Gia Long  1802-1820 Originally Nguyen Phuc Anh 
 Minh Mang  1820-1841  Fourth son of Gia Long 
 Thieu Tri  1841-1847  Eldest son of Minh Mang
 Tu Duc  1847-1883   Second son of Thieu Tri
 Duc Duc  1883  Eldest adopted son of Tu  Duc, reigned 3 days;  dethroned 
 Hiep Hoa  1883  Brother of Tu Duc;  reigned 4 months; died  from suspected poisoning
 Kien Phuc  1883-1884  Adopted son of Tu Duc;    reigned 6 months 
 Ham Nghi  1884-1885  Younger brother of Kien  Phuc; exiled to Algeria,  where he is buried
 Dong Khanh  1885-1889  Elder brother of Ham  Nghi and Kien Phuc 
 Thanh Thai  1889-1907  Son of Duc Duc; exiled to  Reunion
 Duy Tan  1907-1916   Son of Thanh Thai; exiled  to Reunion 
 Khai Dinh  1916-1925  Son of Dong Khanh
 Bao Dai  1926-1945  Son of Khai Dinh


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