Frederick E. Nolting, Jr.  U.S. Ambassador, 1961 (May 10) -- 1963 
Henry Cabot Lodge  U.S. Ambassador, 1963 (Aug 26) -- 1964 
McGeorge Bundy  Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs 
General Maxwell D. Taylor  President's Military Representative 
Walt W. Rostow  White House Adviser, later at State Department in various posts
Robert S. McNamara  Secretary of Defense 
General Edward Lansdale  Counterinsurgency adviser in Saigon and various posts in Defense 
Chester Bowles  Under Secretary of State most of 1961; then Ambassador at Large 
W. Averell Harriman  Ambassador at Large; later at State in various posts 
Roger Hilsman  Director, State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research 
General Paul D. Harkins  Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), 1963 
General Earl G. Wheeler  Joint Chiefs of Staff officer (1961); later U.S. Army Chief of Staff
George W. Ball  Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1961 
Michael V. Forrestal Member, National Secuirty Council Staff 
Lucien Conein  CIA agent in Saigon 
John Kenneth Galbraith  U.S. Ambassador to India 
Mike Mansfield  U.S. Senator (D-Mont.) & member Foreign Relations Committee; also Senate Majority Leader 
Dean Rusk  Secretary of State 
Lyndon B. Johnson  Vice President  


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