Study Module for Online Course, Fall 1999


Module prepared Summer 1999 by Dr. Ernest Bolt and Amanda Garrett, University of Richmond graduate student in History. This online module is part of a course development project of the Associated Colleges of the South. The course at Centenary College is English 315: The American Experience in Vietnam. At the University of Richmond, it is History 398: The Vietnam Experience. At Rollins College, the course is Political Science 393: The Vietnam Experience.

Students at the University of Richmond site of this ACS-sponsored course should utilize all parts of this module during Week 12 of the course, Students at the other two sites are welcome to explore the contents of this module, especially the related links and the virtual tours.





Virtual Tour: Photos and Commentary by Professor Bolt - Angkor Region


Virtual Tour: Photos and Commentary by Professor Bolt - Tuol Sleng Prison



Ernest Bolt (University of Richmond) Vietnam Experience: Bibliography for Online Course 1999

When you reach this site, click on the following two categories:

Nixon's Wars: Vietnam and Cambodia

Indochina Since 1975 - More Vietnam Wars and Unification Experiences


Edwin Moïse (Clemson) Vietnam War Bibliography: Laos and Cambodia



Angkor Links

Links to slides, maps, photos, and more about the Angkor Region. Part of a commercial site for Cambodian history and current information.

Angkor Pictures

Numerous pictures of Angkor and its many wonders. Please note that this site is currently under construction, so more will eventaully be added. Sponsored by Web World.

Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History

Cambodian History/Khmer Art and Culture/General Information

Cambodia: Past, Present and Future

This Web Site contains information about the Kingdom of Cambodia, its centuries old history, culture and
traditions, tourist attractions (like Angkor Wat, one of the World Heritages) and general info, useful for
travelers, tourists and businessmen. Designed and maintained by Bruce Sharp.

Cambodia Information Center

This page contains many links to Cambodian information as well as homepages of Khmer and friends around the World. Maintained by Earle Goodman

Cambodian Genocide Program

Between 1975 and 1979, some 1.5 to 2 million Cambodians died unnatural deaths, from starvation, overwork, torture and execution. The Cambodian Genocide Program is studying the events of this era, to learn as much as possible about the tragedy, and to help determine who was responsible for the crimes of the Pol Pot regime. This program operates from the Genocide Studies Program begun at Yale University in 1998.

Cambodian Killing Fields and other Cambodian Information

This site primarily focuses on the period of time between 1975 and 1979 when the Khmer Rouge took over Phnom Penh. Pictures are provided and the prison at Phnom Penh is discussed in great detail. In addition, information about Cambodia today is on this site. Maintained by Thla Suon and Houn-Nam Ing.

Cambodian Mine Action Center

This page discusses the problems Cambodians face from land mines and the unexploded ordnance scattered around the country. The Webmaster for this page is John C. Brown

Cambodian Slide Show

This page contains about twenty slides of the various regions of Cambodia. Maps are also provided. If you go to the home page, tours are avaiable for Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and other regions of the world. Mained by Geoff Slater, Lauren Slater, Dean Ricard and Mary Kean.

Cambodian Tour, 1995-1997

Mark Lioi is an American freelance photographer and journalist who has traveled extensively in Cambodia. This site gives the viewer pictures taken between 1995 and 1997.

Campaign for a Landmine Free World

This website is the home page for the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation or VVAF. This organization is involved in war-related issues around the world. VVAF provides humanitarian assistance to the victims of war, promotes programs of reconciliation between former adversaries, and conducts a global campaign whose goal is to ban the production, sale, export and use of antipersonnel landmines.

Exploring Cambodia: The Road from Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat

This site chronicles the journey of Thomas Gettelfinger throughout Cambodia. Photos and details of his trip are included. Printed in the magazine Destination: Vietnam.

French Colonial Realism

Jean Despujols' Indochina Collection, Centenary College of Louisiana. His paintings and photographs are in the Meadows Museum of Centenary College.

From Sideshow to Genocide: Tales of the Cambodian Holocaust

This site gives the viewer an overview of the events that led to the Cambodian holocaust, as well as the stories of survivors who have struggled successfully to put their lives back together. The author of this valuable site is New Media Program Officer at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Washington, D.C.

Vietnam Tours

This site contains a Tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Richard Shand took this tour January 15-30, 1999. The official name of the site is: Vets With A Mission "Northern Lights" Tour of Vietnam.


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