YP Newsletter 2002

Compiled by Homer Rudolf

-!- 2002 Summer Reunion, Old Faithful, July 19-21 -!-

Thanks to all of you who made financial contributions to offset the costs of producing the newsletter it's a big help!

You will all be interested to know that AMFAC, the current YP concessionaire, does not serve Chilean sea bass, bluefin tuna, Atlantic swordfish, or shark a response to concerns about over-fishing. [According to "Audubon" magazine, Nov-Dec 2001, p. 16]

Don Shaner informs me that he has a good friend working for AMFAC, by the name of Beth Casey, who is Director of Human Resources. She is particularly in helping children and friends of former YP employees in the application process for summer employment with AMFAC. If you know someone who is seeking employment in YP for summer 2002, contact her at

Through Beth Casey, Don has also been able to arrange for two reservationist contacts for those of you who still want to make room reservations at Old Faithful for the reunion of July 19-21. Call 307/344-5566 and ask for Lillian or Debbie. Be sure and tell them that you are with the YP reunion group. Things are selling out, so don't delay!

If you want to stay in the West Yellowstone area, Don has a contact at Sportsman's High Vacation Rentals located 8 miles out of town, on the Idaho Highway. They have cabins that accommodate 8 or more people. Call 406/646-7865, and ask for Diane. Again identify yourself as being part of our group.

You can also go to the following West Yellowstone website for a listing of hotels & motels, with telephone #s, rates, etc.

Laura Darnell provided the following information. For those of you who are interested in keeping up with events in YP, you can subscribe to the "Yellowstone Net Newsletter." Check out

I purchased several interesting publications while in West Yellowstone last summer:
Rubenstein, Whittlesey & Stevens [our own!]. The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery. Englewood, CO: Westcliffe Publishers, 2000.
Schreier, Carl, ed. Yellowstone: Selected Photographs, 1870-1960. Moose, WY: Homestead Publishing, 1989.
Dittl, Barbara & Joanne Mallmann. Plain to Fancy: The Story of Lake Hotel. Boulder, CO: Roberts Rinehart, 1987.
Barnes, Christine. Great Lodges of the West. [OFI is on the cover!]. Bend, OR: W. W. West, 1997.

Please support the following two establishments run by former savages in West Yellowstone:
ADAMS CHOCOLATE [Peggy Adams Bob's daughter proprietor. Located right next to the Playmill Theatre]
THE BOOKWORM BOOKSTORE [Scott Clewell proprieter. 14 Canyon St.]

Websites you may be interested in:
[ part of John Uhler's Total Yellowstone Page]
[Steve Rumley's YP Reunion Page, plus pictures, etc.]
[my YP page]
[U.S. Geological Survey maps can be downloaded from this site]
[maps & touring information -- Eddie Bauer is a participant]
[information of national parks & forests [area description, maps, trails, campgrounds, message boards, climate & weather, operating hours, seasons, fees, addresses and contact information]

My News ....
I'm now in my second year of retirement, and have not had a single moment of regret. Have more to do than I have time for, so I get to pick and choose -- and sometimes choose to do nothing! Did a fair amount of traveling this past summer. I attended a conference in Trinidad in late May [went early and stayed late], another conference in South Dakota in July [went early, stayed late], then joined Bob Shissler, Cal Iona, & Marilyn & Tim Thissen for a horsepack trip into the Wind River Mts. just after Labor Day. Snow the first afternoon & night, great weather after that. Also saw Tana Rogers in Pinedale. Beautiful place, great friends! Went through the park to West Yellowstone saw lots of Buffalo between Madison Junction and West. Saw Bob Adams, his daughter, Peggy, Pierre Martinu and Mike Lemaster & his wife there [plus Cal joined us too]. Fishing wasn't great, but it was a terrific time to be there. Went on to Bozeman and saw Evelyn Zimmerer had lunch with her, and took her out to dinner. She's doing well, loves to hear from friends so please write her! Then went through North Dakota to catch a nephew's wedding at the end of the month.
Worked with the incidental music in the University Players production of Berthold Brecht's "Mother Courage" in the Fall, and will be working with the "new summer stock program" of the Theatre Dept. in June of this year. Will be doing Sondheim's "Company." My biggest project is chairing a nationwide committee working to produce a book, video documentary and CD-ROM to observe the bicentennial of the initial immigration of Germans [including all of my ancestors] to villages northwest of Odessa, Ukraine. Still am leading Service Trips for the Sierra Club [groups of volunteers on a working vacation, doing projects in National Forests, Parks, etc.]. This year my trip will be with the Nature Conservancy on Santa Cruz Island, off the coast near Los Angeles, shortly after Easter. Looking forward to the reunion!
Homer Rudolf


Adams, Bob
[Note from H. Rudolf] I saw Bob this past September. His daughter Peggy and I drove up to Hamilton to bring him back to West Yellowstone. Cal Iona joined us, and the three of us had a couple days of good fishing [but lousy catching!]. He is doing fine, just getting forgetful, like all the rest of us "old farts."

Adams, Peggy
Daughter of Bob she and her partner, Phil, have opened "Adams Chocolates" at 27 Madison Ave., in West Yellowstone, right next to the Playmill summer theatre. If you're into chocolate, check out their website at: [they ship orders for their exceptional chocolate nationwide]. And be sure to stop in next summer! I had dinner with at their apartment with Bob and Cal a very pleasant evening. She cooks as well as her Mom! [HR]

Anderson, Jane
Greetings from Cortez, CO. We have been blessed by another year of good health and good fortune. It wasn't a big year for family travel, but we did return to the Rainbow Trout Ranch in south-central Colorado for a week or riding and fishing in August, followed by an exploration of Great Sand Dunes, Curecanti, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison,. We had a delightful hiking weekend in Arches National Park just before Thanksgiving. Camping and hiking make us happy just about anywhere we do these activities. Jane is in her last year of her stint as Project Manager for the Save America's Treasures Program at Mesa Verde, riding herd on archeologists and historic architects and computer wizards. She was featured in a segment on the National Geographic Today program.
Will is still enjoying the challenges of his position as Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services at Mesa Verde. The role of Public Affairs Officer has been especially rewarding this past year in the aftermath of the wildfires of 2000. Like Jane, he's looking around for the next opportunity for professional growth. Both of us are enjoying becoming more active in the church and the local community. We were co-coaches for Zach's soccer team, the Dolphins what fun!
Zach is the constant reminder for us of the joy and wonder of this world. It is a gift to share life and learning through his eyes. Hiking, horse riding, soccer, bike riding on our local BMX track, and the nightly wresting match with our dog, Magpie, are all big activities in our household. Southwest Colorado continues to be a wonderful place to live and grow as a family. Mesa Verde is a place of magic and wildness in a world that seems to need more of both. If your travels take you this way, please call us we'd love to share this place with you.

Ashburn, Shelly see Collins

Anderson, Sally see Thompson

Baker, Gail

Thanks for all the work you do on this letter. I really appreciate it. This has been an interesting, exciting, scary year for me. I am a new homeowner, full-time bread winner, single parent, and just enjoying this precious life that God has given me of health and happiness. No wealth but who needs it!? My house is open to anyone who needs a place to stay in the DC area just call me.
I am working in a law firm but I hope to be teaching or ???? by March. The kids are great. Sarah is in her sophomore year at North Park University as a graphic design major and she keeps busy with track/field by throwing disc, shot, hammer and etc. She still plays the violin and is in the school orchestra. She is lucky to have several cousins at NPU. Betsy is in her first year at the Coast Guard Academy. She is working hard with learning the military routine and academic challenges. She participates in sports as she was on the crew team in the fall and now she is pole vaulting for winter/spring. Last summer she enjoyed sailing on the Eagle, the tall ship.
Ben is in the 6th grade and he keeps me young as we play all sports or watch games on TV. He is a Sports Nut by reading all sports magazines he can get his hands on and trying to play anything and everything. He is learning the drums. He enjoys playing with Ethan, our neighbor who is 3yrs. He is looking forward to a trip to Old Faithful with me this summer. Hope everyone had very blessed and safe holidays. I am excited as I know I will be in OFI this summer with special friends. Take care. See you in 6 months

Banks, Rite

Barkencht, Mary
This year has been an unforgettable one for those of us who live in New York and as I walked past the World Trade Center today the enormity of what has happened again struck me. I hope that the world will be a more peaceful, just and compassionate place in the future and that each of us can make a contribution toward that end. This year has flown by quickly with the many projects I was involved in, including organizing voluntary simplicity discussion groups and salons, conducting workshops, organizing an environmental program for a neighborhood Montessori school, teaching a class at the Open Center, and continuing to publish a biweekly online Newsletter. In addition, I became very involved in the Car Free Central Park campaign and collected 8,000 signatures over the summer. Gardening in my neighborhood with my community garden, the NY Public Library and the NY Horticulture Society as well as maintaining my back yard and my street with blooms took lots of time too -- all of it very enjoyable.
I also served as the volunteer coordinator for the annual Bike NY event which features 30,000 bicyclists who ride 42 miles through NYC each May. It is always a lot of fun to work with the staff and volunteers and I had a great time organizing our valuable
volunteers. In spite of my many volunteer projects, I found time to enjoy what New York does best -- culture, and lots of it; I spent the summer enjoying Shakespeare in Central Park, including the famous (or infamous) production of the Seagull for which I got up at 3 am and waited in line to get tickets (the first time I've slept in Central Park and seen the sunrise -- a lovely sight indeed!); the
Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera in Central Park, great concerts at Summerstage, Lincoln Center Out of Doors during the
month of August, and hundreds of concerts, theater and dance performances, as well as gallery openings, readings, lectures,
conferences, seminars, and museum and gallery exhibitions.
I did lots of biking in Central Park and along the Hudson River on the new and wonderful Greenway which stretches the entire length of Manhattan along the river. I have been awaiting its completion for over a decade and it is really wonderful to ride along the river and enjoy the views. A lovely two week stay on Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico in January/February and 10 days in Chapel Hill, NC and the Outer Banks over New Year's

Beaumont, Ron
The only news I can give you about myself is that I am still consulting for the travel industry, currently South African Tourism and Choice Hotels International.

Bell, Anne Ryan
I finally made reservations for the reunion - there were hardly any rooms left at OFI! Our family is looking forward to the trip - our 13 year old (Kevin) was looking through an old National Geographic celebrating 100 years of Yellowstone and the National Parks. (the year after I worked there). We realized this year it's 130! (ought to be cause for some sort of celebrating!) Kevin doesn't remember much from earlier trips, so we're hoping to do a whirlwind tour of the park for him and brother Nathan (15) (our 20 year
old, Ryan, will probably be busy earning lots of money for college. He's enjoying University of Denver.) I enjoyed seeing Margaret Pitts Levy this fall in Denver. The Denver Post ran an enticing article Dec. 30 about Yellowstone in winter. I still hope to ski past the geysers some day! New year's blessings to all. Anne Ryan Bell ['71 - audit clerk (I think that was my title)]

Bishop, Bill
Homer, by all means send me the snail mail version: after all, it pays the bills for me. [NOTE: Bill works for the U.S. Postal Service HR]

Brewster, Gloria see Lowe

Brickey, Albert B., Jr.

Hi Homer Just a quick note to give you my new address. I waiting to see if I get an interview with SKYWEST Airlines. If all goes well, I'll get based out of Denver and fly the EMG-120 Brazilia, which is a 30 passenger turboprop aircraft. However, within a year I would "fleet up" to the regional Jet. Fantastic aircraft. Time will tell. Take care, and thanks again for your efforts on the YP newsletter. Al.

Bussey, Henry
Homer: Again, thanks for your work in doing this. The news here is that we moved out of San Antonio to a new houseabout 30 miles up in the Texas Hill Country. It is a beautiful setting and the house is one that my wife, Debby, and I designed ourselves. We also did a lot of the interior work as well. Family news includes our son's plan to get married at the end of March, 2002, our older daughter (Kristin) is due to give us our first grand child at the end of July, and our younger daughter (Marie) will graduate from the U. of Texas School of Business in May.

Carter, Tom
Tour Guide 73-78, OFI Reunion 1996. Author of Day Hiking Yellowstone, Day Hiking Grand Teton NP, and Day Hiking the Wind River Range is closing in 4,000 miles hiked in the Greater Yellowstone. Last summer taught a Yellowstone Institute day hiking course. This April, Tom is hosting a Greater Yellowstone Coalition membership building event in his home town of Dallas. He returns to the park every year for two weeks around Labor Day. Give him a call if you would like to hike next summer.

Cawrse, Joe 57-58 Mammoth, Laundry; 63 OF, Laundry; 64 Fishing Bridge, Laundry Manager
Well I don't have much to say. My sister Mary worked in the laundry at Old Faithful in 1954 through 1956. She then worked at Mammoth for two years, one year was with the laundry and the other was in the "Gear Jammer" mess hall. My brother Frank at Mammoth in 1958. Guess where? -------- The Laundry! Both Mary and Frank are deceased. But, I guess some of their experiences rubbed off on me. I have written to a few of the employees whose names and address I have, but I never received an answer from them. Gloria and I hope to make the reunion this summer and hope to see a few of my friends there. This is about all I have for this time and hope to hear from you later. I'm looking forward to receiving the news letter update via snail mail.

Chambard, Jeanne see Leske

Chambard, Al
Looking forward to the reunion this summer. I may be solo or with family. All is well here, except that bad business at Eddie Bauer and the responses to it are making for some long work hours for me. Annie is starting to take prerequisite classes so she can go back to school for a masters in psychology. Emily is a second grader and enjoys horse back riding and skiing. Her main school interest is "swinging the rings" at recess, an activity she has taken to an art form. Natalia is 18 months, enjoying toddler activities, especially music. Her current objective in life is to reach the highest point in any room that she enters. For far she has had only one trip to the hospital for stitches.

Clewell, Scott '74, '75: OFI waiter, '76: OFI & Canyon bartender, '77, "78: OFI bellman,
Winters of 75 - 79: Old Faithful Snowlodge bartender.
Homer, Thank you for doing the newsletter and all the many other neat things. Thanks also for patronizing my wife and my bookstore this past year. I noticed while going thru credit card receipts of the day that your name was on one of the cards - I doubt if there is another Homer Rudolf passing thru Yellowstone Country. We have the Bookworm Bookstore in West and opened it in
the Spring of 1989. After working in the Park in the Seventies I simply never made it farther than West Yellowstone and have been here ever since. Hoping to see you this coming reunion.

Collins, Linsdey and Shelly [Ashburn] OFIers'(late 60s-early 70s)
Lindsey teaches middle school history. Shelley teaches advanced ESOL(English to Speakers of Other Languages) to 2nd and 3rd graders. Daughter Lacey is a freshman at LaGrange College in LaGrange, GA. Lacey will hopefully be working in a nat'l park this summer, either Acadia or Yellowstone. Last summer she worked at Jordan Pond House in Acadia where we have worked off and on for many summers. Lindsey and Shelley are planning a trip to Italy in June. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

Doty, Philip C.
Got your two emails today and will get an answer right to you. Sure wish I had some news to add to the newsletter, but at the moment I seem to be fresh out.

Fenner, Mary
Hi Homer Happy New Year. Good of you to devote your time and efforts to the Y.P. Newsletter. I have so many wonderful memories of my time there, and many friends. I hear from JoAnn and Evy Z.. Also Cal Riley and O. J. Weeks.. It was good to get your note. I always send Evy Z. a birthday card. We have been friends since Y.P. We always tried to get our days off together when we were there, so we could go on little trips. I had my 87th birthday this year am in pretty good shape I do get about with the aid of a walker. Good luck with the newsletter! Love and a HUG! Mary Fenner.

Fortran, Nancy Hilker
I still live in Parker, Colorado and this s my 21st year teaching Visual Arts. I am currently teaching middle school, and I must say this age level is a challenge. I have been married to Guy for 24 years this May.
Last November I was a guest of the Japanese government. Two teachers are selected from each state to study in JAPAN. The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund allows 200 teachers to visit this amazing nation. Only one out of twenty-five is selected, so I feel quite blessed. We spent 7 days in Tokyo and then were divided into groups of 20 and sent to different prefectures or states. Our group was based in Hirosaki in the North. When we returned home we developed projects, and mine was a web site on Japanese textiles. The address is
http://www.aps.k12.co.us/north/nancyf . Last summer I went to Costa Rica to study the various types of rain forest. This summer I will be spending 18 days studying the art of China.

Gain, Roseanne
Dear former YP employees: Here's my holiday letter, which pretty much brings you up to date on what I've done this year.
In checking Homer's web site, I came across a couple of old photos from Bob Adams' 25th at Hebgen Lake (summer of '81) and although I'm not in those particular photos, I was there. I especially liked the photo of the four in message T-shirts, especially the one that said, "I Slept in Bob Adams Bed"! I laughed out loud! I worked in the Bear Pit Lounge that season with Uncle Bob and remember his pithy sayings, such as, "You can stay in my room while I'm in West, but for G--'s sake, change the sheets, I don't want to find no p----r tracks when I get back!"
Also, for anyone who might have worked at Mammoth in '67, do you remember when the wait staff and Rosanne from the Circus Lounge used to sing to distract the customers when the kitchen got backed up? Remember "Has Anybody Seen My Food" sung to the tune of "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?" Happy New Year!

Holly, Susan
Hope everyone is enjoying a happy new year. Am looking forward to the reunion. See you all in July!

Haywood, Shauna see Olds

Hilker, Nancy see Fortran

Hillard, Jo
John and I spent quite a bit of time in Livingston during the past year. We are located on Hwy 89 South about 4 miles south of Livingston. We will be back out for the majority of the summer - if I have anything to say about it - so we welcome anyone who
wants to stop by. One pretty exciting experience we had in the park last summer was seeing a grizzly bear at West Thumb. He was only about 25 yards from the highway so we were able to get a pretty good picture of him! It's been a long time since I've seen a grizzly!
Like I said we are just about 4 miles south of Livingston. 5032 US Hwy 89 S. We have a freehand cut out of Old Faithful on our mailbox and our "cabin" is log, it's built on a berm and has a green metal roof. It's on the left side of the highway as you go toward the park. If you see the East River Road sign you have passed us so just turn around and as you come back you will see it.
Mom continues to live at Springmeadows assisted living facility in Bozeman and she says if there is a reunion she is going to be there! Her biggest problem is her hearing and I am going to see if we can do something about that when I go out next time. She enjoys hearing from everyone so keep those cards and letters coming!

Hurt, Roberta Scully

Here's an update on me, Roberta Scully Hurtt -- OFI Front desk Summers of 1969 & 1970. I am working in a local high school media center. I enjoy working with the faculty and students. Both of my sons are on their own now, and have been for quite a few years. My husband and I are enjoying our "empty nest".
I can't believe it will be 33 plus years since I was a savage in the summer of 1969. Like fine wine I guess we all age well.
The best of the New Year to all former savages. Thanks to Homer for keeping us informed.

Iona, Cal
Aloha to all former Yellowstone savages and associates. Retirement from the Marines is working fine for my relaxed lifestyle.. Moved from being a student of massage therapy to being a part time teacher of massage therapy. Enjoy the class environment and it fits in with my habit of checking off the net to go camping and fly fishing. Best year was 2000 when I managed to find time for 3 fishing/camping trips with 20 days on the water, casting flys.
I snowshoed and snow machined through the YNP for a week in Jan of "01". Lite snow fall for the season but the park was still beautiful under its coat of cold white snow. Plentiful animal life and steamy clouds against clear blue skys. Fished Hebgen Lake and Madison River with Homer R. and Bob Adams late Sept. Fishing conditions were poor at lake. A half day fishing Madison river produced hook ups for all.
I surveyed the pro fishing shops in West asking about the type, size, and color of flies to use in July on Madison and Firehole. So for the fly-casters or fly-tiers in the reunion group here are the pro shop recommendations. Elk Hair Caddis,12-16, browns or olives; Sparkle Dun (PMD), 14-16; Iris Caddis, 16, tan body, olive head and shuck; X-Caddis, 16, tan; Comparaduns, 12-16; and pheasant-tail nymphs. I also have a few recommended recipes for the fly tiers. Drop email request and I will be glad to share recipes. Looking forward to July reunion and seeing all of you.

Irvine, Ginnie
Looking through the names on Homer's list is like a stroll down memory lane...only problem is that I'm not quite sure which memory goes with which name!!!! Yikes!!!! This has been a tough year for me! I was switched to an elementary school after
22 years teaching at the middle school level...the kids are so well behaved and compliant, that I've forgotten what "attitude" sounds or looks like! Only problem is that my "bag of tricks" is pretty small, so I'm working pretty hard to just survive!!! I've noticed that teaching (even Special Education) is way more explicit and exacting than it once was! (Frankly, I don't know how the young ones survive student teaching today, but they seem to!)
Life goes on outside of work...my family hasn't had a particularly easy year with various health issues, I'm healthy, probably mostly attributable to my daily constitutional with my sweet little Jack Russell, Frasier. He' absolutely always glad to see me, and the feeling is truly mutual! Right now I plan to make the reunion in July, but still haven't ironed out the details of where I'll stay, etc. (I haven't made reservations...am I too late?) I look forward to reclaiming some of your faces to my memory, and creating some more good times to go with those memories! I'd love to hear from you, or even see you!!! Feel free to call or write or e-mail me! I almost got to see Brian Raines last Spring, but unfortunately, we missed out. I did however have some delightful messages on my machine from him, and best of all it made me feel all those wonderful YELLOWSTONE feelings that we all have "on tap." Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

Johnston, Miriam [Mi]
[Look folks! Mi's got email now!]

LeBeau, Sharon
I worked at the Old Faithful Inn the summers of 1982 & 1984 and the summer of 1983 I worked at the Mammonth Hot Springs. I had my first child in the spring of 1985. I fell in love with a young man who had a work visa from Finland. In 1984 I believe we had over twenty students from Finland as our guests. Over the years I tried to keep in touch, but with the last move I lost his address. His son is sixteen right now, and I plan on traveling to Yellowstone for the reunion... I would like to introduce him to his father in person, instead of the two phone conversations that they have shared in Tristan's lifetime.
My package of memories are: The people you meet on a three-day bus trip from Connecticut to Wyoming: asking Dad for money to get home in August, and having to work till September because he wouldn't send you any: The pitter-patter of little feet before the mouse traps snaps, and giving half your paycheck to the RA to get it taken out: My first year the only music I had in my dorm room were the Eagles greatest hits, and Willie Nelson's family: Driving my sister's honda up a mountain in a blizzard: My favorite is waking up at eight and demanding breakfast only to be told it was 8:00 pm. and the staffateria was closed.
I cherish every moment of the time I spent there.

Leske, Jeanne (Chambard)
It is great to be close enough to visit the Park several times/year. After a Wyoming Chapter Sierra Club meeting in Wapiti (just outside the Park before Cody) the weekend of October 20th, I drove up to Old Faithful and spent the night at the Snow Lodge. The next day, other than right in front of Old Faithful, I shared the boardwalk to Morning Glory Pool with only two other people - a Ranger and one other man! It was so wonderful! I felt like I had the Upper Geyser Basin all to myself! I would definitely
recommend visiting the Park pre- or post-season when the crowds are thin, weather is cooler, and the animals are more serene. (My Mom and I were visiting mid-May, and there was still quite a bit of snow, but the baby bison were frolicking, we saw the resident female grizzly and cubs between Norris and Mammoth, and crowds were very sparse).
Our son, Cavin, graduated from the U. of Wyoming in May in Electrical Engineering with a computer option. He's spent one semester now at the U. of Wisconsin working on his master's degree. Al continues with delivering Meals on Wheels and golf. I continue with Sierra Club volunteerism (Wyoming Chapter treasurer), teaching Alpine skiing in the winter, and hiking in the

Levy, Margaret Pitts
To all my YP forever friends: This week I finally got both Mac and Deana both in college. Where else but Auburn like their Mom. Mac's talked some about spending a summer working someplace like Yellowstone. Is it still as magical to work there now as it was when we did? Of course, Dad wants him to make some money too. Can they make any money out there now? Right now Jim and I are planning on coming out for the reunion if all goes well. Saw Anne Ryan Bell in October and hear from Kathy McKay Harrison often. I think they are both hoping to come. Margaret Levy, ' 71,' 72 OFI Front Desk and TI

Lewis, Chuck ["The Logger"]

Fellow Stoneheads... I'm still here in Mississippi..I split my time between Meridian and Louisville, depending of where the work takes me.. I'm looking forward to the reunion this summer..It looks like we are going to have a good group of attendees. I'm walking--and even jogging--pretty well these days, so I'm eager to hit a few Yellowstone trails! See you in July, Chuck

Lowe, John
[ Old Faithful 66, 67, 69 ]
Lowe, Gloria [Brewster
] Old Faithful 68, 69
We still are alive and well in Arizona. Looking forward to coming to the reunion this summer. We have not attended before so it will be great to see people we haven't seen in over 30 yrs. I hope you all still look the same!
I work as a nurse in the ER of a large hospital in Scottsdale and John is a police detective with Phoenix Police Dept. Living in AZ is great because we never have that white, cold stuff on the ground. Summers are quite bearable because everything is air conditioned and you have a pool to keep cool. We have one son who lives in San Francisco so we always have a nice exciting city to visit. Our biggest thrill this year was watching our favorite baseball team go all the way to the World Series and win it! We have had season tickets since day one and seeing them go all the way was so great.
Looking forward to going back to Yellowstone this summer. If any of you are ever in AZ please call.

MacIntosh, Chris
Changed jobs last summer, and am now working for a small legal search firm with a great commute. My previous company pretty much dot-bombed, and after having 2 layoffs canceled, I was able to resign. As of writing, January, I'm in the throes of organizing our Sierra Club chapter's snow camping course and field trip, besides planning an outing around conservation of the Bay wetlands. In my spare time I'm getting more and more interested in birding. To keep a nice balance, I climbed 4 of the Colorado 14'ers this past summer. However, no Martha Stewart I, for the bank statements lie unreconciled and the spring cleaning is overdue.
I was very sad to learn of the passing of Marie Wolf last October, who taught me much about geysers and who did fantastic work researching and documenting areas of thermal activity.

Martinu, Pierre & Jane
Homer It was nice to have dinner with you, Bob Adams and Cal Iona [We got together in West Yellowstone in late September, HR]. It's fun to re-live the old times. It's hard to believe the things we did & said. We sure had fun. I hope the current crop of kids have as much fun and such good memories.
I had my left hip replaced in November and I hope to go off the crutches by the first of Feb. Supposed to have the right one done later in the year. I think I went down those steps at OFI too many times! I couldn't have done it without Nurse Jane. She was her usual terrific self.
Richard Short got married, so there is still hope for a lot of you guys. He's gonna bring her to the reunion this summer. So we will all have to be nice well as nice as some of us can be! See you all this summer.

Mason, Mike

Hey Homer great site. My name is Mike Mason and I worked at the Old Faithful Inn in 1992 and for a part of 1993. I was looking for people that may have worked there the same time that I did. I am planning to work there this summer. Already sent out my application. If you can add my info I would be very grateful. Thanks so much. And are there any other sites on the web like
this? [I sent him John Unger's "Total Yellowstone Page" and Steve Rumley's "Reunion Website. HR]

Mautino, Bob
Hi, Homer: It was good to hear from you, and here is my reply with all the news (or at least some of it). As you know, I am a lawyer specialized in immigration and nationality law. The events of 9/11 have caused the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to be even more difficult than they usually are. Even though many things still remain the same with the INS, our telephones are ringing off the hook with non-citizens (aliens)who think they may be in trouble with the INS. Most of them are not in trouble,
but the rumor mill is passing fantastic stories around, and no one knows what to believe. In 1995, an American citizen decided to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City, and there was not the slightest indication that any non-citizens were even remotely involved. Nevertheless, the Congress in 1996 enacted severe restrictions on non-citizens. Last September's events had "alien" written all over them, and we wonder what new things the American Congress is going to create for non-citizens who are here. We are waiting to see how it will all play out.
The other news from here is that my daughter, Kathy Mautino (Canyon Village 1981, Old Faithful Campers Cabins 1982), has been appointed by the Government of Finland to be Consul of Finland in San Diego. Her title is officially "Honorary Consul" (to distinguish her from "career" consuls who are nationals of the sending state). Kathy was born in Helsinki, Finland when I was an American Consul in Finland.
It's nice to be back in the diplomatic circle again. I plan to be at the reunion July 19-21 at Old Faithful, and I look forward to seeing you.

McLean, Harriet

McMurray, Sandra see Novak

Mullins, Moon

Dear Yellowstone friends and others of the Park,
For the past two years I feel like I've been draggin' a heavy old sack around. Things in the culture have been more discouraging and I haven't had the distractions or vision to see beyond what I see. I certainly hope it is different for your eyes and for the eyes in your hearts.
I'm working full time with violent children, trying to create interventions that will be useful to the students and the school personnel that must do battle with them. I'd like to leave behind, when I quit this gig, some anger management strategies that are suitable for those raised in poverty...ideas that reflect the ways poor children learn and think and make choices. I expect to gain a lot for my own self in the long process.
Nancy has up and retired on me...having accepted a very nice offer from Delta Air Lines. I wrote my old Army roomie that it is still hard enough to accept the fact that I am married, much less to a woman that's retired. We popped over to Lyon, France for Christmas. I ate enough pate to fill a Tauk Tour bus. Nancy will volunteer in the Olympics in Salt Lake (for Delta) and Shauna has been kind and willing to let Nancy stay with her family, most of whom are also volunteers. Wonder if Nancy will come back a Mormon!
I am lucky to have YP friends in the neighborhood and enjoy another reunion each year at the condo of Chuck the Logger, where on a given summer night one might find the likes of Susan, Neil, Catherine, Lindsey, Shelley, Homer, Nancy, Sally, etc., socking away some shrimp and booze and a bunch of different kind of oysters. Those days are very good ones, and not soon forgotten.
Cannot wait for the reunion. I'll fly out a week before the thing and just witness ,again, the wonder of the Park and the Tetons, probably the someday resting place of my ashes. In my dimmed state of existence I look forward with incredible excitement to the inn, the hikes, and all of the many pilgrims that return every three years with stories of their homelands, and family life, grown children, and dreams come true and dreams forgotten.
I wonder if any of you are aware of how Jeannie Shadoan could play Temptation on the dining room organ at OFI in 1966. Her face would redden when all those dudes would drop their forks and give total attention to her version of that tune. She produced some incredible music that was never recorded, except in the memories of the fortunate listeners -- It was a glorious summer, my first. I wish all of you could hear such music, but I imagine you have. If these are the best of times and the worst of times, as is possible, the reunion will be something much different, don't ya' think. See you there this year and the next one and the one after that. "Moon" Mullins OFI 1966, 67, 68, 71, 72

Nixon, Wally
I'm making plans to be at OFI for the reunion in July. Not sure if Dana can come with me this year (she's not been since '93), and daughter Abigail (now 11) will almost certainly be at camp somewhere during that week. We have just held a housewarming (Nov. 30) for our Little Rock house, which we bought three years ago and have extensively remodeled and added onto. We still have the Flower Farm and Dana's still the "milkman of cut flowers" in the Little Rock area. But we spend more time in Little Rock
nowadays, since Abigail is in school five minutes away. That will change as the seasons come and go. The Farm is zoned for events, so we sometimes rent it out for weddings, parties, etc. The Nixon Flower Farm address is still good too: 1412 Graham Road, Jacksonville, AR 72076, 501-982-2379. This June will mark 35 years since I came to Yellowstone as a 21 year-old college student and worked the Summer of '66 at Lake Hotel, as a cottage cleanup crew member. Remember the songs of that summer, which we would hear at the jukebox at Ham's and at night on KOMA in Oklahoma City: Beatles songs from "Revolver", "Hanky Panky", "Hang On Sloopy", "Like a Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan), "It Was a Very Good Year" (Frank Sinatra).

Novak, Sandra McMurray
I assume that Chuck Lewis will give you all the information on the reunion in July. I am planning to go and Andy Brown, who worked in CV '67, '68 or so is seriously thinking about it. My husband may tag along...he is mulling it over. As far as news from me...the highlight of 2001 was a 3-week trip to France with my sister which included a week long barge trip in Burgundy. Also, I am an avid photographer and make some of my photos into greeting cards. Two gift shops are now selling them!

Olds, Michael & Shauna
This has been a busy year for the Michael & Shauna Olds family. Our son came home from Scotland where he was serving a mission for our church, our oldest daughter Ashley got married in Dec., and we did some traveling with work and pleasure to places like Las Vegas, Monterey, CA, Colorado/Wyo. (which was supposed to be the Carolinas but was changed due to 9/11), and the Caribbean. But the things that have kept us the busiest have been the Olympics. Michael will be doing volunteer work at the Mogul venue where he will actually be building the bumps; Shauna will be a race office manager at the practice venue for the short track speed-skating; & our daughter Jordan will be skating in the closing ceremonies. We have been to lots of meetings and practices as well as working World Cups. We will be attending the reunion this summer and look forward to seeing all of you.

Pitts, Margaret see Levy

Riley, Cal

I didn't travel much this year. I did go to Toronto in July for an International Swim Meet where I competed in the 1500 meter, the 800 meter and the 400 meter freestyle events. I won a silver and two bronze medals. I just returned from Palm Springs where I spent Christmas and New Year. I have been going there for 7 years now. I hope to buy a place in 2003 for winter use and return to Denver for the summer. I will be going to Sydney, Australia in November for the International Swim Meet I just mentioned. It is held every year in different cities around the world. Last year it was in Paris. I retired in 1994 and have been having a great time. I highly recommend retirement for everyone. Cal Riley

Raines, Brian
I've been very busy with finding work and I'm back at Livewire for a few weeks after a 5 month absence. We're planning on the reunion this summer so I'll see you there and do some catching up. Bob, Tom Ulvin and I are "talking" about a Grand climb --- interesting. I hope all is well with you. Savagingly yours, Brian

Rogers, Tanna

Rudd, Linda see Schultz

Rudolf, Paulette

I had a great first year in my new home and spent many hours relaxing and reading on my patio. I finally got grass to grow and feel as though that was my major accomplishment for the year. I went to Puerto Vierta for a week with friends and enjoyed the culture, sun and ocean. It was nice to do some sightseeing, and get away from the office for awhile. Hope everyone is doing
well and hope to make it to the reunion this year.

Rumley, Steve Bus Driver 1973 - '79, Graphic Artist 1979 - `87
Best wishes for 2002, everyone. I am looking forward to seeing some of you at the Old Faithful reunion in July! (That didn't come out right!) In my eleventh year as a bridge designer with the Montana DOT - getting older but not close to retirement in either time or desire. The bridges get shorter as the paper work gets deeper. Such is the life of a bureaucrat (but I won't complain).
Pat Olson and I are planning the YP Transportation Reunion for 2003. Check with Pat or me for details. Health and happiness to you all and thank you, Homer, for the great newsletter.

Russell, Susan
[Susan lost her mother after a prolonged illness this past fall. HR]

Ryan, Anne see Bell

Ryan, Patti ["Gator"]

Happy New Year! Thanks for doing this, and I'll see you in July! Message to old savages Hi Folks! Happy 2002. Let's hope this year doesn't have any "surprises" like 2001 did. Certainly makes one stop and think about what is really important: like friendships that span decades and miles. It will be wonderful to talk with and laugh with all of you this coming summer. Take extra good care of yourselves I want to see all of you at Old Faithful. Yup, that's us always faithful. Love, Patti "Gator" Ryan.

Shaner, Don
Shane is Back! That is Don Shaner, Bell Hop in Luggage quarter, 1954-1963. Hello former Savages. I am presently a retired school counselor in southwest Missouri. I was the editor of the employee directory for five years at Old Faithful. I have six children and nine grandchildren. I plan to attend the reunion this summer. The luggage cart I used to push at OFI was still being used in the 1990s, alias the "Shane Cart." I also have applications for summer employment in Yellowstone Park, if you contact me.

Schultz, Linda [Rudd]
My only great adventure this last year was to go to Germany this past December to shop at the Christmas marts in Stuttgart, Ulm and Ludwigsburg and in Strassburg France.

Scully, Roberta see Hurt

Shea, Tim
Lake Hotel 70 and 71.

Shissler, Bob
Aloha to all - Hope that the blessings of family and friends are especially evident as we look into 2002.
The 2001 sojourn into the Winds was attended with snow, sun ,wind, and fun. Homer Rudolf, Cal Iona, Marilyn and Tim Thissen came in and we all spent a week at 9,700. Did some fishing, hiking and saw some beautiful country - had a great camp and found a new one in the event that we are back in that neighborhood again someday. Also, spent some time in Pinedale with another Yellowstone friend who will also be coming up to the reunion with summer - Tanna Rogers. After the reunion, am planning a camping trip down in the southern end of Winds - out of Lander somewhere. A base camp at a N.F.S. campground and day hikes to lakes to fish and explore - anyone interested is welcome - probably in the Stough Creek area or
Sinks Canyon. Maybe Dickinson Park - Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Bob

Smith, Connie
My life is pretty much the same as when we last all got together for the YP reunion. Am still working selling tile sealers (now 14 years) not what I thought I'd be doing when I grew up but nonetheless it has allowed me to be my own boss time wise and I do a fair amount of business travel with a fair amount of monkey business thrown in, and it allows me enough financial
security to have bought a condo and live in Santa Barbara. The next best place to live, besides Yellowstone, and my brother Brian and his wife Keri are still working and living in Yellowstone working as naturalists, so I get to hear what's happening in the park all the time. You may remember them, they met in Yellowstone, married at Jackson Lake Lodge and have been at the last two reunions. I will be attending the reunion this year and they will be there again this year too, but not long because they are looking for a more permanent job that doesn't have the late fall and between winter and spring seasons that the park is closed and they have to go up and live in Gardiner.
I have done lots of fun travel this last couple of years but the most fun was a couple of trips to Grand Cayman Island where a great friend of mine lives. After 911 I quit my present job because travel is such a lot of work and then after my Cayman trip in Nov, decided I probably should not give up a job that I had engendered such long term accounts in this strange economy, so just took a cut back in amount of accounts and now get to spend more time in beautiful Santa Barbara (today it was 75 degrees and sunny) I walked on the beach-last week though it was below freezing in the early a.m.- they even had to de-ice the planes in Santa Barbara airport
the am I left at 6am to fly to Vegas for a stone trade show -- not stoned Stone. Smile. At least it has been sunny. The first week after New Years I had to go to New Orleans for another trade show (World of Concrete, boy does that sound exciting) and it was freezing and rainy down there. Still got plenty of beads but not in the normal way.
Anyway I will be up in the Pacific Northwest in the next couple of months so will hope to ring Sally and Al up for a mini reunion. Hope you are doing well and many kudos for taking the time to put all this info together. Sorry it took me so long to get to you, Logger has been telling me you were updating the newsletter, but am still learning the computer and what I can do with it.

Sobolik, Jim OFI 1973-76
Teaching 6th grade for 26 years. I think by now I'm completely crazy. In the years I've taught, some things have changed. A joke in the teachers lounge table might say: "Have you heard about the school that hired a crop duster to spray Ritalin over the student body at recess time?" I often wonder how some of you other people are doing. As I start to wither on the tree of life, I have
all these important questions that I need answers to. So I'd like to hear from you. For example, has Al Chambard ever run (literally) into any more cars since the 1970s? If Goose had the chance would he really throw another tour guide into Zipper Creek? What is Chuck [The Logger] really doing on the back roads of Mississippi? Is Blaine Tyler actually alive, or has some bad buy taken care of him? I haven't heard from him since 1977, when my wife and went on our honeymoon (on a Harley from ND to Portland, OR oh what a feeling!) and stopped to visit him. We sure appreciated his hospitality. Would Homer Rudolf really take my daughter's Teddy Bear hiking if he had the chance? [Response from HR: I definitely would! But only if your daughter comes along!!] I wonder if Judy Tiede will ever be able to tame Mark down? Hey, how about those Hoffman brothers. I wonder if Mike and Shauna Olds have all the Hondas running fine around Salt Lake City? I wonder if Bob Adams remembers when I used to vacuum the Bear Pit on Sunday Morning? He said I did a good job (good self-esteem builder!). Oh well, so many questions, so little time!. E-mail me.

Stachon, Ray
Looks like I'm really going to finally retire from my job with Ariz. Dept. of Trans. this spring, I'll have 30 years, and so I think it's time to find something else to do.. probably travel this summer, will come up to the Park in July to see everybody at the reunion for sure. Might have a travel trailer by then and will be traveling around in it. I met a nice lady from Sierra Vista Az. so will probably be down there next year and look for a part time job or just be a bum for awhile going back and forth between Tempe and there. Went to Europe last summer and had a great trip with my lady friend, also was up in Seattle and Vancouver.

Stevens, Mike
I am pleased to consider that I will likely be able to work again next summer in Yellowstone. There are a several entries my list of things to so. I hope to get more detailed information on your planned reunion at Old Faithful. If the tourist season holds up I hope to be a tour guide for AmFac situated out of Old Faithful. I hope to hike to behold a dozen new (to me) waterfalls and I hope to finally get to see "The Parting of the Waters". That has been on my wish list for 20 years. As I will be retiring from my teaching job at the end of this school year I hope to be able to stay on long enough to see autumn in the park.
After getting published a year ago last October our book, The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery, has been the recipient of kind attention. We have been featured on several television shows and in many magazines and newspapers. All reviews have been very good. We three authors, Lee Whittlesey, Paul Rubinstein and myself, were featured in People Magazine in the issue for November 5, 2001. In the Independent Publishers book of the year competition our book was selected as guide book of the year.

Thomspon, Sally [Anderson]
Looking forward to seeing all of you in July - shall we try for OP every night? And NO bear stories this time, okay, Al?

Thissen, Marilyn [Bertinelli]
Happy 2002! This last year has really been a rather awesome year. Hilary graduated from CSU a year ago December and is now working in Greeley at The Poudre River Trail, a trail system linking, eventually, Ft. Collins and Greeley. She is looking into grad schools, one being the Teton Science School, and then some in Montana and Washington. Still trying to get in with Park Service, now more realistically as a seasonal this summer. She and Molly both live in Ft. Collins Molly now has her own apartment, also. She's only changed her major three times, this time to Liberal Arts, where I think she'll get her degree. She wants to go on to an art school in Denver after graduation and follow her real passion. She is also on the CSU Polo team on the J.V. squad. I think she's actually going to school so she can ride on the Polo squad! Whatever works. Travel would be the optimal word for me this year. I've been to Costa Rica twice, (we're leaving for Jaco again next week ) Maui twice (we'll be taking Tim there again in March for a surprise 50th present over CSU spring break) Yellowstone and the Tetons twice, once with Molly and once with Hilary, only Hil and I stretched it out to a 3000 mile road trip to Calif. and back. California many times to "check on the house."
Probably one of the most special trips I took this Fall was a trip up in the Winds with four very special guys, Homer, Cal, Bob and Tim. Words truly can't describe the serenity, beauty and friendship shared on that trip. Still working with the horses, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing camping trying to teach myself the guitar and maybe some Tai Chi. Maybe even one more canoe trip for district 6. And trying to photograph it all! The girls and I look forward to seeing old friends this coming July. Have a great year!

Turnbull, Larry W.
Richard Short, 1964, 1967, OFI Bellman, has remarried. I'm still with WSDOT in Tumwater. Yours, Larry.

Uhler, John W.
I do love my job, but I am now working for myself and living in Gardiner... tough life... I know I know... ha! I just did the webmaster stuff for the park on a temp basis and learned more than I wanted to know about the good park service... I will leave it at that! I have updated the savage pages with all the new additions I could find and all email address changes. Our computer crashed and I lost some. I hope they will check and re-contact me. I have added the reunion info on the main savage page in the reunion area and at the top of the OF savage page so folks will see it right up front. I have setup an email link for Homer and a link to Steve's OF Page. I hope that helps and if I can do anything else, just let me know. ps we hope to make this reunion and enjoy meeting all the OF folks.

Wauer, Arlin & Margaret

I'm passing these emails on to the three others that live in the Newport/Toledo area. I know that Joe Cawrse has sent information to you but as for Karen Johnson and Dick Newberry, I don't think so. Yes, I would like to have my address added to the news letter. Thanks, and hope to see you summer of 2002.

Whilhite, Boliver [Bo]
The following is synopsis of what has happened in my life since my last year in the Park(1973). After my last year in the Park(1973), Chuck Reaves and I decided to go to Europe to live and work for a year. Well my one year turned into an eight-year career with the City Colleges of Chicago. I stayed in Germany for six years . I was transferred to Norfolk, VA where I spent two and half years. In May 1982, I resigned and moved back to my hometown Walhalla SC. At that time I purchased the family business. After almost twenty years I am still selling fabrics. During this time I married(1983). Her name is Bobbie. We have one son. His name is John and he is 14. He took his first step at OFI in 1988. We hope to visit the Park this summer. Unfortunately, it will be in June. July is my busiest month of the year. I am planning to make the 2004 reunion.

Zimmerer, Evelyn
[Evie was doing well when I saw her in late September, and her daughter, Jo, is now able to spend more time in the area to keep tabs on her. Jo & her husband now have a place below Livingston.]

Zimmerer, Jo see Hillard