Schedule of Readings and Assignments, English 203, Fall 2006



Mon.   Aug. 28           Getting Ready

Wed.    Aug. 30           Read: N&R ch. 1 & 2; do the exploration on p. 26 (to hand in)

                                    Service Learning presentation in class


Section One: What is a Child?  What is Children's Literature?

Fri.      Sep. 1              Class cancelled due to power outage; see syllabus changes below


Mon.   Sep. 4              Read: N&R ch. 5, Blake poems

The Blake poems are at the Blake Archive, here:


Please read: "Infant Joy," "Holy Thursday," "The Chimney Sweeper," and "The Lamb" from the Songs of Innocence, and "Holy Thursday," "The Chimney Sweeper," and "Infant Sorrow," from the Songs of Experience

Wed.    Sep. 6              Read: H&K 1-16, Darnton handout

Fri. Sep. 8                   Read: N&R ch. 9;  in class: Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are, Potter, The Tale of Peter Rabbit  Peter Rabbit online (optional)

                                    paper topic choices due today


Mon.   Sep. 11            Read: N&R ch. 4, Carroll 1-67

                                     a few pages of Alice's Adventures Underground (facsimile); full text (optional)

                                    Some Carroll photographs (optional)

Wed.    Sep. 13            Read: Carroll 68-118

                                    (download the summary of postings on Alice here)

Fri.      Sep. 15            Read: Carroll 119-194


Mon.   Sep. 18            Read: Carroll 195-end

Wed.    Sep. 20            Read: Lewis 1-101

Fri.      Sep. 22            Read: Lewis 102-end



Mon.   Sep. 25            Read: Ende 5-155

Wed.    Sep. 27            Read: Ende 155-295

Fri.      Sep. 29            Read: Ende 295-end



Mon.   Oct. 2               Read: Gaiman 3-87

                                    You can read the Lucy Clifford story, "The New Mother," by clicking the link

Wed.   Oct. 4               Read: Gaiman, 88-end

Fri.      Oct. 6              midterm exam


Section Two: Why Grow Up?

Mon.   Oct. 9               Read: H&K 135-152, 376-391; N&R 223-225

Wed.    Oct. 11            Read: Barrie 69-156 

Fri.      Oct. 13            Read: Barrie 157-end



Mon. Oct. 16              Fall Break

Wed. Oct. 18               Read: Curtis 1-120; N&R ch. 8

Fri. Oct. 20                  no class: instructor out of town


Mon. Oct. 23               Read: Curtis 121-end

Wed. Oct. 25               Read: Funke 7-121

Fri. Oct. 27                  Read: Funke 122-244

                                    Research Skills workshop in class


Mon. Oct. 30               Read: Funke 245-end

Wed. Nov. 1                Read: Myers 1-136

Fri. Nov. 3                  Read: Myers 137-end                         


Section Three: Is "Growing Up" Gendered?

Mon. Nov. 6               Read: H&K 37-55, 391-415; Karen Rowe, "Feminism & Fairy Tales" (

Wed. Nov. 8                Read: Burnett 5-100

Fri. Nov. 10                Read: Burnett 101-end


Mon. Nov. 13             Read: Block (whole book)

Wed. Nov. 15              Read: L.H. Anderson 3-102

                                    Turn in project outline/proposal

Fri. Nov. 17                Read: L.H. Anderson 102-end                       



Section Four: What does it mean to be human?  Why do we read?

Mon. Nov. 20             Read: White (whole book)


Wed. Nov. 22              White discussion, continued               

Fri. Nov. 24                Thanksgiving Break                           


Mon. Nov. 27             Almond, 1-87

Wed. Nov. 29              Almond, 88-end

Fri. Dec. 1                   Read: M.T. Anderson 1-94                


Mon. Dec. 4                Read: M.T. Anderson 95-196

Wed. Dec. 6                Read: M.T. Anderson 196-end

Fri. Dec. 8                   Final Projects Due in class



Final exams: Section 1--Monday, Dec. 18, 9-12

                        Section 2--Tuesday, Dec. 19, 9-12



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