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Module prepared Summer 1999 by Dr. Ernest Bolt and Amanda Garrett, University of Richmond graduate student in History. This online module is part of a course development project of the Associated Colleges of the South. The course at Centenary College is English 315: The American Experience in Vietnam. At the University of Richmond, it is History 398: The Vietnam Experience. At Rollins College, the course is Political Science 393: The Vietnam Experience.

Students at all three sites of this ACS-sponsored course should utilize all parts of this module during Week 10 of the course, 1 and 3 November.



Before 1 and 3 November, the days for class discussion of this module, students must complete the reading assignments in Herring (pp. 243-283) and Duiker (pp. 219-244) and examine the online material prepared by Professor Bolt. Students should also select and read materials linked to this index page.




12 February 1973 was the beginning of Hanoi's release of U.S. POW's and the last 67 held by the DRV left Hanoi 29 March 1973.

Memorial Day is May 30, but will be next observed Monday, May 29, 2000. POW/MIA Remembrance Day is September 15. November 11 is Veterans Day. Each of these dates is important to Americans as times to remember and honor veterans from our wars, including Vietnam.


Source: Three's In *** - the Vietnam POW Home Page maintained by Paul Galanti

Names on the interior prison wall in this Jeff MacNelly cartoon include Stockdale, Galanti, Stratton, Terry and McCain. March 1998.





General Tran Van Tra pictured at Camp Davis, 1973

At this time, he was the ranking PRG diplomat engaged in oversight of the Paris Peace Accords and POW exchanges. Camp Davis was on the U.S. Tan Son Nhut airbase outside Saigon.

Concerning Exchange of Prisoners, 1973

Tran Van Tra and the "Last POW" (1973)

Concerning Implementation of the Paris Accords, 1973



Senator and Current Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain

This link takes one to the ABC 20/20 September 8, 1999 interview with John McCain conducted by Sam Donaldson. McCain shares his experiences in Vietnam as a POW and explains how this event shaped him and his goals for the future. Click here to go to the official John McCain for President web site.


U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, Pete Peterson

This link takes one to the PBS web page featuring "Pete Peterson: Assignment Hanoi." In 1966, Peterson, an Air Force Captain, was shot down. He then spent the next six years as a prisoner of war. In 1997, Peterson returned to Vietnam as the first U.S. Ambassador to the country since the war. A PBS production team chronicled Petersons life for four months, compiling the comings and goings of the new ambassador. What emerged was "a portrait of Pete Peterson, the Vietnamese and their mutual efforts to mold a lasting relationship."


Paul E. Galanti, Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Commander Galanti, a Navy pilot and University of Richmond alumni, was shot down and captured in June 1966. He remained a prisoner of war for nearly seven years and was released on February 12, 1973. He is currently the author and webmaster of the Nam-POW site which can be accessed at: In addition, Galanti was the Medical Society of Virginia's CEO for nearly six years and is active in the First Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia.



Notes on the Paris Peace Accords, 27 January 1973

These notes provide a summary of the contents of the Paris Peace Accords. Use these notes with the excerpts from the Peace Accords.

Excerpts from the Agreement

This link takes one to portions of the Paris Peace Accords which concluded the American War with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam. This document is part of the Vassar College website for Dr. Robert Brigham's senior research seminar in history



Return with Honor (1998)

Assignment Hanoi (PBS 1999)



List of all U.S. POWs held in Vietnam

As is indicated by the title, this site provides a list of names of U.S. Returnees/escapees from SouthEast Asia.

Operation Home Coming: A Clark AFB Officer Reminisces

This site tells the story of POW, Officer Badua. In riveting detail, he conveys what it was like to be a POW and his return tot he United States.



This link takes one to a picture of the POW/MIA Stamp issued by the United States Post Office in 1995.


North Vietnamese POW Camps (1964-73)

This site provides the Vietnamese names, the confirmed map coordinates, and a few notes concenring each of the twelve POW detention sites where American POWs were held in North Vietnam.


Robert E. Mitchell Center for Prisoner of War Studies

Founded by Robert E. Mitchelll in 1971, the goal of this Center is is to "evaluate former prisoners and their experiences both in captivity and through repatriation and reintegration into society so that the lessons learned from their experiences may be used to help others from future conflicts."



Account by Lt. General Leroy J. Manor, USAF Retired

Operation Kingpin (Brief article with bibliography)

Operation Kingpin Raid (As told by Terry Buckler)


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