compiled by Homer Rudolf

Hi! to all of you, and thanks for submitting information to be included in this newsletter. Thanks also to those who contributed financially to the production and mailing costs of the "snail-mail" version. I've had a busy and good year since the last newsletter came out. Retired from teaching Music History at the University of Richmond in May. Unfortunately, I did not make it out to YP, but will try and correct that this year. Have more things to do than there is time for. Continuing a variety of research projects including the one about "Music in and about Yellowstone National Park." If any of you have information about this topic that you haven't shared, please do so. Also am chairing a committee that is planning a bicentennial book and video documentary about the area in present day Ukraine and Moldava, where all of my ancestors [Germans] lived for about 80 years in the 19th century.
Am looking forward to attending a professional meeting in Trinidad just before Memorial Day weekend. Plan to go a couple of days early, and the conference itself will include a side trip to Tobago.
Immediately after that I will be leading a Sierra Club Service Trip again [running from June 2-9] repeating one that I have done twice before. The project is removal of barbed wire in the Hart Mt. National Antelope Refuge in south-central Oregon. It's listed on p. 101 of the Jan/Feb issue of "Sierra" magazine. If you know someone between the ages of 18-25, they can get a real deal on this trip. It has been chosen as one for which people in that age range pay only $95 for the trip, rather than the standard rate of $265. The Service Trip Subcommittee has established this program in an attempt to increase participation by young people [see p. 107 of the "Sierra" magazine]. This is an excellent beginner's trip or for someone without backpacking equipment. The drive-in base camp will accommodate recreation vehicles of any size for those who don't want to sleep in tents. A detailed description of the trip can be found at the following web page:
This Newsletter [along with those of 1996, 1999 & 2000] is posted [without addresses] on my YP web Page:
www.richmond.edu/~hrudolf. You will also find a good number of pictures there. If you have pictures you would like me to add, send them to me, either as a photo in the mail, or as a scanned attachment to an email message. It's always good to hear from you, and especially good to see some of you when the opportunity arises!!

Homer Rudolf
web page YP address:

Items of Interest

1. 2002 REUNION: Old Faithful - Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21 [Full moon is Wed., July 24]
Consensus at the 1999 reunion was to eliminate the event at the Gusher on Friday night. People are of the opinion that the venue just doesn't work very well. Current plans are to have the group pow-wow on Friday night, and to try to arrange for those of our group who are interested to be served from the OFI Dining Room menu in the Staffeteria [the "ZOO" for you old-timers!] on Saturday night - rather than on Sunday night. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome. - contact Homer Rudolf - hrudolf@richmond.edu

[Newspaper clipping, received from Jo Hillard] Yellowstone National Park officials spent $50,000 this summer to remodel a remote back-country cabin sometimes used to entertain visiting dignitaries. The Peale Island cabin stands on a small island in the south arm of Yellowstone Lake, one of the most remote parts of the park. Improvements to the 432-square-foot cabin include installation of solar panels, a new propane system and replacing fiberboard walls with sheet rock, park spokeswoman Marsha Karle said Wednesday. "It was mostly done to make it safe," Karle said. "Not to make it nicer for VIPs."

3. [In the Richmond paper, Jan 14, 01] Religious group selling its Mont. Properties. Livingston, Mont. The Church Universal and Triumphant says it is selling a 9,300-acre ranch in Paradise Valley. The asking price is $12.5 million. The religion has been steadily disposing of land and businesses since the "shelter cycle" days of 1989-1990 when it began preparing for an apocalypse predicted by leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The staff has also been reduced, from about 600 to fewer than 100. The group, formerly known as Summit Lighthouse, believes leaders receive revelations from "ascended masters" who have been freed from the cycle of reincarnation. Prophet, known as the Messenger and Vicar of Christ, has retired and suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

4. The web address for the YP webcams at Mammoth and Old Faithful is:

5. The web address for U.S. Geological Survey maps that can be downloaded is: www.topozone.com

6. The February issue of National Geographic in the un-paged section at the beginning, 12th full page titled "Behind the Scenes"
says: "Hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts now can buy a useful new tool: topographical maps based on U.S. Geological Survey date centered specifically on the area they need. At this L. L. Bean store in Virginia and at National Geographic Maps kiosks in retail stores coast to coast, computers produce individualized topographic maps of any part of the continental United States on waterproof, tear-resistant paper in less than ten minutes."

7. The web address for information on national parks & forests [area description, maps, trails, campgrounds, message boards, climate & weather, operating hours and seasons, fees, addresses and contact information] is:

8. The Total Yellowstone website address is: www.Yellowstone-Natl-Park.com/index.html. The page listing Former Yellowstone Park Employees email addresses is: www.yellowstone-natl-park.com/employ.htm

Adams, Bob
I talked with Bob over the holidays, when he called from Hawaii. Says he enjoyed his trip to Perth, Australia in Oct., but not as much as the other sections of Australia he visited a number of years ago. Says he is doing well. He flew to Hawaii in mid-Dec. to spend the holidays with his son Jim and daughter-in-law Gwen. Will be there until about the first of March. [HR]

Adams, Jim & Gwen
Also talked with Jim [see Bob Adams, above] He and Gwen are doing fine. Both children live and work in the states. They arrived in Hawaii for a late holiday, because of their work schedules. [HR]

Anderson, Jane C.
[married to William R. Morris]
It's been an amazing year in the Anderson-Morris family, one we won't ever forget. The Bircher and Pony Wildfires consumed almost 40% of the 52,000 acres of Mesa Verde National Park. The fires also consumed most of our professional time in July and August. We could watch the flames from the highway leading to the Park and see the smoke column from our house. Several times we had a gentle rain of ash on Cortez. Will was assigned to work in the Information Office for both fires, so he gained lots of experience with on-camera interviews. Jane spent most of the summer and fall as the interim Implementation Leader for the post-fire rehabilitation work, a role she played after the 1996 Chapin # 5 Wildfire as well. When not doing post-fire work, Jane continues in her role as Project manager for the Save America's Treasures Program, a huge multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to assess, map, and treat backcountry alcove sites in Mesa Verde mostly cliff dwellings. She handles the public relations for this project as well. Will is still enjoying his position as Chief of Interpretation at Mesa Verde. By far the most satisfying part of his job is his role as Public Affairs Officer for the park lots of work with journalists, writers, editors and photographers. He and Jane worked together on several media tours and interviews.
The passage of time seems most graphic when we look at how Zachariah has grown and developed. On Jan. 7, 2001, Zach will turn 7 and what an amazing kid he is. Soccer; hiking; swimming; and riding his bike, skateboard, and scooter are his passions. He's got a keen eye and is turning out to be an accomplished naturalist. He's having a ball as a First Year at Ms. Martinez' Montessori classroom at Manaugh Elementary.

Anderson, Sally - see Thompson

Ashburn, Shelley - see Collins

Baker, Gail

Hi Homer, I am on email. I hope to get the newsletter this way. Did you get much response for the Newsletter? I am working at a law firm in the City of Fairfax. So I am learning all kinds of machines, legal language, and office stuff. It is fun and
interesting. I got a neat email from a guy who went through Yellowstone as a tour guide with Trailways in 69. It was a nice surprise!
Thanks for all your hard, long work with the newletters. I really appreciate reading them.

Baker, Cathy - see Dorn

Barknecht, Mary
Old Faithful Inn as a maid in '69.
2000 was a busy and fulfilling year for me. My involvement in environmental and sustainability issues became full time on a volunteer basis with organizing voluntary simplicity groups and workshops here in NYC. An article appeared in the NY Times on my work and the BBC also asked me to participate in a documentary they are filming on consumerism which will be released in fall 2001. In September, I traveled to Greece and volunteered at an eco-spiritual center on the Greek island of Evia, spending two months there in total. This year I hope to continue with my work which will include organizing a workshop in Greece in May. Life has been very fulfilling and full of wonderful surprises and I look forward to more of that in 200l.

Beaumont, Ron
I gave you an item and photos last time around. Nothing new to report at this time.

Bell, Anne R.
No news, but please keep me on the e-mail distribution list.

Bertagnolli, Marilyn - see Thissen

Bishop, Bill

No new news here, all into the same, and I do want the newsletter.

Blickwede, Kimball - see Knowlton

Brewster, Gloria - see Lowe

Brickey, Al
Mammoth, 1964; Canyon Village, 1965-67
Homer - Just want to take a minute and thank you for your efforts on the Yellowstone Park Newsletter. Also, I have accepted a flying job in San Antonio, TX so here's my new address effective 1/6/2001. Hopefully, once I get settled in I can get you some photos from my days at YP, 1964-67. [NOTE: Al sent me a picture of himself & ?his plane, which you will find on my YP Web Page]

Bussey, Henry
I don't have anything to add this year but do want to receive the newsletter. Thanks for doing this.

Cawrse, Joe 57-58: Mammoth Laundry
. 63: OF Laundry
64: Fishing Bridge, Laundry Manager
Hi Homer, I heard from Arlin Wauer, and he told me you'd like to have an update on what's been happening. Well, not much more that what I'd been doing, but I don't drive bus anymore, after about 35 years on the job. One thing that I have done is I was in a train show the first part of Dec., and we had a lot of fun with that [meand three others]. I did send a letter to one of the gals that worked on the front desk at Old Faithful Inn in 63. I hope she'll answer the letter back to you.

Caywood-Baerg, Mikelann [Whittlesey]

Chambard, Al
Well, it's still January 16 here on the west coast. Here's a brief update for the newsletter. Thanks so much for sending periodic messages and compiling the newsletter. It is much appreciated! We are doing well. Our baby, Natalia, is now six months. She is a mellow and happy baby...a great deal for her "not so young" parents. We took a one week cross country ski vacation at Christmas in Washington's Methow Valley. Natalia logged many sleepy hours on my back, including a five hour ski for
Annie and me--up and over a pass. Emily, is now six and a big help with her sister. Emily is a good cross country skiier, but she prefers the speed and excitement of sledding or downhill skiing. We are nearly finished with our house project (finishing the basement, etc.) so we now have an official guest room, reasonably appointed and ready for occupancy if any of you are out this way. The rates are reasonable, especially if you can stay over a Saturday. We are looking forward to a year of hiking in the Cascades while Natalia is relatively portable and compliant and Emily is able to do bigger trips. If I can get my body back in shape I might even try to get to Europe for some mountain climbing this summer. I have recently learned that I have a new and larger "career opportunity" at Eddie Bauer. So it will likely be another couple of years before I "downshift" or explore other options.

Chambard, Jeanne - see Leske

Chauner, Cindi - see Neindorf

Collins, Lindsey & Shelley [Ashburn]

Lindsey OFI69-70,72,74
Shelley (Ashburn)Collins OFI 68-70,72,74
Our daughter Lacey is a high school senior so we have been visiting colleges. Lindsey & I are still teaching. We plan to spend just the month of July in Maine since we have such a short summer this year. Last June we had a terrific week-end in Ala. with Logger, Sally, Homer, Moon & Nancy. We also really enjoyed having Moon Mullins & Ray Stachon come to Southwest Harbor for a visit last summer.

Ellsworth, Clarice - see Korrison

Davis, Don D.
Hi! Please send me the newsletter.

Dombrowski, Alan & Patricia
Homer, It has been a long while. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for all your efforts in the YP news world. One Junior daughter at Reed College. One Senior son at Eastside Catholic Highschool. Parents pushing 50 and living in Seattle ready for the empty nest adventures. Thinking of Spain next summer-anybody else heading that way? Is there any good senior housing near YP?

Dorn, Cathy [Baker]
I've gone back into the travel business and am working at the Boise Airport for Global Travel - Love the business hate the money - But you do what you need to do. Homer, I'm so glad that you are doing this news letter, it always brings a smile to my face when I open up the E-mail and there is something from YP. It's been fun getting back in touch with people - those who answer - there are a few who are as bad as me and don't respond. My oldest daughter, (who will be 22 in March oh my God when did I get so old) Katie is a senior at the University of Idaho and Kristy (my baby ) is 18 and a freshman at Oregon State University. It's hard being an empty nester - but I do have Fudge a Springer Spaniel, Kelly a black lab, and Cleo a 20lb calico cat. I'm also a Cast member of
the Disney Company - no not my dream job of being Snow White at Disneyland - but at the Disney Store in Boise - It keeps me off the streets at night and out of trouble. I miss Yellowstone and love to hear the stories of how everyone got there - I was in my freshman year at the University of Northern Colorado and had just been informed that State Farm was not going to hire interns for the summer (That was May 30). A girl in my golf class (can't even remember her name) asked if she could help and the next thing I
know, I'm getting off a plane in West Yellowstone. Having done the milk run from Denver (Denver-Cheyenne-Laramie-Casper-
Cody-West Yellowstone), the thunderstorm didn't even bother me, for I was there. I have to admit I was rather shy and unsure of what I had done. Then a very large voice booms out "Are you a savage? It was Sarge.. The ride into Old Faithful is one I will never forget. With rain pouring down and no traffic, after all it was 11:30 at night and suddenly there sitting in a pool of light was the most
beautiful object I had ever seen in my life - the Inn. Oh my God, my heart stopped. Upon entering the Inn I can rememebr going round and round as I looked up and up and up to the top of the Inn. I swear it was the biggest and most beautiful building I had ever seen. Needless to say the rest is history. I now have the greatest of memories of some of the greatest people that anyone could ever have the pleasure of working with. My love to all YP Savages. Cathy-Cat-Froggie

Doty, Philip
Mammoth 60-61, OFI 62
I hope you had a most merry and blessed Christmas and that the upcoming new year will be one of much wealth, health and happiness! I am sure I sent you a note about keeping me on the mailing list for the YP newsletter. But, just in case I did not, please keep me on your list. thanks.

Fenner, Mary M.
No news, as my life is so-so, but I certainly look forward to the Y.P. Newsletter. I heard from Evie and JoAnn at Christmas.

Fortran, Nancy [Hilker]
Just returned from a scholarship to study 3 weeks in Japan. It is called the Fulbright Memorial Fund. They take 200 teachers 3 times a year. Only 1 out of 25 get the pleasure of studying in Japan. It is a lot of work you have a project to do after you return, and most to the time you are in Japan you are in lectures and visiting schools. There is very little time for sight-seeing. It was a great experience, and I am in the process of creating a web site comparing the textiles of Japan with Africa, Central and South America and North America. It will be posted in May.

Friedrich, Bea

Greetings from Colorado! It's been a busy year, full of many surprises...35th high school reunion in Ohio...can't be that old!
Our "Colorado girl" daughter transfered to a school in California, likes the school but not the State! Hopefully she'll make it through the next couple of years. Besides our visits to California, we went on numerous hikes in the mountains and hope to get some snowshoeing in this winter. Hope everyone has a GREAT new year.

Gain, Rosanne

cocktail waitress, Mammoth Hot Springs, 1967
cocktail waitress, Bear Pit Lounge, Old Faithful Inn, 1981
The year 2000 was a year of beginnings and endings for the Gain-Stovall household. Bob finished his long term contract with Colorado Interstate Gas and started a job with the City of CS as a legislative analyst, a job that he enjoys. My youngest step daughter, finished high school and started college at Boulder and loves it there. I ended my barbershop chorus singing and started taking art classes and learned that I could actually draw! My plan to explore various disciplines offered at the Fine Art Center is
definitely for fun and not for profit. The saddest ending of the year was the passing of my father at the age of 91. I was blessed to spend the last week of his life with him. Under the circumstances his passing was a blessing for him, but has left a hole in the
hearts of the family and friends who love him. My sister and brother and I cherish the fact that my Mom remains with us and take nothing for granted.
Of great comfort is the fact that there were two more beginnings this year. Two of my stepdaughters gave birth in the year 2000 - Bob and I now have five grandchildren! It emphasized the whole "circle of life" concept in such a personal way. An added bonus is that three of the grandchildren now live in Colorado Springs! What a treat - the gal who never wanted children is now a hands-on "Grandma" - who knew? Some things continue. Bob continues to announce air shows, adding one right here in Colorado Springs. He has also resumed his involvement in the theater, recently joining Red Herring Productions, an improvisational mystery theater troupe. And, if weather permits, we hope to resume snow shoeing after two very mild winters. No changes in the career part of my
life. I'm still doing PR consulting and enjoying it very much.

Gerbert, Gary [Goose]
Still Head Football coach and Biology teacher at Fergus County H.S. Both step children are now in college.

Gillespie, Pam - see Sommers

Gordon, Susan - see Jones

Harber, Ed

I don't have any YP news, but would like to continue getting the newsletter.

Haywood, Shauna - see Olds

Hilker, Nancy - see Fortran

Hillard, JoAnn [Zimmerer]

Jo Ann & John hope to spend more time in Montana in the future. We have both retired and we are in the process of acquiring some property in Livingston so we hope to spend some time there - especially during Kansas' hot summer months
Jo's mom - Evelyn - traveled to Kansas for Christmas and in spite of the very cold weather I think she enjoyed being here. I know we enjoyed having her with us - especially after last winter! Thanks to all of you who sent her cards during her illness.

Holly, Susan
OFI dining room, 1968 and 1969
I missed last year's newsletter deadline, so am catching up now. Thoroughly enjoyed the 1999 reunion. It was so good to be spending time with fellow savages in such a special location as Yellowstone. I'm keeping busy in Dallas, especially this time of year with tax season heating up. Won't have my head above water until mid-April. I'm now online: Would love to have visitors -- in person or electronically. Hope to see lots of folks at the 2002 reunion!

Huffman, Cliff

Huffman, David

Hurtt, Roberta [Scully]
OFI Front desk '69-'70
Hi to all my former "savages". I am in Boise, Idaho and doing well. My grandmother Mildred Reifsteck passed away a quite a while ago. She worked in the OFI Gift shop for many years. Her husband Lewis Reifsteck who worked in the Boiler Room (that's an old fashion term for sure) is in Gardiner, MT and could use cards and letters. Email me if you need his address. He is not in the best of health. He recently broke his knee cap. (ouch) I wish everyone a great 2001.

Irvine, Ginny
Hi! If you worked at OFI in 1969 or 1970, you may remember me...I was Ginnie Vermont, and I had stars in my eyes!!! I was so delighted to be working as a waitress in the dining room...and I loved the excitement and adventure of every day at OFI! Life
was so much fun...I remember popcorn parties in the laundry room using irons and jiffy pop, sneaking to Bathtub [hot pool] in the dark, riding the laundry chute in the Inn, Art Fontaine, Liz, late night trips to West, Bozeman, or even Billings...etc., etc., etc. Life now is one heck of a lot more predictable! I live on Lake Champlain in Colchester, Vermont. I teach Special Education at the Colchester Middle School, and I'm in my 22nd year there!!! Yikes! I'm single, and live with my very good buddy, Frasier. He's
a Jack Russell terrier, and he's 5 ½ years old. He's a great companion, and he keeps me sane because he demands daily walks along my dirt road! Any of you who would like to come join us are welcome!!! Sorry I've not contributed to newsletters the past few
years...I'm a terrible procrastinator when it gets to paperwork at home, as my days are spent with way too much silly filling in the blanks at work! At this point I do intend to attend the 2002 Reunion, YEA!!!! Keep me posted.

Jones, L. Curtis
Savage at OFI 1960-1966
Hello Homer and friends. Thanks to Margaret Levy I am able to revitalize my email contacts and get in touch with the YP crowd. So it is time again to report in and catch-up on the Savages and their whereabouts and activities. Let's see if I got anything to report.hmmmm. Yes I believe I do. Turns out that this year was my 25th wedding anniversary so Yellowstone naturally got my vote on where to celebrate. Carolyn went along with the idea since Melissa, our college student daughter, was spending the summer there as a waitress at Grant Village. So Carolyn and I stayed at Shoshone lodge/cabins just outside the East entrance gate and at Jenny Lake Lodge. We had a great time mostly hiking and fishing. We went hiking in the Bear Tooth pass area, hiked up one of the mountains near Mt Washburn, and hiked to Amphitheater Lake in the Tetons. Sure were a lot of buffalo out this year and grizzlies too, based on what I remembered from the sixties. Otherwise, the other big event for the year was my son getting back from Army duty in Kosovo and getting a job in Maryland. I guess I should mention that Melissa made the 100 mile hiking club for her summer's achievement. It was good to have her along on our family hikes so she could carry all the supplies. Hope all my Montana buddies forgive me for not stopping by, but I had only a short time to visit the territory. Carolyn and I will be retiring soon, so maybe there will be more time, the next time up. Hope everyone is fine and looking forward to possibly attending the next reunion.

Jones, Susan [Gordon]
I worked in Housekeeping at OFI from April to August 1976. My friend, Alena Anderson (also form Alabama) and I arrived at OFI in April, and boy was it a mess! We cleaned and cleaned for days to get it ready for opening in May (SAM was our boss). Alena got promoted to the front desk, but I kept on cleaning. I did get promoted to "Inspectress." It was a fun experience for this Alabama girl. My friend Alena continued to work out there a while longer, but I got homesick and came home. I'm an elementary P.E. teacher and have two teenagers. I hope one day my family and I can visit Yellowstone again I was able to go back for a visit in `83. The only person I hear from each Christmas is Chuck Lewis. Take care, and thanks for the newsletter.

Johnston, Miriam [Mi]
Really have no news. Please send the newsletter.

Keeter, Jean [Shadoan]
organist /pianist OFI dining room and Bear Pit-1964-65.
Married to Phil Keeter/ one son Ty in grad school in Philadelphia. Living in Billings, Mt- I teach piano lessons--and play at a "loose Lutheran" church. In the AMs I work for a teacher/ wolf enthusiast who spends at least one weekend a month in the park studying wolves-- ver-r-r-r-y interesting-- and something I thought a little about in the mid-60's working and playing in the park! My summers in the park have given me many great memories- Bob [Adams] - you were so good to me! Thanks! I feel so lucky to have had this experience... Hope this finds you all well and happy-- Happy 2001!!

Kowlton, Kimball [Blickwede]
Thanks for the reminder, Homer. Nothing to add from this end - will have more to say later (like next year) when closer to our Lake Hotel reunion date.

Korrison, Clarice [Ellsworth]
Our move to California has worked out well. Jim had an injury to his back about 2½ years ago to his back, and we a probing new avenues for Jim's healing. He has not miraculously improved as yet, however, at least the tension has gone down a notch. We are both in a better place to see our lives developing in a more positive way. I've been working as a massage therapist part-time at a beautiful, small day spa only a few minutes walk from our house. It has been a real gift to find work so close. This coming February through April we are planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia. We don't want to structure ourselves too much until we return. We want to use this time to be free to support our mothers and search out a way to support ourselves in the future. We had a great road trip through YP this past summer visited Pan [Gillespie] & Steve Sommers, and Evelyn Zimmerer. It's so special to keep in touch with everyone.

Landrigan, John

Lashway, Patricia K.

Having trouble getting onto the net tonight; probably overload with many families and friends surfing on Christmas eve! Anyway, I won't have anything to submit for the January newsletter since my life is pretty much the same as everyone else's...kids, jobs, tooth surgery, new tires, new kitten....haven't climbed any mountains or searched high and low for anything....Of course Chuck and I could give our personal takes on the recent action of the "Supremes" in Bush vs.Gore, but that too wouldn't be anything new or exciting I'm afraid! Thanks for doing the newsletter. I looked forward to reading it. And Happy Holidays!

Lemaster, Mike

Leske, Jeanne [Chambard]

Again, this year I'm teaching Alpine skiing at Hogadon ski area on Casper Mountain. Al is into golf and delivering Meals on Wheels three days/week. Cavin is a senior at the U. of Wyoming (electrical engineering major with computer option). I'm also heavily involved with the Wyoming chapter of the Sierra Club as the chapter treasurer and also Northern Plains Regional Conservation Committee delegate from Wyoming. I've been in the Park several times this year. The first time was on President's Day weekend, when I led a group of six women from "Outdoor Women of Wyoming" on a cross country ski weekend there. We had a super weekend even a full moon under which to ski! The snow on the boardwalks was pretty sparse, so those of the group who skied around the geyser basin had to remove their skis and walk several times. Three of us skied to Lone Star geyser and back to Snow Lodge. We had sunny, beautiful weather. Then, I was next in the Park the first weekend in June. I had gone up to West Yellowstone for the annual Greater Yellowstone Coalition meeting. (The G.Y.C. is an influential environmental group, and also lobbies and litigates). Of course, I had to spend a couple of days at the Inn and around the geyser basins. The next time I made it up to the Park was the first part of August. It was a last-minute thing to help out the Florida chapter of the Sierra Club get signatures to protect the Everglades and Biscayne Bay National Park. We had a booth set up, and got a lot of signatures. (The senator from Florida was there at the Lodge Rec Hall for a meeting, so it served to show him that his position - development of an airport right next to the Everglades - wasn't what the majority of people wanted). We really got rained on toward the end of the day. The following day, I agreed to take the Florida staff person on a half-day hike/tour of some of the Upper Geyser Basin and Mystic Falls. (He had never been in the Park, and only allowed himself part of a day for sight-seeing!) Well, on the Mystic Falls hike, we got rained on and also had lightening. The poor guy was about scared to death -- he took no rain gear, so I shared my Gortex with him as we huddled in a somewhat protected spot. I think he thought we'd be struck by lightening! I plan to be in the Park this year several times, also. It's nice being relatively close to enjoy the Park often.

Levy, Margaret [Pitts]
OFI ' 71 & "72
Hello all. Anne Ryan Bell and I got together last spring to talk about all of you. Were your ears burning? She didn't make it to the last reunion to keep Kathy and me company but I'm bugging her about the next one and I'm sure you could help me bug her too. On a sadder note she recently lost her brother who has been sick for several years and her father is very ill now too. Frontier Days. I have fond memories of the Frontier Days we had at OFI in ' 71 and ' 72. We dressed up and decorated the lobby, danced the can-can and had shoot outs. Kay Smith, Kathy Harrison and Sheri Mahn took sheets from the laundry and dyed them pink and made skirts from them. Anne Ryan lent me one of her dresses and Brenda Groll, Sharon Stickley and Ginny McManus put together western outfits. The guys, Bob Shissler, Brian Raines, Cliff and Dave Huffman, Al Chambard, and those two Okies, Birdog and Goose
wore bolo ties, cowboy hats and carried six shooters. Behind the front desk, Peggy Burton, Rich McCullough, Jim Johnson and
Jay Wahlin joined in all the hoopla. We "hung" Dave Huffman, square danced around the lobby and at one point put one savage or another in a makeshift jail. What are your memories?

Lewis, Chuck [The Logger]
Greetings Fellow Stoneheads, Many thank's to all of you who have inquired as to my well being after hearing about my "fender bender" this past spring...Fortunately, I'm walking cane free these days and very thankful to have remained as an active
Earthling. I'm looking forward to our next reunion in July, 2002. All you Yucca Flats fruit juicers come prepared and ready to squeeze. Neil Payne and I would also like to go back to Snow Lodge for a New Years reunion in the not too distant future, but we would like to wait until the "snowmobile in Yellowstone" issue is resolved before setting a date. (I've seen the new four-stroke sleds, but I haven't heard them yet!) Happy Valentine's Day....

Lombard, Cindy
Most of my last year was spent building a house which is now done and i love it......heritage style with the wrap around porch like my grandparents in Nebraska had.......i have >a seperate entrance in to my office space which is now in my home and which i love.....my practice is now solely family law and i spend about half of my time sitting as the chairperson on two administrative tribunnals. My son, jamie is now in grade 1 and my daughter, brianna is in grade 3 and they are wonderful ...as well i have a college student from japan living in the suite over my detached garage which is also enjoyable.... last summer I made a trip to yellowstone.......i had gone to Montana to visit my father where the smoke was so thick during the day it was surreal so I took my friend and his son to yellowstone where we escaped the smoke for a couple of days......it was wonderful, stayed in the old cabins at old faithful and made the whole loop which I had not done when I was back for one of the reunions....my first summer in the park i worked at the Lake Yellowstone Lodge....it was quite emotional to visit it for the first time in exactly 30 years (1970-2000)!! It looked much the same including the dorm! I loved the Lake Yellowstone Hotel......they have renovated it nicely and have one of the old buses parked outside........and the caynon was breathtaking to see again......Happy New Year to you and everyone........i look forward to bringing my kids to the next reunion for their first visit to the park. Thanks Homer for your efforts in doing the newsletter.

Lowe, John & Gloria [Brewster]
Gloria: OFI 68-69; John: OF Lodge 66,67 OFI 69
My husband and I have now joined the computer world. Hard to do in your 50's. All is well in Arizona. We are looking forward to the next reunion, now that we know about them. It is nice reading about people we worked with so many years ago. We are keeping busy with work. John will retire in 19 months after 25 years with the Phoenix Police Dept. I will keep working as an ER nurse. We both can't be home together all the time. Our son lives in san Francisco so we travel there quite often. Hope everyone is well and has a great New Year.

MacArthur, Kathy - see Shoemaker

MacIntosh, Chris

Not much news for me: Job: eProNet, an online recruiting startup. Truly a great company to work for. I have the OF webcam as my homepage. Home: still in Menlo Park, leading hikes, birding, gardening, enjoying my cat and my friends, trying not to act my age. Travel: the annual vacation in Britain. In 2000 I climbed my first "Munros", but only one of the Colorado 14'ers. Also enjoyed hiking the tundra in Denali State Park, AK, and didn't enjoy slogging through bogs.

Martineau, Pierre & Jane
News! Jane & I retired on Labor Day of this past year. While on vacation in St. George, Utah 2 weeks later I had a heart attack. They worked on me there until that nite, and then flew me to Salt Lake City. There they inserted a stint in an artery in my heart. After several days they released me & I have been recuperating since then. I feel fine now. Certainly makes you appreciate life and makes you thankful for what you have Pierre

Mautino, Bob
Hi, Homer - Boy, you sure do give a lot of orders--just like the 50's at the OFI. I got the message that I have to respond if I want a copy of your newsletter. The only news I have is that Pierre Martineau retired on September 1. In October, he had a heart attack, but he is recovering nicely. I have spoken with him by telephone, and he seems to be on the mend. He told me to watch
out for retirement. Everyone says that the on-the-job stress is bad, but Pierre thinks that maybe the stress is what keeps you going. Your body doesn't have time to get sick or fall apart because the stress is keeping things together. When you retire, he thinks, you start to relax, and then you start to come apart! Maybe we should all reconsider our retirement plans. What about you? In other news: my daughter, Kathy, who worked at Canyon in 1981 and Old Faithful Cabins in 1982, was appointed by the government of Finland to be the Honorary Finnish Consul for San Diego. Kathy doesn't speak any Finnish, but she was born in Finland when I was the U.S. Consul there. It will be nice to back in the diplomatic circle again. I'll be in West Yellowstone most of next summer. Will I see you there?

McLean, Herriet [Hank]
hi. happy new year. i got married last year in feb. to sam blackwell. some of you met him at our last reunion. he is a wonderful person and i feel very lucky to have found him or him, me. i am still working at the same place in memphis, st. francis hospital in the chest pain emergency center. my name is the same, so if i am receiving any e mail from any of you, nothing has changed in that regard. we went up to canada last fall and got to visit sally. what a wonderful place to live. hope everyone is well.

Michael, Kathleen S.
Latest update on Kathleen Michael - I thought that I was a permanent spinster but finally found a man who would marry me in Missouri during the summer. I married Greg Kates and accumulated two step daughters - Rachel (14) and Becky(11). We moved to California in July (I am originally a Californian but have been gone for 16 years) after I accepted a position at Robertson Stephens, an investment banking firm in San Francisco. Since our marriage we have ridden our bikes across Iowa (RAGBRAI), have visited Yellowstone for the 2000 reunion and have just returned from cross country skiing at Lake Tahoe.
I have lots of Y.P. Savage pictures which I will be sending to Homer in January when I get them out of storage. They will include pictures of the following individuals (in case you know them and they aren't tuned in yet to Total Yellowstone)
Mike Flanagan - California, old faithful lodge 75 or 76? John Strub - California, old faithful lodge, 75 or 76?
Doug Clauson (sp?) - Ohio, old faithful lodge 74 Ann Norris - South Carolina, old faithful gift shop 74
Mecklin Stevens - Mississippi, old faithful gift shop 74 Martha (?) Virginia, old faithful giftshop, 74
The old faithful flying squirrels - 74 (basket ball team) Don Beckett - old faithful lodge, 74
bartender (hugh?) at gusher, 74 Eric G.. - bus driver, old faithful 74
Ron Hughes - bus driver, old faithful 74 Al - bus driver, California, old faithful
Larry (?) bus driver, old faithful 74 Sally Bell - Georgia, old faithful gift shop
Christy Lange - California, canyon cashier 74 Rusty Hollinger - Alabama, hamiltons old faithful 76/Canyon
Art - bellman, old faithful lodge 74 Martin (Hawaiian last name) - old faithful 74
Mary Sheldon, old faithful lodge, 74 Susan Judy old faithful lodge 74
Ed (?) waiter, old faithful lodge 74 and lots more...hopefully you can help me identify them.

Mullins, Charles [Moon]
OFI 66-68, 71-72
Hello to the Old and to the Faithful. Life is not so bad on this sabbatical...working less has definite advantages although having less money does not. It is such a treat to see some of the old friends in between reunions. There is an instant kinship anchored in experiences from a lifetime ago. Very affirming. I continue to tutor 3rd graders in reading and 4th graders in writing. I have learned a lot of dirty jokes and moves to employ while in a gang brawl. America is a great learning environment. Went to Romania on a church project in October. After witnessing the difficulties of the struggling Hungarian minority and the majority too for that matter, I feel troubled by my own ability to complain. But, I do it anyway. It's just too natural at this point in my development. I hope all of you are finding your way and looking forward to another return to the site of some of our most shameful and unforgettable behavior. Let the countdown begin.

Nakamura, Frank
Thanks for the mail, received it today, and thought I better respond right away since my computer may be down for a few days to a few weeks, hopefully not. A friend of mine is sort of a computer expert and is going to change my modem case and mother board so that the capacity to add different attachments will be much better. I tried to add a portable MP3 player, but the capacity was not there. Hopefully the modification will work on the first try, but I'm prepared for the worst.
A friend of mine by the name of Barry Fung dropped by earlier this year with his wife. He lives in Portland, and just retired from the Kaiser system as an anesthesiologist. I took him to Y.P. for two summers. I think he worked as a busboy one year, and waiter the next at OFI in 1961-2. At the 1966 reunion Larry Turnbull was asking me about Barry since they worked together. Thanks for all the work you do for all of us!!

Neindorf, Cindi [Chauner]
My life is still status quo -- in my 22nd year as a school administrator at a private Catholic girls' high school in Santa Rosa, CA. I still love to ski and manage to squeeze in quite a few days every winter. Our daughter, Molly, is a senior and applying to colleges in the East and Midwest. I couldn't twist her arm to consider any Montana schools or others in the Northwest. She wants to experience metropolitan life which will be great. Clarice & Jim Korrison have moved to Sacramento. We've talked and hope to get together when they return from their New Zealand trip. Ed Harber and his family stopped by for a brief visit and we reminisced all those great times at YP. We both agreed those were unbelievably fabulous summers. It's been 30 years and many long lasting friendships. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get to one of the reunions. Perhaps one of these years. Those who worked at OFI Dining Room & Bar 68, '69, and '70 -- I think of you often.

Nixon, Wally
Wally Nixon and his wife Dana and 10 1/2 year-old daughter Abigail are leaving on Jan. 26 for a week-long trip (their first) to Hawaii and hope to see some old OFI friends. Jim and Gwen Adams have been residents of Maui for many years, and Bob Shissler lives on Kauai. Hope to see some humpback whales, which are supposed to be there this time of year. All is going well with Wally. He still works for Energy Corporation in Little Rock. Wally and Dana live on the Nixon Flower Farm and Gardens in
Jacksonville, AR, but have also got a house in Little Rock now, which they have added to and renovated. They will spend most of their time in the Little Rock house eventually, since Abigail goes to school there and most of her and their friends are there in the city. Hard to believe it just over a year until another reunion. All three of us hope to make the one in 2002! Thanks to Homer for all his hard work.

Novak, Sandy
In March I went to Korea for 10 days as part of a Sister City Delegation to Tonghae, which is located on the northeast coast of Korea. It was a great trip, and made even more special because the Mayor of our City (Federal Way, where I work) is Korean. So we were received especially warmly. It was also interesting to see how much Korea had changed in the 12 years since I was last there. It's not a third world country any more! In October, my husband and I ventured to the Arctic for several days of polar bear watching. (Not unlike Y.P.!) Every year the bears come to Churchill, Canada to wait for the ice on Hudson Bay to freeze over so they can go out and hunt the seals. I got some great photos....which I really enjoyed since I am an avid photographer. Went to your website....thanks for all the work.

Olds, Michael & Shauna [Haywood]
The Olds family is keeping busy in Utah by volunteering for the 2002 Winter Olympics. There is training to go through as well as test events this year. Michael will be at Deer Valley doing the skiing freestyle events (moguls, and aireals) and Shauna and Jordan will be in Salt Lake doing Short Track Speedskating. We now only have one child living at home, our oldest, Ryan is serving a mission for our church in Scotland and will be there until March 2002; Ashley is on her own, working and thinking about what she wants to do with her future; and Jordan is a Jr. in High School busy with speed skating and figure skating, work, and school.

Payne, Neil [Note: All new addresses & phone #]
OFI: Bear Pit '76; Bellman '77, '78
This year we made a big change and moved to the city! After living in the rural town of Bolton all my life, Catherine and I moved to Jackson in June, and we love it. We're close to restaurants, theaters, and best of all - the grocery store. I still spend plenty of time at my farm in Bolton where I grow trees and fish. On August 12th our son, Ian, celebrated his 4th birthday. He's a great kid - growing like a weed. Keep an eye out for him at the Inn in 14 years or so. In October, I took a two-week trip with a friend to Death Valley, California, by way of Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Had a great time. We drove throughout the deserts of Nevada and California in a convertible, taking in the sights with suds and The Stones. A little mid-life craziness! Greetings to all!

Pitts, Margaret - see Levy

Pope, Scott

I would like to thank Mr. Rudolf for his efforts on this newsletter. It is great to see the internet being used for fun and great information once in a while rather than making money. I have received many e-mails and contacts from many of my old friends since
the first newsletter and since the inception of the "Savage Chat page" on John Uhlers site. These have been pleasant surprises, and very welcome. For these contacts I am thankful. On contact from a fellow "chat pager" actually helped one of my students in my classes. As for news, I still have yet to find anyone in the NH or VT area who worked in YNP while I was there. I know there must be someone.
As for hobbies, I am hoping to buy a campground in VT very soon, it is way out there in the boonies. Nice place for families, and very relaxing. Former YNP employees, after I own it, would be subject to a discount I am sure, in return for a few good "war stories". Still a year off though, but I am sure I could help with the current owner..... All is well in the cold regions of the Connecticut River Valley in the upper valley on the NH/VT Border. Skiing is great.

Raines, Brian
Happy New Millennium on ya! It's been another time around the circle Greetings to all my fellow savage types and your loving family members that have the grace to put up with us, even if they don't get this YP connection thing. Life is good in the Commonwealth of PA! I'm still marketing for the upstart, startup Livewire which is a web-based, interactive kiosk - it entertains, engages and informs active-lifestyle customers at the point-of-sale. (If you like the spin, we are looking for investors!) Our kids are growing like a Yellowstone wild fire with Katy 11, and Jesse now 14. We have dual puberty happenings at our place and some times the excitement is all you can bear. My wife Amy recently served on a Guatemala medical mission and shared it with our daughter. We enjoy church activities and what ever our kids are into this week. We especially like family travel with an emphasis on skiing. We'll head out to Utah this March for a little sliding at Snowbird and a chance to see old acquaintances. We've talked about the YP get together. Is there an early poll on who's coming back? Please, no recounts!! Let's have a GRAND Reunion!! My best to all, Same address, same phone.

Reaves, Chuck
Well we are having a real winter this year about 5" on the ground and more on the way, plus the first below zero temps in 3 years. Bob Adams is coming this p.m. to spend the nite I'll take him to the airport tomorrow morning so he can get out of this mess and head for Hawaii for his winter hiatus. Haven't seen much of him lately sounds like he had a good trip to Aussie Land. He sounds good on the phone got a card from Evie [Zimmerer], she sounds in good spirits. All well here - hope to start skiing soon... with 5 that will be a logistical, as well as financial challenge. Happy Trails.

Riley, Cal
I was in Peru in September and trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for 3 days. I thought about you and all the trekking you do. The background in the photo is Machu Picchu. [Note: the photo is posted on my YP Web Page. HR]

Rudolf, Paulette
The year certainly went by fast, and it was a good year for me. I bought a home and am enjoying it very much. It does not need much in repairs, however the yard is dirt with a few weeds trying to grow, so getting grass planted and getting flowers to grow will be the big challenge. It is in a great older neighborhood so it has lots of mature trees. It is terrific to come home to my own place finally, my main problem is going to work in the morning. I am ending my junior year as a student at CSU, only five more to go and I will have my bachelors. I went to the Black Hills this summer with some friends and had a great time. I had not been there since my YP days. Hello to everyone and am glad to know that Logger did not leave the planet after his fender bender.

Rumley, Steve
1973 - '87 Bus/Snowcoach Driver/Graphic Artist
Pretty much enjoying life in Helena, MT. I spent much of the spring and summer working on the house and anticipate beginning an addition next summer. I should be finished just as the kids move out. Wanda is a full-time classroom teacher now after trying to be one for almost ten years. My older boy, Andy is 16 and completed his first year of driving without any serious mishaps. Granted, Helena is not L.A. but roads are a lot more slippery in the winter here. He is heavy into "aggressive skating" which involves in-line skating onto and off of things, mostly handrails and high walls. I hope he has knees that work ok 30 years from now. For that matter, I hope his head still does, too. My younger boy, Paddy, is eight and already assumes he is signed up to be a fighter pilot. Maybe, by the time he is, they will all be out of work. Summer, 2000 in Helena was intensely smoky and other-worldly. One high point to my summer was the YP transportation reunion at Old Faithful over Labor Day. It was a four-day hug fest. The other great time was going to the Diana Krall concert in Portland in July. She was fantastic and the best thing to happen to jazz in years in my opinion. I can die happy now. Thanks you, Homer, for the hard work on the Savage newsletter and website. It means so much to stay in touch with everybody as time goes by.
[NOTE: Steve has established a "Yellowstone Park Transportation Employees" web site, which includes pictures from the Labor Day 2000 reunion take a look at it:
http://members.aol.com/fourrums/YPTrans/YPTemp.htm ]
Here's a little pre-Yellowstone Bio -it's about coming to Yellowstone on one day's notice. Steve Holder and I were driving buses for San Juan Unified in Sacramento in June 1973. After the morning runs on the last day of school, he says, "I'm heading for Yellowstone Park tomorrow, why don't you come?" Maybe Steve saw that I was very green and in need of the life-change that Yellowstone can offer. Boy, was he right! He wouldn't take "no" for an answer and the next morning, we're on the road north to somewhere called West Yellowstone. Three years later, I was married at Lake to Wanda Enochs. We have two sons, Andy, 16 and Paddy, 8, who mean everything to me. In 1987, we left Gardiner for Tennessee, where I started school in architecture but switched to civil engineering after one quarter. In 1991, at age 44, I received my BSCE from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and later obtained my Montana P.E. license in 1996. Presently, I am a structural engineer, working for the Montana DOT as a bridge designer. My first project was the new Missouri River Bridge in Great Falls. Whenever I get to the Park, I'm always thrilled when I see some of my designs still in use in the Park, even after 15 - 20 years. Thank you, Mike Cloghessy. And thank you Steve Holder. My son, Andy, learned to drive in the old blue '68 VW Beetle I drove most of my time in the Park. It still smelled faintly of cigars, years after the last one was smoked in it. I owned the car for 23 years but in 1996, I sold it and bought a 70 year-old tenor saxophone. Music has always been the one interest that stays exciting to me as other interests come and go. Someday soon, I hope to be able to do more than just listen.

Russel, Susan
Susan Russell and husband Carl McMinimy continue to enjoy country living in Chattaroy, WA with their Great Pyrenees dogs, llamas and a plethora of barn kitties. Susan works as RSVP Director (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program) and Carl as Deputy Regional Administrator for Washington St Dept of Social & Health Services. Both social workers gone bureaucrat. We enjoy being near Susan's extended family, with a big house where we can gather the generations in for holiday meals & the like. We also enjoy
our lake cabin in Priest Lake, Idaho which we share with other family. Carl and Susan's sister just conspired to throw Susan with an outstanding 50th birthday party, and then we all went to Hawaii to celebrate the trip over the hill. What a way to go!
Looks like winter in YP should be nice & peaceful again, minus snowmobiles...a last-minute legacy of Pres. Clinton that we
appreciate...how 'bout a winter reunion?

Ryan, Patti [Gator]
The same good wishes for the New Year, for starters. A toast to health, happiness, good friends and at least a portion of the same contentment we feel when we're together in our favorite place! We will probably be in the Park this year, at least for a day or two. See, we traded in our beloved tent-trailer for a small motor home, and now we're promising everyone in the whole Pacific Northwest (all the way east through Billings!!) that we'll be coming to visit this year. The RV makes traveling with dogs a whole lot easier & since we have 3 of them now ... you get the picture! Now a question for everyone: What do you know about our new (intended) Secretary of the Interior? Are we back to the days of James (shudder) Watts? I'm really nervous about "W." Have a great year, everyone! Love, Gator.

Sachetello, Bonnie - see Sawyer

Sawyer, Joe & Bonnie [Sachetello]

Scully, Roberta - see Hurtt

Shaner, Don

Unfortunately, Don's contribution to the newsletter got lost in the mail, and he has told me to go ahead with the distribution, and not hold things up any longer. I did see Don and members of his family when he was through Richmond this past summer in fact, one of his sons lives in the Richmond area, which is why they were here. He had just picked up another son, who attended a special summer program at a university on the east coast. Don is retired, but manages to keep busy, as those of us who know him would expect. He did manage to spend enough time in his garage to find copies of the "Summer `58 Old Faithful Savage Directory" that he compiled, edited and had published by the Cape County Post, in Jackson, Missouri. He gave me 7 copies, one of which I will keep, and one of which I will send to the YP Archives in Mammoth. That means there are 5 copies available for any of you who may be really interested in having one. First come first served. [HR]

Shea, Tim
Hi Homer: I don't have an entry to submit this time...will try for your next issue. Please keep me on your mailing list, though. I enjoy your updates and correspondence (and your political messages). Sincerely, Tim Shea (Lake Hotel '70 and '71).

Shissler, Bill
Busboy/Waiter: Mammoth 1966
Bellman: OFI 67-69; 72-73
Dear Homer, Thanks for taking on the newsletter job. Sorry I missed getting you info on the last one. I know it's been a while since the last reunion, but I did want to say how great it was seeing everyone again. I am always amazed that even though we all get older each year, when we go to these reunions, we somehow party like we were l9 and still working in the park. I guess it's the combination of kindred spirits and the effects of high altitude in the spectacular setting of Yellowstone that does it. This summer our family is planning a USA road tour to include AZ, N.M., New Orleans, Disney World [my kids made me do it], Great Smokies, W.Va. [sister's place], Ohio [my other brother], Chicago, Wisconsin [House on the Rock], Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Cody [pickled watermelon rind anyone?] and of course, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons before heading our road-weary bodies home. It should be quite an adventure and lots of fun as long as my kids don't keep saying, "Are we there yet?" Hope all of you are doing well, I look forward to seeing many of you again in 2002.

Shissler, Bob
Hi Homer! Sorry about the response being so late - i would like to get a copy of the 2001 letter if possible! Wally Nixon is on his way out next week, but i think i am going to miss him - supposed to be in LA the week he arrives. Their plans are for Maui and a visit with Jim and Gwen - Hope things are good with you. I have a couple of pics to send to you this week, maybe can include them in the photo album online later on - Thanks again for the chance to get in - do you have an email address for Connie Thorpe? I did catch that video clip on the new falls in YP - that is really something!!! Nice to know that some places are still pretty much as
they were - Take care, Bob

Shoemaker, Kathy [MacArthur]

Wish all of my Extended Family of Savages a very Happy and Healthy Year of 2001 and I'll see them in the year 2002. I Love You All, KathyMac

Shadoan, Jean - see Keeter

Sobolik, Jim

Dear Homer, My family and I really enjoyed meeting you at the 1999 summer reunion. I think my youngest daughter Lauren, is now ready to let you take her stuffed bear hiking. I was a bellman at OFI in the early 1970s. I really enjoyed my job, my bell captain (Al Chambard), all the bellmen, and the park. I also very much enjoyed the 1999 reunion. I really appreciated how all the people paid special attention to, and included, my wife and kids in all the activities. They were made to feel welcome. [PLEASE NOTE ALL OF YOU FORMER SAVAGES WITH FAMILIES!!!-- HR] I have been in the classroom now for 24 years and still hold fast to the belief that I am making a difference in my students lives. Hope everyone is in good health.

Sommers, Pam [Gillespie]
Hi YP'ers! Lots of company came our way this year. Clarice and Jim Korrison spent almost a month with us. It was wonderful. I've seen Evelyn [Zimmerer] a lot this year. She's the comeback kid after her near-death experience. I spent a few hours with her on her birthday. She looks marvelous! I'm glad I love close enough to see her. We are in a battle to save our house. Because of so much Yellowstone Park traffic, they want to make our county road into a big federal road and condemn our house. We are depressed, but fighting. This house is my refuge for my back pain. We can't find a better view. Hopefully, we'll still be here at the next reunion.

Stachon, Ray
As for what I've been doing the last year.... still working at Ariz. Dept of Trans. 29 years now, can retire anytime but just can't seem to do it, job's not that bad and wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't go to work everyday... I met a nice lady last summer Jane, that I have been seeing, a teacher, divorced with two grown daughters, she lives in Serra Vista Arizona, about 3 hours south east of Phoenix, here's a picture of her and me attached.. I may work another year to get 30 years or may retire this spring and find something else to do, Jane and I are planning on going to Europe this summer to visit my sister in Sweden. Last summer Moon and I went up to Maine and saw Lindsey and Shelly in Arcadia, I have pictures on my web site and also pictures from the 99 reunion... put the url in the newsletter its..
http://rstachon.home.att.net well that's about all from me for now... -ray

Stevens, Mike
I was in the midst of a teaching career as a high school mathematics teacher at Simi Valley High School when I started at Yellowstone and I am still in that career. I was a gift department clerk at the upper Hamilton Store at Old Faithful in 1979 - 1983, 1985, 1989 - 1995. I was a volunteer for the NPS at the archives in Mammoth in 1996, 1997 and I have been an AmFac step on tour-guide in the years since, 1998 - 2000. I hope to continue to be a tour guide. My message for readers of this page is that Westcliffe Publishers has finally put out the book that I co-authored along with Lee Whittlesey and Paul Rubinstein. The book is titled THE GUIDE TO YELLOWSTONE WATERFALLS AND THEIR DISCOVERY. It was finished with the help of dozens of other park employees who are gratefully acknowledged. Paul has been a clerk at the same Hamilton Store for ten summers and Lee has been a park employee for more than 30 seasons. He is now the NPS historian. Depending on how one chooses to count the project has taken anywhere from 7 to 30 years to bring to fruition.
There had been two previous efforts to present Yellowstone's waterfalls in books. Ours is different in that those stopped with the 50 or so waterfalls that had been included on the park topological map whereas ours presents another 200 plus waterfalls that were either obscure or unknown. We included their stories with color photos. Our hope is that the revelation of so many additional wonders in Yellowstone will promote its further protection. We are still Yellowstone people. Information about the book with a rendition of its cover can be found at: http://www.westcliffepublishers.com/books/national_parks/yellowstone.htm

Thissen, Marilyn [Bertagnolli)
Happy New Year to everyone. This last year has had quite the ups and downs. Both of my parents passed away within three months of each other which was definitely the low point of my year. We ended up purchasing my childhood home from the estate and have spent the last five months doing a long distance renovation of a sorely neglected house. Doing any renovation is trying, attempting it from 1200 miles away was a challenge. Hoping now we can enjoy the house as a second home and explore The Northwest. Hilary finally graduated from C.S.U. in December with a degree in Natural Resources Park and Protected Area Management. She is now looking for something to do until she starts the long haul to find a permanent job with the Park Service. She has applied to four places for seasonal employment this summer, Olympic, Fort Clatsop, Sequoia and Little Big Horn. Molly started at C.S.U. this past Fall and has just completed her first semester. She's only changed her major once so far, now it's Nursing instead of Sports Medicine. She'd like to have the option of working in a mountain town and skiing, climbing and being outdoors after work and nursing gives her the flexibility she wants. I'm trying to get used to having the girls gone most of the time. I'm not
doing so well. Thank goodness Ft. Collins is only 45 minutes away. I'll now have time for my Lakota leather and bead work, taking some environmental classes from C.S.U., hopefully working with my very neglected horses, skiing and snowshoeing and leading a "ladies only" hiking club I started this past year. Hope to do lots of hiking, camping and backpacking this next year and taking the girls on our annual treck to the Tetons. Hope you all have a wonderful 2001 and lots of time outdoors!

Thompson, Sally [Anderson]

Hi all! Looking forward to seeing you all at OFI in July of 2002 - has anyone made reservations yet? Not much new on Whidbey - I'm keeping busy teaching 5th grade and working with Washington's creative problem solving competition - Destination Imagination. If you have DI in your area, check it out! The boys are both fine and say hello to all their YP buddies, young
and older.

Turnbull, Larry
Dear Homer, I will miss Pierre [Martineau] at the Economart. No changes for me.

Tyler, Blaine

Valenze, Ginny

(OFI/Commentator 72-73)
What a difference a year makesand by the way, does anyone know how or when these years started flying by like bullet trains? This very gray late January afternoon finds me in bucolic Northcentral New Jersey. For those of you who think 'Joisey' is a place reserved solely for those whose last names end in vowels or smelly factories along the Turnpike, think again! This is Jackie Kennedy horse country, complete with rolling hills, huge estates and lots of imported carsa far cry from the frozen tundra of northern New York, where I spent the last couple of years before Daddy died. What started last February (2000) as a temporary housesitting favor for some friends who were in London has, for the meantime, turned into the place I now call home.although if you'd asked me a year ago if I'd ever call New Jersey home, I probably would have laughed in your face, New York snob that I am. But even old dogs can successfully learn new tricks, as I continue to prove to myself.
Once my friends returned and reclaimed their house in October, I decided to stay in the area and moved into my own place in Morristown, NJ (see new address, phone number above), since I was fortunate to begin doing some consultant work last May with Pharmacia Corporation (the merged pharmaceutical giant including Searle, Upjohn and Monsanto) in their Public Affairs group. And I've been here ever since, picking up projects along the way and finding the people and the culture reasonably enjoyable while I figure out where my next steps take me. I still may end up back in Colorado, but for now, this is good30 miles due west of New York City, easy access to all its benefits without the astronomical expense, and plentiful employment opportunities. Morristown is one of the truly lovely older suburban towns, lots of big trees, exquisite Victorian homes, many historic sites (George Washington's Winter Home during the War) and a charming Town Square in a lively and functional downtown! So it doesn't feel quite so
isolated as many suburbs can. However, Our Lady of Bad Luck decided to pay a return visit to the Valenze household, and shortly after I began work, I ended up in the hospital with peritonitis from a triple-ruptured colon. Nasty, nasty, nasty complications and a long recovery later, I am again thankful for the sheer strength of my Russian/Italian heritage (it took nearly 14 years for cancer to beat down my father!). This is the part of getting older that I don't like! It was truly terrifying, especially since the symptoms were deceivingI literally drove myself to the Emergency Room thinking it was a bad flu and two cat scans and many blood tests later, I found myself hooked up to too many IVs to count and a millimeter away from having a colonostomy. Thankfully, I was able to avoid surgery, but just barely. I was in the hospital for 10 days, and in today's drive-by healthcare mentality, that is nearly unheard of! It got my attention. Needless to say, my eating habits have changed and there aren't very many enchiladas in my diet anymore! Will this ever cease?
On a much happier note, one of the highlights of the past year for me was most definitely the Yellowstone Transportation Group Reunion (aka YP2K). I continue to be overwhelmed and deeply touched by the responses to my email detailing my experience in returning to the Park. It only underscores how truly profound an impact that remarkable corner of the world had and continues to have on all of us! The rekindled friendships via cyberspace have enriched my life both before and sinceamazing what technology can do, isn't it? The other remarkable highlight was hitting a significant age milestone, the colossal Big 5-0! Age hasn't really ever meant much to me, other than when it enabled legal activities: driving, drinking, voting, etc. For some reason, this one really has been a tough nut to choke down. Getting that AARP letter shortly afterwards did nothing to improve my humor either! Maybe it's the perspective that only 25 year ago I was 25 (and already two years out of Yellowstone!), and more terrifyingly, in only 25 years from now I will be 75! (Remember that bullet train I asked about earlier?) However, I continue to look in the mirror and into those same eyes I looked into at 14, and, for the most part, they still stare back (albeit a tad more farsightedly) with the same challenging expressionso I guess I'm fine with it. For some odd reason, 50 doesn't feel like what I thought it would, and that's good too. especially since I have a lot more living to do. My greatest fear is that I'm not going to get it all done! One comforting note is that Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald's at the age of 52, so there's hope for us all after 50, isn't there???? This year, I have a few goals: I want to go to Italy and/or Paris; I want to figure out whether or not the five-year relationship I've been in with my significant other is going to continue, and I want to lose weight and get healthy. If I do ONE of these, I will consider myself wildly successful. Homer, I hope this finds you and all the rest of the crazy former Yellowstone folks in good health, happy and at peace with your worlds. Thank you for undertaking this unwieldy task; we are all indebted to you.

Wauer, Arlin
'64 FB-Pearl Diver & '65 OFL-Bacon Burner
I look back at each year and wonder if the upcoming year could get any better. With faith and a lot of prayers, each does seem to outmatch the last. Margaret and I have now lived in Newport, Oregon for more than ten years, and seven more years until retirement from the electric utilities. We have been exploring several communities to pick from to settle, but to find that perfect place is difficult. We still have plenty of time. This last spring and summer I enjoyed sending emails to several of you. Only Jeanne
Leske, of all my contacts, do I remember very well. Some of the people that worked at the OF Cafeteria and a couple from the OFI seem to remember me more than I do remember them. It was still great to reflect on so many memories from those years. Thank you Jeanne and to all the rest that sent me emails. Within a seven mile semi-radius of Newport, we have at least three past empolyees
of YP. Joe Cawrse, Toledo, Oregon, now retired, and I worked together at FB. Joe was the Head Laundry Master while I worked across the driveway in the kitchen. Karen Johnson, Toledo, Oregon, school teacher, also worked at FB, but not until '70, '71 (?), some where around that time. Hopefully, Karen has also sent a news update to Homer. The Best To Everyone This Year!

Walden, Don
I was a houseman in the cottages at Mammoth in the summer of 1962.

Whittlesey, Lee

Whittlesey, Mikelann - see Caywood-Baerg

Wood, Chris [Lombard]

Zimmerer, Evelyn

Nov. 4, 2000 - Dear Homer. Thought I'd ask you to put a Thank You in your next newsletter for all the cards and flowers I got for my 95th. Had a card from Pierre and Jane [Martineau]. They have retired. Pierre had a heart attack, but is doing fine. Pam Gillespie comes in about once a month to the Dr. Brings me cookies and flowers. Also heard from Paulette [Rudolf] and a card from Mike LeMaster with a picture of his house [which I am enclosing] One from Jim Adams wife [Gwen] and she said that Bob would be home the 3rd of Nov. from a 3-week trip to Australia. Have had a great fall, but it's over. Got about 5 inches of snow and it's chilly. Jo and John were here for a few days. It's snowing again today. This place is very nice more like a hotel. Food not bad; see that you get to the Dr., and shopping 2 days a week. I plan on going to JoAnn's for Christmas. Dick Cowle's asked me for Thanksgiving.