The Sacrifices We Make for Science

During the summer of 2014 I was invited to give a talk in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China at the Sixth Workshop on Hadron Physics and Opportunities in the US. After the meeting I spent five days traveling to western China and the Gobi desert. I stayed in the cities of Jiayuguan and Dunhuang and explored the regions nearby.

Fortress at Jiayu Pass was the western terminus of the Great Wall in the 14th century.Snow-covered Qilian Mountains on the edge of the Gobi desert south of Jiayuguan.

One of fortress's towers

Gate house by the east entrance.
Inside the buildings. Corner tower and the Qilian Mountains in the distance.

Gate house at the west entrance.

Martial arts demonstration.

Unrestored guard tower and fortress wall.
Western gate (with tourists) where exiles were banished from
the country. The gate opens onto the desolate Gobi desert.

Well-restored section of the Great Wall.
  Climbing the Great Wall.

The Great Wall of China
Lots of tourists.  

Statuary near the base of the hill with the Wall behind.
I climbed to the top.
Resort in the dunes of the Gobi Desert near Dunhuang.  
More sand dunes around Dunhuang.  
The Gobi. Note the people on the peak of the dune on the right.
  The Mogao Caves near Dunhuang have an amazing
collection of Buddhist art.
Stan Brodsky and me on our way to the meeting in Lanzhou.  

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