English 203

Service Learning

Service learning is first and foremost an academic endeavor requiring the expertise of professors, who provide the essential context which links community service to theoretical texts and principles. Service learning entails course-based, credit-bearing service activities; it is directly accountable to community-identified needs; and has explicit learning objectives for students. These objectives include analysis and evaluation of the service activity; increased understanding and improved application of curriculum material; and deeper appreciation of civic responsibility. (Taken from the Service Learning Faculty Associates Grant Proposal.)

Students in this course may choose a service activity through the Build-It program (administered through the Center for Civic Engagement). Most service options will involved one-on-one or group tutoring, though some other options may be available depending on the number of volunteers and the needs of the school. 

All service-learners will reflect on their service learning in a blackboard discussion group (go to our course page, then select communication, group pages, service learners, and discussion board).  The final paper for the course may integrate service-learning experience.

Service-learning requires a commitment of at least one and a half hours per week to your service learning project.

Check out this useful flyer on service learning, provided by the CCE.


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