Gwen, Melanie, Brian and I were surrounded by a small group of very dear friends: Moon Mullins, Ray Stachon, Ed Harber, Mike LeMaster and his partner, Lois. We told tales and jokes, reminiscing about the many cherished memories we all shared of our fun loving father, grandpa, mentor and friend. It was wonderful to hear all the stories about the witty prankster "Bob" that Alzheimer’s had stolen from us. Occasionally he did, however, get that devilish smile on his face I attributed to fleeting flashbacks of past mischief. I enjoyed our last few years together but I dearly missed that sarcastic humor or kick in the ass I had always counted on. I would like to apologize to anyone who feels they were left out or not in the loop at dad’s passing. I sent emails but made very few calls. Jim and I got our wires crossed on that one. Even to this day there are many of you I have not found the strength to talk to. And again I apologize.

Anderson, Jane
**OFI 1971, 72
**NPS 73-76

Spouse Will Morris. Son Zach Morris. Things in the Anderson/Morris household remain good. Despite the economic downturn Jane remains in her job as Deputy Fee Manager for the National Park Service in Denver,Colorado and Will is secure in his position as pastor for Burns Memorial United Methodist Church in Aurora, Colorado. If everything goes as planned he will become an ordained elder on June 20, 2009. Zach, the 15 year old in the household, is happy, healthy and doing well as a freshman at Denver Academy. He played varsity soccer and has dreams of a professional career but the parents are encouraging "plan B". The whole family were avid Obama supporters and despite all the incredible issues Mr. Obama will face he did instill in us a vision of a new more inclusive way of doing business. His transition team has wasted no time in getting appointments moving. No word on who might land in the Director of the National Park Service's chair but it probably won't take them too long to decide. I have to admit I'm sorry we will miss the excitement of actually being in DC for the inauguration. (We were able to see the Clinton one) There has not been much travel in our schedule for awhile due to busy schedules and tuition for private school but the dream of returning to Yellowstone someday still exists. We hope you are all well. If you are in Denver please call.

Anderson, Nancy – see Walker

Anderson, Sally – see Thompson

Ashburn, Shelley – see Collins

Baker, Cathy – see Jobe

Baker, Gail (Lindahl)
** 68,69,73,74,75,76 Old Faithful Inn dishwasher, cashier, audit clerk, asst. controller, controller
**69 Fishing Bridge cashier
**77 Mammoth controller

Greetings to YP friends, 2008 has been a good year. From Jan to June I substituted taught and drove a school bus on routes or sporting events. In Jan I planned Ben's Eagle Scout ceremony and reception. Then in May it was his graduation and party with lots of family visiting. The summer I worked on my golf game with my 83 yr Mom who always beats me. But we enjoyed the time together outside. My Sundays are driving a van for 3 men from the nursing home to church. In Sept I got a job as a school bus driver and cashier in the high school cafeteria so it is nice to have regular 7 hrs of work. The house is empty as Ben started Central Michigan University and is doing good. Sarah is in Chicago as a graphic designer wishing for warm weather. Betsy is in Savannah with the Coast Guard inspecting cargo ships. The 3 dogs are my companions during these cold winter days. I am learning to be a care giver for my parents who are in their 80s and my handicapped cousin who is in his 50s and just moved here from Arizona. I am enjoying life and its challenges and thrills. Thanks to Homer for your faithful editing and putting the newsletter together.

Bakker, Leslie (Smith)
**OFI dining room & Coffee shop, ‘63

Please add me to your list of folks who receive the newsletter! A friend forwarded me her copy and I loved it!
I worked at OF in the dining room and the coffee shop Summer ’63. I’d love to hear from anyone around there at that time. Last summer, I got back to Yellowstone for the first time in all these years and now I can’t wait to get back again!


Banks, Rite

Dear Homer, I seldom get to attend a reunion, but I'd like to stay on the mailing list just in case I can make it out there. My son is in his second year of college- planning on a 8 years total, so eventually I plan to work less and make more time for travel. Thanks for your effort in keeping this going.


Beaumont, Ron

We are fortunate to have you and I want to thank you for all the work that you do for the former YP employees. I want to continue receiving the news although I have nothing new to report at this time.


Bell, Anne (Ryan)
**Old Faithful Inn 1971 – audit clerk 

This year’s travels: three “fall colors” trips this fall – two in Colorado (Red Mountain Pass is awesome!), and one in New England – spent most of the time along the coast, since we were just past the inland peak of fall colors. Loved Acadia National Park! In the work arena, I am directing a grant funded by the Library of Congress called Teaching with Primary Sources – we offer workshops for teachers in how to use the Library’s online resources (around 14 million) in teaching. I’m including a sample of some of the items available related to Yellowstone and Old Faithful if you’d care to peruse. These links take you to the “bibliographic record page” where the most information is found. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view.
[see that information at the beginning of the Newsletter – thanks Ann! HR]


Bertagnolli, Marilyn – see Thissen


Bishop, Bill

I would like a copy of the newsletter. Thanks.


Brewster, Gloria – see Lowe

Brickey, Al

Hi Homer. Well I was a bit of a traveler this summer. I took a road trip from FL to SC, NC, TN and GA to see old friends from my Army and Navy days. I also flew to NM, AZ, OH, TX, CA, MI, MD, DC and VA to see the same, some relatives I hadn't seen in awhile, and some old Yellowstone friends. To cap things off I got over to Gulf Shores, AL to spend some time with Chuck, You, Neil and Catherine Payne, Lindsey and Shelly Collins while enjoying the Songwriters Festival and meeting some new folks. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing family and friends again. Every stop was unique, but every place I went it was like the conversation just picked up from where it left off, in one case since 1967! Looking forward to the 2010 Reunion.


Bussey, Henry
**Canyon Village, ‘66

I now live outside San Antonio, Texas. Last Christmas ('07) I gave my wife a trip into Yellowstone during the winter. We stayed at the Branding Iron in West Yellowstone and took the snow coach into the park on two different days. We had a blast and saw beautiful scenery and terrific wildlife. In addition to the buffalo, elk, swan, etc. we also found a decapitated swan right beside the river. Our guide assured us that the entire carcass would be gone when we came back by in the afternoon, but it was not....strangely enough. We also go to watch the very beginning (first 1 or 2 twigs) of a pair of eagles building a nest in a tree right next to where the tree that formerly held their nest had blown down. Again, our guide said that the rangers would barricade off the area as soon as they learned that the eagles were starting their nest building; but it was fun to sit and watch. Of course, the geysers and hot pots were as beautiful and eerie in the winter as we had anticipated. It remains a magical place year-round. For those of you who may have reason to take warfarin (brand name Coumadin) or know those who do, check out the website that my daughter, Marie, and I started several years ago (see www.clotcare.org). Currently, our service answers about 100 questions per month, receives 250,000 hits per month, and maintains a subscriber listserv of about 4,000. The service is available to clinicians and patients and this year (2008) we received a Humanitarian Project Development Award from the Chest Foundation of the American College of Chest Physicians for the benefit the service provides worldwide.
Have a great 2009!!


Cadle, Jim & Susan
**Canyon Village
**1965 Cafeteria Bus Boy
**1966 and 1968 Dining Room Waiter
**1967 Cape Cod Waiter ( one summer was enough there).

Homer, Thanks for the e-mail. I'm sorry that Susan and I couldn't make the last reunion. I heard that it was lots of fun as well as many hikes were held. We miss seeing everyone and plan to make it to the next reunion.
Susan and I have been busy boating during the summer. Virginia Beach area is an excellent place to cruise to different destinations. This past summer we went down the Intercoastal Waterway to Beaufort, Manteo and Newbern, North Carolina. This summer it will be up the Chesapeake Bay to Solomons Island, St. Michaels and Annapolis. We also get some camping at Shenandoah National Park and hiking on the Appalacian Trail.
We are looking forward to getting the newsletter. Hope all the Savages are doing well.

Chambard, Al & Annie

Homer, thanks for all your work in communicating the reunion information and questionnaire and putting together the newsletter. My news is that, after five years as a stay-at-home dad and part-time self employed, I started back to work in a "regular" job. Last May I started work for a life care retirement community as their chief financial officer. I enjoy it a lot, learning a new business, great people to work with and an extremely short commute---only 2 blocks from my house! It's the shortest commute I have had since working at the Inn and living in Bats Alley. Annie is developing her psychotherapy/counseling business. She also teaches parenting courses in our school district and a career planning course at Antioch University. Emilee is 14, playing volleyball for her school and a club. She lives for the ski season! She is now the best skier in the house. Natalia is 8 and she has also become an avid skier---we no longer have to wait for her. She also likes dance and horse riding. Last summer our family traveled to Yellowstone and the Tetons--first time for the kids. The girls loved Yellowstone, especially the Inn, hottpotting in the Gardiner River near Mammoth, the wildlife and geysers. I may go back with the girls again this summer. A highlight was shooting the rapids above the old Firehole River swimming hole. Emilee is a strong swimmer with an adventurous spirit---when she saw other people doing it she had to try it. So I went with her and did something I had never done in all my years at the park---jump into the white water rapids in the Firehole Canyon and ride it down to the swimming hole (many times!). I'll be at the 2010 reunion for sure, and give the Firehole rapids another shot.


Chambard, Jeanne – see Leske


Ciskowski, Kathi

In September we drove through Yellowstone and spent the night at Canyon. We explored the canyon and then had a good dinner in the dining room. Felt like I never left...This is the first time I have been to the park in
the fall and am pleased to say that I have now seen it in all 4 seasons. It was so wonderful to be back. I hope that everyone has heard of the novel "Free Fire" by C.J. Box. It takes place in Yellowstone and park employees play a big part in the story. The book was well written and very entertaining. Our family just had an exciting couple of weeks where our college junior Woody attended the cold but thrilling presidential inauguration in DC; our eldest son Pete, who works for Microsoft, ended up being relieved that he was not part of their current round of layoffs and Joe and I spent ten days on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kind of a 35th anniversary deal but really, we were desperate to get out of the miserable weather WA state was having in Dec. and early Jan. Hope everyone is well and can get to Yellowstone in the next year...minor earthquakes or not! Savagely yours,


Clewell, Scott & June
**Summers OFI '74 - '78 (Waiter, Bartender, Bellhop)
**Winters Snowlodge '75 - '78/'79 (Bartender.)

Thanks Homer. Thanks Chuck. June and I are fine and we are wrapping up 20 years with our bookstore, The Bookworm, in West Yellowstone, MT. I doubt if we will make another 20, but perhaps 10 is possible.


Collins, Lindsey & Shelley (Ashburb)

The obvious starting point for the Collins family was the birth of our first grandchild, Connor Jonathan Parks, on November 18, 2008. Lacey and Josh live in Columbus, Nebraska, and are enjoying their new home which they were able to buy last year right before the housing market crash. We have already managed two trips out there, when Connor was born and over Christmas. I had forgotten how much effort is required in caring for an infant, but what a joy it is to be a grandparent! Shelley has officially ended her teaching career (after her experience last year as a full-time 5th grade teacher). She has started a new rewarding career as a student teacher supervisor for North Georgia State College & University, sharing her years of experience with these new teachers-to-be. I enjoy volunteering as a mail deliverer at the hospital two mornings a week. I remain gainfully unemployed, though if the market continues on its downward spiral, look for me at "lower Hams" behind the counter fulfilling a life-long desire to be a short order cook. We have managed to enjoy retirement, taking many trips, often meeting up with former YP employees. One of the highlights was our first time ever attendance at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi in late July. Wish the reunion was going to be this summer - 2010 seems like a long time from now!


Dorn, Cathy (Baker) – see Jobe


Ellsworth, Clarice – see Korrison


Etnier, Don
**Fishing Bridge, ‘65
**West Thumb, ‘66

Happy New Year Savages!! The last reunion was my first and enjoyed it a lot. Met a lot of people and I'm sorry to say that I haven't kept in touch. For that I'd like to apologize! For those that I didn't meet, I had the memorabilia display and had fun helping people with a little Yellowstone history. If you'd like to see more please email me. I have an extensive collection of YNP postcards starting around 1876, a good sized collection of silverware and napkin rings going back to the teens (one piece I found when I worked at West Thumb in 1966 and believe its extremely rare), a collection of stereoview cards, a collection of YNP ashtrays, a collection of FDC, an emphera collection, a collection of YNP coins and medals, a collection of magic lantern slides, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff. Since the last reunion I've run into 3 or 4 x-savages and gave their info to Homer. Wish there was an easy way to find all of them and invite them to the next reunion. In my spare time I've been restoring antique tractors. Completed a 1946 Minneapolis Moline UTS and have four more at different stages. Oh yes, my mother (Dorothy Hardman) worked at Fishing Bridge in 1964-65 and my sister-in-law (Judy Mostue) in 1964. Hope to see everyone again next year!


Farina , Chuck
**Old Faithful Laundry, ‘66

I have never attended one of the reunions, but might consider one in the future. Keep sending me the newsletter. I worked at Old Faithful in the laundry. We did all the laundry for Old Faithful, Lake, Campers Cabins, etc.. I was there for the summer of 1966. It was a summer that I shall take to the grave with me. Sometimes when I'm driving home, after a particularly hard day, I sometimes wonder why I ever left. I look back on that summer with many warm feelings. I only wish I had been smart enough to take pictures.


Figg, Kathy
**Old Faithful 1975, 1976
**Lake 1978, 1979
**Grant Village 1990


Fortran, Nancy (Hilker)
**OFI staffeteria, Waitress and Bar 1969 - 1976

Another eventful year has quickly passed. Guy and I are still living on acreage in Parker, Colorado, and love all the animals that stop by for a visit. My drive to Aurora used to be through the country, but now it is all houses instead of antelope. It was my last year teaching, and I was not as excited as anticipated. It is such a big change in one's life, since I either went to school or taught. Many times I did both at the same time. In August I toured Turkey and Greece with a friend. Our first destination was Crete and Kronoss. For an optional tour we went to Santorani, and it was more beautiful than the pictures. Then we flew back to Athens to see the Acropolis and other sites. The next stop was a flight to Rhodes to board the ship. Every island is unique with Greek, Roman and Medieval ruins. There were several stops in Turkey with Ephesus being my favorite. Then it was on to Istanbul, which an amazing city. The last leg to the adventure was to Cappadocia, Turkey. It is an incredible area know for its tuffa formations. It is like another planet. I have spent a lot of time traveling to Florida to help my 85 year old dad. He has been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation. He can't maintain the house and property, so we try to help as much as we can. I have made 6 trips home during the last year. Unfortunately, I leave in a couple of days to put dad in assisted living, since his medical conditions prohibit him living with us in Colorado. I still volunteer with Raptor Education Foundations which cares for non- releaseable eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. It is one of my passions training, feeding and being a bird maid. I will be starting to volunteer with another foundation that cares for parrots. In between traveling and volunteering, I substitute teach to pay for medical insurance and the trips. In March I leave for Egypt and Jordan.


Fowler, Laurel
**OF, ‘74

Hello Homer, As I watch the thermometer slowly creep to 50 F here in Michigan, I'm reminiscing about the extremely warm days during a Yellowstone summer...... and thinking ahead to helping with my daughter's plans for her August wedding-just about guaranteed to be the hottest day of a Michigan summer! I'm definitely in favor of summer. Each year I change my memory card in my photo frame, and I will miss my 2007 photos as they are replaced with my 2008 card. I enjoyed looking at the photos from Yellowstone while I was sitting near the frame. I actually go to the webcams sometimes while I'm online, it's just nice to see the park, and catching old faithful erupting once in awhile. Both the indoor and outdoor gatherings were fun at the reunion. It was nice to talk to people with such fond memories of summers spent there. And learning more about the park itself from Leslie was an extra nice bonus. Thank you for the opportunity.

Friedrich, Brenda (Groll)
**Old Faithful Cashier, Summer 1971

It's been a full and stress-filled year, and we're hoping 2009 is more restful! Looking forward to a cruise/land trip to Alaska in early June. May you all have a wonderful 2009.

Gain, Rosanne
**Mammoth 1967 
**OFI 1981

My husband Bob Stovall has joined my PR business and it is now Gain-Stovall, Inc. We are still in Colorado Springs and stay involved with work, community activities, family and spend most weekends working on our house - inside and out.


Gerbert, Gary “Goose”
** OFI bellman 1969 -1980.

I will try to make it to any reunion you have if I can with my coaching responsibilities. I would like a copy of the newsletter. Nothing much has changed here in Lewistown, Mt - still coaching football and teaching Biology. I did get to go to Canton, OH to the hall of fame for a NFL youth summit meeting. I was the coach selected from MT. I was honored and was impressed with the meeting. I also was the head coach for the East team this summer for the East/West Shrine game here in MT. So I guess it was a very busy summer. Homer hope you had a great holiday season. See you down the road.


Gillespie, Pam – see Sommers

Gordon, Susan – see Jones

Groll, Brenda – see Friedrich


Harrison, Kathy (McKay)

Since I am one of the delinquent ones, I had best do this now, or it won't get to you in time! Our older daughter, Amy, & her husband moved back to Hailey this past summer. It's been such a treat to have them close by & see more of them. They are happy in their jobs as well as with the move back here and look forward to going to a Yellowstone reunion one of these days. Younger daughter Tami is following after us and is living in Colorado, working hard at being a snow board bum. I know that college education will pay off one of these days! She was able to come home for Christmas, which was wonderful. Living 11 hours away is a little far for a weekend visit, though. Life is good, but we are watching the economy like everyone else, wondering what the next year or two will bring. Things seem to be hitting us a bit behind other parts of the country, but hopefully it will bound back at the same time! That's optimism for you! Can't wait to see you all in 2010.


Hasslinger, John
**OF Lower Hams Store, ‘58

My Yellowstone friend – thanks for your mail. I have followed the interesting US election - and I feel very good again . I met with Bob Mautino in Stockholm this fall after some forty years. Swell. I was the Swede who worked in Lower Hams Store at Old Faithful in Summer 1958. My best friend was Lindsay from Pittsburgh . We took hikes close to the grizzly bear - we saw the bison up in the hills . I was a friend of the trail cleaning man Bill with his horses. Bill was an old horse thief, they said. Man was it a time in Yellowstone . From Yellowstone I went home to Sweden - spent two years in the Swedish army ( first Lieutenant ). Completed  schooling as an engineer and worked for the truck maker Scanias Vabis. In 1967 I went to the Canary Islands,  Running and restoring there and also opened a Real Estate business.  In 1976, after Franco of Spain died, I went to Germany and started to sell furniture. I was quite successful - had eleven shops all over in Germany. But by the fall of the Berlin  wall - things went bad in Germany. I sold my business last year . Went with my 3rd wife, a Lithuanian, to her country Lithuania (former USSR). Here I invested in farming land and now I am playing a real cowboy. The only thing I am missing is my lovely cowboy hat from Wyoming  But the bulls are: Highlander cattle, Limosine , Charolais and Herford . Man, let Obama turn the land of the good people back to what is was and I’ll come over and buy some real good bulls from Montana .

Haywood, Shauna – see Olds


Hensarling, George and MaryAnn (Potter)
**both at OFI Coffee Shop, ‘65

We visited Yellowstone during early June 2008. We were lucky to get a room in the "Old House" in the front that overlooks the Geyser Basin. We enjoyed a late season snow which covered OFI in a blanket of white. It was beautiful!! Married in 1967, we raised 3 sons on the stories of how we met and worked at OFI during 1965. At long last, during July 2008 I flew my sons to Wyoming for a week in Yellowstone. They are grown now and flew in from Ft Lauderdale, Fl, San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO. We had a great time hiking, riding horses and exploring Yellowstone. We ate in the OFI dinning room, but the place where we worked, "The Coffee Shop" of 1967 is long gone and now serves ice cream and sandwiches. We ate at "Lower Hams" many times, where the soda fountain remains the same as 1965. They no longer serve beer and tuna sandwiches as in 1965, which is what we lived on then. Does anyone out there remember "Savages and Dudes?" I asked several employees (2008) and they never heard of those people. We "Savages" had great fun. Do you remember eating in the "ZOO?" Yellowstone is calling.... I must go again, SOON!


Hillard, Jo Ann (Zimmerer)

We are still waiting for Joanelle to have her baby, she was due on Thursday so it probably won’t be too long. She’s more than a little bit ready! I had arthroscopic knee surgery early in January and I haven’t had the same luck John did when he had the same thing done. He was walking on his own the same day of surgery where I had to use crutches for 3 days and I’m still limping around. Not too much fun. I am going to physical therapy twice a week and it might be helping some but certainly not as much as I hoped! We will be in Overton Park for a while yet. Joanelle is looking for help with the baby of course. I’m trying to talk her into going to Montana before their spring break and then when spring break comes Mark could come out and get her. Or maybe we could all come back together. I don’t know, we will see what happens. Not much else is going on around here. [I received this additional report on Feb. 5, HR:] – Just thought I would let you know Joanelle had her baby at 7:50 this morning. He had to be taken by c-section but baby, mom and dad are doing fine. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and was 20 ¾ inches long. He has lots of dark hair like his dad!


Huffman, Dave & Elise
**Bellman: Canyon '69.
**Bellman: OFI '70-'74

 Not much news from sunny southern California. All is well in the Huffman family. We enjoy good health and eagerly await the reunion in 2010. If anyone is in the San Diego area, we would welcome a call. Best wishes to everyone in the coming year.


Hurtt, Roberta (Scully)


I do wish to have an emailed copy of the newsletter. Please. All is well with me in Boise, Idaho. Life is good! Not much else new.


Iona, Cal
**Summer "70" Bear Pit Bar
**Fall "70" Snow Lodge Bar
**Summer "71" Geyser Bar, OFL
**Fall "71" NPS Maintenance
**Summer "72" NPS Ranger Mammoth

Aloha All, it is beginning to feel like I live in a permanent fire zone. San Diego was again threatened this year with ideal fire conditions-hot winds and lots of dry fire fuel. Firefighters managed to stay ahead of the big burns. I finally managed to be deployed for 13 days to hurricane IKE with Disaster Medical Assistance Team (Dept of Health and Human Services). Hurricane IKE chased us through Baton Rouge, Houma, New Orleans, and Lake Charles. It was great to see how FEMA and local agencies work together to manage disasters. Locally, I stay busy training and deploying with SD Search and Rescue Team (all volunteer). Also, I still teach at the massage school whenever they need help. If the gas prices stay low this spring, I plan get to some fly fishing waters.


Irvine, Ginny

I totally appreciate all you do regarding the reunions. I hope to make the 2010 one! My address remains the same. I continue to work as a Special Educator in Colchester, VT. Only difference I work at the High School level managing 504 students. Never a Dull moment. Can't imagine what bored feels like! Have a 2 hour delay for school today because of the big dump of snow yesterday...at least it looks like Vermont! My loyal Jack Russell , Frasier, continues to boss me around, I indulge his bossiness as he's 13+ and ever so loyal and loving!


Jobe, Cathy (Baker-Dorn)

Not much new here, just alive and kicking - which is good. As long as I wake up on the right side of the dirt it's going to be a great day. Looking forward to the next reunion. Come to Idaho and you all have a bed to sleep in and food and drink. See you next Year.


Jones, Susan (Gordon)
**OFI Housekeeper, ‘76

I worked at Old Faithful Inn in the housekeeping department during the summer of 1976. My friend and I arrived there in April, before the Inn opened for the season. Parts of it had been painted and it was really a mess. We had to clean every room on every floor. Soon the Inn opened and we got into a regular routine of cleaning 22 or 23 rooms a day. My friend got promoted to the front desk, but I just kept on cleaning. Later on in the summer I got promoted to Inspector (Inspectress). I left Yellowstone in August and came back home to Grove Hill, Alabama, to teach. This is my twenty-fifth year in teaching. I taught a year of science and a year of reading, but the rest have been in elementary physical education. My husband has been retired from his state court system job and now works part time within the court system in our county and our surrounding counties. Our two children graduated from Auburn University. Our son is working as an accountant and our daughter is continuing her education in the sports field. I’ve only been back to Yellowstone one time since then, but hope to go back soon. It’s fun hearing from Chuck every Christmas!

Kenney, John A. & Nancy (Thomas)
**John: Chief Clerk Old Faithful Camper's Cabins, '62; Chief Clerk and Coffee Shop Mgr OFCC 63-64
**Nancy  worked in the OF Cafeteria in '60 and was a room clerk at OFCC 61-62 and '64

I think it would be helpful if everyone indicated what years they worked and where, as well as what name/nickname they used. Although I'm not sending any news, I still would like to receive a copy of this year's news letter. Thanks.


Korrison, Clarice (Ellsworth)

All well in this part of the world in fact I think we are doing better than most places. It is a beautiful summer.
I would truly like to come to the next reunion but distance is too great. Know I will make it any time I am in that part of the world at the right time. Keep me posted. Hello to all my old friends. I had a chance to catch up with old YP friends when I was back there this past summer. I saw Cindi Chauner in Calif., Sue Rathbone in Denver, Moon and Nancy , Mike Lamasters, Ed Harbor, Buddy and Debbie Adams, and Pam Gallespie in Montana. Not bad for a personal reunion. Loved the park trip with Nancy and Moon. We stayed at the Inn and also went to the Tetons and Glasiar Park. We had 4 months back in the USA. Great trip. Now back in NZ for the second summer.


Lashway, Pat

I just got back from a week in Mexico, exploring the coral reefs and discovering how much I like certain types of Tequila. The weather was fabulous and a much enjoyed break from the snow and cold that we have had this year. Our legislative session has started, which keeps me really busy for the next couple of months....after which time I'm ready for the spring and some outdoor entertainment! My nephew, who spent last summer at Lake Hotel-YP will be working this next summer in Glacier so I'm looking forward to a trip up that way. Daughter, Lindsey, is a Senior in College and will be graduating with a degree in Social Work. She's working with the kids in the local County Juvenile Detention Center and is really loving them. It's great to watch her path unfold. Hope to catch up with some of you in 2009....it's going to be great year!

Latrell, Janice
**OFI maid & bookkeeping, ‘73

Hi there- Quick info on me Homer: Janice Latrell worked at Old Faithful Inn as a maid and then with the bookkeeping Department in 1973. I currently am a realtor in Sedona and have been for almost 20 years. Would love for any contact with any of the 1973 gang I've never heard from since.


Leske, Jeanne (Chambard)
** OFL 1965, 1966 - waitress

We are still in Casper - Al still delivering Meals on Wheels several days/week and is on the Board. I'm still skiing and hiking. Last August, I and 3 other ladies hiked the Continental Divide Trail Section # 29 in Wyoming (Idaho trailhead to Howard Eaton Trail which ended at Old Faithful). We spent two nights up at Summit Lake, and day hiked around the semi-dormant geyser area up there. Very few people hike in this area (even brother Allan hasn't!). Also, in May, I and 4 other ladies did an 8-day trek in Peru - the Salkantay and the Inca Trail. We got up to 16,500 ft., and were always up over 9,500. I would highly recommend this, but it is hard on old knees and feet! Our final destination was Machu Picchu, which is always a thrill to see! Hope 2009 is being good to everyone.


Levy, Margaret “Maggie” (Pitts)
**OFI - Front desk (switchboard operator) '71
**OFI TI (Travel and Information) '72

Our daughter, Deana, whom many of you met when she attended the reunions as a child and who is now 25, just got engaged so we are busy planning a wedding. Kathy McKay Harrison - OFI Indian Gift Shop '71 and '72 is busy e-mailing me all sorts of advice since it hasn't been that long since her Amy got married. Anne Ryan Bell - OFI accounting department '71 and her husband Jim will be coming to Montgomery for a visit in a few weeks. What other savage will e-mail me that they are going to be in the area and are coming for a visit? The door is open.


Lewis, Chuck “The Logger”
Greetings fellow Savages, I'm looking forward to the 2010 reunion. I hope to get out there a few days early and get in some hiking and/or a Teton trip or two...Come on out..Hope to see y'all then...I worked in the Yellowstone National Park for nine summers..My first summer was the famous/infamous Ice Man year at Canyon Village. I survived, and came back to Canyon as a bellman in 1967..The YP Co. whiz kids at Gardiner decided to do away with bellman at Canyon in 1968 (they realized the error of their ways about a month into the season, but too late for retuning employees to have their contracts changed) so I was sent to Old Faithful Inn as a bellman from 1968 to 1970..I got drafted and went into the Army..I got out of the Army in 1973, and returned to Old Faithful as bellman from 1973 through the 1976 season. I'm in Meridan most of the time these days. See you in the Bear Pit...


Lindahl, Gail – see Baker


Lowe, John & Gloria
**John Lowe OF Lodge 66,67 OF Inn 69
**Gloria (Brewster) Lowe OF Camper Cabins 68, OF Inn 69

Everything is well in AZ. Much better than last year at this time. Gloria is all better and much healthier. Exercise and walking does wonders. I now love to walk. I just walked the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and there were 21,000 people ahead of me but there were also 4,000 people behind me. It was really fun and in June I'm going to Seattle to do the RNR Seattle. We really haven't done much this year. In October we did take a week and drive up the Oregon Coast. What a beautiful drive and would I love to live somewhere on the coast. We meet our son and his family in Portland and then went to Seattle, where they live, for a few days. It was my birthday, I won't say which, but it was a big one, and 2 days later was my granddaughter's 2nd birthday so it was nice to be together. Next week we are flying to Santa Barbara and go visit the Hearst Castle and enjoy the CA coast in that area. I seem to be attracted to the ocean so why are we in Arizona? I grew up as a CA beach kid, now I have the sand and no water. We do go to northern CA several times a year to visit my sister and family and always find something interesting to do while we are there. I pushing John to visit Ireland next year but that would mean he would go into pet withdrawal. Gloria is still working a couple of days a week and of course John and the dog are still retired and relaxing in the recliner. Not much changes around here. We still do enjoy going to ASU football and basketball games. Can't say much about the football team but the basketball team is doing great. Of course, in less than a month Spring Training starts and that means lots of baseball games and the Diamondbacks season starts, so we will be busy until Sept. and hopefully into Oct. Planning a trip to Yellowstone in August, kind of an anniversary, as it will be 40 years since we met there. Plan to spend quiet time reading and walking around the park. Of course I'm sure the Bear Pit will be visited. I hope everyone else is well and am looking forward to the 2010 reunion and seeing everyone again.


MacIntosh, Chris

working like crazy, and running the local Sierra Club snow camping seminar, and leading fungus walks .....aargh!)


Martineua, Pierre & Jane

Since Jan 1st I have been Mayor of West Yellowstone. Kinda like being flyweight champion of Rhode Island, but still an honor and a responsibility. So far I am enjoying it and learning alot. I have now done labor union negotiations and a full-sized budget. Hard to remember, especially for me, to keep my mouth shut. No sarcastic, or smart , remarks. People remember everything you say and my mouth can come back to haunt me!! We have three grandkids playing junior high and high school sports and I coach girls and boys junior high basketball. We also run the Senior Citizen program here in town. Jane and I are still married-53 years this year. And her Mother didn’t think we would make it!! She has been a wonderful companion. I was very fortunate to find her. Of course it was a lucky find for her too!! Thanks for taking care of this Homer.


Matlack, Tom & Nancy (Nowakowski)
**Tom Matlack: Fishing Bridge, Lake Lodge and Hotel, Mammoth, OFI, and OF Snow Lodge 1976-1978
**Nancy Nowakowski -Matlack: Mammoth, Lake, OFI, OF Snow Lodge 1976-1978

Howdy Homer. Thanks for keeping this service going! Greetings from the Cascade Foothills, Nancy and I met in the park in 1976 and married 5 years later. During a 6 year stint in southeast Arizona we also worked in Sequoia and Olympic N. Parks. Now we are more gainfully employed as school teachers. Nancy's 26 years in the classroom has led to a dream job of Science Coach, assisting Gr. 6-12 science teachers. Tom battles away with 9-12 alternative kids and is busy with local land use and environmental activism. We will try to make the next reunion, or at least a park visit in the next few years. Hello to Scotty Clewell in West, and anyone else out there. We miss the Rockies and the park, but it sure is nice here in Snohomish County, Washington.


Mautino, Bob
**OF Cafeteria  '55,
**OFI  '56, '57, '58, '59, '60

Here is my small contribution to your newsletter. I am still in the active practice of immigration law in San Diego, CA. The economic downturn has diminished somewhat our number of "business" clients, but the tragedy in Tijuana, Mexico has had the opposite effect. I don't know how much of this news gets transmitted to other parts of the country, but our neighboring border town of Tijuana is in a pretty precarious situation. Mexican drug cartels are fighting each other in Northwest Mexico for control of the lucrative illegal drug trade routes into the United States. A dozen or more people turn up dead every week. Some are killed and beheaded with the heads left in one part of town and the bodies in another. While the killing seems to be targeting members of the rival drug cartels, there are always innocent persons who somehow get into the line of fire. What is worse, however, is the fear generated by the kidnappings. Apparently, because of problems in moving drugs, some cartel members have developed sideline activities of kidnapping. People who have no connection to the drug trade, who are not prominent politicians or journalists--i.e., "the average joe"--are being kidnapped and held for ransom or their children are kidnapped for ransom or are threatened with such if they don't "pay up." The fear generated by all this activity has led those who can to move their families across the border into the United States. Many Mexicans in the border area are married to U.S. citizens and/or have U.S.-born children who can aid in the immigration process. Others, usually business men and women, are able to invest capital in businesses in the U.S. and are thereby able to live here under certain provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Many people, of course, do not have these options. Well, as you see, it's a tragedy happening before our eyes, and we are hopeful that the violence will not spill across the border. So much for tragedy. We are all fine here in San Diego and will probably spend most of August in a cabin outside of West Yellowstone (and maybe part of July). We hope that we may see you, Homer (and other old/former Savages as well), sometime during the summer. Looking forward to seeing you.


McIntire, Dave
**Old Faithful Lodge: 51, 52, 53, 54, & 57
**Lake Lodge: 56


Homer, I have written before about a bunch of employees that worked at Old Faithful Lodge between 1951 and 1955. I know that we are older than most of the rest of you guys, but I think that we were an important part of the history of the musical entertainment in the Park and of the Old Faithful Lodge area. If you recall we were all from Dallas, TX, and most of us attended SMU in those days. The band at the Lodge usually had eight pieces: three saxophones, a trumpet, a trombone, a bass, drums, and piano. At this time, we are all in our mid-70's, and most of us are still above ground. Those of us still alive in addition to me (alto sax) are Ted Winberg (alto sax), Lee Kildow (tenor sax and band leader), Mason Briggs (trumpet), Carlo Angelo (drums), Ray Jones (piano), and Leon Bird (bass). Unfortunately, my old friend Guy Lyons (trombone) passed away several years ago. Guy actually worked in the Park in 1949 and 1950 also; he was the one that got the rest of us interested in taking a band to Yellowstone. Also, I might add that after I got out of the army in the spring of 1956, I worked at Lake Lodge for a month at the end of the season, and again at Old Faithful in the summer of 1957. Lee Kildow went on to manage the Old Faithful tourist cabins and several other facilities in the Park in the late 50's. Last year, I made it to the Yellowstone area twice, once in June and then again in October. Usually, my wife and I go to Yellowstone and the Jackson Hole area every year in the fall when the colors are at their best. Also, we usually meet my dear friend Ted Winberg when we are in the Jackson area. Ted and I are both very interested in photography, so we have a great time photographing the area together.Thanks much for staying in touch with all of the former employees. It always takes one very dedicated person to keep such connections alive.


McKay, Kathy – see Harrison


McLean, Harriet “Hank”

Everyone in our family is doing well. Things are getting more interesting by the day, with the lay offs and closing of companies. My son and daughter in law are expecting a baby in June. My two daughters are continuing their practice of nursing here in Memphis, as I am, as well. Sam is getting along better with his prosthesis and hopefully will continue to improve. Not much new, here, just glad to have a job since my retirement fund now is in the tank. I was able to take a couple of hiking trips with some friends last year. The last one was in New Mexico, in the Santa Fe-Taos area in Sept. I hope to see everyone in 2010, if we still have Yellowstone and the surrounding area.


McMurray, Sandy – see Novak


Miceli, Marty Everett

Hi Homer, Well I am finally getting around to doing this, sorry. I would like to receive an email copy of the newsletter from now on, saves money on postage!!! Some news about myself.... Loving life, have one son living in Cape Cod with his family (now have 2 twin grandsons age 6), another son living outside of Chicago who works in the family business with us and our daughter lives in Palm Beach and works for the Ritz Carlton
Hotels (nice place to stay as we travel!). We spend as much time all year round as possible at a cabin up in northern Wisconsin, boating and snowmobiling and loving the quiet. Travel quite a bit since we now have a son taking over and running our business (apartment buildings), love long road trips.Not much else, I have not made it to any of the reunions, but keep telling myself I will l make it to the next, so I am not a good one to answer your questions about how often they should be held. I have only made it back to Yellowstone once since I worked at Old Faithful in the gift shop in 1970, but it was fun to see it all again. Thanks for doing this newsletter, it is much appreciated.


Millsaps, Cynthia Lynne

Late Spring/Early Summer, my husband Larry Latocki and I spent five weeks cycling in Spain, mostly in the Picos de Europa. Still working at the U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of California (San Diego)...it's plenty busy...no downturn in crime! Thanks for single-handedly holding up the Newsletter.


Mullins, Charles “Moon” & Nancy
**OFI 1966, 67, 68, 71, 72


Hello to all the OFI and other Yellowstone Park friends. Looking forward to the next reunion and the one after that, hoping that the serious earthquakes hold off a few more hundred years. Was able to spend a day last Feb. at Old Faithful, fulfilling a long time dream. It was a thrill. Wish such wonderful moments for all of you and look forward to 2010 at Old Faithful Inn, our own cathedral and special place of worship.

Nakamura, Frank
**1959 Lobby porter--Canyon Village
**1960-62 Bellman--Old Faithful Inn
**1963-67 Bellman--Canyon Village

My wife and I were planning to visit the Philippines and Japan in June '08 but my mother(92 yo) had a stroke a month before, so we cancelled our plans and will be probably grounded for a while until she recovers. We've been doing the 'tourist' thing in Waikiki and some of the other attractions. Halloweeen Eve was wall to wall people in Waikiki with many wild costumes--we got some great pictures!


Neindorf, Cyndi (Chauner)
**OFL Front Desk 1967
**OFI Waitress 1968, 1969, 1970

Hello YP Friends! Wow -- it's 39 years since working at YP! Loved those summers and still cherish the memories and friends. Hiking and swimming in the Firehole River started my fitness craze. I love going to the gym and my passion for snow skiing has never waned. I ski mostly in Utah at Snowbird as my youngest brother lives in SLC. No plans of retiring (who can afford to these days!) I'm the Director of College Counseling at the school where I have worked for 30 years -- enjoy traveling to see colleges across the country and assisting students in finding "good fit" schools. The college admissions landscape is so different than when we went to college. My husband, Dana, and I celebrated our 30th anniversary and our daughter, Molly, is out of college and graduate school and paying her own bills!! My mom died in 2008 at 87 -- we miss her greatly!


Novak, Sandy (McMurray)                         
**Lake Lodge Head Cashier, Cafeteria 1965
**Canyon Village Waitress, 1967

I had a great year which started off with taking a 5 day photography course in YP. The snow was 40 feet deep and the park was peaceful and spectacular. We stayed at Mammoth and the Snow Lodge. Then I went to Mississippi to do some volunteer work rebuilding homes of hurricane Katrina victims. In March, my husband and I went to Peru and Ecuador to see Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. Fabulous trip. Then I was asked to come back to work by my former boss as he needed some help with a couple of projects. So, for seven months I was unretired, and that kind of put a damper on my travels. (I did, however, spend a week at Jenny Lake Lodge with my sister in the summer.) As far as work goes, it was fun to go back and see everyone and also to see that I could still head up major projects and be successful. The projects are done, and I am once again retired .... heading back to YP in January for another photography course. And then we'll have to see what the year brings. Best to everyone!

Nowakowski, Nancy – see Matlack


Olds, Michael & Shauna (Haywood)

2009 was not a good year for the Olds family. Michael is currently teaching at a school for troubled teens (girls campus). Not exactly teaching in the normal sense but at least it's a job. I was able to get a job at Costco before the economy really got bad and a hiring freeze was put on. Working there is very physical, especially at my age. I was put on short term disability in Dec. because of a tennis elbow. Just got released to go back to work which is in the food court area. Our kids are all doing well. Ryan unfortunately is without a job and had to move back home with us. Ashley still works for the scrap-booking company and her husband works for a nutrition company and goes to school full time. Jordan works as a wardrobe supervisor on a movie and will start on a TV series in the spring also in wardrobe. Her husband works for Comcast. Due to our change in jobs there were no trips this year. Maybe it's a good thing the reunion is not until 2010, we may make it by then. Hopefully everyone else is doing well


Payne, Niel & Catherine

We are all doing well. Catherine is still trying to keep me and the two boys civilized with little hope. In return, we let her escape a night or two during the week to go out with the girls. Ian (12 yrs) is a 1st class scout with 14 merit badges. I am the assistance scout master of his troop and have been enjoying it. It’s not Yellowstone hiking and camping but its fun. Alexander (8) is playing basketball and gearing up for soccer. I have been volunteered to be his coach with games starting in a week. I have gone back into the commercial real estate business with the philosophy that things can only get better for the future. Still beats farming!


Perkins, Jo (Ann Ratliff)
**1968 & 1969 Mammoth Reservations
** 1970 Tour Guide

Currently living in Denver CO area and LOVIN' retirement from teaching and accounting. Time does fly when you are having fun and I continue to treasure being healthy and happy and having the good fortune to spend my time playing golf and traveling. I have lived in the Denver area since 1972, have been married 34 years, have children ages 31 and 29. Speaking of time flying, I cannot be that old. I'm already looking forward to the next reunion -- whenever it is. As always, Homer, thanks for your work in keeping the memories burning and
thanks to all of you who help with the reunion.


Pitts, Margaret “Maggie” – see Levy


Potter, MaryAnn – see Hensarling


Reinhart, Karen
**park ranger naturalist from 1991-2007.

I had the privilege of working and living at Lake/Fishing Bridge, and especially cherish the six years that I lived there year-round. I met and corresponded with some of you while researching my first book "Old Faithful Inn: Crown Jewel of National Park Lodges." I feel honored to be included in this newsletter as well as being invited to the reunions! My second book "Yellowstone's Rebirth by Fire: Rising from the Ashes of the 1988 Fires" was published last spring. Both are available in the park, at bookstores including Scott Clewell's [in West Yellowstone], online, or if you'd like a personalized copy, from me! After spending last summer in Moran and commuting to Jackson, Wyoming for work with the local historical society, I moved back to the town of Jackson. I am trying to find a way to move north to Yellowstone once again--not because I don't like Jackson--but because my children are in school in Gardiner. It's very snowy here for those of you who might have snow envy: we have about three feet of snow on the level. (And it's only late December!)


Riley, Cal
**Canyon Village, ‘61-‘62
**OFI, ‘63
** OF Campers Cabins, ‘70

I made a life changing decision this year. I sold my house (it sold in only 4 days) in Denver and have moved permanently to Palm Springs, California. I first lived in Denver in 1963, after my summer at Old Faithful Inn. I lived in Denver on and off since then. This past stay was 20 years. I am still painting and I had a show in Denver in June with 60 new works. All abstract which was a departure from my usual landscapes. Also, I am still swimming, although have not competed since 2003.


Roberts, Wendy (Traher)
**Canyon Village in Housekeeping 77, 78 and 79


Rogers, Danny & Jeannine

Our year has been very blessed and with great news. We will be grandparents again (third) in March. This new baby girl will be the first for this daughter and Jeannine is standing by to "help", that is smother her with attention. So far the economy woes have not cost any jobs in our family and we are very thankful. Danny has had a recent serious health issue, and we believe he is on the road to recovery now. We are ready to begin our trip planning for the 2010 Reunion once the new granddaughter has arrived. These reunions have become landmark events that we fondly anticipate. We have been enjoying the new video webcam of Old Faithful since it was introduced this past year on the NPS-OF website.


Rudolf, Homer
**OFI dining room, ‘56
**OFI bellman, ‘57-‘59
**OFI Bear Pit, ‘63-‘65, ‘68-‘74

It’s been another busy year. I edited another large collection of Germans from Russia information by a group of researchers [including myself]. It came out in July 2008. Have also become more involved in the administration of the Research Association of my ancestral German villages in present day Ukraine & Moldova. Am trying to get back to some music research projects that I started before I retired. But other priority projects keep popping up. Needless to say, I won’t run out of things to do anytime soon. Did enjoy the opportunity to see various YP friends during the past year, and some time seeing family and friends in North Dakota. Also had the good fortune of a late July Germans from Russia convention in Casper, WY. That gave me the chance to spend about a week in the YP area - touring and seeing friends. This year the convention will be in Rapid City, SD – just after Labor Day. As we all know, Rapid City is right next door to YP, so I’ll manage to fit in YP again. We’ve had basically a mild winter here in Richmond, even though the bad weather has been hitting all around us from time to time.

Rudolf, Paulette

I had a very nice year. Last summer I went back to North Dakota for a mini family reunion. It was great to see family I hadnt seen in years and I got to meet my nephew’s wife from South Korea and their daughter.I didn’t do enough hiking this past year so hopefullyI’ll get into the mountains more this summer.I hope you are all doing well and staying about water.I hope you are all doing well and staying above water.


Russell, Susan & husband Carl McMinimy
**Lake, ‘68
**OFI, ‘69-‘70

Susan is "enjoying her new hobby", she is having chemo for her ovarian cancer for the sixth time! Her Oncologist keeps telling her not to worry, there are always be new drugs to try! So it goes with a chronic illness. We were able to spend two weeks on the east coast this year with a quick two days with Lindsay and Shelley in North Carolina. (We were lucky to find them at home rather that with their newest grandbaby!) Thanks for the true southern hospitality!  We are heading out for a cruise from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale through the Panama Canal in February. We will be getting away from the snow. It has set records here in Spokane this year with over 24 inches in one day followed by two or three inches a day for two weeks. What a mess. You can always keep up with our happenings at thestatus.com Thanks for those that log in and leave messages on my website, Shauna, Lindsay and Shelley, Moon and Nancy, Logger, Sally, Homer.
We always have room for visitors if you are ever going through Spokane. Susan reads her e-mail daily and enjoys hearing from everyone. It takes a while for her to write back sometimes.


Ryan, Anne – see Bell

Ryan, Patricia (“Patti”)
**OFI, ‘70-‘71
**All park, ‘72
**Mammoth, ‘81

Retirement is still the greatest! I love being “snug as a bug . . .” with my cup of coffee and my newspaper, while everyone else is trying to get safely to work in the snowstorm – in the dark! With some warmer weather, I will be out in my gardens, getting ready for spring. Dancing Dog Daylilies [her business - HR] expands a bit every year. I sure love having a business that allows me to indulge in a passion. While camping above Idaho City, ID, this fall – we heard wolves!! Wow!! Awesome! I have yet to see/hear them in the Park. And I just read that the wolf population actually went down 20% this last year. Here’s to the return of the adults to the White House. Maybe our economy can start a recovery. I’m a believer in change. See you all soon. Take care. Be well. – P.S. Lee Whittlesey is going to the Inauguration. I’m jealous!


Scully, Roberta – see Hurtt


Shipes, Frank
**Fishing Bridge/Lake - '66,'67,'68

Please keep me on the mailing list, and thanks putting together the Newsletter.


Shissler, Bob

Aloha, 2008 . . . highs and lows; but mainly highs. The entire clan gathered in WV to celebrate our Dads 90th birthday and revisit places and people that we have missed seeing over the miles and years. It was a treat to take Penny and our children around my childhood hometown and introduce them to old friends and classmates.
And having nieces and nephews around and hear them talking around their careers and college experiences and hopes was - well, testament that a lot of years have gone by?  Summer, our oldest daughter completed her occupational therapy degree and will soon be starting again to get her bachelors in psych, another two years and is planning a May 2010 wedding. Cheyenne is having a blast being a senior in high school - and can't wait to get to college - still wants to go to Colorado State. Janelle, my daughter from my first marriage is still in New York and working as a chef. Penny has been off since the hotel closed for Reno in Sept., am I jealous? Yes and no! But its great to see her have time for herself and the girls - all the things she so often had to squeeze into working full time. Am happy for her. And ol' Bob, well he managed to be one of 12 people the hotel kept on - so still doing 40 a week, plus a second job on the weekends (strictly as needed, which thankfully isn't all the time). Ripped some cartilage in my left knee in a work accident so will be having surgery soon to correct, uh, repair, uh, minimize the damage, but hopefully will be back after 4 weeks and some therapy. Missed being in the West this year, and all of the people that we know up that way! Thank you Connie for your call while you were in Kona! Escaping the little piece of dirt in the middle of the ocean more than once this summer, just wasn't happening in midst of the downturn in the economy, but we haven't just dropped off the radar. Will try to make the '10 get together - best wishes to all.

Smith, Connie (Thorpe)


Smith, Leslie – see Bakker


Sobolik, Jim & Renee
**1973-76, OFI, Houseman/Bellman

Still teaching sixth grade. My news for this year is that I bought an airplane. I flew back in the early eighties then gave it up to buy a farmstead and raise three kids. As I'm getting closer to retirement, I was considering buying a plane. It was a hard decision for me, but it became easier when my wife and kids told me to go ahead and do it. I went to Cleveland, Ohio and found a nice Cessna 172. The man I bought it from was a retired airline mechanic. He turned out to be a nice guy and we became friends. He flew the plane back to ND with me since I hadn't flown in 25 years. I didn't think I wanted to fly threw Chicago, Ohara airspace by myself. Now on nice days usually in the early morning or evening when the wind is light I go up and have a look around. My wife and I try to go on some short trips. I'm taking my time getting back into it again. GPS has really made navigating a lot easier. Any savages ever come through eastern ND stop in and I'll take you for a ride!


Sommers, Pam (Gillespie)


Stachon, Ray


I really have not much to report, just hanging out here in Tempe, taking a class I see that I think might be interesting, try to get out of here in the summer, go up north with my trailer, don't know if I'll go all the way up to Yellowstone this year, maybe. Just went up to Flagstaff last fall for a month and then down over to Prescott. May go to see my sister in Sweden in May, take a cruse on the Baltic Sea and go see her after.

Stevens, Mike

Homer, Thank you for your efforts and patience. I have been traveling of late and not able to communicate via email. But there is a brief bit I would like to include in your employee newsletter: As former employees go I have the best of both worlds because I still get to work summers in Yellowstone. I think I have the best possible
job there as a step-on tour guide. So if there is anyone visiting the park that might like to check in with me this summer I should be there. To help someone remember me I worked at the Old Faithful upper Hamilton Store for 13 summers between 1979 and 1995, as an NPS volunteer in the archives at Mammoth in 96 and 97 and as a tour guide since then. I hope to be housed in a Xanterra cabin at Old Faithful near the Mallard Lake trailhead and work out of the transportation dispatch building just east of the new employees' pub.


Sutton, Vickie

Hi Homer: No news to report this year, but please keep me on the list.


Thissen, Marilyn (Bertagnolli)
**Snack Shop 1969

This year has seen its highs and lows. Molly and Kyle were married on August 23rd in Steamboat Springs Co. in a pasture under a gloriously blue sky. Her sister Hilary was maid of honor with three other good friends making up the rest of her party. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, a ceremony more in tune with Molly and Kyle's free spirits and a reception, in a tent out in the middle of the wide open Colorado meadows, more fun or more family and friend oriented. If you are interested in seeing some pics or wishing them luck, the site is thissenlusk.weddings.com. They moved back to Portland for awhile, but have since moved here to Greeley and are living with me till they find a house to buy in Ft. Collins. Kyle is working at a sporting goods store, waiting to get in-state tuition to go back to school to get his teachers credentials. He would like to coach . Molly is working on her graphic arts certificate so she can one day work out of her home. It's good to have them here with me for awhile, I really enjoy their company. Hilary is still living in Steamboat in our house up there with her boyfriend of a year, Tom. They both work for the ski industry during the winter and do landscaping in the summer. Hil has really gotten into tele-crosscountry skiing. Tom is the maniac that climbs 14teenrs and then snowboards down them. Got a little nervous when Tom announced that he was getting Hill an avalanche beacon for Christmas, but I guess that is his way of looking out for her?! She seems to be content for now. After the flurry of activity for a year of helping Molly plan a long distance wedding, she living in Portland, the wedding in Steamboat and me here, a lot of flights and phone calls later, the wedding went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, Kyle Molly and I leave for Jamaica the first week of Feb. for a few days of sun and relaxing. Trying to get my act together, just starting to get back into photography, even bought a medium format camera, and "gasp" a digital. Still love my film and won't give it up. Have my dog, my horses and , thankfully, some very good friends and family for support. Best to you all in the New Year.

Thomas, Nancy – see Kenney


Thompson, Sally (Anderson)
**OFI Dining Room '69-'72

Hello to all - I hope you are all faring well in these challenging times. Life on Whidbey is about the same, pretty quiet and uneventful. None of the major weather issues that much of Washington has faced this year - one of the benefits of living on a river-free island. It was delightful to see those of you who made it to the Northwest during the past year. Still spending much of my time with 10 & 11 year olds - though they have way more energy than I do these days. My own boys are now grown up - Randy is in South Korea for a year, and Tyler and Layli have moved to the mainland...not too far as the crow flies, but it means not having those frequent impromptu visits. Thank heavens for skype! I highly recommend it, not only for keeping up with children, but also for old friends (hint, hint). Already looking forward to seeing you all in 2010!


Thorpe, Connie – see Smith


Traher, Wendy – see Roberts


Turnbull, Lawrence “Larry”
**OFI Bellman, ‘63-‘67

Richard Short, OFI bellman, and I visited the Martineau family at their new home in West Yellowstone in October 2008. We congratulated Pierre on being selected as Mayor of West Yellowstone.


Valenze, Ginny

For me, this past year was a banner year for racking up frequent flier miles--more than 75,000 actual flight miles took me back and forth across the Atlantic and across the country more times than I care to remember. For those who think business travel is glamorous, think again – in this era too much time is wasted in seemingly endless lines, crowded airports, delayed flights and lost baggage. However, this year was also a banner year in another way because I finally made it to Italy--after all these years I finally got to the Valenze Homeland! It was worth the wait; I was so enchanted by the loveliness, the history and the warmth of the Italians...they live in beauty. From the linens on the sidewalk cafe tables to the colorful flower boxes in the smallest city windows, it was exquisite. Started in Paris (for business) and then took the TGV (speed train) through France and Switzerland to Lake Como (and yes, we did see George Clooney's palace), and then traveled to Florence and Milan...one sight more breathtaking than the next. I played break the bank and came back with all kinds of treasures, but it was the best. Travels this year also took me back to Barcelona, Paris and Switzerland, and on my last trip I came back with pneumonia, which put me in the hospital just before Thanksgiving...not fun. So it was a quiet holiday season, which was actually so relaxing, I'd highly recommend it. ---- March was a very sad month--I lost my beloved Dobie to feline lymphoma, after a noble and brave fight for six months. I've never met a more devoted and amazing team of veterinarians in my life. Their sensitivity and loving care throughout Dobie's treatment was nothing short of profound. They are angels on this earth and I am so grateful to have had them with me through a very painful loss. Thank God Dobie himself helped me make the ultimate decision to release him from his pain. Losing another family member to this horrible disease just increases my determination to continue the fight in my work. And I was truly amazed by the groundswell of support from my friends and coworkers, who are also waiting to meet their animal friends someday at the Rainbow Bridge. It gave me the strength to finally welcome a new little guy into the family in August. Alfie (aka Dennis the Menace in cat's clothes) is a shelter kitty who has found heaven and a little bit of hell trying to live with Moochie, the 20-pound Maine Coon and self-appointed king of the house. It's not boring!  ---- Probably the biggest news is that once again I'm going through another merger acquisition. My company, Roche, made a bid in July to acquire complete ownership in the biotech Genentech, in San Francisco. After 7 months, the deal just recently went hostile, which means the employees of both companies stay in limbo land a lot longer until we know our fate. I do know that they will close the NJ HQ where I work and move all commercial operations to San Francisco, but I don't know yet if I will have a job, since nothing is guaranteed and no details can be worked out until the deal goes through. So life is on hold again...in this era of joblessness, I'm grateful to have a wonderful job that I love, but the eventuality of either having to look for another one in a market where most major pharmas are merging or laying off by the thousands is daunting, to say the least...or, relocating thousands of miles away from everything familiar and starting over in a new culture is as equally daunting. It's one thing to do it in your 20s and 30s, but in my 50s is another story! There is the part of me that is actually excited about the prospect of being a pioneer once again, but the cost of housing in the Bay Area is astonishing--even coming from one of the most expensive counties in the Northeast. Guess the bottom line here is that change is eternal, and in the infamous words of Stevie Winwood, you just gotta 'roll with it, baby.'  ---- Three days after the merger announcement, shock visited in another form: the home next door to mine went up in flames and for the grace of God and the skill of 11 fire departments, I was spared the same fate. There is nothing quite like opening the shades to a 30 foot wall of flame not 20 feet from your window and having less than 30 seconds to decide what to take with you...in my case, my beloved kitty, irreplaceable photos of my parents, my purse and my briefcase--all tossed in the back of my Jeep while the fire trucks roared around me. Nine hours later (in 98 degree heat and 30 mph winds), I was able to go back to my saved home. Now I know what the phrase "knees buckle" means. For those who went through the Yellowstone fire, I have newfound respect. ---- And now life trundles on through a miserably, eye-poppingly cold winter...San Francisco is sounding better by the moment. Spent a week there last month and it was so enticing...definitely a city where this former NYC girl could live, especially with the gorgeous Pacific right at your feet. We shall see.
Getting ready for a ski vacation in Vail next month with some of my high school girlfriends, a trip hatched during our 40th high school reunion this past summer. Caution: do not chair your high school reunion unless you want to spend hours sleuthing addresses and contact info. There is no Homer to help. We did manage to gather more than 80 of us (out of a class of 150), so it was another trip down a different memory lane as former classmates came from all over the country to listen to the Beatles, the Four Tops, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, the Animals and generally marvel in the fact we were all still reasonably OK!  ---- From the year of the death of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King to Obama's inauguration, it has been an incredible journey. And once again, life is clearly taking more surprising turns. And so it goes. Steely Dan is on the radio with "Are You Reeling in the Years," which seems a more than appropriate place to end this missive. My love to all. I hope that 2009 is a happy and healthy year for everyone. If any of you get out this way, please give a call. I always love showing friends New York and all its wonders. ----  with love and hope,


Walker, Nancy (Andereson)
**OFI, 1967-71

Thanks for helping us re-connect. We’re enjoying the snow here in Salt Laake. The twins are 16 months old now, and make our family get-togethers more lively. I’m thanking God for good health & good friends.

Wilhite, Boliver “Bo” & Bobbie

Please send me a copy. Thanks, BO.


Wineman, Wade

Not sure that I can attend a reunion, but I would greatly appreciate receiving the newsletter! Thanks!


Wood, Chris (Lombard)

I want to make every effort from now on to come to the reunions as I missed so many in the past. Of course, should there be a financial or family reason, I would not be able to come out every time. Patrick is still shooting. He primarily shoots sporting clays, but he does it all--trap, skeet, international skeet, and sporting clays. He continues to get better and is now classified as a Master Class shooter.

Zimmerer, Jo Ann – see Hillard