1. To introduce students to the various methodologies within psychology including qualitative and quantitative research. This will be accomplished through the wide variety of readings ranging from oral histories, to interviews, to current experimental reports.

2. To recognize the biological as well as the social perspectives and contributions to diversity issues in psychology.
3.To have students model the evaluation of research and theory reported in the assigned class readings. This is accomplished through class discussions of the readings where the class articulates the arguments and counters with alternative explanations for the findings.

4. To introduce students to examples of recent research on specific topics. They will also encounter a limited amount of older research, included to assure inclusive coverage of variables considered in the course.
5. To have students individually integrate and critically evaluate a sub-set of the literature. This will be accomplished on a daily basis through discussion of the readings and also by a research paper.

6. To introduce and/or reinforce the use of APA style in the writing of papers including proper citations. All students, including non majors, are encouraged to purchase the APA Publication Manual, and upperclass students are encouraged to assist underclass students with the format of their papers.

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