Geoffrey Currier Goddu

 Philosophy Department, North Court
 University of Richmond

 8342 Candigan Circle

 Richmond, VA 23173

 Richmond, VA 23235

 (804) 289-8733

 (804) 330-2904

 e-mail: ggoddu  


Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, February 1996
B.A. Philosophy and History, Hamilton College, Clinton NY, May 1990

Doctoral Dissertation: "Intentional Identity and Reporting the Beliefs of Others"
Dissertation Committee: Edmund Gettier, III (Director), Phillip Bricker, Gareth Matthews, Barbara Partee

Areas of Specialization: Metaphysics, Logic
Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Modern Philosophy
Other Teaching Competencies: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy in Science Fiction, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology


 University of Richmond: Elementary Symbolic Logic--Spring 2005, Fall 2004, Spring 2004, Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2001, Spring 2001, Fall 2000, Spring 2000, Fall 1999, Spring 1999, Fall1998, Spring 1998, Fall 1997, Spring 1997, Fall 1996
 (Aug. 1996-Present) Intermediate Logic--Spring 2002
  Seminar: Philosophical Methods--Fall 2004, Fall 2003, Fall 2002, Fall 2001, Spring 2001, Fall 2000
  Seminar: Personhood, Survival, and Agency--Fall 2003
  Independent Study: Summer 2003
  Seminar: Metaphysics in Science Fiction--Spring 2005, Spring 2000
  Philosophy of Science--Fall 2000, Fall 1999
  Modern Western Philosophy--Spring 2004, Spring 1999
  Seminar: Philosophy of Mind--Fall 1998
  Honors Seminar: Advanced Logic--Spring 1998
  20th Century Analytic Philosophy--Spring 1997
  Philosophical Problems--Fall 1997, Fall 1996
University of Massachusetts: Introduction to Philosophy--Summer 1995
(Sep. 1990-Feb. 1996) Introduction to Symbolic Logic--January 1995, Summer 1994,
Summer 1993, January 1993
(Teaching Assistant) Introduction to Symbolic Logic--Fall 1995, Spring 1994, Fall 1994
  Introduction to Philosophy-- Fall 1993, Spring 1992, Fall 1992,
Spring 1991, Fall 1991



Refereed: "More on Blameworthiness and Alternative Possibilities", APA, Pacific Division, 2004
  "The Context of an Argument" IL@25 Conference, 2003
  "Context and Argument Evaluation", Fifth International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation, 2002.
  "Incorporating Writing into Symbolic Logic Courses", Reasoning Center Conference, 2002.
  "On The 'Most Important and Fundamental' Distinction in Logic", Virginia Philosophical Association, 2000.
  "Meiland's Two Dimensional Model of Time and Changing the Past", Virginia Philosophical Association,1998.
  "Is Davidson Inconsistent After All?", APA, Central Division, 1996.
Invited: "On 'A Dilemma About Necessity'", APA, Central Division, 2004
  "On 'Composition and Vagueness'" Virginia Philosophical Association, 2003
  "On 'Glutty Borders'", Seventh Biennial UMass Philosophy Homecoming Conference, 2003
  "On 'Non-Distributive Predication'", Seventh Biennial UMass Philosophy Homecoming Conference, 2003
  "On 'Scalar Implicature As Explanation', Seventh Biennial UMass Philosophy Homecoming Conference, 2003
  "On 'Linked and Convergent Reasons--Again'", IL@25 Conference, 2003.
  "Teaching Reasoning" University of Richmond, 2002.
  "On 'The Paradox of Analysis'" Viriginia Philosophical Association, 2002.
  "Banana Peels and Time Travel", Longwood College, 2002.
"Time Travel and Changing the Past" University of Rhode Island, 2001.
"What is the Difference Between Induction and Deduction?" University of Richmond, 2000.
  "On 'A Defense of Presentism'", Fifth Biennial Umass Philosophy Homecoming Conference, 1999. 
  "On 'Aquinas' Not-So-Simple God'", Virginia Philosophical Association, 1999.
  "On Teaching at the University of Massachusetts", University of Massachusetts Graduate Student Orientation Conference, 1994.


Faculty Research Committee Grant, Summer 2003, University of Richmond

PETE Grant, Summer 2002, University of Richmond

Faculty Research Committe Travel Grant, Summer 2002, University of Richmond

Faculty Research Committee Grant, Summer 2001, University of Richmond

PETE Grant, Summer 2001, University of Richmond.

Graduate School Grant, Spring 1996, Graduate Dean's Office/Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Massachusetts

APA Grant, Summer 1994, One of ten grants given to facilitate attending the Teaching Seminar for Advanced Graduate Students at the AAPT's 10th International Workshop-Conference on Teaching Philosophy held August 5-8, 1994

Research Fellow, Summer 1994, Philosophy Department, University of Massachusetts

Nominated for University of Massachusetts Distinguished Teaching Award, Spring 1994

Graduate School Fellow, 1993-1994, Graduate School Council, University of Massachusetts

Puryear Fellow, 1990-1994, Philosophy Department, University of Massachusetts

Phi Beta Kappa, 1990, Hamilton College

Salutatorian, Class of 1990, Hamilton College

Edward S. Babcock Prize Scholar in Philosophy and Pedagogy, 1990, Hamilton College

Robert Leet Patterson Prize Scholar in Philosophy, 1988-1989, Hamilton College


Faculty Research Committee, Fall 2002 - Present

Richmond College Student Affairs Committee, Fall 2002 - Present

General Education Petition Committee, Fall 2002 - Present

University Scholars Committee, Fall 2002 - Present

Curriculum Committee, Fall 2001 - Present

Fullbright Interview Committee, Fall 1998

University Scholars Selection Committee, Spring 1998

College Outstanding Teacher Award Evaluation Committee, University of Massachusetts, Spring 1995

Graduate Student Senate, University of Massachusetts, 1992 - 1993


International Society for the Study of Argumentation, 1999 - Present

Virginia Philosophical Association, 1998 - Present, (Secretary: 2002-2003; Vice-President: 2003-Present)

American Philosophical Association, 1992 - Present


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