Required readings for this topic are:


D.R. SarDesai, 1-30

1.  Discuss the origin of the Vietnamese language. Why would the Chinese have so much influence on its origin      and  use?

2.  Discuss the way of life of the Cham people. Do persons today claim Cham ancestry? What is/was unique      about the social organization of Cham society? Be sure to visit Dr. Bolt's Kingdom of Champa Tour.

3.  Why is there a "love-hate" relationship between China and Vietnam? Does this attitude still exist today? What       have been the effects of this two-sided relationship?

4.  Discuss Chinese influence in Vietnam's culture.

5.  When Vietnam gained independence in 939 AD, why did the country continue to maintain ties with the      Chinese empire?

6.  Name and discuss the most notable ruler of the Tran Dynasty. Why is he considered a great ruler?

7.  Why is Le Loi so important? Be prepared to discuss who he was and why his actions influenced Vietnam's       history.

8.  Why was Vietnam "partitioned" in 1540? Discuss the implications of this action.

9.  Why is Gia Long considered the first unifier of Vietnam? Why has he come "under fire" by Vietnamese      Communist historians? Be sure to discuss Long's aim to reconstruct Vietnam.


William Duiker, 5-11

1.  Before our nation's Declaration of Independence, how many centuries of Chinese domination and how many      centuries of independence had Vietnam experienced?

2.  Be able to identify several of Vietnam's major heroic figures in its struggle for independence from Chinese      domination.

3.  Identify and relate the Cham and the Champa.

4.  Under the Nguyen Dynasty, where was the capital and home of Vietnamese rulers?


Keith Weller Taylor, 17-27, 37-41, 334-339 (Library Reserve)

Questions will be furnished by students.


Alice M. Terada, 120-125 (Library Reserve)

Questions will be furnished by students.


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