The Boy, the Brother, and me in Switzerland May, 2022

During the spring of 2022, my brother Tim, Garrett and I went hiking in Switzerland.

The customs line was long in Lisbon and I barely made my flight, ...but the hotel in Wasserrauen was in a nice spot.
Hiking up Ebenalp Mountain.  
How do you REALLY feel Garrett?From the trail to Berggasthaus.
It's man vs nature in the wilderness (until you get to the Berggasthaus).And then ride back down on the cable car.
Driving through Lauterbrunnen Valley.Trummelbach Falls
Hiking the Bisse du Torrent-Neuf with suspension bridges.
Big mountains.A chamois - a type of mountain goat.
The old castle in Sion.Glacier near Sion.
The Swiss like their long, scary suspension bridges.
Hiking more of the bisses (irrigation canals).Sion castle.
The Matterhorn. 

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