English 203, Policies

* Attendance: Attendance is required. This is a discussion class, and your absence deprives your classmates of your input, and you of theirs. Missing more than one class can affect your grade. Contagious diseases and genuine emergencies are the only legitimate excuses for missing class (and please, don't come to my office to announce your contagious disease: that's what the phone is for!). Notify your dean's office of any emergencies and they will notify your instructors. Notify me in advance if you think you might miss a class.   This same attendance policy applies to your service learning project, if you are involved in service learning: be there on time, every time.

* Written work: All written work is due at the beginning of class on the due date. Please note: I am no longer accepting e-mail attachments. All papers must be turned in as hard copy, to me in class or--if you must be absent or are turning a paper in early--to my mailbox. Late work will be penalized as follows: one-third of a grade per day (the day begins when class starts); one full grade per weekend.

* Honor Code: All work undertaken in this class is assumed to be done within the letter and spirit of the University's honor codes. All written work must be pledged. While collaborative work is encouraged, I expect you to document your contributions to such work, and to acknowledge assistance wherever appropriate (this includes citing internet sources--be familiar with these procedures!) For work requiring outside research (such as your major assignment) be familiar with MLA Documentation Style.


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