HISTORY 398: Special Topics: The Vietnam Experience

(Online ACS Course Fall 1999)

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Syllabus and Course Information


Schedule of Classes


Course Modules (Documents, Essays, Readings, Other Materials and Assignments)

Pre-Colonial Vietnam    (Week One, Topic One)

The United States Advisory Experience: Early Commitments, 1954-1965   (Week Two, Topic Two)

John Paul Vann   (Week Four: Richmond Local Course Topic)

People's War and Tran Van Tra   (Week Five, Topic Two)

Additional Materials on the Tet Offensive (Week Seven Topic)

Visiting Speaker, Vietnam Veteran Tayloe Wise    (Week Eight: Richmond Local Course Topic)

The War at Home: The Antiwar Movement  (Week Nine, Topic One)

The Peace Accords (1973) and Release of POWs (Week Ten, Topic One)

Cambodia and the Vietnam Wars    (Week Twelve : Richmond Local Course Topic)


Instructions for Writing Film/Videotape Reviews


Assignment based on use of Foreign Relations of the United States

Volumes Related to Vietnam in Foreign Relations of the United States

Assignment: Vietnam in Foreign Relations of the United States





Three Seasons

Interactive Outline History of Vietnam

Bao Ninh: Sorrow of War: Instructions for Writing a Critical Review




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