Compiled by Homer Rudolf


Next YP Reunion at Old Faithful is scheduled for 2004 to celebrate the centennial of the completion of construction of Old Faithful Inn [it took place the WINTER of 1903-04]! Chuck "The Logger" Lewis has set the dates for July 1 - July 4/5. Lee Whittlesey, park historian, recommends that we make reservations early, since there will be a significant number of special events scheduled for the year, and things may be tight. In addition, there will be an early closing for the Inn, because of construction [?of the new visitor center]. The earliest date for making reservationS for Summer 2004 is May 1, 2003. Call reservations at "Xanterra Parks and Resorts at Yellowstone National Park" 307/344-7311. Let's tie up their lines that day!

Report on 2002 Reunion at Old Faithful

Ruth Leslie's, husband did a presentation based on his training program for current bus drivers in YP and she is one of the individuals who currently leads tours of the Inn. They are active historians of the park in general and solicit any information that you may have to contribute. She can be contacted at <ruthleslie@wyellowstone.com>.

Thanks to all who helped out with the past reunion IN GENERAL: Chuck "the Logger" Lewis, Sally Anderson Thompson, and Moon Mullins, PLUS Connie Thorpe -- for arranging the "historic presentation on YP , Kathy "Mac" Schoemaker -- for the T-shirt design, Bill Shissler for showing slides on Sat. night -- Bill Shissler and Sally Anderson Thompson for handling the logistics of supplying copies of the group shot at the "Deartracks Pow-wow" [I don't know about the rest of you, but I had to pay 69 cents postage due in order to get my copy. The envelope only had 23 cents postage on it! Sally, who do you know in the U.S. Postal Service?]
Pictures from Carl McMinimy, Kathy Harrison, Maggie Pitts Levy, Marilyn Bartignolli Thissen, Jeanne Chambard Leske, ???????
Gloria Lowe [post-reunion] sent me photos & an Employee Address Book for OF Lodge in 1966.

About 100 individuals, including spouses, children and friends, attended the reunion. We officially opened with a reception [hosted by Chuck the Logger] upstairs in the new Snow Lodge building. Nice facility, with a great balcony. Chuck used his Lottery winnings to fund the gig, said he couldn't think of a better use for the money. We thank you, Chuck....Friday we had a Pow-Wow at the Dear Tracks site [behind the O.F. Lodge Cabins, right on the Firehole River. Perfect weather, our usual campfire, while everyone enjoyed their BYO food and beverages, a little Yucca Flats, and lots of reminiscing. Great moon that night lot's of people got a good shot of it, while it was still light enough. Saturday evening we arranged to eat dinner in the Lodge Cafeteria, which serves a varied menu. There was a huge crowd, and the post-dinner entertainment was the "YP Then and Now" presentation by Mr. Leslie. Particularly neat was the aspect of showing a view from an old postcard, followed by a recent photo of the same view from the same vantage point [or as close as you are able to get to that point]. Sunday a bus was provided to drive people into West Yellowstone for the evening. Gave everyone the chance to have dinner where ever, loiter around town and pick up a last-minute reunion T-shirt. The days were filled with informal group hikes, touring the park, fishing, or just hanging around the Inn. A fair number managed to get lost during their night-time hike to Observation Point but, to my knowledge, there were no permanent losses! The reunion was a great success thanks to all of you who came, and all who contributed to it's success in whatever small way.


has suggested putting together a "MEMORY BOOK" for the 2004 Reunion people could write stories about: memorable hikes
favorite adventures that highlight the beauty and natural wonder of the area
their experiences working in the parK (including the wild and crazy variety but still printable)
pictures would be a must
She is willing to coordinate it. I suggested that we consider a CD-ROM, rather than a hard copy. She likes that idea, says it would cut down on the cost and production time (and save trees). She would be ready to start on the project in Fall 2003. Is there any interest out there? We need feedback now, so we know whether to go ahead with the project.

Yellowstone Park, Old West Trail & Travel and Tourism Industry Marketing Reunion
Friday, May 16--Sunday, May 18, 2003 Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and CabinsYellowstone National Park
Invited: Former Old West Trail Travel Directors, Past Old West Trail Presidents,Advertising and Public Relations Executives, Former
Yellowstone Marketing Staff and Interested Individuals within The Region.

The schedule (subject to change):
Friday, May 16: Arrival at your convenience.
Look for old friends along "The Trail".
Saturday, May 17: All day "Buffalo Bull Chip" Session.
3:00PM: Official Meeting
4:00PM: Reception Dinner
Sometime: Continuous Film Festival
Sunday, May 18:
8:00 AM: Breakfast Meeting
9:00 AM: Farewells, time for visiting Yellowstone.
Hotel Reservation: Make your own reservations early, with Tami Whittlesey at Xanterra, phone # 307-344-5518...Mention the "Reunion Room Block".
We will let you know the meal costs shortly. A cash bar is planned.
There will also be booth space available!

Mark the dates now for this historic and memorable event. Pack your "Tallest and Wildest Western Tales" and any memorabilia you
wish to share. Then "Blaze Your Trail" down The Old West Trails to this Reunion.
Let us know if you can attend. Contact:
John Olson
POB 225
Clarkfield, MN 56223 (for awhile)
ph: 320-669-7241 or cell phone: 406-698-2299
e-mail: jkogtm@wyoming.com

Hope you can join us,

Jim, Ron, Dick, Bill, John,


Have you all seen the Metamucil ad that features Old Faithful Geyser??? Seems as how the Park Service "uses Metamucil to keep Old Faithful regular." Quoting the article in the Richmond Times Dispatch of Jan 19, 2003: "The park responded to complaints with a letter saying that Procter and Gamble had not filmed the real Old Faithful or an actual park ranger and that the company was within its legal rights. But, the letter added, `This advertisement goes against all of the National Park Service's effort to encourage people not to put foreign objects into the thermal features.' [Suzanne] Lewis [the Superintendent of YP] also wrote to Proctor and Gamble, explaining that throwing things into the geysers could cause irreparable harm ... P & G had not responded to Lewis when a reporter brought her complaints to the company's attention... `You're kidding!' said Dr. Greg Allgood, associate director of the company's Health Sciences Institute. He said the company though the commercial `was so over the top that everyone would laugh.' He said the company had not received Lewis' letter or heard of such complaints. `Humor doesn't always work,' he said, `and we definitely apologize to anyone who was offended by it.'" By the way, the ad is still running I saw it a couple of days ago.

The Nov. 2002 issue of National Parks magazine had an article titled "History for Sale" [pp. 28-30] dealing with the sale of artifacts from our National Parks that are sold on the commercial market at prices beyond the reach of the NPS. The article includes illustrations of a number of interesting items from YP. This article is followed on p. 31 with "Keeping History Intact" which cites Jack and Susan Davis, of Bozeman, who recently donated their 30-year collection of postcards and other memorabilia associated with Yellowstone to the National Park.

Check out the February 2003 issue of National Geographic. The "Zip USA" feature for the issue is Driggs, Idaho! The "Spud Drive-in-Theatre gets prominent mention, along with a picture. [pp. 128-134]

A bit of "useful/useless" information from Natural History magazine [Oct. 2001, p. 62]. "On average, air temperature changes at a rate of 1oF for every 300 feet of elevation. Hope you're paying attention, Bob Shissler you asked me about this a couple of years ago!
The Snowmobile saga continues!!

Thanks to those of you who have contributed funds to support the Newsletter.

My own news appears with my entry below. Homer


Adams, Bob

205 Trail's End
Hamilton, MT 96753
Bob spent his winter vacation in Phoenix this year, where he met his son Jim & wife Gwen who were visiting their daughter.

John Adams - Roosevelt Lodge 1965-66 (I think!)
John and Sandra Adams
1360 Overlook Ave NW
Salem, OR 97304
(503) 585-9954
Please feel free to share with the Yellowstone folks. I looked into the web page a year or so ago and saw little sign of folks who were there when I was. Oh well, it's been a loonnnnggg time ago. I will send a follow-up message soon with some catch-up information. I retired recently, so am somewhat of a man of liesure. Sandra retired too and is attending graduate school. Lots of stuff has gone on with us.

Adams, Peggy
"Adams Chocolates" <adamschocolates@hotmail.com>
PO Box 216
West Yellowstone, Mt 59758
We have been up-dating our chocolate web site so it can now take credit cards.

Anderson, Jane
7228 Parsons Court
Alexandria, VA 22306
It has been a year of amazing changes, challenges, and blessings for our family! Jane is now the Deputy Fee Manager for the Recreation Fee Program for the National Park Service central office in Washington, D.C. It sounds very impressive and it actually is. It was a strong career move into a dynamic office that is managing all of the recreation fee programs throughout the NPS. She has the right sense of humor for the confounding D.C. bureaucracy and she's using most of her leadership skills.
Will finally listened to God's call to the ministry (after 5 years) and responded to a path that will hopefully lead to ordination as an Elder in the United Methodist Church. He's now the pastor at Faith United Methodist Church in Alexandria, going to school full time at Wesley Theological Seminary in D.C., working on a four-year Master of Divinity program. It is such a strange and wonderful gift to lead a congregation and preach every Sunday. (Zach is the only one in the congregation who openly falls asleep during Will's sermons.)
Zachariah is having a grand time as a third grader at the Montessori School of Alexandria. Soccer was a little intimidating this year on the bigger U10 field, but Zach quickly found his stride, scoring many goals and becoming quite the team player. He's a reading and writing fiend and quite the artist, able to sketch almost anything he creates in his amazing imagination.
We all got to go on a tour of the West Wing of the White House this fall. Zach got his picture taken standing in front of the Oval Office (that was right before the Secret Service officer told Jane she wasn't allowed to take pictures there). We're enjoying our second time in northern Virginia with hiking, museums, concerts, fun international restaurants, and trips to the beach. It's great to be in a place of such cultural diversity! Our dog, Magpie, seems a bit confused by the move from Colorado, but she loves chasing the big eastern gray squirrels.

Ayler, Mike

Baker, Gail
The reunion was great. I enjoyed seeing everyone. I am substitute teaching which is interesting as I am doing grades K-8 in every subject. I would like to be in a regular job to help pay the bills so I keep looking and waiting. The kids are great. Sarah is a junior at North Park University in Chicago, Betsy is in her second year at the Coast Guard Academy in Conn, and Ben is in the 7th grade. He keeps me driving for basketball, drum lessons, Scouts, and church youth group, but he seems happy. If anyone gets to the Washington, DC area, please call. I look forward to the next reunion.

Banks, Rite
<GBANKS4@cs.com >
We would like to get a copy of the newsletter. Thanks.

Beaumont, Ron
<RRBoards@aol.com >
Williamsburgh Road
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137
630 858 4666 Fax 954 827 2834
OFI 61, General Traffic Manager for YPC 62-67.
While I have no new news, I want to keep receiving the newsletter. John Olson, was at one time Dir. of Marketing for the YP Co. He and a couple of others are planning to organize an informal reunion comprising some of the promoters from YP management. His address is This may be of interest to you. You may wish to send him a past copy of the newsletter.

Beier, Denny
<beier@worldnet.att.net >

Bell, Ann [Ryan]
Homer, I don't have any news - unless you want to encourage people to be collecting and digitizing pictures for us to use in a reunion "book" for the next reunion. Thanks! I forwarded your e-mail to Brenda Groll Frederich. Hopefully she'll be contacting you.

Blankenfeld, Dick and Judy
[email received 7 July, 2003]: Homer Judy and I just this week returned from Yellowstone Park. A few of our friends, who we worked with and kept in touch with, planned a 40th year reunion. There were a total of nine of us and we had a ball. Stayed at the Lake Cabins as our base and toured the park and Jackson's Hole from there. Judy and I also had an early stay at OFI and thoroughly enjoyed the area once again. [NOTE: Their email address is no longer working anyone have an update???????]

Bradford, Linda [Fulford]
Linda (Fulford) Bradford
PO Box 12596
Olympia, WA 98508
Thanks for the notice. Yes, please keep me in the loop. Do you have any info on my German friend, Karla Lutticken? She was there with me at the Lodge in 1965 or thereabouts. Keep me posted. Looking forward to 2004.

Brickey, Al
10200 Belle Rive Blvd., # 127
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Note the NEW ADDRESS. Have a great holiday season. One of these years I have to get to Yellowstone for a winter visit.

Broadway, Andy
<Andy.Broadway@us.sanofi.com >
806 Princeton Road
Wilmington DE, 19807

Buckland, David
19425 Soledad Canyon Road, B421
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
1993-1994 food and beverage manager ofi mtwrs-amfac. Well I am now married have received my second masters in history with a MBA from UC Berkeley. I have a stepdaughter with three kids making me a 40-yr-old grandpa. In the last 3 yrs I received a pretty bad injury crushing my left ankle. During my convalescence I have visited all of America's national parks. and other battlefields and monuments including Waterton Lakes and the parks in Puerto Rico. I have been and am continuing to write my book on my experiences in the parks, including pre- and post-time as a tourist and in the three parks that I did end up working in and my law-enforcement pasts in the park. For those who think I might mention you, the names will be changed but the circumstances will be the same. I also visited the park in 1996 and 1999 as well. Magic Mountain is 9 miles a way and Disneyland is 61 miles away. I am a homeowner and just bought a 2001 Volvo v-70 t5 (the turbowagon) I especially look forward to hearing from the "pony express" crew at OFI in the summer of 1993

Bussey, Henry
PO Box 889
Lakehills, Texas 78063
Canyon Village, 1966
Homer: Good to hear from you. It was a pretty active year for me and our family. Our son, Hank (Henry, III) got married in March; our younger daughter, Marie, got married in Sept.; and our older daughter and her husband gave us our first grandchild in August. Marie also graduated from college and has started her own software consulting business (Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.) and I formed a new company as well (Institute for Therapeutic Research, Inc. dba Genesis Clinical Research). My company will be a private practice based research center to help evaluate different medication therapies. My wife, Debby, and I continue working on a number of projects around our house on Lake Medina that we moved to two years ago. She has retired but is very busy with church and other volunteer activities; but finds time to travel with me some. Best wishes

Cawrse, Joe
P.O. Box 424
Toledo, OR 97391

Chambard, Al
17704 Northeast 107th Court
Redmond, WA 98052
Well I finally did it! At the end of January I left Eddie Bauer. It has been a great 21 years, but now I am ready for something different. That "something" will initially be a "stay-at-home" dad. I will however, retain my title of CFO (but now it's Chief Family Organizer). Annie will be starting her masters program in psychology full time in the spring. She will be pretty focused on school for the next few years. For me this is a "piece of retirement"....it never made any sense to me that retirement was all bunched up at the end. I will likely work for money again some time, but right now I want to enjoy some family and personal adventures. With young children and Annie in school, I will have plenty to do. Emily is 8 and loves to ride horses. She has enjoyed her involvement with a Destination Imagination team project. Natalia is 2 1/2 and loves most everything about life and her toddler group. We are also host parents for Olga, a Ukrainian exchange student and junior in high school, who is living with us for the school year. This summer we are planning to take a long family trip around the U.S. or possibly Europe.

Collins, Linsey & Shelley [Ashburn]
<lslcollins@pop.mindspring.com >
2090 Pinetree Circle
Gainesville, GA 30501 770-536-4479
[from Shelley] Nothing new with us except Lindsey's new knee! We are all in school - Lindsey & Shelley teaching and Lacey's a sophomore at LaGrange College. We'll probably "summer" in Maine, but have no definite plans at this time. [from Lindsey] If you are looking for newsletter info I would love for you to let folks know how well my knee operation went. I am so pleased with the results. It has greatly decreased joint pain (there is no joint) but it has also given me back some muchly needed mobility. I highly recommend it.

Cooper, Lis
"doug and lis" <dougnlis@teleport.com>
2616 NE 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97212
Thanks for continuing to be our faithful town crier! It's so very useful, even for those of us (me) who don't take the time to contribute very often. I'm definitely planning on the '04 OFI reunion. What a marvelous idea to combine it with the 100 year celebration of the inn. It would be interesting to combine a few other numbers to compare with the inn's age -- like, our combined ages; the combination of total years worked in the park... stuff like that. Anyway, I'm still working away at the Oregon Dept of Transportation, more years away from retirement than I wish were the case -- always envious reading of the active retirement lives of others. I love travel - exotic and mundane -- from traveling to China, Australia, Africa to simply touring eastern Oregon or the Oregon coast, northern California. Doug Couch and I are certainly hoping to make the '04 journey, perhaps adding on a trip to the Badlands, an area neither of us has explored. Would welcome suggestions from those familiar with that area. Thanks for the reminder to keep ourselves active on your list, Homer.

Darnell, Laura and Carl
<ckdarnell@juno.com >
2049 King Mesa Drive
Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 270-8595
Fishing Bridge 1954 and 1955 - Wanted to let you know that Carl and I plan to back at Madison Campground as hosts, again this summer. We had to take a year off from our hosting because Carl was being treated for prostate cancer during the summer. He also had a stent put into one artery to his heart about this same time, so no Yellowstone. Then in December he had the same type of angina pain that brought him to the Cardiologist last summer. This resulted in a quadruple bypass procedure on December 20 and home on Christmas Eve. That was only 4 days in the hospital!!! It has been six weeks now and he is doing very well, so we hope to get to see you this summer. Keep us on the list for information. Thanks for all your work.

Davis, Don D.
1015 Bryan
Amarillo, Texas
Please send me the newsletter.

Dorn, Cathy
904 Palmwood
Boise, ID 83709
208 -376-9668
Homer - I appreciate all that you do. Not much new here - just work and some play - I went to see Dave and Linda Huffman in August as well as Sally Anderson then I saw Chuck in Sept down at Gulf Shores - when a hurricane was hitting the shores - have some great pictures - boy was that scary. Just got back from Hawaii and am on my way to Mexico for a cruise. So You can see I'm really working hard. My daughter Katie is going to have a baby in April - so I'll be a Grandma - how can that be, I'm not that old.....

Doty, Phil
Gee, still nothing to report from here in regards to YP or whatever. It looks like this will finally be the year that I retire from the U.S. Mint - probably in September or October. Darn, guess I will miss the reunion in July this year. But I sure can plan on the one for 2004 or 2005 then. I do appreciate the newsletter that you do and do want to remain on the mailing list. Mammoth '60-61, OFI '62 (storekeeper all years)

Eckert, Lisa
"Lisa Eckert" <leckert56@hotmail.com>
P.O. Box 991
Sundance, WY 82729
This is my news and I really appreciate your work on this. I have moved to Sundance, WY, where I am the new superintendent at Devils Tower National Monument.

Fortran, Nancy [Hilker]
<NancyArt50@aol.com >
I don't have anything for the newsletter this year, but want to get a copy.

Friedrich Brenda [Groll]
9824 S Salford Lane
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
Hello to all! On January 4th our year started off with a big wedding celebration for our daughter in Irvine, CA. We are happy to be back to Colorado, can only handle so much of the LA area. Hope to semi-retire in March. Have a GREAT 2003!
Gain, Rosanne Mammoth, 1967 OFI 1981
The big news is Bob and I bought a house this summer! It's in the southwest part of Colorado Springs a few miles away from the Broadmoor and with Cheyenne Mountain as our backdrop. We were thrilled to find a home with so many features we were looking for: it has a good sized home office for the "world headquarters" of Rosanne Gain Public Relations, a hobby area for my
sewing and drawing stuff, a den for Bob, a large enough garage for Bob's workshop, a darkroom and...a bar! Yes, we are calling it Bob's Bar and having fun finding pub type decorations for it. Stop by when you are in our neck of the woods for some liquid refreshment.

Gebert, Gary
I would like a copy of the newsletter. Not much has changed with me ( job wise and family wise ). Hope your holidays went well. Goose

Hanscom, John

Harber, Ed


Harrison, Kathy [McKay]
"Kathy M. Harrison" <kathymh@mindspring.com>
P.O. Box 276
Hailey, Id.83333
This summer was such a great time. It always amazes me how we pick up just where we left off as if the years between where never there. As always, you meet some people that weren't at the park during your years and also are able to enjoy their company. Thank you for all you do to keep the reunion and newsletter going. Shortly after the reunion, my mom passed away from mesotheleoma - a nasty form of lung cancer caused by asbestos. I was fortunate to be able to spend a week a month with her over the 8 month period since receiving her diagnosis. We all miss her terribly... This fall has been busy getting the last child prepared to move on to college. The drill with college applications and aptitude tests has been draining to say the least, but we are over that hurdle now. her high school soccer team managed to take 4th place in state, so we were also driving all over Southern Idaho for games. Next year will seem very different as Steve and I try to fill in the time spent on sports and kid things with all those things that we've put on the
back burner. We are hoping to get to the 2004 reunion. What a great time to look forward to! Thanks again for all you do -

??Hausen/r, Kathy
[attended Sat. evening dinner]

Hawkins, Sara

Hillard, Jo [Zimmerer]
<johillard@juno.com >
Not much to report from here but I would like to thank those of you who sent birthday cards to Mom (Evelyn Zimmerer) last October. She appreciated them. John and I are in Kansas City right now but will be going back to Livingston before the end of the month for a while. We took a trip to the park on Oct 9th, our 35th anniversary . We were married at the chapel in Mammoth and had such a gorgeous day and last year was very much the same - it was a beautiful day! We didn't see any bear but were quite surprised to see 2 mountain sheep just west of Tower Falls!

Holly, Susan
5300 Keller Springs Rd, #2060
Dallas, TX 75248
I was so sorry to have to miss the gathering last summer. My mother's health at the time was questionable, and I needed to be easily accessible. Luckily, all is well now. What a good idea to have the next reunion coincide with the OFI centennial! Am looking forward to seeing everybody in 2004.

Huffman, Cliff & Eileen
<Cliffofofi@aol.com >
Homer, Thank you for all of your efforts to keep a good thing going! It was great to see you last summer. I go to the Old Faithful live cam website almost everyday...as a San Diegan it at least gives me a feeling of the seasons. Hope all is going well...my best to you for 2003.

Huffman, Dave & Lynda

Hurt, Roberta [Scully]
3620 N. Wadsworth Drive
Boise, ID 83704-4371
Couldn't make the last reunion but possibly the next one.

Iona, Cal
4256 Vista Panorama Way, Unit 194
Oceanside, Ca. 92057
(760) 439 6917
I''m looking forward to the ""04"" July reunion. Always enjoy being in the vortex of Yellowstone country, sharing bear pit beers and stories, and fly fishing the streams and rivers. At the last reunion, Nat. Park Service closed the Madison and Fire Hole to fishing due to high temperatures and low water conditions. From information I gathered this year from Yellowstone savages in West Yellowstone, Colorado and New Mexico, this winter has not been good for the fishing waters of the west. Drought conditions continue to affect the west. So I''m hoping that the west gets some late heavy snow and rain this year and also in the winter of 03/04.

Irvine, Ginnie "Vermont"
< [NOTE: slight change in email address!]
428 Thayer Beach Road, #2
Colchester, VT 05446
Hi, to all you Yellowstone soul-mates! It was great to visit last summer, and better still to see some of you! In this crazy
warring world of ours, it's good to know that Old Faithful still erupts regularly, and that people still stand awe-struck the first time they see a geyser, The Inn, a buffalo, elk, etc. A friend of mine is bringing her young family to Yellowstone this summer, and I know that because of my stories, etc., they're going to stay at The Inn, see Old Faithful, and experience an unforgettable vacation that may change their lives as much as it changed ours!!
Life is not terribly wild and crazy with excitement this time of year for me...often I feel like work is a job, paperwork is a curse, and payday will never come! But then there are the ah-ha moments with just one kid, that let you know why you are here doing this NOW... We just made it through a nasty cold-snap, that makes me think longingly of spring and summer. My walks with my dog, Frasier, (a Jack Russell), were compromised...wind chills of 30 and 40 below zero make it hard to appreciate much except being warm!!! Anyway, we're back to 20 and 30 above zero and it feels wonderful!!! At this point I plan to return for the 2004 reunion, hopefully all of you will meet there, too!!! See you then! [from her Holiday card to me:] I got to Montana for a week this past summer ... and especially enjoyed the Yellowstone reunion and "pow-wow," and time hiking and relaxing with dear friends in the Beartooths! The West continues to dazzle me with it's beautiful mountains and wild flowers, but I do like the cozy comfort of New England, too! As a Special Educator in an elementary school, my work is never done, but I continue to improve in my timeliness for paperwork (maybe by the time I retire I'll have that mastered)! I took a reading course this past summer that was indeed challenging, but has helped me teach the most difficult to teach children better decoding and fluency skills.

Jones, Sally Seth
1301 Poinsettia Drive
Metairie, LA 70005
I worked at Old Faithful Lodge during the summers of '53, '54, and '55. That's when I first met Ted and all the others in Lee Kildow's band. I've been back to Yellowstone and the Tetons many times in recent years. I would look forward to a reunion and thank you for adding me to your mailing list. Thanks again, Sally

Keller, Larry
Wally Nixon got me on your mailing list and I always enjoy your updates even though I have nothing to contribute. So, please keep me on your e-mail list, but I'd rather not include a snail mail address. I know you put in a lot of time working on your project and just want you to know it's appreciated. Perhaps someday I'll find myself with something I wouldn't mind sharing. Just wish the whereabouts of more mid-60s Lake Savages were known so we could get together like the OFI group. Best Wishes for 2003,
Knotts, Dave
2343 Ridge Point Way
Boise, ID 83712

Knotts, Linda
1500 Shenandoah Dr.
Boise, ID 83712 (208) 381-0857

Lamb, Earl & Suzanne
<MistCabins@aol.com >
Hello from Earl and Suzanne Lamb- YNP- Old Faithful - 67-69- manager , gift shops. we now live in Townsend, Tennessee- just outside Great Smokey Mountain Natl. Park. We own Mountain Mist Cabins- rentals for tourists and honeymooners. Suzanne is a trauma nurse for the University of Tennessee hospital at Knoxville. I am a chemist -- was anyway until last year- for 25 years. We have 3 children-- one nurse-one teacher and one jet engine specialist. You can see the business @www.mountainmistcabins.com- married 36 years.

Lemaster, Mike
P O Box 156
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Saw Mike & Louis this past summer.

Leske, Jeanne [Chambard]
2001 Newport
Casper, WY. 82609-3803
Things, as of this writing, aren't too much changed for us. Cavin is still in grad school at the U. of Wisconsin getting his Masters in electrical engineering. He also holds down a part-time research job, and plans to graduate in December. I still teach Alpine skiing several days/week, and Al still delivers Meals on Wheels. Summer will most likely bring much hiking for me, as last year. I plan to help my mom in California move into senior housing when the units get built (nothing like putting all plans on "hold" for this -- who knows when it will happen). Hope to see you all in 2004!"

Levy, Maggie [Pitts]
201 Navajo Drive
Montgomery, Al 36117
Include me on the newsletter list. I may have sent you something a while back in a more lucid moment--probably photos. I hope you still have them. A few were really good. Our snail mail address has changed since we sold our house and are building a new one. (We have bricks! Not the ones I really wanted, but bricks nonetheless.)

Lewis, Chuck "The Logger"
<Chuckofi@aol.com >
Greetings Fellow Stoneheads... I enjoyed seeing so many of you at the reunion in July..It was a great adventure for Neil Payne and me from takeoff to landing. I appreciate everyone's attendance and help before and during the big weekend. I'm looking forward to the 2004 Reunion celebrating the 100th anniversary of Old Faithful Inn. The moonlight hikes to Observation Point await...whether we get lost en route or not! I'll be doing a good deal of land title work in North Mississippi over the next few months..Spending most weekends here in Meridian.. May 1, 2003 is the earliest date you can make reservations for the summer of 2004, so make a note...I'll see you there..

Lewis, Mary
She found my website worked at OF Lodge in 78. The email address is no longer working.

Lowe, John and Gloria

2175 E. Balboa Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282
NOTE: the new email address. Wanted to thank you again for all the work you did for the reunion. It was a great time we can hardly wait for the next one. John had back surgery, and is going to retire as soon as he is off sick leave. 25 years as a police officer is enough. Time to relax!

MacIntosh, Chris

After being laid off in spring 2002 and working various short term jobs, which I enjoyed in January 2003 I joined the International AIDS Society--USA in San Francisco, as assistant to the Executive Director. Nice group of people: the org's mission is providing continuing medical education to physicians on AIDS. Except for lack of money, I enjoyed being unemployed. I spent a lot more time birding and am getting gradually more knowledgeable. The Bay Area's had a lot of vagrants this winter, some of them easy to see ( e.g. brown booby: the local paper loved being able to headline their story "Booby Prize"). I'm still climbing -2 highest peaks in CO last July - and skiing, leading hikes - I'm getting a reputation as the "fungus woman" since I've interrupted several bird
watching outings to show folks the fungi. It's also important to me to keep after elected officials to support protection for the environment. I hope to be in Yellowstone next Sept. for a geothermal friend's birthday celebration.

Martinu, Pierre
P O Box 485
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Mautino, Bob
Hi, Homer: It was nice to hear from you again. Not much has changed in San Diego. The immigration law business has been heating up ever since 9/11, and when the Attorney General, Ashcroft, initiated a registration requirement for certain Middle Eastern people, our telephones started ringing off the hook. Whether you like or dislike Ashcroft and his policies, there is no doubt that his
policies have had a big effect on the immigrant population. People are worried about whether they are going to have immigration problems, even when they clearly have no problems. There has been a big rush to apply for naturalization by people who had been putting it off. And, of course, as of the time I am writing this, there is still Iraq, and I wonder if you and I are going to meet in Baghdad? Not much to report on concerning YNP and all of the Savages and former Savages. I suppose you will get more news about
that from other constituents. My daughter, Kathy (CV 1981, OF 1982), is still the Finnish Consul in San Diego, and the consular life still has its interesting moments. I will be in West Yellowstone for most of the month of August and part of September. Will I see you there? You can find me by contacting Pierre Martineau in West.

McIntire, Dave
2025 NW Elder St
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Homer, I'm not sure how far back your group goes, but I would like to report that I am still in touch with the Old Faithful band members of the 1951-1955 era. Most of us are around 70 years old now, but we stay in touch, at least with Christmas cards, each year. You may or may not remember that this band originally came from Dallas Texas, and most of us were attending SMU at the time. Actually, I worked in the Park (at Old Faithful Lodge) in 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, one month in 1956 (at Lake Lodge), and the summer of 1957. The SMU band was active from 1951 - 1955. There was another band from SMU that played at Lake Lodge during that period. Also, there was an earlier band from SMU that played at OFL in 1949 and 1950. Of course, most of the band members were either Yardmen or Porters during the day. You may already know most of this, particularly if you are in touch with Ted Winberg. Ted and I are still very close friends even though he lives in Arlington Texas and I live in Corvallis Oregon. We try to get together from time to time, usually at least once each year. I made a brief visit to the Park last September. It is still a remarkable place in spite of all of the tourist pressure and politics (snowmobile controversy, etc.). I spend a lot of time doing serious photography, so a trip to the Park always produces a few new negatives to work on during the rest of the year. Thanks for keeping the Newsletter going.
Best wishes for the New Year,

Millbrandt, Gaylord F.
11266 N. Eagle Landing
Tucson, AZ 85737

Mullins, Moon
2120 University Circle
Memphis, Tn 38112
To the ghosts of OFI, This Yellowstone Park thing just won't go away. There must be something to it...all of us scrambling to show up for gatherings of true and half-true stories and campfire songs that last for about one verse, then retire into laughter. It is fun for even those bitten by "Buffalo Gnats"...a small price to pay for this YP junkie. Will be back for the reunion in 2004, tho the participants deserve a better scout in search of a suitable place for the big dinner. I actually loved the slide show and hope someone can arrange that again, just in a different venue. There is not much news from Memphis as we endure all the hours until the next election. I thank Homer for all he does, and Sally and Bill for producing the group photo. Look forward to seeing all of you at the next roundup and those oysters lovers at the mini-reunion in June down at Chuck's place. He is an unforgettable character and deserves better than Trent Lott. ...til the next time. Call if you pass this way and need a place to stay, or a plateful of ribs.

Nixon, Wally

Novak, Sandy
I have a new position at Virginia Mason Medical Center, where I have worked for 24 years. I am now the Administrative Director for the departments of Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Separation and Loss, Asthma and Allergy, Rheumatology, the Dare Center and the Diabetic Teaching Center. Recently, I submitted some photographs to a contest sponsored by the City of Federal Way, geared to finding some photos to make into postcards for their tourism efforts. Two of mine were selected and have now been printed! And last, I just finished working with a contractor to build an art studio at our home. This is a dream room! Lots of light, storage and work space.....it's so lovely, I will even be able to entertain in it!

Olds, Michael & Shauna [Haywood]

Olson, John
< >

Payne, Neil

Pfaff, Howard
502 North 9th Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715

Rafael, Diana Kendall
682 Will Logan Road
Ozark, AL 36360.
334-445 6832.
I was at the reunion this summer - it was a wonderful highlight to my summer. I worked in the park at Old Faithful Lodge this summer. It was my first time back in the park since I worked at Old Faithful Inn in 1966. I am presently writing from the Lambs place in Tennessee. I came here to help Suzanne who just had surgery on her knee. I'll be here for at least one more week. When I get back home, I will start putting together a small home business as a Graphic Artist. I am looking for a seasonal job possibly on the East Coast, but will go only if my family doesn't need me during that time. I spend a lot of my time sitting with an elderly lady and helping my daughter, friends, and family. I really loved the reunion and seeing some of you that I had not seen in 33 years. Hey Moon, I was walking from the Hamilton Store to the Inn and remembered the song was Blue Moon -- we also howled at the moon during and after the song! There was a guy who played the piano in the Inn who played that song every night. I hope to come the to next reunion, but I don't know where my life will be then. I'll hear about it from the Lambs - we are in contact with each other often.

Raines, Brian
Jesse (16) and Katy (13) are doing well with academics, sports and music. Jessie is busy playing the Flugelhorn and trumpet, and active in tournament play with First Capital Volley Ball. His big news is that he's driving now that he has his Learner's Permit. He is also proud of the fact that he's now the tallest in the family, which isn't saying much in a genealogy that numbers it's fair share of half pints. Jesse will also play one of the leading roles in Guys and Dolls this February. Katy is setting new records for telephone talking and sleeping in. Her new thing is rock climbing at the local Climbnasium. She has also taken up the saxophone this year and continues with flute and piano. She's a very tough competitor on the soccer field and is looking forward to next year's high school team.
We had a fun summer with trips to the beach and a Wild West escapade from Mr. Rushmore through Yellowstone and Teton Country to our `ol stomp'n grounds in Utah. A trip to remember, but hopefully not our last, with the whole family. Interests and time demands are pulling us in so many different directions. We're sure you can relate.
Amy is finishing her 8th year with Welspan Health Systems. Her urban population base has been of particular challenge this year with preventive care and personal counseling. She now teaches 7th and 8th Grade Sunday School and continues to organize the contemporary worship services at church. Brian has made what he things is the final career change into home appraisal and real estate. There is still more school and apprenticeship ahead, but the long-term rewards will be worth it. He has also enjoyed the blessing of his Stephen Ministry this year with one-on-one Christian care giving to those in need of emotional support and encouragement. He's looking for hiking buddies! Any volunteers out there?!

Ribble, Lynn [Hadley]
8405 Mendocino Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

Riley, Cal
<SCalRileyCO@aol.com >
The only thing that I did this year was to go to Australia for 3 weeks in November (summer Down Under). While in Sydney, I competed in an International Swim Meet. Won a Bronze medal for the 200 meter freestyle. I was in Sydney for a week seeing the sights. Attached photo is moi with the Sydney Harbor Bridge in background. After Sydney, I took a 3 day train trip to Perth (about the same distance as from Jacksonville, Fl to San Diego, Ca). The train crossed the Nullarbor Plain which is 400 miles across and is so flat, treeless, rockless, etc. that the curvature of the earth can be seen. Stayed in Perth for 2 days, then flew back to Sydney and then to Denver. I spent Christmas and New Years in Palm Springs, CA. Had good, warm and sunny weather this year.

Roberts, Wendy [Traher]
505 N. Carrington Ave.
Buffalo, WY 82834
[received June 10, 2002} Homer, I found you while searching just for fun. My mother had told me she came across a former employee site while surfing. Anyway, I worked in housekeeping at Canyon Village in 77, 78 & 79, and still have some communications with others from the same time frame. I was living in Colorado at the time, and now live in Buffalo, WY. Most of the people on your list were in the park a long time before me. I have many pictures of employees, and some group pictures of P area luxury cabins where we all worked. Please put me on the recipient list, I do not have any news to contribute, unless you want a biography, not sure what I have sent you.

Rudolf, Homer
4819 W. Seminary Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227
Had a great time at the reunion. When I tell people where I'm going, they somehow don't really understand guess you really can't unless you've been a Savage yourself, or "married into the family." One advantage of doing the Newsletter is that I tend to hear from a variety of you off and on. Highlights of the past year: I attended a conference on American music in Lexington, KY in March, where I presented a paper. In April I led a Sierra Club Service Trip on Santa Cruz Island [northwest of LA]. 9/10ths of the Island is owned by the Nature Conservancy, with the other 10th being part of the Channel Islands National Park. We worked with the Nature Conservancy, doing trail maintenance and general maintenance at the headquarters. Beautiful place, great staff to work with, excellent accommodations [including showers & flush toilets], modern kitchens for the cook to work in. Will be leading the same trip again in early April this year. Trips already full [10 participants, plus the cook and myself], with 5 additional people on the wait list. After the reunion I headed to North Dakota, and, in addition to visiting friends a family, I attended a German-Russian conference where I presented a joint paper with another individual.
Ended up working "full-time" for most of the fall. Worked as music director for the musical "Gypsy" at the University. The Theatre Dept. has special money this year, so they decided to bring in a guest artist to play the lead of Mama Rose. It turned out to be Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland, and half-sister of Liza Minnelli. She was great to work with, the show went well, and her husband [who is a conductor and musician himself] ended up playing the piano in the pit orchestra that I conducted for the performances. Besides that, I worked half-time as Music Librarian from Sept 1 - Nov. 15, to help cover the interim between the retirement of the music librarian for 32 years, and the arrival of the new librarian. I was really glad when Thanksgiving arrived, and I got my "retired" life back.
Am spending most of my time working on a bicentennial project commemorating immigration of Germans [including all of my ancestors] to what was then South Russia [today's Ukraine & Moldava]. The first individuals to arrive for settlement in "my group of villages" came in 1804. So I'm chairing a nationwide committee that will be generating a book of about 800 pages, a CD-ROM with lots of statistical & genealogical information, reproductions of old photos & documents, etc. In addition, we have hired staff from Prairie Public Television [PBS] in North Dakota to produce a video documentary. [They have already produced three award-winning documentaries for broadcast on German-Russians.] All of this is supposed to be completed for distribution by July 2004, so we're aiming to have all our research and writing completed by late August of this year. I'm spending a lot of time translating old documents, reading old newspapers, writing sections of the book, scanning photos & documents, and doing coordination and general organizational work. Am learning a lot in the process.
Prairie Public Television has also decided to produce a video-documentary for broadcast on German-Russian music. They asked me to spearhead the project, & write the script - so that is slowly beginning to gear up.
I still get some information trickling in on Music in Yellowstone. May try to get that all organized to read a paper at the conference on American music about a year from now.

Rudolf, Paulette

Rumley, Steve
312 North California
Helena, MT 59601
Sorry to have missed the OF reunion this past summer, but am hoping to make 2004. I had an interesting year, in a Jeff Foxworthy way. A lot of it was spent working under cars. One son started the fourth grade, the other started at Montana State. I made two trips to the ER and to the Helena SurgiCenter with the 18-year-old, the result of 18-year-old male behavior. I participated in an intervention (not as the subject OK?) that was no fun for anybody, but darned eye opening. My wife received her Master's in Ed. She turned 50 the weekend of the reunion and I threw her a surprise party. The Blue Angels were in town that weekend too, but not because of her birthday. Watching them play chicken at 500 mph (or knots? whatever) makes you realize how dull your life can be sometimes.
Pat Olson and I are working on the next YP "Transportation" Reunion for July 18-21, 2003 at Mammoth. Ignore the "Transportation" part everybody is welcome and encouraged to attend. We are already getting a strong response now, and it should be a great time. For more info , contact me or visit:

Russell, Susan J. (Lake Hotel 68, OFI 69 & 70) & Carl McMinimy
23415 N Crescent Rd
Chattaroy WA 99003
(509) 238-4712
I'm still working with RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program), keeping seniors 55 & older busy volunteering. I've been doing it so long, I've had the opportunity to go through one whole generation of seniors almost...and now they're not so old! In fact my sister & my husband are signed up now! Chasing the federal dollars - a few years ago it was literacy, then environment...and now, guess what? volunteers in Homeland Security. We've been caught up in the "USA Freedom Corps" and all the flag-waving. (Have you signed up to do your two years of service yet?!) Carl is still working for DSHS (state welfare), now running three rural county offices north of us, bordering Canada. So he roams the north woods alot, enjoying the drive & the people & being out of the line of fire in the regional office where he was. Hard times in state government, the cuts are the worst we've ever seen. Of course, volunteers and faith based organizations will take care of things...won't they?! We continue to enjoy our peaceful ranch in the woods, with 2 llamas, one
big barking dog, one cranky housecat, and who knows how many barn cats. Life is good.

Ryan, Ann - see Bell

Ryan, Patti

990 W. Meander Ct.
Eagle, ID 83616
My news is that we have moved! We bought 4 1/3 acres about 8 miles from our old house. We remodeled the existing structure, using the Executive House at Mammoth as our inspiration. Turned out great!! What to do with 4 acres?? Maybe grapes, maybe fruit, maybe wildlife habitat probably a combo of all + a couple of ponds and a few extra animals! See you all in `04. I'll be retired!!
Sachatello-Sawyer, Bonnie
8671 Panorama East
Bozeman, MT 59715.
Count me in --I definitely want a copy of the newsletter. My contact information is still the same. I am also copying Laurie Simms on this email. As you may know, she launched the Yellowstone National Art Trust a couple of years ago. The two of you should meet next time you are here. There may be a collaborative project you might want to look at with the Inn's centennial celebrations. My best to you in 2003 -

Schoener, Linda [Huls]
6437 15th Street N.
Fargo, ND 58102-6020
I'm still teaching little second graders. The children are fun to work with, but can also be a challenge. There's 21 of them and 1 of me, and most of them need me NOW! My husband, Gil, and I live north of the city of Fargo, ND. We live alone the Red River, so we get a lot of birds, deer, etc. in our yard. We even had a big Tom turkey winter with us by staying on our deck. Of course we did help him out with lots of corn. Gil and I have our own customized Harley Low Riders. We are counting the days until it's warm enough to ride them again. 45 degrees is good! We rode them to the Yellowstone reunion last summer, and we had a great time. We already have some of our trips planned for the coming summer. We try to put on about 8000 miles a riding season, which can be very short here in ND, so we try to ride every chance we get.

Schultz, Linda [Rudd]
6471 Sw 7 St
Moorhead, MN 56560
Greetings from warm, snow-less Minnesota. Life's good. I went to Germany for a week of Christkindl markets. Off season is such a treat. The markets in the city squares are so wonderful. My husband, John , retired from teaching biology this spring, but will continue coaching girls' hockey for a couple more years. They're 4th in State 10 wins, 1 tie, 0 losses. Our son Todd finishes at USD in Journalism/History honors program in May. I'm still at Herberger's, a Carson Pirie Scott Saks Inc. dept store

Schwebke, Leon & Shr...
[attended the Sat. evening dinner]

Sexton, John - 63, 65 - Camper Cabins - Coffee Shop Fry Cook / Cafeteria Cook

Shaner, Don
PO Box 2800
Lot # 149 Pioneer Court
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
SHANE COME BACK. Don Shaner (aka "Shane") returned to Yellowstone during the summer of 2002 to visit his son Thomas, who was working at Grant Village. Shane worked at Old Faithful Inn from 1954-1963. The luggage cart that "Shane" used as a bellman was on the front porch at Old Faithful Inn as of last summer, and is called the Shane Cart. I am currently working for a junior college and am a retired school counselor. I keep in contact with Yellowstone Park in regard to the jobs for my students. If you know anyone who wants a job at Yellowstone, the site is The contact person is Beth Casey and mention that Don Shaner told you to contact her. If y ou would like to find out about other jobs in the area, link onto the web.
I have directories listing employees at Old Faithful Inn from 1958, 1960 and 1961. I would appreciate an email from anybody who worked with me during the years I was there. What fun it was! Remember when we wanted to clean the lobby we always shouted that "OLD FAITHFUL IS GOING OFF." Everybody would run out, and we would get the lobby clean. Hot potting was big then, if you remember that (dipping in the Firehole, where the hot water goes in from the hot springs). So long for now, looking forward to hearing from you.

Shissler, Bill
1695 Holly Ave.
Clovis, CA 93611
Really enjoyed last reunion and seeing everyone look forward to next one in 2004. Same address for now, but will change in a few months. Been doing some golfing, skiing, and working hard.

Shissler, Bob
Aloha Savages - Had a great time visiting with everyone at the last reunion - glad to have Gloria and John make it up from AZ - lots of folks that we haven't seen in some time - Pam and Steve - I have to laugh every time I think of driving up and not quite making it over the pass! Look forward to seeing you next summer - And Eileen Huffman too - it was nice that you made it this time. Tom & Kardie Ulvin and I saw one of the most unbelievable hatches on the Yellowstone while we were throwing hooks and feathers - the beer was the catch of the day! Next time too . .
Speaking of the next time, am planning on a camping trip in the Wind River two days after the reunion, probably start on the 7th or so. Thought we might set up a camp up at the campground at Elk Heart or Scab Creek and do things out of there - am trying to arrange a float down the Green River from a ranch outside Pinedale - might be fun to get a couple canoes and have a fishing contest and general see sighting venture - everyone is welcome. Or do a pack trip into a lake and camp for a week. Something outdoorsy anyway - Take care - thinking of you folks often.

Shoemaker, Kathy "Mac"
[designed the reuntion T-shirt]

Short, Rich
[attended Sat evening dinner]

Silver..., Allison
[attended the Sat. evening dinner]

Simms, Laurie [see Bonnie Schachetello?!!}

Sinclair, Jane

attended the Saturday dinner during the reunion.

Sobolik, Jim
Homer, Got your card about the newsletter. My family attended the 1999 summer reunion (OFI). I would have liked to attend the summer 2002 reunion but missed it. I would like info on who was there. I'm still teaching sixth grade. In this day and age, enlightening the minds of the young is getting to be quite a challenge. I enjoy reading the newsletters and would really like a copy.

Sommers, Pam [Gillespie]
PO Box 22
Emigrant, MT 59027
It was a wonderful reunion, and great to see everyone. I wish Evelyn [Zimmerer] could have been there, but I told her about everyone. [NOTE: Pam frequently stops in to see Evie and brings her flowers, etc.]

Stachon, Ray
Well here it is almost a year sense I retired from my job and I'm not doing much just puttering around my house fixing up this and that, traveling a little but not enough as I would like. Would like to go back east this spring to visit some of you. Last spring went on a Cruse with my sister, brother and dad thru the Panama Canal and after my brother and I went on to Mexico and Guatemala , a great trip would like to go back some time. Last summer's trip up to Yellowstone was also a great time and may go back up this summer and around the northwest, maybe up to Alaska. Not really looking for a new job but if I could find something part time to keep busy would be nice. Take care

Stevens, Mike
1866 Charing Court
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Homer, I will have a PO box this summer in Yellowstone. It will be Box 2002, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190. Since I will be in the park for the summer I hope to meet with you folks for the reunion. I would like to be as informed as to the details as possible especially since I missed my previous chance. In the park a message for me could be left at the Old Faithful dispatch office of the Xanterra transportation department just east of the employee pub. I expect to be employed for the 21st time as a summer seasonal in the park in 2003. It should be my 6th year as a tour guide for the company now called Xanterra. My update is to say that even though the waterfall book has been published Lee Whittlesey and I have continued to search for and find more hidden waterfalls in Yellowstone. We have received some very welcome help and we have done some more of our own searching. We now know of at least two dozen lovely falls that we did not know about when we published. Last summer the Discovery Channel made a program on Yellowstone with Tom Brokaw that had a segment featuring one of the waterfall book authors. They chose Lee, but I did get to tag along by keeping on the wrong side of the camera. The program should air in the spring of 2003. Thank you again for what you have done and are doing.

Sutton, Vickie

Thissen, Marilyn [Bertagnolli]
2701 "F" Street
Greeley, CO. 80631
The last year has been a good one, for the most part. The reunion was definitely the high point, so many wonderful people. It was so nice to see Ed [Harber] again after all these years. And yes, Molly's are a challenge. Ray, it was fun to visit and get to know your lovely lady friend. Neil, hope you are having a great year, look forward to seeing you again in 04' and catching up. Cathy Mac, we ended up buying the Polo pony from CSU that we took home to rehab.. It's been a challenge to "try" and get her long and low for dressage instead of high and hollow for polo. Calvin, so nice to keep in touch and get some encouragement for all of my "pursuits". Chuck, thanks again for all of your hard work, looking forward to some "legal" time in the Bear Pit.
Still traveling, have been to Costa Rica twice since the reunion, planning on going again in May. Heading to Maui in the beginning of March . Went back up to Jackson in Sept. to take pictures and had a great time photographing the moose; colors are so beautiful in the fall in the Tetons. I've been trying to get a small business off the ground with my photography, Ciao', MB, spending a lot of my time getting my stuff together for that and getting more material together. Along with the guitar (?) learning Italian and brushing up on my Spanish, and going to Crested Butte to visit Hil, I've been busy. The holidays from Thanksgiving to after New Year's were a blur, surgery laid me up for a few months and am trying to get back in shape for skiing and hiking since then.
The girls are great. Molly starts Therapeutic Massage school on the 3rd of Feb. CSU wasn't her thing, doesn't like to color inside the lines. Still in Ft. Collins, riding and enjoying the "freedoms" of being 21. Hilary is still in Crested Butte, until April maybe? Then a summer park job, she hopes, then off to grad school somewhere. Right now Bozeman is looking like a first choice, but as all of you parents out there know, this could be changing as I write. It was wonderful visiting with you all, Gloria and John, pretty much like old times. Even. L.B was there to complete the picture. Back at ya' Have a wonderful year, lots of time outdoors and good friends.

Thompson, Sally [Anderson]
Hi there - no news for the newsletter, but I do want a copy - and am SO GLAD that you are doing it!!!!! Maybe see you in June - P.S. Do you know why the Inn is closing on 8/31 this year? Maintenance maybe? [?New visitor center contruction --- hr??]

Tiede, Mark

Turnbull, Lawrence
Apt. 1932
2793 Windsor Ln. SW
Tumwater, WA 98512
[attended Sat. evening dinner]

Uhler, John
Hello Homer, It is good to hear from you. Carlene and I enjoyed our visit with the savages last year. It was a highlight of our
summer. [John maintains the `Total Yellowstone" website. He & Carlene attended the Fri. Pow-Wow]

Ulvin, Kardie & Tom
15615 Gllencrest Ct.
Spokane, WA 99208
Tom and I would love a copy of the newsletter. We don't have much news either. However, some folks from the past probably don't even know we have 2 grown daughters. Our oldest, we are happy to announce, is graduating this spring from the
beautiful country of Montana (Montana State U in Bozeman). She is graduating in Industrial Engineering, and will head somewhere into Rocky Mountain country. The younger daughter is a "ski bum/student" in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (Now, I wonder where she got those tendencies!!???) Tom and I are well and happy and looking forward to the next reunion with hopes that we will see long lost friends, as well as those that we have kept in touch with over the years.

Valenze, Ginny
<Gvalenze @aol.com>
Virginia A. Valenze
Global Public Relations & Advocacy Development
phone: (908) 901-8774
fax: (908) 901-1874
Thanks for the reminder about your gratefully appreciated labor of love. Given what's going on here in Big Pharma Merger Land, it's a pleasant distraction. The past year has been a roller coaster for me: elation over finally becoming a permanent employee of Pharmacia as a public affairs director in their oncology area, only to learn on July 15 (just before our terrific reunion and just after I'd made an offer on a house--since rescinded-- only two days before) that my company had been acquired by Pfizer. Since then,
it's been a perpetual Limbo Land as we wait for the takeover deal to be closed. Originally slated for Nov. 15, we're now told "hope to close by March 31." Although there are positions available, I'm not interested in a 2-hour commute to NYC (where Pfizer is located--ironically only one block from where I lived for 16 years...who says you can't go home again?), nor do I relate to that particular corporate culture. So, once again, I'm looking for new opportunities--along with about 40,000 of my colleagues. Bottom line: takeovers are not fun, even with good severance packages. Spent most of the latter part of the year logging about 25,000 miles in the
air and managed to break my foot and severely sprain my Achilles tendon after getting accidentally pushed off a rental car bus (yes, I have this thing about breaking my feet!) in Florida. It made my Thanksgiving vacation in Colorado a real experience...obviously, no skiing then, but I hope to get out there in March.
And of course when it rains, it pours. I finally, finally ended a seven-year relationship with my significant other, so I'm feeling rather free at the moment and actually very optimistic about brave new worlds, wherever they may be. I'm very happy here in New Jersey...lots of great friends, too much to do with NYC only 40 minutes away...so most likely I'll stay around here. Fortunately, there are still jobs in pharmaceuticals and since most of the majors are located right here in the Garden State, hopefully one of them will have a place for me. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I'm busy planning a cruise with my college roommates to celebrate (and not necessarily in priority order): Last Kid (Finally) in College, Second Husband Divorce, Significant Other Finally Finished, Now We're All Fabulous 50. I hope the Caribbean is ready for us! At any rate, I hope you're well and that this year finds all of us happy, healthy and ready for the next YP Reunion. It was so good to see everyone again and to be in that incredibly peaceful place. A shot of the Firehole River at sunset sits on my credenza where I can see it as I type this email. It gives me enormous comfort, knowing that there is great beauty and tranquillity out there, along with memories of some very unusual and special people.
If anyone gets out this way, please be sure to call. All the best,

Walker, Linda L.
PO Box 29508
Santa Fe, NM 87592
Homer, please continue to keep me on the list

Wauer, Arlin
9897 NE Benton St.
Newport, OR 97365

Whittlesey, Lee
<Lee_Whittlesey@nps.gov >
Homer--You might want to put out another announcement telling people that they should make reservations early. The 2004 celebration is already crowded I'm told. And too, I'm told that there will be an early Inn closure that year for construction and that might affect bookings. You might even want to call someone in Reservations and ask them how crowded it is then and what the deal is with the early closing. I would be interested in a copy of the newsletter for the park archives. My only news is that my title has changed from Park Archivist to Park Historian.

Wilhite, Bo
PO Box 160
Walhalla, SC 29691

Winberg, Ted

3711 Astoria Dr.
Arlington, TX 76013
Please keep me on the list! Ted N. Winberg '51-'54 Please add to your list Sally Seth Jones 52-54:

Wolfersberger, Wayne
Don't have a news story but do keep me on the list. Thanks,

Wood, Chris [Lombard]
Hi Homer, I would love to receive a newsletter and I am mulling over whether to contribute to it. I will let you know in the next few days. Thanks so much, Chris Lombard Wood

Zimmerer, Evelyn
3175 Graf St., #204
Bozeman, MT 59715
See also the entry for Jo [Zimmerer] Hillard. Lot's of us took time before or after the reunion to stop in and see Evie Zimmerer in Bozeman. She was a "sassy" as ever [still managing to put everyone in their "correct" place] and enjoying life to the fullest.

Zimmerer, Jo [see Hillard]